World of Tanks || T-54 – Brawl Master

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Today Bur5uck1234 is going to show off T9 Soviet medium tank the T-54 – the brawl master!

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  1. oh im the first one 

  2. poep van de stream

  3. first comment
    NIce video qb
    learning a lot from you 

  4. first comment

  5. Awsome plays from that guy!

  6. I hope you enjoy this video of the T-54 🙂

    I’m LiveStreaming RIGHT NOW with Jingles and Ik!

  7. I have really good replay where I can send it you?

  8. Quickybaby can u reply to this???? pls

  9. T-54 was the tank use by VietCong in VietNam,and they still use this shit
    now ! 

  10. 7th comment

  11. can u show some 113 replays?

  12. i want the t-54 so much but t-43 is painful to grind

  13. I bounced 8k dmg in my T-32 and still lost the game

  14. russian tanks… please :)


  16. Damn I got here fast! Great video QuickyBaby :D

  17. why do you always omit to say the TOP GUN medal?

  18. I played the t54 a couple of patches ago an i recently re-purchased it an
    it might be me but the t54 feels like its suffering by power creep

  19. its a bur(abcdeF)uck.
    Good to see a good game by a good player rather then some sit in one place
    get enemie to drive in front of the gun game!

  20. lovely job sir!

  21. Well played sir!!! Nice skills on that tank.

  22. the jagdtiger 8,8 was pretty stupid, but i would love to see some lttb

  23. IIRC his name would translate to badger in english.
    Bursuc micut si sovietic ce esti :3

  24. do you even lift bro?

  25. Bursuc means badger.. he he good name for him :)

  26. In my opinion the T54 is still the king of tier 9 mediums.

  27. That tanker is the best tanker after quickybaby

  28. Yeah… An OP Russian tank who kill heavys on the front 

  29. It’s so silly that the T-54 gets HEAT rounds for an otherwise, low
    penetration gun. Completely trivializes tanks like the Leopard Prototype
    and Centurion 7/1.

  30. More bounce on a medium tank pls –“

  31. OP-54

  32. Hands up who thinks WG fucked WOT by introducing the accruacynerf.

  33. And that great player! Add that to your list.

  34. it is difficult when you have only heavy tanks and then you want to make a
    line that is a light tank?

  35. I’ve been using Aslain’s Mod pack now for several patches, but there’s a
    few things I don’t like about it. Anyway, for this next patch, 9.6, I’m
    going to give your mod pack a try. Hopefully I like it better. Thanks QB
    for all the videos you post and the information you give.

  36. +QuickyBabyTV I would love to see you making a video about how to react the
    best in a TD when you’re getting circled! Hope you like this idea :)

  37. OP tank is OP…. much skill

  38. XVM is down :(

  39. Is Claus for to be sorry but is have to say is always for to be enemy team
    is full of stupids for to be goods game. Except for one game is for when
    first place is win by E 50M. But is this game for to be is like alls game
    for be full stupids. Is ally player is 5 for be so stupids is camp at A-0
    for half game. Is encounter is for to take control map but is decide is
    better for to camp A-0 for even be behind arty for half game. So is 5
    player for who get zero damage so for more be left for T54! LOL! Is good
    for to haves some stupids for be on your team! Is enemy is good? NO! Is
    look T 34. Is see hull down T54 so what is decide for do? Is decide shoots
    for bounce for then just drive for straight for at gun for to be shot for
    die! LOL! Is T34 maybe is for be tier 2 player who for gets premium tank
    for Christmas? YES! Looks me I for to be T34 premium tank I for to see
    enemy tier 9 for is goods idea I for drive straight for wait for to be
    shot! Oops I for to be dead? Is no happen in tier 2? Why for I die? LOL!
    For then is enemy is push for east side is for to see alls player for be
    camp like duck for in A-0. For what is decide for to do? For go kill
    stupids duck for be at A-0? NO! Is decide is goods idea for to sits in cap
    for wait like stupids for to be spot for to die! Looks is game for just
    start is for to be 11 enemy tank for I think is goods idea for go sits in
    cap like stupids duck! They for not see me! LOL! They for not notice for be
    siren for to go and for to be bigs RED time counter for to be show for all
    enemy! They so stupids they think looks me is only 11 enemy I for go sits
    in cap for maybe 11 enemy for not for to notice! Maybe enemy for not hear
    siren! For maybe 11 enemy for not know I for to be sit in cap for not move
    like stupi! I no for to go shoots I for decide is better for to go sits
    cap! Looks me I for sits in cap for T 54 maybe not for to notice! LOL! Is
    smarts player? NO! Is T54 smarts player? YES! He for to see for be a sea of
    stupids and for then runs round for to kill all stupids! Is for why Claus
    for to explain. Is for maybe some stupids player for to read comment for to
    realize maybe is better for to shoots enemy for instead for sit like
    stupids at A-0 or for to sits like stupids for be in cap. Maybe for read
    Claus comment for then be one less stupids for play game? Is likely? NO!

