World of Tanks || T-54 First Prototype – Tank Revi

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

A full the new T8 Soviet premium medium tank the T-54 First Prototype one of the best starting premiums in the to make you a lot credits.

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  1. I got my T-34-3 before the T54 Prot existed. That’s why I got it. 😛
    (Also, using it for training Chinese crews.)

  2. whats a tank “revi”? and abbreviation of Tank Revive? i didnt know than WG
    added the ability to revive your team mates :D

  3. Pantelis “panteliskiller96” GreekProfessional

    Panther 8,8 all the way! :D

  4. “and the cheeky Hummel steals another kill….” and a few seconds later:
    “And we finish that tank off, supporting our team”… sounds legit :D

  5. QB cant play the T-34-3 = says it is terrible .

  6. “Tank Revi”??

  7. Why not call it the Mod 1 like it’s listed, and you kept calling that T-44
    next to you a T-54 which it’s not. :)

  8. Both, T54 mode1 and CDC, are awesome. It depends from you gamestyle. Only
    thing that i bother at T54 is low ammo capacity. Great video QB.

  9. The T-34-3 is terrible? It’s basically a faster IS-2 (gun and armor-wise
    upfront) with a better turret and traverse. Sees just about the same
    opponents too.

  10. quickybaby i really like your videos and i will be glad if you do more
    ARMORED WARFARE gameplay

  11. That why i like the centurion, 223 pen will pen anything at tier 8

  12. T34-3 is better much better

  13. QQbaby ;(

  14. Bartul Javorčić

    T-54 first prototype best 

  15. T-34-3 is lovley, I wont consider me a noob, but no top player either.
    I know the pen is sort of low, but after getting used to the T-69 I`m
    having so much fun in the T-34-3 and doing good damage. Can someone explain
    to me why quickybaby says its horrible?

  16. Jean-Pierre Cloup (Kmash)

    Do the incinerator mission in a tier 6 medium quicky, less auto fires
    extinguishers, plenty of engines with 20 % chance of fire, and plenty of
    T29s and IS who often burn in one shot or 2 to the side.

  17. The Type 59 is rubbish… It has been for ages! Why the hell do people rave
    about them?

  18. Good job!!!!

  19. Jean-Pierre Cloup (Kmash)

    Honestly i think you hate the T-34-3 just because you cant stand having
    abysmal gun depression. But theres very few maps where you re completely
    helpless (redshire for example), most of the time you can still go hulldown
    as long as you know where you should not go.
    And the 390 alpha, all right armor plus pref MM just works for me. You
    obviously need a good crew to make the gun behave, but in most cases i’d
    rather have more alpha rather than more dpm.
    And since you get pref MM you dont need to load 50/50 AP/premium…
    i agree that the T-34-3 is one of the worst tier 8 prems, but it s
    rewarding to do well in it and it’s actually fun to unload huge 400 + alpha
    shots from a medium tank.

  20. Niccolò Scaramella

    this tank is awesome!
    had 96 games in it with a 60.42% win rate, 1191 average damage..
    I actually load more APCR (17) than AP(15), because this thing can meet
    tier 10, and sometimes 175mm of penetration are not enough..
    Other than that the armour is awesome, bouncing shots like a boss and
    giving me more chances to deal damage..
    I’d suggest to use this tank as a damage dealer rather than a spotter,
    thanks to its poor view range i find it more useful (and fun) to just flank
    the enemy and put shot after shot into their weak sides while they’re
    focused on our heavies..

    Equipment recommended: vents, rammer and stabilizer, paired with snapshot
    skills on the crew and BiA this tank will become a monster!

    Too bad i often find enemies spamming gold at me negating the armour,
    unless i’m at really long ranges

  21. Call Of The Desert

    Please review the buffed Super Pershing. You’ve not reviewed it yet I

  22. I find it amusing that the Super Pershing was not mentioned once in this
    video. Sure, it’s not really much of a “medium”, but it’s still technically
    a tier 8 medium tank and the cheapest tier 8 premium in the game. Not too
    bad after the buff either.

