World of Tanks || T-55A – 9.5 Preview

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Check out the new T9 medium the T-55A coming in patch 9.5!

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  1. I hope you all enjoy this preview 🙂 I can’t wait for this novel tank.

    I’m LIVESTREAMING right now!

  2. cool

  3. Finaaally! <3

  4. 9.3 on the thumbnail?

  5. Thumbnail says 9.3 :D

  6. hello guys

  7. Could you do the Challenger-Firefly preview next?

  8. I’ve been on the Test Server and I haven’t seen it at all!

  9. wrong thumbnail?

  10. Conclusion: Just get the T-54…..

  11. It says 9.3

  12. I don’t see latest spotted position in this patch build …

  13. First DDR Tank :D

  14. Is goods for to have missions for to gets new be tanks. But for not think
    oh is looks is so goods is have armour. NO! Is no armour for to be in
    games for tank is not be Russian. Is German medium tanks so is not for to
    be armour. Is for you watch replay is for to see is just pen turret is
    just pen hull is just pen all tank except if for be lucky miss if for tank
    is move is enemy hit auto bounce. So why for spends time for to talk for
    turret armour? Is waste times. Is only importants is speeds for tank for
    be DPM and for to be guns depression. Is all matters. Is armour is means
    zero for to be pen all time by premium. So is why tanks for to shoots fast
    like be T62A is strongs tank. Tank for to shoots slow like Maus is shits
    tank. Is armour is for to mean zeros. So new tanks is for to be maybe not
    so goods. Is have goods guns but for have no guns depression so for to get
    shoots all time by enemy for because armour is means zero. So Russian
    tanks still is be better. Claus is for to be correct?

  15. Oooo. We’re getting East German tanks now? That’s very interesting.

  16. awesome tank, i doubt the gun will be nerfed because it’s a reward tank
    thats !difficult! to obtain and it doesn’t make premium money so i don’t
    see it being used in such huge numbers it’d be an issue

  17. Fun fact: My country uses the Orion, which is a T55 made in Israel, and we
    still use the Chaffee, lol.

  18. I really want to get a look at the new T8 premium panther II

  19. Hey,you can get the T-55A without completing the mission?

  20. its a t54 with better gun handling and worse frontal hull armor

  21. QB why u account is US?

  22. Don’t particularly care about the Obj. 260. But I do want the T-55A though!

  23. Thumbnail says 9.3 :p

  24. Want it now xD 

  25. I need this tank!

  26. You wrote 9.3

  27. Well… it competes with T-54 almost as same as T-62A competes with Obj.
    140. Slightly better gun performances, better turn rate, slower, worse gun

  28. Title says 9.5 but thumbnail shows 9.3 :S

  29. Most people deal with the 200 mm of penetration on the t-54? Right, we
    don’t see anybody shooting heat with that gun 🙂
    I’ve got one question though:
    Do you get extra credits and crew xp with the m60 patton and the vk 7201?

  30. East-Germany <3

  31. The thumbnail says “9.3” lol

  32. btw. thumbnail says 9.3 ^^

  33. I like the Tank Inspector page. :)

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  35. Do u take a free slot for the tanks from the missions?

  36. does germany really need a 4th premium medium tank? russia doesn’t even
    have one (no i’m not counting shitty matilda). t-44-85 turned out to be
    vaporware and now there’s no good crew trainer. 

  37. WorldofTanks_Replays

    It says 9.3 in the thumbnail!

  38. wtf t55 a has nuclear protection O_O

  39. Wonder if it’s gonna be rare tank or not…So if that missions will be hard
    or any tomato can get his tier IX when he doesn’t have even 1000 games

  40. So, do you have unlimited time to complete these missions?

  41. I want this tank sooo bad, but something tells me it’s going to be hard to
    unlock so I probably won’t get it :(

  42. In the preview window it says 9.3
    Just thought you should know and thanks for the video

  43. Can you take that line away? The line that shows where you are looking…

  44. I want it so hard

  45. Do the T28 HTC next it look like a nice TD. just poke around the corner and
    hide those weakspots

  46. are you seriously going to play this tank rather than a leopard?