  40. damn, still no comm from claus… later.

  41. Wallet warrior looses at the end, players all loose to accuracy nerf

  42. Replay summary: High level player in OP Tier 9 russian medium tank spams
    gold ammo and expensive consumables to kill a noob enemy team of Tier 8, 7,
    and 6 tanks. 

  43. IMO Wargaming destroyed Wot with the Gold ammunition .tanks with gold Aor
    Mike the King tiger, Jagdtiger ,Maus , t95 ….. Are usless against fast
    firing and mobile Mediums with 280+ penetration …..

    Guess what Is7 is still hard to penetrate with gold -.- 

  44. zkurvený bolševik s goldama…..

  45. It’s the classic noob mistake of trying to cap to win, ur just telling the
    enemy where u are

  46. My god this guy is epic

  47. I personally think that the object 430 II is better.

  48. just show us the chat..

  49. did qb just say the word “pussy”?

  50. Looks like the t 54 needs a nerf

  51. I only have the T-62A so far, but it’s not a problem grinding out the 200k
    or so xp I need for 140. I do think that the T-54 gets a negative rep
    though cause of it’s gold ammo, but good players in a T-54 doesn’t spam
    gold ammo, I certainly don’t. I only carry ten rounds of heat in my

  52. finally fixed my Firefox to run in 60FPS

  53. favourite tank

  54. U should get new server for ur vids qb O.o

  55. What is ur win rate qb?

  56. Hold Alt and u will see how much health they have left!

  57. The t-54 with HEAT is so hopelessly unbalanced …

  58. Guys. I need help. Should I get the Chaffee or the m6??

  59. What does ALPHA damage mean, I know it average damage per shot or
    something. But what does it stand for?

  60. Guys what is wn8?

  61. Like if you’re watching on 2/12/2015 the day this came out

  62. Anyone else notice the bar showing 3+ cappers near the end of the game?

  63. Against total reds…

  64. The T-54 should be the next playable guest character in a future Smash
    Bros. game. 

  65. StupidGuysDoingStupidThings

    I’ve been playing World of Tanks since August/September of 2010, and I
    still have never played a single battle in the T-54.

  66. You mean OP master?

  67. realy nice video, greetings from germany but how u move ur camera ingame

  68. He makes it look too easy, really not impressed 🙂 

  69. t54 is good in a good matchmaking, it is a big thret for others t9 medium

  70. russin tanks are soo overratted in the game

  71. The T-54 didnt change – the game around it. It’s a kinda product of a
    by-gone Metagame, but still highly potent.

  72. To me, the T-54, along with Tier X russian meds, seem like the most crazy
    good tanks in the game. I don’t wanna say OP because I haven’t played them
    yet, but they just seem to have it all. Insanely great armour, great dpm,
    super mobility, very low profile = great camo, small targets, option for
    ultra high pen HEAT. The only benefits a Leo PT A has over a T-54 is higher
    standard pen and maybe slightly higher mobility… but then again, it’s
    really seldom you reach that higher top speed, so really only the higher
    pen.. and that can be negated by a few HEAT rounds. I don’t think the
    sniper meds get enough benefits for what they lose. 

  73. The adrenaline would be pumping at 2 vs 1 on cap, what a match

  74. T-54 still gives me trouble even when im dominating one in a battle using
    my M48A1 Patton. Its RoF is brutal and its armour is quite effective
    enabling it to be a real pain in the ass.

  75. why didnt he master the tank?!


  77. Quickybaby, for your next competition you should have it be a damage count
    in tanks with horrendous pen for their tier, and they can’t have premium
    rounds even in their ammo loadout

  78. ahhh QB i see your a fellow command and conquer fan :D

  79. If I ask a question here does it cost me 3 quid?

  80. that part omg i almost died, when he says taunting a player that is
    carrying you, calling him a pussy ahahhahahahahah

  81. Guys look red team????? Is complete noob team …. just 2 players are
    little good…. 

  82. I prefer patton :P

  83. At least this T-54 driver didn’t spam HEAT all day all night. He actually
    used his brain. 

  84. No 9.6 on NA servers for another week due to tournaments. Wtf is this bs? 

  85. People complain about the HEAT ammo so much only because its AP so
    terrible, the Leo Pta has the same 330mm HEAT ammo but no one complains
    about that do they? pretty sure the Type 61 has it as well. it would still
    be OP if it had decent AP ammo wouldn’t it because its such a good

  86. I want this tank, but the t44 is so bad, I think, IDK but am afraid of
    buying it

  87. Hmmm lol this battle reminds me of a battle I had in my T-54..

  88. Great like always

  89. thx m8 for putting up my replay :D

  90. Wargaming improved their servers? LOL LEWL LOL! What’d they do? Upgrade to
    a 80486?

  91. HEAT-54 is a joke of a vehicle, the most obvious example of Soviet alien
    medium tech. The things performed like rubbish IRL, lol.
    Why does it get such a massive boost using HEAT? Also note HEAT’s
    effectiveness is largely affected by the calibre of the round. Go look at
    122mm HEAT; it’s 340mm pen. So a 100mm HEAT round, with 18% lower calibre,
    gets 3% lower pen.
    Yup, this thing is and always has been the poster child of WG’s blatant
    catering to the nationalist hordes on RU server.

