World of Tanks || T-55A End Game

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Let’s see what the T9 German medium tank the T-55A can do on Westfield which recently changed dramatically in patch 9.8!

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    VOICE CHAT – good idea right there!!

  2. Hey +QuickyBabyTV nice stream last night. May I ask what is the point of
    opening a tank poll if your not even gonna play the top most requested tank
    (T34-3). Disgusting how you just skipped it and said nothing about it
    despite getting more then 100 votes. And you always say ” your chance to
    add some variety into the stream” LOL?

  3. you actually lost only about 8 HP with the ram, the mt-25 shot you at the


  5. I saw this live <3

  6. Red T28 Prot, easy to kill ^^

  7. Very nice but nah getting that Tank never never gonna happen !!

  8. QB H34T Spam Srubba Nub Kappa

  9. Msg me on wot im on the asian server English only and I have t8 and under 

  10. Siniša Stanković

    I do not have that tank on my TECH TREE. I have Russian T-54, but German
    T-55A I can not see.

  11. I just started my HTC missions yesterday, i can’t do the 15th TD mission on
    any set due to lack off high tier TDs and skill. However i won’t stop till
    i get the T-55A!

  12. Oh QB, the only thing keeping me from the T28HTC and from progressing onto
    the T-55A is that Incinerator mission. I cannot for the life of me seem to
    be able to get a fire on a high tier tank. A few months ago I was able to
    light a Obj 140 on fire while in a Panther II but at the time I was not on
    the right mission.

  13. +QuickyBabyTV at 4:56 you only lose 8 HP. you had 1612 from the first hit
    you took early on. and had 1604 after the ram

  14. Brendan Underhill

    395 at tier nine isn’t great

  15. Really does highlight why people I see with the best stats pretty much play
    high tier mediums over anything else.
    Mobility, camo, view range, useful armour, great gun handling, truly ABSURD
    sprem ammo performance. Why play anything else?

  16. I would really enjoy to see you play without gold ammunition. First of all,
    it would make the games much more eciting to watch and we would also learn
    how to deal with tough situation without relying on gold. And if someone
    was able to, I’d be you, right? Not only that, but by using/having so much
    gold ammo, you are sending the signal to waker players, that in order to
    get as good as you, you have to use gold ammo. So I would really like you
    to set an example and try to go without gold, at the end we all could
    benefit from it :)

    • +OmegaEpsilon
      It might be the problem of the devs, but without giving critique, they are
      not going to change it 😉 Anyways, have fun playing, what ever way you
      prefer 🙂

    • Sure, but that’s the problem of the Devs, not us. I’m going to use any
      legal advantage I can get, even if I agree with you that premium ammo
      really shouldn’t exist at all. Look at AW, no premium ammo, you have to
      make wise ammo choices.

    • +OmegaEpsilon Fair point, putting your team at a disadvantage, but:
      Shouldn’t we not be forced to use ammo that cost a fortune? The problem is
      that there are ccertain tanks designed by wg to force you to use premium
      ammo. And without a premium account or a higher tier premium tank, you cant
      really sustain to fire premium rounds. I just dont like the Idea of beeing
      forced to buy premium ammunition. Furtheremore there are alot of people
      abusing it to a point were it’s just a problem. Jingles recently postet a
      replay of an Obj. 430 just blasting premium ammo everywhere. And in an
      Object 430 with 268mm penetration you really dont need it! I think by
      nerfing premium ammo in the next patch, WG did just the right thing.

    • +Skyhunter There are plenty of situations where it is very foolish NOT to
      fire premium ammo. If you bounce 3 rounds in a row and die, causing your
      team to be down a tank when you could have killed the tank with 1 premium
      round, you are probably actually being less profitable. I can and will load
      premium ammo for when it really counts, but I’m not going to spam it, not
      because I have any views about honor, but because it’s expensive. You are
      putting your team at a possible disadvantage if you don’t do the same.

      Oh and by the way, in this tank (T-55a), you MUST use HEAT, and frequently,
      otherwise you are just wasting money bouncing your shots. You will hate
      this tank unless you do use HEAT when you need to.