  23. Type 59 2.0: Stronkest russian edition

  24. Is this game from your live stream?

  25. Максим Ананийчук

    Is it replays or live battles?
    P.S. Sorry for my English.

  26. Hi, can you test just tanks, wich can be afford by everybody? I can’t buy
    gold money:/

  27. i was there for the stream on the second gameplay!

  28. Very smart of wargaming
    Putting another OP soviet tank in the game

    Its the reason i have stopped playing.

    Same thing with gayjin

  29. wow the verry low amout of nades is really a joke!

  30. QB got an Ace tanker mastery badge on his first match in the T18 QQ

  31. T-44 will be receiving a buff on the top 100mm gun. It will be a
    penetration increase to 181mm and a buff to the aim time down to 2.1s.

  32. QuickyBaby please do a tank review on the T30 (American Tier IX Tank
    Go to 14:21.

  33. Hey look, the Type 59 resurrects. 

  34. Indien Panzers top gun is a 9cm bordkanone, not an 88

  35. OMG, a kurwa killed you!!!

  36. Did quicky baby get s hair cut? Lol something is different

  37. 21:00 “the frontal plate on the T54 first is only 120 meters thick!”

  38. Type 59 still a better moneymaker, you would have got about 150k for this
    in the Type.

  39. so late:P

  40. Well first of all let me thank you for your videos Quickybaby I enjoy your
    videos very much, now I don’t have any tier 8 premium tank (not even a tier
    7) but I like this one and the Japanese medium tank, but for now one of my
    best tier 8 tanks is my lovely amx 13 90 :-)

  41. 勝率半端ねぇえw

  42. that is one of the most beautiful tanks i have eve seen… imo

  43. I think Panther8.8 would be a much better comparison choice than AMX CDC.
    And Panther8.8 really is a beast :3

  44. Indien Panzer is spelled like “Indian”, not “Inden”. Sincerly, your grammar

  45. t26e4 is getting buffed in 9.9

  46. QB I think u spelled review wrong…

  47. I hated T-34-3 on test simply because of the godawful gun depression. But I
    need something to accelerate the training of my WZ-120 crew. That only has
    2 degrees more, but a world of difference. And you will pen few turrets
    with the meagre 175 pen, so you need to be on some kind of uneven ground to
    work with.

    I’d love to have another Chinese medium to consider, but there isn’t one.
    So if you need Chinese crewtrainer, you are shit out of luck, no matter how
    bad the premium.

  48. PolishWarrior 99

    Anyone has a good hack for gold for this game pls answer

  49. Brendan Underhill

    That only has 10 less than me and I’m in a heavy :(

  50. i love the t26e4 freedom it is my favorite tier 8 premium tank

  51. 21:01 he said : 120 meters of armor. Dayuum that’s a lot of armor.

  52. dubwell Stepington

    “t-34-3 is terrible”. suuuuuuure, that explains why its amazing.

    • +Xanitrit Zeo it has crazy turret that will bounce for days, speed and
      great average damage. U most be s tomato

    • +dubwell Stepington -3 gun depression is a turn off. You know how bad that
      is? Take those tiny craters found in most maps, drive onto it and see
      whether you can fire straight or not

    • dubwell Stepington

      The t-34-3 has a higher top speed, better ground resistance values, better
      traverse speed better view range more alpha damage more turret armour

  53. Oh my word!; Oh my days!

  54. That was a good revi (kappa)

  55. Quickybaby, the T-34-3 isn’t terrible at all in my opinion…if you would
    like I’d even send you a hundred replays :P

  56. Well excuse me for buying a T-34-3 that is more superior then a T-34-2

  57. I think you can fit one more chat window in there….lol

  58. Personally I love my Super Pershing and it just got all the better with the
    buff it so needed. Would love to see a full review for it now.

