World of Tanks || T-44-100 vs T-54 First Proto

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World Tanks. Today I’m comparing the two T8 Soviet premium tanks the T-44-100 and the T-54 First Prototype.

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World Tanks a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

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  1. First!

  2. Hey baby, great video

  3. First stole my virginity

  4. Naufal Hafizh Fanani

    hi QB

  5. Im early! love your videos

  6. When do you think you’ll re-review the updated ver of seed tanks?

  7. Djordje Dzibrakovic

    hi qb. type 5 heavy vs maus?? plss help

  8. You ever going to try the console…or chicken?

  9. Never seen a 2 am upload before

  10. Money grab from WG to sell this medium premium tank for 45euro when most of
    tier 8 mediums premium cost 28euro.

  11. “Play 100 hours, farm 1 million exp and we are so kind to give you a FREE
    premium tank”


    “Work 2 hours and buy it with real money”

  12. this is what i was waiting for

  13. hai QB :)

  14. I’m lucky! 😀 I’m in school, classmates are being the little monkeys that
    they are, we have a free hour, QB uploaded a vid 2 mins ago, I have mobile
    data and earbuds. Can’t get better! :P

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