World of Tanks || T 55A – Tank Review

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review of the T 55A the T9 medium delivered to the NVA by the Soviets in the 1960’s!

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a game which available as a free download. It one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. QB uploadad a video O_o

  2. 9.7 mod pack !!! i need it~.thx QB

  3. QB where is your 9.7 Mod pack. I need it bad, AHHHHHH

  4. Alexandar Milissov

    when you get ob260?

  5. Food consumable should be bananas on this vehicle. Germans will get this

  6. Could you say that the T55A is the tier 9 T62A?

  7. QB! Where’s your 9.7 mod pack?

  8. “history aside” thats like wargaming motto right there lol

  9. 28:55 T-54A? Last time I checked, it was called T-54.

  10. Where is ur mod pack quickly baby are u sleeping???

  11. Actually, it’s not really a hull of T-62A, the later models of T-54 reduced
    the frontal armor to 100mm, and T-55 is a modification of T-54.

  12. i hate russian tanks at germany

  13. Craig Hayes-Kline

    Quickybaby do 9.7 mod pack please

  14. it aint tier 3 GB

  15. I’ve said this before and I’ll keep saying this: DPM means *NOTHING*
    without pen. Also, as usual, WG makes commie shit better than it was IRL.
    Commie guns were inaccurate as shit. Just ask the ISDF whom faced the
    T54/55’s on the Golan Heights with their Sho’t Kals, which were basically
    upgunned Centurion IIIs.

  16. you like to squeeze out shots do you? :P

  17. Hrm, you only played 1 game in the T18 and got that much EXP out of it?
    I’m curious about that replay, if that is, it still exists :P

  18. Hi QB.
    Awesome T-55A gameplay. Wishing I had it. I’m still in the StuG IV though.
    Any news on your XVM mod for 9.7? Unless I missed it somehow. lol

    (Quickybaby 2015).

  20. Is it worth grinding the missions? Yes, the rewards for each mission alone
    makes it worth it IMO even if the tanks might not be.

  21. Sorry, but is there a mod pack for 9.7 made by quickybaby?

  22. I hope to see more of your mixed stream with commentary
    Cuz im da other side of your country so your twitch is midnight to me
    Im enjoy your explanation as well as seeing unicum in serious mode ^^

  23. hey when will you release your next Mod?

  24. QB, how is your progress towards the Object 260 going?

  25. what are your thoughts on the t28 htc

  26. kind of like how the panther 2 is better than the premium panther 8.8

    • +Tommy Hawk yea premium tanks are worse than fully upgraded tanks from the
      same tier but better than stock tanks at the same tier

  27. Sometimes, I see a replay on here, or at Jingles, and I see a tank looking
    through a bush not seeing through it, meaning that he is not within a 5m
    range. But then I see them going into sniper mode, and he zooms as far in
    as possible, and the bushes then move out of the way, is that an option in
    the settings or a mod?

    If anyone would reply, I would be very thankful!

  28. Please do a T28 Concept review!

  29. 50% of damage on a team with a platoon? You think thats hard? How about the
    foolish LT missions that have stupid amount of spotting? 50% of team damage
    in a platoon is easy compared to several of the basic LT missions.

  30. Vasari “Pixel VIC” Icarus

    your modpack for 9.7 pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!! :(

  31. Never gonna happen nope not a hope

  32. 30.41 too much saw watching.Are you willing to…

    Let the games begin.

  33. Has QB stop making mod packs?.I noticed there wasn’t made for this patch

  34. I can’t tell if he is sarcastic or not

  35. The T-55 had IR night vision, the red spot on the turret was the
    illuminator. The 1973 Golan Heights engagements had IR capable tanks on the
    Syrian side facing the Israeli Centurion. It didn’t translate as a
    significant field advantage.

  36. why are they putting 1960 era tanks in a ww2 game t-55a, amx 30b whats

  37. Very good review. Thanks QB :)

  38. QB i cant thank you enough for all of your videos and streams they are so
    educational and amazing. i was an absolute donkey before i found this
    channel in wot, 5k battles 42% and i didn’t even know how to aim for weak
    spots. with your videos in the past 10k battles you have turned me into an
    avid cw player when my client doesn’t crash, and a slightly above average
    player that is always improving. your videos always make my day ^_^

  39. QB,

    Absolutely fantastic finals commentary! You really nailed it!!!