  59. I have a replay were I did 5k damage my first game

  60. Calling my beloved T-34-3 terrible makes me unhappy

  61. Edward Victor (BrainSmasher)

    Why nobody likes the Panther 8,8 🙁 is the best tank ever :D

  62. Sebastian Hurley Miller

    +QuickyBabyTV please do the Panther 8,8

  63. I come here just for the gameplay

  64. WG please include the KV-6 for an experiment at least! Imagine playing a
    TOG-II with 3 turrets! Epic DPM!!

  65. T54 mod 1 is such a pain in the ass when playing the Chi-Ri

  66. Id really like to know why all the videos im watching have been getting
    video lag lately, they never used to do that

  67. Oliver Entwisle (RevilO501)

    I do love a good tank revi

  68. pretty sure superpershing got more armour

  69. Hmm… Doesn’t Indien Pz. gets 9cm Bordkanone as top gun, after the 88mm?

    • Jean-Pierre Cloup (Kmash)

      +DennisLego Even with the 9cm borkanone, that indien was most likely
      spamming apcr, 212 pen will NOT go through the upper plate that easily,
      even at close range. With AP he should have bounced a few times just
      because of RNG. premium ammo all the way.

    • jeova0sanctus0unus

      +DennisLego he does

  70. +QuickyBabyTV
    Hello there, could you tell me where did you get your smelly river tank
    inspector? I searched on internet but I couldnt find it. @quickybabytv

  71. T-34-3 has better hull armor at the front, same pen with higher damage per
    shot, and is more mobile, also it gets preferential matchmaking.

  72. “We’ve got a full ‘tank review’ for you”, no you don’t.

  73. so all 3 games were taken on different days for you to get double on all of
    them, pretty true what every1 says u only show the games where u dominate!

  74. Not enough time to finish the word revie

  75. I like this tank, ok my 2nd game didnt go too well, it was a t10 and it was
    a high learning curve, still it does play well and when the gun does work
    it can make you rather effective.
    I usually prefer my td’s to meds but i think i will get my money’s worth
    out of the T-54 first prototype :)

  76. SovietTenkDestroyer

    Welcome to my world QB. I can’t even get the T-62A’s gun to behave.

  77. Jeez i love the t34-3,sure it’s a difficult tank to play but I have had
    many great games in it and I have never had to purchase premium ammo for it

  78. My favorite is the super peshing it has a grat armour decent gun ( if you
    know how to play ) and preferential mm which is awesome


  79. Nice haircut haha

  80. I love my T-34-3. T~T

  81. I love tank revi’s. finally a new revi

  82. Why “magical” 445m visibility?

  83. 11:27 you dont need shoot the hull just shoot roof top of turret it will

  84. Granger Prunier (G-Ranger)

    Great review. I got one and hope it will make my T-54 crew improve.

  85. Awesome, Tank Revi time!

  86. Luka Žnidaršič

    T29 is the best tank tier for tier by far 😉 T-54 isn’t really that good,
    if you aren’t allowed to load HEAT ammo :D

  87. OP TANK!!!!

  88. 1st game a mastery badge and alot of dmg….. “The tank makes tons of
    credits, over 70k profit !” If you subtract the 20k for the premium
    consumable ( he has some in depot as he isn’t charged for it) he would make
    7k profit (on a standard account) . Remember in this match up he gets a
    mastery badge and is top tier.

  89. You make me mad… Always when i go in D4, i die like à noob because my
    team doesn’t support me… -_-

  90. Hehe just bombard the lil bastard with my arty >:D

  91. Christian Wertti

    “Terrible T-34-3” WHAT WAS THAT??
    YATATATATATATATA You are DED, not big surprise ;(

  92. Err QB…
    I think you should look on the indien-panzer again. Because the
    indien-panzer can carry an 90 mm gun

  93. T-34-3 terrible?

    I do pretty good in mine and ended up liking it even more then my IS-6…

  94. Nice armor and bad everyting else. xD

  95. the superpershing has better armor

    • +Krusual Syndicate the Superpershing is better because of the good mm, and
      the gun depression, the armor will troll noobs