  47. I would like to see you playing a horror game!

  48. so it’s basically a pointless tank, wargaming can replace it with its
    credit’s worth

  49. Isn’t the tube on the right side of the turret supposed to be a missile
    launcher? I know missiles aren’t supported in WoT but I find it amusing

  50. Lol in the thumbnail say patch 9.3

  51. Hey Quicky, vid is cool as always, but in miniature is mistake: there is
    9.3, nit 9.5 ;)

  52. +QuickyBabyTV, you really really should mention that the stats are all
    PLACEHOLDERS. Not the real stats when the patch goes live.

  53. What’s the cutoff date for tanks in wot? I didn’t think a tank from the
    60-70s (t-55a) would ever be in the game.

  54. WZ-120 is very similar :)

  55. to get this tank you have to play for like a month in order to unlock every
    mission (lol)

  56. Why they talk in german?

  57. I’m really excited for this reward system for missions!

    I really like having objects like this you can work towards.

  58. lol yes QB this is 9.3

  59. SuperAwesomeGaming NL

    QuickyBaby im banned from the chat on your streams in the offchance that
    you read this would you please unban jasperdejong2001 preatty please?

  60. i have lost count of the amount of soviet medium tanks

  61. Brainfuckinyourhead

    Für Frieden und Sozialismus :D

  62. How long do we have to complete this 4 missions?

  63. uh T-55A and T-54 are essentially the same tanks why does the T-55A have
    worse armor O_o

  64. Is there a time limit for those missions?

  65. aaaa Soviet Stahl mit Deutscher Genauigkeit

  66. So ,any time limit to finish these missions ?:P

  67. mistake in the miniature ! 9.3 :0

  68. Long story short….this is the sniper version of the t-54. Suffers in a
    lot of places to make up for it. 

  69. cant wait for 9.3! kappa

  70. I’m not sure WG can nerf this tank because it was originally made in the
    Soviet Union.

  71. There are so many T54 variants, cmon Serb stop it.

  72. my Clan’s Commander served in the NVA and was driver in the T-54-55 , which
    is wargaming’s t-55 , he loved it , and hated when his unit was switched
    over to the T-72 , but he’s been lost on the test server at the moment
    because he is enjoying the nostalgia of using this tank , and I look
    forward ot getting one myself and driving it with him in a platoon .. I’m
    hoping that you’ll give a preview of the new Stug as well , as I’ve been
    quite curious about it … and on a side note , question really (
    considering wargaming released a prem easy 8 ” the Fury ” ) . What would
    you think of a prem Tiger 131 with the l56 , dropped to tier 6 , as at tier
    7 it would be a deathtrap and at tier 6 the VK 3601 with the L56 is far
    superior due to it’s ability to more than effectively side scrape ? I can
    sidescrape when necessary in my Tiger 1 , but it takes a lot of work and
    the right position for it , so my thought after having around 1600 games in
    my Tiger 1 , more than any other tank I won , is that with the L56 at tier
    6 it would be dangerous to others but certainly not over powered , and I
    would buy it in a heartbeat to be able to drive the virtual equivalent of
    the only existing functional Tiger 1 in the world … but I’m curious as to
    your thoughts on the matter ? Would you find it interesting to see that
    tank in game ? Would you consider it to be ” OP ” ( which personally I
    don’t think any tank is OP , just needs to be approached in the right
    manner when engaging ) ? Would you get it ? Do you think Wargaming may
    introduce the tank in light of it being in the movie Fury ? Hell , do you
    think the German line needs some heavy prem love for training heavy tank
    crews as really the only viable choice right now is the Lowe ( the Bz is
    low tier and lacks enough crew slots ) ? And I’m sure this line of rant
    will be flamed by others , always get’s a lot of attention when I’ve
    brought up the idea since seeing the re-skinned easy 8 with higher rate of
    fire .. Thank you so much for creating the content on your page , studying
    it and those of others has improved my gameplay in WOT immeasurably … I’m
    off .. Good hunting 

  73. Thumbnail says 9.3

  74. Another dome turret cold war tank. Yawn.

  75. Im a tomato (807 wn8, 6K battles, tier 9 T95)
    the only thing I want is the T-55A. I dont need that object, concept or
    stug! It would be nice but my goal is the T-55A

  76. what are the missions?