    Also why they’re making the Soviet navy (LMAO, what navy?) the 3rd nation
    in WoWS.

  92. I think the t-54 is awesome and I kept it after getting the 62a and will
    after the 140 too. I am planning to leave that monster crew in it since I
    think tier for tier it is a stronger tank. I like the 62a for the turret
    armor plus the gun is fucking orgasmic but the t-54 is a better all-round

  93. “If you are in a Tank Destroyer DON’T KEEP SPINNING you are only going to
    make yourself look like an IDIOT” – QuickyBaby

    Best tip for all those TD drivers out there who still don’t know how to
    scrape off tanks who had flanked em when there was a pristine wall or hard
    terrain they could have backed into.

  94. No offense QB but your channel is getting boring for me , ur last tank
    review was made ages ago and all the vids u post are about other people

  95. all gold ammo should have less damage 

  96. other then the unnecessary HEAT round when he engaging that T32, he did
    really well.

  97. lol T54 … faster than most mediums more heavily armored than most heavies
    😀 the only thing average on this tank is the gun depression cause lets
    face it everyone fires heat rounds in this thing. If this game gets a
    complete rework from ground up I might get back into it. The complete lack
    of balancing and an antiquated graphic engine render this game pretty much
    unplayable right now. Sad, cause it’s the only one with tanks. Ah right if
    you want to drive russian tanks like they should be in the game, get some
    chinese ones. Not nearly as overpowered, at least a few months ago.

  98. Just wondering why the T-54 didn’t go for the shot trap when the T32 was

  99. Hmm this video is all stuttery for me, is it only me since no one seems to
    be commenting on it? Doesn’t seem to be the video itself since Quickybaby’s
    webcam seems smooth. Very annoying to watch.

  100. I wish I had that luck bouncing so many shots in my T-54 -.-

  101. This is why you should focus on killing the T-54 when you see them. If you
    can dictate the pace of the battle in your T-54 then you are unstoppable.

  102. Lorries has lower alpha

  103. “Back in the day, this thing was really OP”

    Today is still that day.

    Also. it was impossible for him to complete his mission.

  104. To all cry babies in comments – I dare you to pull a game like this.
    Although T-54 is good tank(I won’t say OP, I haven’t played it), he managed
    to do 7,000+ damage, Pool’s and Kolobanov’s medal. Also, bitching about
    premium consumables and gold ammo – you can buy those too.

  105. chance to win at the beginning of the game 65% and someone has to carry

    bursucks team 3 red players Enemy team 11 red players

    How did it get to 1 against 5 i should have been 5 against 1 enemy

    Still great game and Tomatoes Rule you silly good players

  106. Saw a lot of luck but eh still pretty good

  107. +QuickyBabyTV In the subtitles at the end there was a message “And youwill
    be completly destroyed by a good medium tank driver like this, but i suck”

  108. 66%, no – and u don’t won’t stream videos that aren’t unfair ? c’mon qb
    – this is not yor style.

  109. EDIT: … the turn on the Borsig was coll

  110. Why no love for other mediums like the Lorraine.
    I would argue that its more of a challenge to do well in the Lorraine then
    the T 54.
    I do often check out quickybaby replays and there are a good number of
    great game with the Lorraine doing equal amount of carry.
    Be kind and support the underdogs.
    A proper review for the Lorraine would be nice. 

  111. The biggest problem of a T-54 is unsurprisingly the gun… it has the worst
    penetration of all tier 9 mediums, worst alpha damage, BUT, it has the most
    expensive ammo of all tier 9 mediums… And one more thing: T-54 can be
    played like this only in tier 9 matchmaking, cause the gun is simply not
    good enough to penetrate tier 10 tanks. So, the tier 10 game makes this
    tank only a scout. I have the T-54 in garage and i only play it in
    wolfpacks with other T-54s. But this video taught me something about how to
    play the T-54 better :D

  112. And again you just show a replay of a slighty above average player as top
    tier killing of a team full of red donkeys. So entertaining…. Not.

  113. hes so good he didnt even get an ace tanker

  114. Really, 2 min plus shitty advert that I can’t skip!!

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