World of Tanks || T-54 First Proto – 3 Marks

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World of Tanks – T-54 First Proto. Today I’m 3 marking the premium the .

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  1. at begining of battle, score is aready 1 njil??

  2. Hi. Galacsin is a hungarien word. Galachin !

  3. Jesus, those tomato bots! 43%-41% W/R?

  4. Well …I’ve played about 2500 matches on my vk 30.02 m trying to progress
    to my three mark. Currently at two but seeing that the vehicle often lands
    up in tier 8 matches quite frequently, I lose points on the damage ratio
    fairly often. Not sure if all that effort is worth it. However , those
    rings on your gun barrel feel real good and kind of motivates me to do my
    best. Not sure if this was the feedback you were looking for QB. As always
    keep those good streams going. Cheers!

  5. Swearing baby XD

  6. Wow, QB has got a 3rd mark .. .WOW
    on how many tier10 tanks does he have 3 marks … oh wait … still 0…
    Best Player EU Kappa

  7. This tank is fun, I have it 3 marked on console. It was my first 3 marked

  8. So QB supporting the popular belief that personal reserves affect MM
    ……. care to elaborate on that ?

  9. Not trying to be rude of discerning (Who am I kidding). The IS-3, IS-6,
    Patriot and T34 B was doing next to none through out the game and waited
    till you cleaned the team of obstacles, that’s when they start moving. Now
    put that mentality into SEA servers … Wait a minute.

  10. I feel epic-ally ripped off with WoT. First the premium tanks weren’t so
    good, so you get tired of them and sell, because they were not as good as
    fully-upgrade regular tanks (except for the credit making). After you have
    sold, next they buff the prem tanks!

    So you decide to keep your T-54 first-prot, and then they buff everything
    else! I hate you War Gaming, Foch is almost right, he thinks your idiots,
    but I think you are grifters. Anything to make players wish they had a
    different tank, anything to sell another piece of gold.

  11. The T-54 First Prototype has 750 alpha damage with 7.5 RPM!? What is this!?
    Some kind of autoloading KV-2!?

  12. “you miss every shot that you don’t take” that a smart one… i’l take that
    with me

  13. first time i tried to fight t54 mod 1 i thought the guy was a hacker
    because of the hull armour

  14. having marks makes you to feel cool xD

  15. That Patriot sitting in the base is the reason I think there should be a
    personal rating or WN8 minimum requirement for buying high tier premiums.
    F*ck him. If you are just average Joe trying to play some nice WoT games,
    people like this usually ruin them.

    Even greater problem is that they will eventually fail all the way to the
    tier X tanks, and you’ll see them base camping with Bat.Chat. 25t.

  16. I have 750 games in my T-54 First Prototype and only two marked it :(, but
    4 skilled crew:)

  17. u do miss everyshot not taken.

  18. can add to world of tanks blitz to that is be fun ??have 5 6 mark of
    exllelt form Norway my English is ok

  19. QB said T-54 First Proto has a reload of 8 second and 750 alpha damage at
    10:30 into the video 😛
    When did the T-54 Mod 1 become the most op tank in WOT with that 5,625 DPM

  20. my first premium (-:

  21. Hi there QB – Galacsin (cs-ch like when you read chalk)
    His name in english – Galachin is more easier to say it :D

  22. I believe that at least 3 tanks died, where you could have assisted.
    allowing others to sacrifice.

  23. Alexandre El Sabbagh

    I think marks of exellence are a good thing in the game. Because there are
    these very frustrating games where you do a good job, lots of damages, some
    kills maybe, but not enough to save the game and win. With the marks of
    exellence you’ve not totally lost your time, you can anyway climb the steps
    to it loosing games. And also it’s funny and nice on your gun ;)

  24. After the artilery shyte

  25. hi where the new mod xvm

  26. HIếu Nguyễn Ngọc

    someone pls tell me which is the best money farming prem tank, i want to
    buy one but i can’t choose ;-;

  27. Dave “Boss” Hogg

    Mark of excellence for me? Never going to happen, therefore irrelevant.

  28. 2 tier 8 HT camp near arty? wtf

  29. Better make a vid when u ain’t tired m8. Mod1 doesn’t have 750 alpha and
    emil top doesn’t have 25mm of penetration

  30. HE vs Borsig .. All day, EVERY day. Even if you don’t do full pen damage,
    every hit is going to take out modules, might even set him on fire. So, bit
    of a misplay there IMO.

  31. Look at those T26E5P, T34B, IS-6 … That’s why noobies shouldn’t be
    allowed to have tier VIII premium tanks. Ruining the game.

  32. T54 mod 1 have great armor and everything else is shit. 183mm AP pen 235mm
    APCR pen low ammo cap…. but its fun tank to play, when u go in top tier
    mm u are mobile heavy tank but in highest tier mm ur armor is useless but
    he can ding 🙂


  33. Haveing marks=shows how skilled someone is with that tank most of the time
    ill aim for 1 and if i like the tank ill aim for 2 and if i really like
    that tank (like me and the super pershing) ill aim for the magic number of

  34. I always outplay the E 50 and E 50 M in this tank.

  35. Where do I get the RNG all the youtubers use that reliably puts shots
    inside the goddamn reticule?

  36. Sad to see two premium heavy tanks camp at the back until kill stealing
    time, and even sadder (or satisfying, depending on your point of view) to
    see they did less than 1K damage between them for all their camping. Tier 8
    doesn’t seem all that better than tiers 4-6, other than the mis-plays seem
    calculated rather than through inexperience.

  37. I like t-54

  38. Lol Buff the t54 proto or just give it preferential matchmaking. Btw being
    nice like the Emil II is rare i get hate at least 10% of all the matches i
    made. And just saying Resident Evil 7 is really scary good luck Qb :D

  39. Col. Sanders (ColSanders9483)

    Have awesome 7/1 replay for him but cant find his link like this so he can
    see Cent 7/1 radly walters

  40. The patriot was not afk, he was camping.

  41. The probably all figured that since they had someone like quickybaby on
    their team, they could all hang back and snipe off him, hence all the

  42. It will be nice to have a mission tutorial. To get those reward tanks. And
    lower tier battles and tanks.

  43. The borsig has explosive reactive armor. Facing inwards…

  44. Hey Quickybaby it’s guys! :D

  45. Personally I think the MoE should only be able to rise, not drop. Problem
    is that, while obviously it’s a mark of personal performance
    (damage/Spotting) it’s still heavily team reliant because if you get a
    terrible team that can’t even last 2 minutes there is very little you can
    do and it’s easy to drop 1%=>2% at once.

    If MoE would just not go down at least when you get a couple of failteams
    you don’t drop back to where you started. It would just sit still until you
    are able to perform again.

  46. T-54 mod 1 need a buff. Either in mobility or in view range. With the
    Patriot and Liberté and all the other premium tank buffs it has become

  47. you certainly seemed to drag out the end of that game, letting you team
    mates die as well surely closing the distance further on the borsig instead
    of sitting behind a house for 5 minutes would have been a better idea

  48. Still supporting g2a I see.

  49. bots and tomatoes with absolutely beast tanks playing like a cheap robot.
    Acting with toxicity and flaming. I took a long break from the game because
    of random matches being 5v25 games.

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