  77. This whole terrain resistance is complete bollocks, you buy a tank for the
    hp/t but then you look at tank inspector and see that it is killed by
    terrain resistance.

  78. Russians players are the worst.They are so stupid.What a shitty country.

  79. This is the tank I´m aming for 😀 <3 (never going to archieve Obj.260 :D)

  80. Im really exited to get this tank because of my exelent E-50M crew.
    Are you going to take a look at the other reward tanks too? They all look
    really interesting…

  81. Do a Sherman firefly plz 

  82. I kind of wish you could select which of the reward tanks your working
    towards, since I’m mostly intrested in this and the StuG IV, but not as
    much the Russian tier 10, and less so the mock-up T95.

  83. Is there anyway to get these vehicle on the test server without going
    through the missions? Because I noticed you had none of them done…

  84. put a german camouflage

  85. Dont worry about gun depression QB, apparently theyre flattening all the
    maps… what a joke… lol

  86. does anyone know if the t28c will be premium or “just” a reward tank like
    this one? …

  87. I still don’t understand 1 thing. To get ,for example the STUG 4 ,do I have
    to complete ALL the missions or can I just pick the medium tank missions
    ,complete them and claim my stug 4. ?

  88. russian bias so real. same tank less armor what the hell?

  89. Are ace tanker put in our real garage too?

  90. T-55A, a new tier 9 Russian/German medium tank, with the size of T-54,
    mobility of T-62A, same gun as the T-54 with better fire control, accuracy,
    aiming time and DPM? Yes please, I’ll take that.
    Who cares about hull armor? bullying lower tiers? Right…..But T-55A can
    do so much better against same or higher tier tanks when its snap shooting
    ur hull-down. And the same op 330mm pen HEAT ammo? Yes please.
    Still have to see how the poorer gun depression affect this new tank
    though. But hey, at least it is not as bad as some of the Chinese mediums.

  91. test server is a glowing example of how stupid gold rounds are and that
    they have no place in the game besides making noobs feel useful and to pad
    WGs bank account

  92. do you have the maus

  93. How you have unlocked it? Already Completed all personal missions on the
    test server ?

  94. +QuickyBabyTV Can you please do a M48A1 Patton review? That would be great

    P.S. Good work, keep it up!

  95. The funny thing is that orange and red fucks wont get this tank and they
    will try to get it. I already can see them whining in the forums. first
    time they are forced to play good to get a premium special tank without Cw.
    I will play this T55 and i cant wait for the tears of the jealous noobs.

  96. 17,500 gold ?

  97. Tankiste Marseillais

    Bonjour je suis francais et j adore tes video tu m a apris beaucoup de
    chose 😉 haha BC 25 t is french haha ;)

  98. Can you do a review on the t28

  99. The moment he said “Worse gun depression than the T-54…” I was instantly
    turned off by this tank.


  100. Auferstanden aus Ruinen …

  101. The T55A has the DDR flag on turret 😀

  102. with the missions do you have to own certain tanks to complete them ?

  103. Nobody deals with the 200 penetration on the t-54. They spam heat.

  104. your thumb nail says 9.3 instead of 9.5 lol :P

  105. The gun only has 200 mm pen, on tier 9 ?? not that impressive..

  106. I want QB to play the Obj 260 or T28 Concept 🙁 seem like very different
    and strong tanks, cough cough* 350mm frontal turret armor*

  107. ralroost einsnulldrei

    Oh man I’m dying to earn this thing

  108. how did you get this tank without doing the missions?

  109. So gun elevation and depression wise combined with the hull this is just a
    WZ-120 with a T-54 gun?

    I can work with that. Hope to get it but not excpecting to make it.
    Missions on test look grueling, some of them.

  110. did you put 9.3 in the thumbnail?

  111. Yeah, yeah, let’s see the Obj. 260!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  112. Not sure about the hulldown capabilities of the t54 and t55a. Both of them
    have about 230mm of turret armor, which can be penned by a lot of tier 8’s
    and most tier 9’s. But i guess i’ll just have to try it out as myself.

