World of Tanks || T-50-2 – Tank Review

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – T-50-2. Removed in update .7 this Soviet light tank was game breaking. It’s back, but does the live up to it’s old self?


is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. I think due to the hull shape the T50-2 might be able to turn better. Thr Type64 always felt a little sluggish while turning at high speeds.

  2. of course they give a Russion tank, they would never give an American or German tank and if they would it will suck.

    • How many American or German tanks are nostalgia legends from what WoT was like 6 years ago? Because that’s the only reason the T-50-2 was given out.

  3. Thank yo WOT.. With this Amazing rewards.. i finally got my IS-7 that i’ve been waiting for tooo long..

  4. I think if wg gives out free tanks, they should give them to everybody not just a select few

  5. T-50-2 is a balanced tank, not OP but not weak either. It just sucks when you’re playing a decently balanced tank like this and you run across one of WG’s overpowered monstrosities.

  6. “Crazy *Ivan* of a tank” -Quickybaby 2018

  7. I respect QB, but he is the reason more and more players who watch his videos use (read: spam) gold and premium consumables – just look at QB videos, every single battle he almost spams gold ammo/consumables. That’s too easy, don’t you think so QB?
    That’s why I respect, for example, Sir Foch much MUUUCH more. That guy rocks the game and very very rarely uses gold ammo/consumables.

  8. i have this tank but i don’t know why mine has two ppsh’s on it along with other stuff on it

  9. YES Quicky! I loved my Auf Panther!

  10. I love that tank
    Best spot on the map was the bottom right that cave position. Made it great fun 😀

  11. that gun is pretty good that rate of fire can get very good dmg pretty quickly something like comet style xd

  12. anyway you can match the stats of it before they got rid of it and compare it to the “Nerfed” gift Wargaming gave us.. Beta tester here and i think they should have gave us something better that only beta testers could have. great vid QB

  13. Registered for 4 years? I need to claim my 50-2…

  14. Hello, from Seattle Wa. I’d love to thank you for the vids. It’s helped me get back into the game.

  15. Meh, nerfed tier 6. Why bother? Thanks for less than meta WG. Could have been awesome, but no. Such a shame.

  16. They might bring back the Waffen E-100 in the future since they decided to bring back the T-50-2. That would be awesome, in a devilish way???

  17. A tank similar in name only. 🙁

    It’s nice to see a familiar shape in the barn though.

  18. That huge repair cost is surely just due to WG not knowing their game.

  19. Type 64 is still best 6tier light tank.

  20. Now lets get us the Aufklarungspanzer panther! It was my favorite light tank in the game, I would totally start playing again if WG added it back

  21. Dropping by again and been spamming the t-50-2 while grinding the marathon well anyway it can go up to 82 when going down a decent slope though that is without food and removed speed governor.

  22. they nerfed its top speed 🙁 PS- will the SU-144-54 come back?

  23. Churchill 3 with improved vents and rammer with BIA, etc is 1.7 seconds reload….

  24. You didnt really think WG would put a crap Russian tank in game did you?

  25. I have play this game 5 years vut i didn’t get the t-50–2. My question is, (where) can i see when i have maked my account? And does it matter that i’am not logged in yet?

  26. Don’t shit on my Toldi! Toldi is love!

  27. Svajunas Sidaravicius

    i love shooting this tank in my KV-2 XD

  28. GIVE XVM!!

  29. kingsofserbiangameplay 162

    You’re going to be pulling some miracle bounces
    -O-I: hold my beer

  30. Thanks for video

  31. One more Russian Premium and I’m quiting the game for good.

  32. kingsofserbiangameplay 162

    I’m going to be scared from it when playing in my Japanese heavies

  33. Being 1 of the Many closed Beta Tankers I was chuffed to have her back in my garage . yeah I know she is slightly different but then she had to be due to the physics changes all them years ago . so no your not going to zip at around at 72 km like your stuck on rails with that super long gun barrel miffing off all the heavy tanks cause they can’t keep their guns on you . yeah it was a brill time and the replays are out there for your nostalgia moments . but it is still Fun and a good old giggle . Happy Days Tankers and have the Best Luck on the Battlefield .. o7
    Ps …..
    If they brought back the T50-2 there is still hope for my beloved WT auf E100 <3 <3

  34. I miss old T-50-2 and Chaffee.,

  35. 7 years… okay that surprised me but nice present 🙂

  36. Wow, “reward” tank that doesn’t make enough credits, basically useless, what on earth are those dumbass devs thinking

  37. Taking a few premium round yeah has 31 standard and 31 premium at this point nice QB just a few.

  38. WoT needs to put a cap on premium rounds per battle. you should not be able to take out 2 tanks higher tier than you using solely premium rounds. something like having the cap set around the highest tank HP that is one tier above you.

  39. Yeaaaah…I did get one with the style myself but…as QB said I’m the one in the KV-2 eating them up as snacks 😀

  40. Talk about trying to flog off the Type 64 lol

  41. QuickyBaby do you think that next year we will be able to get it? I would like to have it.

  42. Tank?Review?

  43. TheAncient Tribalia

    i remember it 🙂 it was werry good tank but now they ruined now 🙁

  44. my e25 has 62% camo…  my e25 laughs at  your meager light tank camo…

  45. MT-25 is not awful, I have seen that things rear bounce more high caliber rounds then a regular heavy! (ok, all luck but still)
    “a few premium rounds”…. a.. few?

  46. Yeah, it is sill a nice tank. The 5k bonds you got was not bad either ^^

  47. I miss the old version of my T-50-2

  48. Hell yeah, give me back my auful Panther. That tank was the most fun I ever had in a light, high DPM, good soft stats and all the armour, weight and speed required for using it as a battering ram.

  49. One question… Does it drift as it used to do?

  50. i think this tank is one of the least profitable in the game, barring stuff like the type 5 and shitbarn.
    normal tier 6s make credits, this one definitely loses them.
    come to think of it, tier 5 light tanks back in the day were credit sinks too… intentional throwback?

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