    • +deadpan237
      1. A mechanic thats game-braking in my opinion, because it disables the
      game mechanic of having to hit weakspots. Therefore I considre it
      2. I wasn’t crying, I was giving constructive critique. Small but crucial
      difference 😉
      3. At what point did I use it as an excuse for me being a “shit” player? I
      have a 52% win-rate, and I’m pretty confident with it.
      4. Why would I go away? The game has flaws, but that’s no reason to not
      play it.

      I have to admit I lost my temper in my second comment and I’m sorry about

  17. I’m not a “bad” player (almost 5500 personal rating) and getting the first
    set of missions done is REALLY difficult. Honestly, I’m doubtful I’d ever
    get this 3rd personal missions tank. I’d love to see the true stats on just
    how many players have gotten it – I’d bet it’s way under a 10th of one
    percent of all the players.

  18. 40% Gold ammunition hurrayy !

  19. That “muta” guy is from Finland and muta mean mud. This is like some btw
    information, but I Want to toll it still :3

  20. Am i the only one who sees 1690 video views and 1647 likes and 13 dislikes?

  21. In a 1v1 situation, is it a wrong play to retreat back and defend your
    base, such as the enemy did in this video?

  22. I’m still doing the fking stug misions -.-

  23. +QuickyBabyTV How close are you to the Obj. 260? Would really like to see
    a review and some gameplay of yours in that tank!

  24. I’ve only been a recent sub to quicky baby but could someone tell me what
    nationality he is 

  25. Your stream today was awesome

  26. Neville Springer

    Hi QB, Love your channel, and the stream. It would be cool if you could
    give a thank you to all of us who subscribe to twitch automatically every
    month, once every stream. Not just the guys who re-subscribe while your

  27. hey i uploaded my first replay on ur website called the rain of the super
    pershing and i think it would be cool if u took a look at it but if u cant
    i can understand why.

  28. QB, great game! I’ve really been enjoying the Object 416 lately. Any
    chance you could feature some tasty gameplay with that tank? Thanks.

  29. I like this tank and i cannost wait till i have one….especially when it
    is czechoslovak tank in german services…

  30. Justin Marciniec

    Thnx For fixing the 9.8 Patch replays :)

  31. Tbh if you look at rating everything below 2kWN8 is a bob and completely
    unstable/unreliable. Even above 2k you can still be baffled what they are
    doing in randoms. Another thing is that there is also a point where players
    will ruin your game to save their rating.

    So what I found out to be working is ignore rating, its just a number which
    doesnt include 2 important aspects(baseXP and assistance dmg) and look what
    people are doing and act on that information.

    On a sidenote all the reward tanks are so far not mentioned in the
    upcomming changelogs so kinda reward to win….
    and I might finally get my last 3 missions for the Obj 260 done

    • +DoubIeO I’m about 1700ish (light blue), I wouldn’t say I’m unreliable. I’m
      actually reasonably consistent, I’m just probably not going to do anything
      that has “tactical brilliance” written all over it like a better player
      would. Sure I derp now and then, but once I get on a roll (after a few
      games), I tend to start being pretty consistent. Dark green players also
      seem to be that way.

    • Yes rating doesnt matter in most cases because players like me have crappy
      green wn8 but i have super unicum recent wn8 at average tier is 9 so you
      can rely on me and know what it takes to win a game since i cant worry
      about my rating anymore since it cant be saved 🙂

  32. wow that was entertaining. love the medium replays

  33. Peter Andreas Kirk Lossius

    Looks great!

  34. 3:21 did he say a Loraine is heavy and hard to take out

  35. Btw you should try the world of tanks generals:D

  36. Nice play QB 😉 I really enjoyed the way you ingaged in 2v5

  37. what do you think about the pen nerfs (and some buffs) of the tier 10,9 and
    8 tanks? I LOVE it :D

  38. Hey QB! Great video! I particularly enjoyed this one (i enjoy all of them
    of course) because you talked about your tactics and decisions to go a
    certain way.
    Thanks man!

  39. Oh my god, the penetration nerf coming is ridiculous! Tier 10 tanks are
    given 230mm of penetration, like WTF? How are you penetrating tier 10
    heavies with a tier 8 gun?

    • +Ascalon44 I don’t care what soft stats they get buffed, losing 50mm of
      penetration means they become as useful as a stock AMX 40 in a tier 10

    • +genericwittyname Accuracy and rate of fire are useless if you just can’t
      penetrate the target!

