World of Tanks: T-44 Tier VIII Medium Tank Review

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Source: Capt Canada

The T-44 is a well rounded fast Medium tank that has great agility, firepower and decent frontal sloped armour.


  1. A good review, Capt!

  2. also, why do you call a Lowe a ‘Ler-ver’ ? I thought it was pronounced
    ‘Low-ve’ ? Im not too sure, though, I just it sounded silly :P

  3. from wot forums: if you want to get technical, to make the ö sound in
    German, you shape your mouth like you’re going to say “oo” but then say
    “er.” But for those of you who don’t want all those lingual gymnastics,
    “luh-veh” is a fair approximation

  4. Thanks for the sweet review- subbed!

  5. really nice review,has everything i wanted to know, but a bit wordy. for
    instance when you telling us the gun, you not well prepared, good work!!!

  6. I got both engines in one day :)

  7. Thanks for the first good t44 review

  8. T44 is my next unlock for Russian tech tree.
    I’m like you w/the Type59… I COULD have bought one, but I bought a lowe
    instead, then kinda quit playing the game for a bit, came back… gone.

  9. Ahh nice so if you unlock the 100 mm on the IS you get it on the t44. Tnx
    for saying because i can buy the IS and i almost got the t44.
    The t44 looks like a shitty grind for unlocking everything but if i can get
    that 100 mm :D

  10. You should demonstrate what to do in T10 games, the T-44 gets into T10
    games ALL the time.

  11. Best way to grind modules on T-44: Buy enh. torsion bars, grind turret,
    grind D10T if you didn’t grind it on IS (If you didn’t, prepare to
    suffer!), grind LB1, grind tracks, destroy enh. torsion bars and buy
    whatever you want instead of that, grind engines.

  12. When do you get that garage?

  13. gr8 video!!! tnx!! may i ask what crew skills i should use to my t-34-85? i
    am only sure for the 6 sense.. :/ many ppl go for repears but i think that
    i have small hp pool to play with that! so what do u think to make a crew
    like this on the video?

  14. T-44 sinks the obsolete Pershing out of the water. With T-44, you will get
    bounces on way more hits on way more parts. The Pershing’s armor is like,
    Tier 6 armor and if you made it this far, you’ll be sunk home when Tier 9s
    and Tier 10s wreck you when you cannot barely damage their rear. In fact,
    the Pershing’s best gun has about the same penetration and damage as the
    T-34-85, at least for AP. Not only does the Pershing’s armor and gun suck,
    the mobility is worse than the T-44 as well. And the size is too big.
    Getting Pershing was one of my mistakes and I should’ve gotten it later.
    T-44 is much better and T-54 absolutely submerges the US medium line fifty
    kilometers underwater. In general, Soviet mediums are better.

  15. i have the first package and im on tier 10 matches im stuggling to get
    penetration i need tips on how to use it on tier 10

  16. Like the vid- appreciate the way you analyze the strong and weak points
    along with load outs in tools – why’s and why nots where other vids are
    only “LOOK AT ME” type videos. Well done – thanks

  17. Capt, I’ve got the T-44. It’s stock though, I’ve got the VII 85mm from the
    T-43 on it. Should I get enhanced torsion bars and purchase the turret, so
    I can go straight to the 100mm (Which I already unlocked.) Or work on
    tracks, turret?

  18. this tank has become even nicer to play thanks to the rof buff which allows
    you to out dpm things much more effectively

  19. Looks like a pretty sweet tank :3
    I have a way to go until i get it but i can’t wait for the T-54! Played it
    several times on test servers and that thing owns :D

  20. One word to all of you
    Never… Ever… Go the Patton line
    Pershing is god awful
    It’s armor is so damn shitty you don’t need to aim for weak spots because
    it will go trough where ever you shoot that pile of shit and yes I’m
    talking about frontal…
    He is also a HUGE target and has freaking awful slope
    Sold him and went the Russian medium line because I used to have this tanks
    back in closed beta and I fucking loved them 

  21. how long does he reloads when he is nerfed?

  22. On the testserver I just bounced a salve of 122mm guns…. 6 shots bounced
    of the front… the rage was fun

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