  40. Seems like you have struggled with the 50% platoon damage TD mission 😛 My
    T28 HTC carry easily with 2-3k damage in a T7 match, but my friends are a
    bit… unlucky.

  41. Need XVM 9.7!

  42. Yeah, take on all the tanks that you shouldnt penetrate and pay for the
    win. Disgusting

  43. What an awesome video QB, I really enjoyed watching it! This tank seems
    fun, and makes me look forward to the T-54 even more. Currently at the T-44

    • Alexis LEGRAND (LEGRAND73)

      T44 is a great tank, I loved to play it but I don’t verry like the t54, I
      was especting it was the ultimate medium tier 9 but in fact it’s not a soo
      big monster as the m46 Patton.

      T54 grind is verry boring, +120 battles to have the last gun is just too
      long when you know stock gun has only 175 penetration with ap and 235 with

      Like every mediums tier 9 this thing is op but it’s not the best medium
      tier 9 and for the moment I hate it :/

  44. I can’t do my missions at, because on my NA reroll(transferred original
    account to ASIA) my missions have bugged out so I lost all progress and
    can’t select any mission

  45. Tier 9 tier 3…

  46. 0:11 Most powerful tier 3….

  47. I think the game will be much much more cooler if the gold ammor is removed
    and all the dmg on the ganks and the shells is lowerd down the we can
    actualy feel we drive TONKS not paper Tonks geting 1 shoted most of the

  48. Jury’s out, T-55A’s a better medium than T-54. We’ve got a new king of tier
    “But T-54 has 20% extra hull armor and better hp/ton ratio…..” Shut up,
    Like QB said, that extra hull armor is only enough to bounce tier 8’s.
    Against tier 9 and 10 guns, unless u angle very agressively, it won’t
    bounce. Turret armor on the other hand (T-54 and T-55A) is something u can
    rely on. Stay hull-down my friend.
    Now, gun performance, r u kidding me? better accuracy, aim time and soft
    stats? Yes please! Who need that extra penetration when u literally have a
    railgun that can hit exactly where u aim when u aim it?
    Mobility wise, not bad at all, remember everybody complained about T-62A’s
    shitty hp/ton and top speed when it came out and immediately shut up when
    they saw what the stronk terrain resistance can do? T-55A’s pretty much the
    same story. Not as good terrain resistance but still good.

  49. what mod shows you everyone in games w/l %?

  50. I am still trying to get the StuGIV because 1. My best TD is a Sturer Emil
    with the first gun and 2. I dont have friends who play arty so I cant
    complete LT-11… I really hate platoon missions.

  51. IS8 is a MT not HT XD

  52. OK WTF the that symbol on the tank is an Illuminati symbol!

  53. I love to play in this monster hahah

  54. hey quickybaby, which XVM mod do you use?

  55. I will like to see how you play DW2 The most suckable tank that can make me

  56. waiting for 9.7 mode pack from last one week plz……make its asap

  57. QB 9.7 Modpack

  58. Василий Чкалов

    I’m actually scared to work toward this beautiful looking tank. because if
    Wargaming decides to remove the reward tanks just as I’m working toward
    them, I will cry. 

  59. I still prefer my T-54 because sacrificing 20mm of hull armour and mobility
    for just 0.2 accuracy and 0.10 rounds per minute is not worth it.
    But what i hate in the t-54 is i can have a awsome match 3-4K damage and
    still lose 5.000 credits and if i have a bad match and use HEAT 30.000
    credits. Anyway i load 30 AP 10 HEAT (that i rarely use because everytime i
    shoot one im firing 4.000 credits) and 10 HE Loving my t-54 best tanks ive

    • +Hayden Jenzen Yeah if you don’t do absolutely amazing using primarily
      standard rounds then you will lose credits fast. Using any amount of
      premium shells practically guarantees that you won’t make much money even
      from a decent match.

    • +Velancious exactly, its just not worth playing those tiers anymore. You
      would think doing 3 times more damage than tier 7,8 would get you 3x more
      credits but you lose more credits.

    • +Hayden Jenzen I think a lot of the reason for this is because the shell
      costs are fucking expensive. Case in point: standard rounds of an 88-100mm
      cost roughly 250 credits. Just a tier higher and suddenly the standard
      rounds of 105-128mm shells can cost you between 1,000-1,500 credits per
      shot and the damage done is not that much more, but it is very well needed
      as tanks at those tiers have massive health pools. I don’t even have to
      mention that the repair costs are also expensive.

