World of Tanks || T-44-100 Mission Marathon Guide

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – T-44-100 Marathon Guide. Everything you need to know to claim the upcoming T8 Soviet premium medium tank!

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play which is available as a free . is one of the best video games I have played and I fully recommend it.


  1. So if you have no job (or don’t have to go to school), don’t have any
    friends, are extremely resistant to frustration and never have to go to the
    toilet you can get this tank for free.
    If you don’t, please pay!

  2. These missions are waste of time, just like WZ-111 or FV[T44-100 will be in
    premium shop, maybe near december

  3. Why EU chalanges are so bad??? I mean this one, WZ 111 they are crap, I
    have 10k games, but I dont own any jap. or ch. tank. Russians get those
    missions on easy mode

  4. Well I got WZ-111 with Cromwell, AMX 12t, O-I, T-34-85, Type 58, T32 and
    Borsig and I even did not have British and Japanese tanks at all in the
    beginning of the mission… So this should be easier, at least for me…

  5. It is availble on Chinese server for months (yeah! Chinese Server!).
    Selling for like 20 USD.

  6. Forget about this one. I probably catch On tracks events instead.

  7. stupid grinding challange…

  8. 8 hours a day playing a game that was destroyed by Epeens…. yeah NOT!
    Roll back to patch 7 or earlier and I’d be all over this.

  9. NUTS!!

  10. Николай Слепцов


  11. Im just going to rush every unicorn with autoloader for next month so they
    have hard time to shine!

  12. Start from 4:35 with subtitles, haha.

  13. Not a hope in hell!!! I’ve got better things to do in WOT.

  14. Silly QB, It’s been in the SEA sever since july.

  15. Quickybaby “Nerdy Chats”

  16. Prince Vegetahahahah

    Just buy the scorpion.

  17. jan kristian mari Dia

    QB pls do a review for this tank once you got ur hands on em :)

  18. I will have to load depleted uranium shells into my only chinese scout tank
    to do this kind of damage :)

  19. This will be a scoutless month filled with poor arty as most lights are not
    the top choices when going for damage/kills (even if they play they will
    camp/rush, forgett real spotters), also arty is the choice for weaker
    players. Prepare for orbital rain of fire onto TDs camping blind on a red
    line… great enviroment for fun play.

  20. Is it for ALL tiers? Tier I-X? (1-10)

  21. Was the marathon for the Super Pershing as hard as this back in the day?

  22. Hey QB thanks for the Video. As always it’s very informative and I can’t
    imagine how long it took you to do all the charts. Thanks man :)

  23. I really think war gaming should make the currency system favour the
    average player more in game. Many people do not want to pay to play and
    losing credits constantly is really annoying, especially in the higher

  24. I only played 2K games yet…..

  25. hmm.. nop I won’t get it.

  26. 150k dmg and 150 kills per nations
    lolno thanks

  27. I swear we had already done this on SEA. It is not impossible and there are
    a few people who got their hands on one

  28. ye if you have t10 at all nations, this is a joke ?

  29. It was available on the SEA server throughout July…..

  30. This isn’t a Marathon its more like a Sprint

  31. In other words: won’t be doing it.. xDD

    Sorry, I have a life….AND a job.. xDD

  32. Already have mine sitting in my SEA server garage

  33. They should have just gave it to you QB. For others its not possible.

  34. Яга яга Ягуар

    ааааа господи чо он говорит?? аааааааааа мой мозг

  35. Why..why.. I HAD ENDOFTHEYEAR EXAM!!!!

  36. Evija Grigalovicina

    lol only game to pay pay pay stupid game

  37. Good analysis; good video.

  38. players are gonna be really pissy now

  39. Nice anti-legion mission… not me

  40. I need “free camera” for replay file in version. please!

  41. well i hated the T44 so … Dont think I’ll bother .. but the mission
    rewards are ok so I’ll do a couple or so but I wont panic :)

  42. it was on the Asian server as well

  43. Why no info about the tank?

  44. Zac “FuriousYellow77” Gray

    The SEA server already has the t44 100 r, shame we didnt here anything
    about it till the event was almost done

  45. Give me the reserves, fuck the tank.


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