World of Tanks – T-54 – 21,000 Wn8, 8800 Damage – Path to Purple #3

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So, I realise a lot of people dislike me shooting gold. Ill respond right here:
Better players use better equipment.
No one says “damn, that F1 driver is pretty trash. I could be a F1 driver if i used an F1 Car. REAL F1 drivers race in Honda Accords”

You see how retarded that sounds?

Bad players arent able to afford best because they dont make enough profit using the best. Good players are only able to use their equipment because theyve become good enough to afford . In racing, the best make the most, so theyre able to put that money into their equipment which allows them to do better make more money.

The same applies in tanks.

Shoot what you want. Just like it doesnt make Wayne Gretzky bad at hockey for using custom skates, it doesnt make a tanker bad because he uses a better shell.

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