      You definitely have the potential to win more credits as a Tier 9 or 10
      tank, but you’d have to play perfectly and have RNG on your side too.

    • +Velancious yeah. I just feel like they need to boost the credit making at
      tiers 9 and 10. Less and less people are playing up their now. Most are
      starting to stop at tier 8.

    • +Hayden Jenzen Yeah and that’s sad because some of the best tanks are at
      the tier 9 and 10 level. I think they’re making it difficult to make
      credits to influence people to start getting premium accounts by then.

      It’s rather common in F2P games to start putting pressure on players to pay
      if they want to keep playing. It might seem free, but if they put pressure
      on your ingame wallet, they know you’ll crack eventually.

  60. 9.7 XVM mod pack??

  61. Do 113

  62. Had your team mate not died in the perfect spot, this
    battle would have played out quite differently.

  63. How did he get a Pz. IV Hydro? o.0 EBay?

  64. Quickybaby please can you do a review on the t44 soviet tier 8 medium

  65. Damn you 9.6 accuracy nerf!

  66. Another great video, thanks for the quality uploads, and for an amazing
    weekend watching the WGL grand finals.

  67. QuickyBaby you should play in 6 WG league!

  68. 1) The Turret armour is not fantastic at all. It’s only 200mm near the
    mantlet, the rest of the front ranges from 150-180mm (like the T-54),
    anything with 240mm+ pen (basically all tier 10 guns and a lot of tier 9
    guns) can reliably pen the turret front (unless you shoot the extreme
    2) Even with better terrain resistance, the T 55A is noticeably slower than
    the T54.
    3) That extra 20mm of hull armour makes the T54 completely immune to the
    standard rounds of almost all tier 7s, tier 8 lights. It can also produce
    some random bounces which the T55A can’t.
    so i don’t know why you are saying the T55A is better than the T54 in every
    way, except for hull armour. T55A only has somewhat better

  69. The FruitLessShip

    Do you get a free garage slot with each reward tank

  70. T-55 is from Czech Republic -_-

    • +Deal With It. I’m not sure how this is defined…the T-55A was delivered
      to East Germany in 1965 but the Czech Republic became independend in 1993!
      So as you already started splitting hairs here it was not the Czech
      Republic but Czechoslovakia! And also as far as I did my research most of
      the T-55 were build in Tscheljabinsk, a russian town. So do you mean it was
      designed in Czechoslovakia or what?


      +Deal With It. no………its not

    • +Deal With It. Are you serious?

  71. please do ur 9.7 xvm

  72. I saw a T55 in the tank museum in Munster. :)

  73. I hope not a single orange and red tard will get this tank ever.

  74. And I don’t even have the Stug yet.

  75. Quickybaby any tips to completeing LT mission 15 ?? 4000 spot or damage

    • +Richard Lee pray to the MM you get on malinovka with plenty of arty, no
      other scouts and 2 teams willing to spend most of the time camping the low

    • +Richard Lee I did it in my T49 with 2 friends, one in jgdpanzer e100 and
      the other in wt e100.

  76. QB,when are you going to do a revieuw of the T28 HTC?

  77. I wish i have the T28 Concept but i didnt have time to play the missions
    for the stug :(

  78. Not in warsaw??

  79. Hellraisers!!!

  80. Good, fun tank, but it will bleed your credits dry like crazy. 19k credits
    on the repair plus the insane ammo cost sure is something, but its firing
    on the move capabilities are flatout absurd.

  81. Are your gonna review the the T28 Concept, the Stug 4, and the Object 260
    whenever you get it?

  82. 900 views 1k likes wtf

  83. 1960 era russian tank? Definitely only a tier 9

  84. Hey QB when are you going to make the 9.7 mod pack?

  85. GZ on 250k subs QB!

  86. Xvm 9.7 please!!!!

  87. The tank corpse arty shell eating has been removed for quite a few
    patches… But apart from that great review, really want this tank. And yes
    I am picky

  88. Pokemon Trainer Ethan

    I would have taken 10 HEAT and 6 HE instead, but thats just me being

  89. I really don’t think that 20 mm hull armor lost (~40mm effectievly) was
    compansated by other charactheristics enough. Mobility is just a little
    worse and the only good thing is the gun.

    But really, even though .02 more accuracy, 0.02 less aim time and
    miliseconds of better reload is nice, these things aren’t good enoguh for a
    40mm armor loss as I said.

