World of Tanks || T-54 not-so Lightweight

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – Lightweight. Today I’m playing in the light , the Lightweight, showing you why it doesn’t quite live up to it’s name.

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  1. been playing it on Blitz, the stock engine is god awful

  2. QB play the ST-1!

  3. only I. the EU server the T54 ltwt gets top tier

  4. I did managed to finish off a 1390 from 1k HP with a shot+ram combo in my “ltwt”. Even I was surprised 😀

  5. walker bulldog is my best to play. love the mobility and how agile it is, and has good spotting and camo.

  6. International snackbar

    ace tanker at 1431? Only got a 1st class on my LTTB with 1460 xp.

  7. T-54 ltwt is the best t8 russian medium tank.

  8. my fav. ist the type 64 but in tier 8 its the ru 251 becouse he is ultra fast and hase 10 gun depression and a very good gun with mega HE shells

  9. QuickyBaby, more than QuickyGoldSpamming

  10. 62% win rate @@

  11. i had a top tier game in my 12t once, my entire team lemminged to one side of the map and were stopped by 3 tanks

  12. Drunk_Men_NEver_Drive_XD

    The t-54 lightweight litterally has the same gun as the t-54 mod 1. Exactly same pen, ammo amount, and dmg. Not sure about dispersion but otherwise it’s a lighter version of the t-54 mod 1. And actually a bit better. Until you come to money making which is where the t-54 mod 1 is king over the lwt.

  13. Of course he gets top tier with the ltwt,and of course he posts a replay,i am top tier with tier 9-10 every time

  14. Are you ever going to make a video on the Objekt 268?

  15. sandbox has tier 10 lights and pls make a video on them

  16. I didnt Think that tier 8 kr could be top tier

  17. can we play well if not using the premium bullet?

  18. Your, so called, “moustache” looks like those new snorting videos …. 🙂

  19. I have the T54 lightweight, love it.. I’m going to be real sad if I can’t get to the tier X before they change it ?

  20. MajesticRaithier

    1:16 200,000 credits!? That’s such a good deal! Then the game will be even more balanced with a plethora of light + arty platoons running around.
    In all seriousness though, the hype for tier 10 lights is real

  21. ru251 cuz its so fast and it was my firs t8 light tank

  22. Love the ru 251, his HE shells are OP af

  23. High caliber can only be taken away if that player hits an ally by direct shot. ramming damage is not counted. So he either HE’d a teammate for 44 damage or shot a teammate in the tracks.

  24. Can you do reaction videos to world of tanks RNG episodes to try something, a little while back you were stuck on ideas so try that

  25. Back to the “gameplay reviews”?

  26. Ehhh… all the russian Komrades in the comments,da is good

  27. How do get in the test server

  28. Do a T71 tank preview

  29. omg i can hardly wait to get my hands on a tier X russian lightweight.i have the t54ltwt and love it.with a 6k damage for spotting.however i do emjoy the mm that the t54ltwt gets already so it should be interesting.most likely could be just a money grab from wot

  30. yah qb how bout play some games the avrage guy would without constantly lobbing gold

  31. Im da Hellcat 54

    QB can u do a review on amx 13 90?

  32. ???How does he gets “worst” mm then the T-44 if the T-44 gets also tier 10

  33. #tankbetter obviously died…

  34. Question, will the recent tier 8 LT’s be moved up to tier 9 or will be replaced with the new tier 8 LT, with the same progress as with the recent. I was in the sandbox server a few minutes ago and testing out the tier 9 amx 1390 and then that question hit me.

  35. Maarten van Roest

    I would say the RU 251. The 13 90 is not accurate enough and misses a lot. The T49 is just a whole different tank. I’m not so much into durping. When I am I want the shell to hit and not have RNG srew me over. It is good fun sometimes 🙂
    Ru is fast, good gundepression. I also like the blackdog, but that is rather simular to the RU.

    I have a question:
    In on of DezGames his video i saw that the German LightTanks do not go to the Leopard PT A anymore. Now I have 160K exp in the RU and thinking of unlocking the Leopart first. What do you think will happen wil they extend the German mediums or will the Leopard still be accesable through the LightTanks??

  36. QB, Your interviewing is a gift! realy! you shold use it wizely…

  37. can someone tell me how to dowload Sandbox server and play on it?

  38. Basil Abeysekera

    T54light, not so light? I’ve got a steel wall in my lttb.

  39. I got tracked by an E4 twice yesterday xD I love this tank.

  40. this is a fantastic pickup, works well as a light but has the flexibility and armour to play like a medium… one of my favourite lights, feels very punchy and leads on to some really powerful mediums 🙂

  41. “It’s Dpm suffers compared to other tier 8 lights like the wz-132 and ru-251” both are way softer and specialize in gun performance

    “it’s not fast” ah, its only quicker than the 13 90 and t49 and wz132 and handles smoother than the ru-251.

    Seriously qb. -.-

    This tank isn’t op but it is better than other tier 8 light tanks. so Much more flexible. can’t be penned by HE. can bounce a lot of AP, smooth gun handling, very nice top speed, good power to Weight.

    ‘not super good Dpm’ Is a very insignificant disadvantage

  42. I have coated optics on my Tiger 1, easy 1k+ spotting damage every game.

  43. @quickybaby, so if I am right, when you have got all the tier 8 light tanks, you need to grind xp (instead of extra crew training) on them to be able to unlock the tier 9 light tanks?

  44. Actually the russian name of this tank is translated wrong into english. It is actually called “облегчённый” which means “made lighter”. So if you consider this, it is not suprising this tank has tougher armor compared to other light tanks.

  45. First game me in Tiger P, Quicky Baby had luck me not penetrating him, same thing with udes 🙂
    But he hit me hard in first few minutes of games.

  46. I didn’t think tier 8 light tanks couldn’t see just tier 8s? Thought they needed at least one tier 9…

  47. Hmm. I dont think I’ve ever had a Tier 8 game in the T54ltwt. Certainly cant remember doing so. Always Tier 9 and 10.

    That said I must try and get more hull down with it but I dont find the armour that strong at all.

  48. RU didnt ram into you. Most likelly he rammed into IS3 he was following after you split in mid.

  49. whats the point of showing only the favorable games of a tank? everyone gets fed once in a while. We all know that these are the best LT mm games that only happens once or twice out of ten games. 4k dmg as t8 LT in a T10 game would be more relevant.

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