    • +Magoskillz Magoskillz Leopard 1 does get a penetration nerf…

    • ionicafardefrica

      that’s only in theory. With the new changes a plutoon like that would bomb
      straight for your base, supported by a few others. And you can’t do shit to
      stop them

    • Hm, I don’t think that’s unbeatable. Although I rarely see 2 Maus drivers
      in the same team nowadays, I think it would still depend on the skill
      distribution of players of either team. Even if the 3 Maus drivers win
      their flank, if they don’t do it fast enough, their other flank might still
      fall. Their sluggish movement means they can’t get to proper position fast
      enough and that’s a recipe for disaster. I’ve had tons of losing games even
      with our top tier armored heavies vs. enemy top tier mediums at tier 8 or
      9, and we almost always lose that way,..

  40. Hello QB, I just tried as best as I could to win this with u I was just
    really pissed off cuz u run away and I died alone against this T28 Prot.
    but at the end u managed to get him so well played and my heart was racing
    2 :)

  41. Like what I see, but medium tanks don’t fit me. GG though.

  42. At the beginning you said tier 3 GERMAN medium tank:P

  43. I haven’t got a T-55A – I haven’t even completed the Stug IV missions!
    It’ll be a long time until I get to it 🙁 but it looks absolutely amazing,
    can’t wait to finally have it once I’m more experienced (been playing since
    March) and so excited to meet you at tankfest 🙂 by the way, I’m Lissy__03
    from stream! :3

  44. nam nguyen 愛 アニメ

    Quicky Baby could you do updated videos of old tanks that have changed
    since you have first reviewed them?

  45. Saw this on the livestream! Excellent game as always, QB

  46. i am still on the missions to get it 🙁 at least i got i T-54/T-55 think
    the ltwt. :P

    • +Richard Gustafsson wtf

    • Richard Gustafsson

      I’m on the last arty mission for stug. But for some reason WOT was feeling
      my pain and even though I haven’t completed the stug last stug misdion,
      I’ve gotten the chance to complete som T28 missions XD

  47. Wow, you only lost 8hp from the ram against the 1390

  48. “When people feel uncomfortable in this situations”- (points out he has
    almost 8 times the WN8). You have such subtle ways to say he has no clue
    what he is doing XD

  49. I cant wait to get this tank it looks an absolute joy to play.

  50. Quickybaby can you please do a tank review on the AMX 50B


  51. I Have A Request QuickyBaby Can You Do A IS-8 Review Please?

  52. I need this mod pack

  53. Thank God that T28 Prot was a bot, with 22k games and 400 efficiency,
    otherwise you may not have won with such ease

  54. What happened to Peppy?

  55. Doesn’t Proto have meh turret cheeck?

  56. Dilly dallying? Who says that anymore!

  57. DAmn ur making me playing my T-55A ffs!

  58. I love that you give shout outs to players that help out.

  59. hayder aldaffaie


  60. What a game and you end up nearly -21k credits if you were without
    premium…. :X retarded wargaming. Can someone tell me what he should have
    done different to earn credits and not to lose any (and again I’m talking
    about without premium account) ?!

  61. video proves what ive said since the patch, I love the changes to the
    southeast of the map, but hate the north

  62. how come you have Russian camo on german tank?
    BTW got my first 15 tank mission completed today!!!
    I have only Tier 6 tanks and Missions are not that easy!!!

  63. you actually didn’t lose any HP from the AMX 13 90 ram ;), you got shot by
    the MT-25 earlier

  64. Hey quicky baby. Think you could do a USA episode for July 4th? maybe some
    T34, M4 sherman and some other US tanks?

  65. World Of Tanks Blitz Gaming

    If u r outnumbered with a medium tank just keep moving i never stop moving
    with my T-44 never

  66. Anyone know how close QB is to getting the Object 260?

  67. Hai

  68. Luca Prestifilippo

    I See this game in the livestream
    Great Great!!

  69. SovietTenkDestroyer

    Wish Quicky didn’t have a lot of gold shells :/

  70. Is the T54 Mod 1 any good?

    • +TheChronoGamer You won’t regret the FCM one bit. Easily the most fun
      credit maker out there, plus it will “teach” you to play better as it’s not
      just a push all the way don’t give a sh*t brawler.