  90. Wow! Been a while since I’ve seen a review from QB

  91. Need XVM QB!!!!

  92. Oh.. I want this thing so much! Lol

  93. Nice 🙂 thx for that Review 

  94. Hey guys nice vid QB I was wondering does the T55 have a better turret then
    then the T54 as I find I regularly get penned by standard rounds

  95. IS-8 didnt pen your turret but the back of your tank :P

  96. somebody can send me an is6 because i cant pay in the game (kikiland)

  97. Does that mean the mark of excellence will the kill rings? Or will it stay
    as red stars?

    • It makes sense, as Eastern Germany was under control of the Soviet Union,
      it basically was a part of “Russia”..

    • +simonandfaerk ever heard of the Iron Curtain? Eastern Germany was barely

    • +simonandfaerk Because the tank was given to them by the Soviets, that’s
      like saying why would germans fight in a soviet vehicle

    • +simonandfaerk Actually, all post 1945 german tanks most likely won’t have
      either. but why is it that important to you guys anyway?

  98. IT IS MINE 🙂 since last monday, I tell you – it was worth all the nerves
    doing the missions 😉 good luck!

  99. Very nice review QB…that will make grind it faster :))) thank you and
    have a great one

  100. It might take a lifetime to get there, but I like the look of this tank;
    can’t wait to get it! Nice replays QB! P.S Try not to ignore me next time I
    see you in game 😉 

  101. Will you be getting the obj 260?

  102. 😀 Tasty Tiger returns from the peppy stream

  103. Evil Pacman Washere (halo64654)

    oh hello, this seems brand new

  104. ThePersistentNoob

    Need QuickyBaby’s 9.7 XVM mod pack update!!!!!!!!!!!

  105. how does QB have a PZ4 Hydro?????

  106. Brendan Underhill

    The carnervon is so slow stock 

  107. is his commentary a few seconds off in the replay on cliff?

  108. Dana Wahyu Ramadhan

    QB try review the t29 ?

  109. QB cant wait for ur modpack for 9.7 :)!

  110. oskar2001isawesome

    Can someone do me a huge favor and tell me more about the flag on the
    thumbnail. I have one and I want to know if it’s offensive to hang

    • +oskar2001isawesome It is the flag of East Germany. It should not be
      offensive to anyone who is sane. Although Germans were never happy to be
      split into East and West Germany so it is not as if you are hanging
      something anyone is proud of. If it is just as decoration, then sure, hang
      it, but its meaning today is rather weak and could potentially even deliver
      a wrong message (like you are a pro Soviet person).

    • oskar2001isawesome

      ok thank you

  111. Great games, QB! As my PC cannot run WoT well, I can’t wait for these
    missions and tanks to come out on the Xbox!

  112. hey my 9.7 mod pack !!!

  113. Darude - Sandstorm

    Please make your modpack

  114. good stuff,will be also glad to se T28 HTC review,just saying :)

  115. Hans Obersluetnent Joyian Lowe

    XVM 9.7 Download link please !

  116. VeryQuickyBaby

  117. Hell, only x4 the shell cost for 130 mm more pen? I’d just load all HEAT if
    I were driving that thing, not that I ever will.

    • +JWQweqOPDH well that escalated quickly

    • That’s how HEAT spermers are born.

    • +Snapeshot I never use HEAT idiot. I refuse to use tanks where the standard
      ammunition is not extremely cost effective. The standard ammunition on high
      tier tanks is so expensive, it’s half way to being premium. Why would I pay
      almost the premium rate for something with crap pen? I like tier 7s like
      the Panther, cheap ammo, high pen, high acc. I haven’t bothered with above
      tier 7 as of yet.

    • +JWQweqOPDH just wat to point out that HEAT is not always the better
      choice! try shooting the side of an IS-3 for example. So I would never take
      100% HEAT. Not even if I could effort it 😀

    • +Miasmadeath I know. You guys need to take my comment slightly less
      seriously. I did say after all that I don’t even play high tier tanks.

  118. You need more videos

  119. 9.7 modpack?

  120. Quickybaby, HE damage from artillery is no longer absorbed through tank
    wrecks. This was implemented way back around 9.0. You will take damage from
    the shells, albeit, it will be considerably less.