    • Krusual Syndicate

      +Leon Haven I have both (I got the t-54 yesterday). Yes the hull armour on
      the Spershing is better but the turret is more forgiving on the T-54 in
      that noobs will bounce off it anyway and better players can’t aim for any
      weak spots, because there are none. Gun performance is similar apart from
      gun depression but the increased mobility on the t-54 makes a massive
      Having said that: I do more avg damage in the spershing but my WR is better
      in the T-54 (69% vs 78%, all solo and not spamming prem. I played some 100
      games now in the spershing, and now some 25 in the T-54). I need to get
      used to the rather weird play style of the t-54 proto (I’m not used to RU
      tanks or fast tanky mediums) and my avg damage will increase for sure.

    • Allan Huntington

      +Leon Haven Eh it can its armor can be uselss at times as well though

  96. Alternatively, that Indien-Panzer could have just been firing APCR. It
    seems unusual to me that, even considering he is taller, he was able to pen
    5 (?) shots in a row into your upper plate. In fairness, it was probably
    the right decision to fire APCR, if he did

  97. 1 battle in the T18. I really thought you would seal club more.

  98. Quicky baby are you going to the tank fear this year? If so where will you
    be I really want to to get a picture!!

  99. Richard Gustafsson

    31:35 Sta-2? Never say that name again XD. I would go for T-34-3 instead
    because it has pref MM, so the pen isn’t atleast as shit as everybody tells
    you :P

    • Richard Gustafsson

      +taief miah
      Yes, and that’s one of it’s “Weaknesses” for alot of people. And the gun
      depression, but it can be dealt with

  100. I like my STA-2 but it’s only good for fun play as it’s mostly useless
    against t9 and 10 tanks…..T7 and 8’s can own it too come to think of it.
    It’s armor wont hold up to hits.

  101. I was waiting for a Tank Revi for this, I love Revi’s

  102. Haha i am just a troll and i say the Type 59 is the best premium Tank and
    tier 8 medium Tank ;)

  103. I thought he would use the Panther 8.8 as a comparison seeing that it is
    its direct rival.

  104. Tank revi?

  105. Desert_Fox46 awesomeness

    quicky do u stutter

  106. Uluç Kadıoğlu

    Does it say “Tank Revi”?

  107. Forever Alone Drone

    What’s a tank revi :P

  108. Richard Gustafsson

    On is it a good idea to use both GLD and vert stabs on this tank combined
    with rammer/vents? Then the aim time would be drastically improved wouldn’t

  109. Looks like QuickFingers has his fingers too quick

  110. I love me some tank revis!

  111. Does Quickybaby play WOT Blitz?

  112. Since WG came out with the T-54 mod 1, which is the Russian Type 59, they
    could at least stand to make the T-34-3 competitive. When a tier 7 heavy
    tank has higher DPM than a tier 8 medium there is a problem. I think they
    are afraid of making another Type 59 so they keep the T-34-3 nerfed in
    oblivion, except they just did make another Type 59 in the T-54 mod 1.

    T-34-3 solution, buff it so it has better armor than the Type 59, 110 upper
    plate 210 turret, 90 side armor, or buff the gun so it aims faster, shoots
    faster, and has better accuracy. On that note just make it a Tier 7 medium
    tank and call it a day.

  113. So u want to say that this Is a noob tank?

  114. I would consider getting this vehicle for the crew training of those
    glorious high tier soviet mediums. It has great armour (including that
    surprising side armour), decent rate of fire and the mobility is okay.
    However that 34 ammo count is doesn’t make the vehicle very forgiving,
    neither does the aim time , accuracy or the penetration. I feel the vehicle
    is trying to get you to use premium rounds in order to remain effective,
    especially against tier 9 and 10 although against (tier 6 and 7 it would be
    unnecessary for the most part) . This therefore decreases profits made by
    the vehicle and makes its premium nature less attractive. (for credit
    making) The view range doesn’t help either. The price as you mention is
    quite surprising.. more of an incentive I suppose. Regardless an
    informative and entertaining video as always! Thanks – Geogen

  115. 20:59 that’s a nice amount of armor there :D

  116. Whats a revi? 

  117. .IWhats in your Fanta?I.