    • +deadpan237 Well I ended up getting a FCM 50 t…so far I like
      it…currently drunk so well see how much I regret this in the morning lol

    • Pros: Brilliant Turret and Frontal Armour
      Good gun depression for a Ruskie Tank
      Good RoF with gun rammer, vents and 100% crew
      Decent Speed and Traverse

      Cons: Mediocre Penetration (though not awful)
      Sluggish Engine Power

    • Richard Gustafsson

      I’m at the AMX M4 45 atm and it feels so useless alot of the times…

  71. Cueing the “nothing special/gold spammer” comments in 3…..2…..1……

  72. I’m here early, I need to make a joke!

    French lights

    • Richard Gustafsson

      I quite recently acquired the T71 and ohboy. It’s what I always wanted the
      1375 to be

    • +Adolf Hitler still I enjoyed the french lights more than the americans

    • Yea ok 13 75 sucks ass but I loved my ELC,12t and my 13 90.AMX 12t is great
      tank in my opinion.

    • Richard Gustafsson

      I love my 12t haha. 1375 sucks rat ass though

    • ELC is great, but the 12T is very sluggish for a light, hard to juke and
      swerve shells. The guns, speed, and almost everything isn’t comparable to
      the American lights. 13 75.. is a 12T at tier 7, more HP, same gun, but it
      moves a bit faster. It’s nothing to a bulldog, which easily kills it in a
      1v1 situation almost every time. 13 90 is great though.

  73. wait, does quickybaby have 17185 wn8 or he just got 17+185 more wn8 for
    that battle?

  74. 11:18 Love how quicky says ” Huhhhhhh, maybee if I just defend the cap
    circle that will be enough ” While pointing at his rating :P. I do that all
    the time, asking myself How would this guy thinks with this kind of rating.

  75. Today I had a chance to get the T-55A. I was looking to Complete with
    Honors SPG mission 15. I had all the conditions done except 3000 damage. I
    did 2949… With FV304, the Incredible Bert. I NEEDED 51 DAMAGE TO GET

    • +BljesakiOluja Feel your pain bro

    • +BljesakiOluja Everyone hates getting hit by arty because WG refuses to
      actually fix them. All they have done is made it a luck based class that
      has the potential to Ruin somebody’s game. Thats coming from somebody that
      does play arty.

    • +mightyzaro
      Lol plays wot complains when dies to arty. Nothing more to say to you
      ZERO. Blocked. I don’t deal with idiot haters and parrotbrains.

    • The Black Shepherd

      +BljesakiOluja 🙂

  76. 4:47 actually you lost only 8 HP or some, not even close to 100 buddy 🙂
    u got shot be4 already….

  77. Just wanted to point out that the ram into the AMX 13 90 did not do that
    100 damage. That came from a shot right after you killed the T49 from
    someone near the town. The ram only did 8 damage.

  78. Hello quickly baby! Thanks because of your tip, I’m finally 58%

  79. holy crap the changes are fantastic, might actually play again :)

  80. T-55A is gonna be a lot better then the T-54 next patch due to the nerf in
    the penetration.

    • +Mirza Ajanovic
      actually not, since e75, st-1 etc. are extremely heavy armored….

    • marquitoescort2011

      +astrofan thats just wg bullshit. they nerf the normal ammo to 230 mm,
      rendering it useless. And they “nerf” the gold ammo by 20 mm??? just to say
      they also nerf it. Well 310 mm is still more than enough. Now we will see
      the real gold spaming. This game is dead!!!

    • marquitoescort2011

      +Yak Buchanan What dude? same gun same pen. only slightly better on t.55 in
      aim time. What the hell are u talking about?

    • ionicafardefrica

      +Mirza Ajanovic , everyone will just fire gold because of the nerf. They
      will play 2-3 games in t34 or superpershing then spam gold bought with that
      profit for about 4-5 tier 10 games. This is a greedy move from WoT designed
      to force you into buying premium and silver from them. Not sure it will
      work, I’d rather give up on the game alltogether then be extorted like that

    • Basically, they are nerfing all the tanks that I play

  81. ~le Soviet Russia propaganda poster~

    Have YOU watched the video?

  82. Tenth place!

  83. hi QB

  84. QB uploading a video of himself playing, sadly a rarity these days.

  85. Andrej Stojanovic

    Wich hacks are you using ???

  86. 39 view club

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