  121. Review the t28htc.

  122. wir haben sie = we got them
    love your german qb :D

  123. Basicly this tank is made to use premium shells ,

  124. I still don’t have the Stug ’cause I don’t really play in platoons. If
    there were no those platoon missions, I maybe would also have T55A. Maybe
    I’m just too individual for WG… =/

  125. We need update on the modpack

  126. Quicky we need more world of warships videos

  127. …Quicky, please. In German a “V” sounds more like an English “F”. So
    “Volkswagen” or “Volksarmee” sounds more like “folkswagen” and “folksarmee”.

    Oh, and, no, I am not German.

  128. I love quickyBaby because he’s always doing everything so majestic and
    awesome. Keep it up!

  129. mathias mortensen

    “so another horrable game here”

  130. when you bounced off the t62a you bounced off his turret
    thats the gun depression, not the gun

    • +Daniel Derpinson You cannot deny, however, that if he had the gun from,
      say, a centurion 7/1 or a Type 61, it would have gone in. That’s the main

    • +TheDireLynx if he was homosexual Tanya had more prostitute work to do

    • +deadpan237 My point still stand: a regular round from any other tier 9
      tank would have gone right through without costing 4k silver, which means
      that it’s just that much more impossible to do well if you want to play it
      more than 1 time a day and don’t have a premium account.

    • +TheDireLynx its still is the gun depression in play he should’eve waited
      it out until he had a clear shot into his hull wich almost costed his tank


  132. legomanjoshm drones

    Where’s 9.7mods

  133. can you do a 9.7 xvm download?

  134. I believe that the T-54 is overall better, with the greater armor meaning
    that it works better in random games, although the T-55A looks awesome as
    fuck and is equally good at being a superb Tier 9 medium tank. Also, being
    able to train a german medium tank crew in a high tier tank is awesome as

  135. I’d be rushing to get it if the missions weren’t such a drag.

    Also at the end of the first game you bounced off the T62A’s turret, not
    its upper plate, so other tier 9 meds wouldn’t have penned that either and
    would’ve been worse if anything due to their slower rates of fire.


    • +CreeperFace2013P I don’t know, but I think there may have to be murder
      committed… Not by me, of course. Oh no, I’ll only do the hiring. Can’t
      get any blood on our hands, now, can we?

    • +CreeperFace2013P Me maybe?

    • QB have a lot of haters out there for some silly reasons.. But it doesnt
      matter, we all know this is a great tank review by him as always

  137. Nice with a scheduled upload!

  138. under 67 club :D

  139. Wir haben sie indeed :D

  140. Stonking?

  141. How often do you PC version folks have the assault maps rebalanced? WGW
    swapped the spawns on Sand River months ago to stop the ridge camping and
    am just wondering.

  142. Its a russian gun after all, so higher acc numbers would be better :D

  143. 15:29 – Look at QB’s reaction as he bounces the Tiger II side.

  144. Any review on the new russian premium medium ?? Heard you mentioning it on

  145. QB plz upload your modpack for 9.7 :)

  146. QB and Jingles you two need to take over WGLA commentary you guys rock

  147. I want this so bad. Struggling with the ‘kill 3 meds’ MT mission and the
    platoon missions on T28HTC. Nobody good will platoon with me and I never
    see more than 2 or 3 meds.

    • +InfernalDalek 3 meds was tough, but i did it. the td one is kicking my
      ass. cant tell you how many times i killed 2, only the the 3rd to be killed
      as i was reloading.

    • +Da Great Muhchiees Recent wn8 of 2500 but I wouldn’t play with you just
      ‘cuz you seem like a cunt. 🙂 Just because you’re good at a game is no
      excuse to be an insufferable elitist asshole.

    • +bryanFDNY Saying they’re bad isn’t really an insult. There’s nothing wrong
      with being bad. It’s not like because they’re bad at WoT then they’re no
      longer my friends or something…

    • +rockserj I don’t want to buy the M4 again. I guess I’ll try the derps on
      my Pz IV H or Renault G1.

  148. Screw the T-55A review. What about the 9.7 mods pack?

  149. watching this whilst the boring people are babbling on the stream :D

  150. under 301 club FTW

  151. Really great commentary QB, would be nice to see you pursuing this more if
    you enjoyed it!!

  152. Remi “iDuneau” Duneau

    Lol QB is bored of waiting to commentate so he uploaded this XD

  153. Hey guys I hope you enjoy the T55A review one of my favourite tanks in the
    game currently.

    I’m LIVESTREAMING the GRANDFINALS of World of Tanks LIVE NOW with Jingles.

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