  113. Hmm your thumbnail says 9.3?


  115. exactly, how many personal missions do i have to do to get the tank? 

  116. I’m surprised you didn’t mention the WZ-120 even once.

  117. Wait, quickfingers_US? You’re on the US server!?

  118. Hey QB, your thumbnail for the video says 9.3 instead of 9.5. Just thought
    I would let you know.

  119. Thumbnail broken?

  120. How u get the tank T-55-A and u did not do the Mission

  121. christopher taylor

    Anyone else notice that the thumbnail says 9.3

  122. It’s great, but it should have +16 gun elevation and -5 gun depression.

  123. All things considered, these new reward tanks seem like very ordinary
    vehicles which so happen to be unlocked through missions rather than usual
    grinding. The T-55a in particular seems like a very respectable tank for
    its tier, but as for the others I am less than enthused.

  124. Synoxys Whydoihavetoputmylastname

    Your thumbnail says 9.3 :P

  125. t55A is heavier, it has less armor and a weaker engine than the t54, even
    tho its pretty much an “upgraded” t54…

  126. I will say this tank is more like the stock WZ-120

  127. Quickly baby I got banned for saying hi on your steam X(

  128. This tank is pretty dodgy. Putting this tank in would create an immense
    imbalance in high teir fights allowing those of lower tier to affect higher

  129. hey QuickyBaby, your thumbnails says 9.3, just a heads up

  130. Anyone noticed that the thumbnail says 9.3?

  131. It says 9.3 on the thumbnail 

  132. hmmm. doesn russian bias still apply for a russian tank leased to germans?

  133. It says 9.3 as the video cover…

  134. How do I take this little fucker out with my proper German Tiger 2?

  135. WTF! a freemason tank! illuminati tank spotted! must be OP. jk.

  136. Quicky on the American Servers?

  137. Looks like finnish T-55M

  138. That thumbnail and that title… I think you may have a version misshap xD

  139. how can you get this tank in test server ?

  140. your thumbnail says 9.3 :P

  141. in order to get this tank you are gonnah have to die …

    i mean like come on really one of the mission is spot the enemy tank from
    light tank and to those spotted targets your arty must do above 2k damage
    or something i am like wtf ??? -__-

  142. Why the fuck do you have the tanks to test and we dont? This is so unfair

  143. if you go into your settings, you also get the minimap to show tank names
    and last spotted position, just like XVM. people need to notice this!

  144. did QB move to US? Why does it show Quickfinger_US not EU in game?

  145. Doe sanybody know what the missions look like? It’d be really nice of
    somebody to sum them up, as I can’t connect to the testserver…

  146. I’m really lusting for this T55A. I think it’s great it’s a reward tank
    because I’ve always wanted a T54 but didn’t want to start grinding a whole
    new line. With this I can still get the tank I want while using what I have
    in my garage for the missions and the best part is it’s still German though
    obviously supplied by the USSR.

  147. T-55A has one less weakspot on turret than T-54. It has only 1 crew hatch
    sticking out. The hatch above big IR light is flat.

  148. Hot to play on the WoT testserver?

  149. Is that 9.3 is the thumbnail picture??? :-)

  150. I want it :)

  151. Aleksandar Stojanovic

    Nice tank

  152. Seems like a pretty balanced vehicle. Worse than its non-premium
    counterpart – T-54, and that’s the way it should be in my opinion.

  153. I think it is a good thing the T54/55 series of tanks has the record of
    being the most widely produced tank in the world. The T55 is an upgrade of
    the T54 with the 100D10 gun better engine and the first soviet tank to have
    NBC protection. It has nothing to do with the T62A which was built later in
    the early 1960,s. Really Ouickybaby look up Wiki or buy a book on tanks and
    study before doing a tank review.

  154. Божи Миленков

    please make a video with the T28 concept :)

  155. Gah, this is such a … generic tank. I prefer my ELC.

  156. so w8 w8 w8… if i complete this mission i get T-55A for FREE?

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