    I dont know whats your problem with the t-34-3 but realy like it. The only
    problem is the missing gunndepression.

  118. Anybody else hear him say either a or 2 LOL

  119. IS-6 is most stronk tenk.

  120. the indien panzer has a 90 mil not the 88 and it has 212 penetration

  121. Indien Panzer 90mm not 88mm, 212mm pen not 200mm slight difference

  122. I cant download tankinpector… 🙁 any tips?

  123. Masternitro GamingMLG

    QB I love you so much!

  124. I hate this tank, probably worst medium I played. Armor? – rather I had
    none, maybe my play-style with it would be different and result would be
    better. Also speed sacrifice to have that armor bites in ass most of the

  125. Hey lets remove the type 59 its too strong. Better make a tank with a bit
    less speed and even more armor XD

    I think this thing would need some kind of weekspot to be balanced. Right
    now its almost the best armor at T8, better than almost every T8 heavy.
    Because they all have some weekspots like the Is3s hull and turret roof or
    the Tiger 2s lower plate and cupola.

    But give its some more ammo XD

    • ZyzztheticsForever

      +Valivali94 that’s the nature of the game. it’s always an uphill battle
      unless you’re among the top tier tanks.
      also WG can’t go back and give T8 prems preferential MM again since it has
      been shown that that resulted in regular T8s ending up in T10 battles far
      too often.

    • +marty_vole Doesnt make this thing less unfair towards T6 and T7 tanks.
      Still there was a time prem tanks were supposed to be a bit weaker than a
      elited tank of the same tier. The T44 cries motoroil when it meets this
      thing XD

    • +Valivali94 /facepalm, the Type is strong because of its pref MM

  126. Since when is this called revi?

  127. Lars Van De Wiel

    Tank Revi ?????????????

  128. Quickybaby help me!
    Should I choose as a 3k player the T-54 prot. Or the AMX CDC?
    I really like to play light armoured tanks with good guns as the CDC but i
    also like the t54 prot. After your review. Can you say which tanks fits to
    me the most?

  129. QuickyBaby! You forgot the Super Pershing! (Technicly, its the most
    armored from the front medium tank in teir 8)

    • Although, I dont know what armor the spaced armor value is,
      do you have an idea?

    • But, the super pershing has 2.5 spaced armor slides, 2 main ones, and
      theres another small one infront of the Driver Ports, and MG ports behind
      the main spaced armor.

    • The Weakspots are getting buffed in the next patch.. (Getting smaller, and
      one is getting taken away) Plus the standard of play on the NA server…
      people will shoot gold at my direct mantlet.

    • +xphoeswarrior easy to pen weakspots though

  130. So we can look forward to more noobs driving tier 8 prems with 30% WR now


  132. Wachira Narongsack

    Actually the indien panzer has got a 9 cm Bordkanone with 214 mm of pemn

  133. Haziq Rahmat Ali

    *about to go to sleep*

    *QB uploads video*

    Mmm one last video then.

  134. @ 19:29 the indien panzer gets a 90mm with 212pen

  135. I would love to have 120 meters on my upper plate QB ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  136. wow that guns pen sucks tho

  137. I love Tank Revi

  138. The lack of pen and mobility make this a tough tank to drive.

  139. pizzabroodje eten

    Why is there no stream????

  140. The 34 ammo count stops me from buying the tank. Dat ammo count really
    comes to a shame especially when compared to the T-34-3’s 40 round ammo
    capacity (which is 122mm!)
    I would have bought it if it had 40 rounds. But otherwise, it looks like a
    good prem tank

  141. Wollen wirmal Platoon fahren Quckybaby ?????? Paul_St4r hridse ich 🙂 ich
    würde mich freuen ich habe nemlich morgen Guburstag:)?

  142. Is it even more armored than the super Pershing?

  143. I love my T-34-3 

  144. SuperPershing is by far the best t8 premium Medium…because its secretly a

  145. EaZyMeNPL - Gameplaye

    QB i like to play T-34-3 cuz i can handle with shit gun depression . You
    should maybe play a little bit more with that tank and you will like it!
    Otherwise u are bad :D

  146. 120 metres thick? 21:00

  147. 21:01 it is ONLY 120 meters thick

  148. ilarionas avgoustou

    yes and everytime i go to D4 i got f**ked by everything before i go are not lucky at

  149. 70th view

  150. So a question here, Type59 and this tank, which one is better?

  151. I bought it when it first came out and I love to this day! It’s a fun tank
    and it helps train up those Russian medium tank crews.

  152. Hmmm t-34-3 is absolutely not terrible!! Its a beast!!

  153. Who is interesting in low tier tanks, and how to learn basics… check my
    small channel :)

  154. 21:00 ….120 meters armour, trolololol,and the indien panzer has 90 mm
    boardkanone gun,not 88,albeit,not a 88 top gun.

  155. Nitpicking here: 19:35
    The Indien Panzer actually gets the DCA 45, the same gun as the the French
    Heavies, and some mediums as well. Its got 212 pen on its ap if I remember
    correctly, and like 260ish on apcr

  156. Jochem Groenewoud

    QB why no stream?

  157. Soooo….tier 8 medium tank, based on T-54 (sort of). Gun is alright,
    armour is very stronk and of high pedo quality, meaning this tank will be a
    very nasty bully to any tier 6 or 7 machine it comes up against, because
    they will not be able to penetrate.

    Type 59, anyone?

  158. I have watched your videos for a while now. And you make quality content
    and I agree with you most of the time. And I have learned many new tactics
    from you. I play on the Russian servers and it must be a whole different
    game here. On the RU cluster this is a second rate machine, armor is not
    it’s saving grace. Everybody tier 8 or higher penetrates. Mobility is a
    huge problem not to mention that 175mm penetration makes you think that you
    need to for the flanks and rear but your mobility puts a stop to that.
    Making money on this thing is NOT easy. Unless the skill level and tank
    knowledge on EU cluster is a LOT lower than on RU I would not recommend
    this tank to anyone much less to a new player. CDC is a much better if
    harder to master machine. Respectfully your subscriber.

    • ZyzztheticsForever

      +Dmitry M ^this. i totally agree with you. i’m really surprised that QB
      recommends this tank to beginners since it’s quite tricky to play it in T9
      and T10 battles.

    • 77776677ffz67 777

    • And the other thing is. If Wargaming says they will no longer release
      Premium Tanks with a cut off Tier then at least stop making ones that are
      weaker then regular machines.

  159. T-44 deserves a buff for being the worst t8 medium. Might get a better
    penatration in the next patch but thats not enough… i have over 600 games
    in it and 58% with it.

  160. How is its vi range compared to other tier 8 vi ranges?

  161. QB had a hair cut! Like if you spotted it before me!

  162. The T-34-3 is fine, gun depression is bad but it makes up for that by
    having 390 avg damage.

  163. Maybe you are only shit with t-34-3?

    • ZyzztheticsForever

      +Bonkersfogel EQRG nah, mate. T-34-3 is an awesome machine for farming
      credits and padding WN8. if QB fails to do both with that tanks he is
      obviously doing something wrong.

    • I agree, it’s not horrible. I don’t have much experience with it, but, I
      know, even if you don’t up have gun depression, it still works. I started
      playing the Chinese tanks first. It’s actually helped me a lot. I love
      Russian tanks, they are just better Chinese tanks… T-34-3 is ok, not
      amazing, but ok.

    • The Raging Storm

      +Bonkersfogel EQRG While QB has nice win rates in tanks. He rarely has more
      than a couple or even more than a 100 games played on some less popular
      tanks. Therefore his results can not determine whether for example let’s
      use the T34-3. If it is bad or not. The reason is because you need at least
      100 games to get into the tanks play style fully. As mentioned the tank has
      a very unique play style. It does not matter how good a player is there
      will always be one tank in this game that he will not like because it
      doesn’t fit his play style.

    • Bonkersfogel EQRG

      +Stiffler by “you must be new here” i mean that QB isn’t “shit” at driving
      any tank

    • +Bonkersfogel EQRG
      I have 850 battles in my T-34-3 with 56% w/r and ~1720dpb. This tank is
      unique with hes 122mm and need unique play style to handle him correctly.
      If you play it like normal medium you doing it bad. If you play him like
      ht. You doing it bad. YOU PLAY IT LIKE TD? YOU DOING IT VERY BAD. You must
      can take advantage for getting IS-6 gun on mobile and quite sneaky (nice
      camo rate) chassis. Its a something like Close Quarter Support Tank where
      you must find your place on flank in close range and punch enemies side
      armor with your 390 alpha damage.
      Just no one tank in WoT is like T-34-3. It`s a Monster if you know how to
      play him. Hard to learn, ultra hard to master. 😛

  164. 99% of people won’t read this, but

    If you do, you are awesome. Have a nice day.

  165. Tank Revi’s are the best

  166. cool im probably going to get it

  167. When’s the next tank Revi?

  168. It’s so fast that Quicky didn’t have time to finish the title.

  169. nice TANK REVI

  170. I dont even play this game but I still watch your videos, dont know why.

    • I do play war thunder thought, rarely tanks because they’re a shit. Usually
      just Simulator with airplanes.

    • BadWeatherGaming

      +TheCassual and sadly one of those flaws is a dev team that seemingly
      resents its player base.

    • +TheCassual that is true.

    • +Miguel Angel None of WoT’s flaws, sure. But it has a bunch of its own

    • +Jelemy I used to play it like there was no tomorrow, but at certain point
      I got disgusted by the game, so I gave a try to wr thunder, and I’ve fallen
      in love with it since it has all that is good of WoT and none of it’s flaws.

  171. @quickybaby do you have WoT blitz? (Mobile version)

  172. What pc do you use

    • Go to he’s Twitch, look at he’s FAQ’s (Frequently asked questions) and it
      should be there somewhere. If not then there should be a PC review on
      YouTube somewhere.

  173. Love your tank reviews . Wish you done more of them though. 

  174. Anyone here play wot blitz?

  175. ผมเป็นแฟนคลับคุณเลย

  176. Géza DoktorNemtudomki

    You only wrote revi and not review ;)

  177. Orange juice

  178. Sebastien van Tiggele

    You are reading this comment now.

  179. Sweet vid qb keep up the good content!!!!

  180. nice like always can you play with E 50m or E 50 @ QuickybabyTV

    • +bram van ruysseveldt I’m fucking joking. Jesus christ, you on your period
      or something. It’s taking the piss out of something Quicky said which S3AL
      then humiliated QSF by attacking them in only E-50M’s

    • bram van ruysseveldt

      +Will Horsley can you pls shut the fuck up and stop thinking that
      everything you say is true!!!

    • +The Mighty Crew they’re weak

    • Michael Christie

      +The Mighty Crew he has been playing them on his live streams about 3-5
      times a night

  181. Oh no QuickyBaby, your title xD

  182. Alika Jacang-Buchanan

    Was thinking about getting this tank

  183. Not …first… comment!!

  184. 2 nd coment

  185. for a super agressive gameplay this or cdc?

  186. Denton12354 PVPS


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  188. Yes this tank is good

  189. Wow only three minutes and already over 70 views

  190. Denton12354 PVPS

    quicky i love you

  191. Bester Mann QB ♤

  192. Lù Đức Nghĩa

    Why you don’t play MineCraft anymore ? 

  193. Jesse Stormblade


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  195. T-54 First Prototype Tank Review – one of the best starting premiums in the
    game to make you a lot of credits!

  196. Third lol 

  197. Second! I love your style of play! 

  198. Jesse Stormblade


  199. To late ..

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  201. I like donuts

  202. Second :)

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