World of Tanks T 62a vs Obj 140

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  1. Only 10 k from one of them so I guess it’ll be the 62a. It was the original
    one I was going for anyhow.

  2. T57 Heavy vs AMX 50B pls

  3. Thnx Anfield, very informative, I have both but could never pick what the
    difference was for me, I have better games in the 140 but it seems that the
    62a has better modules which has been a prob for me in the 140…

  4. T 62A is beter… Turet is bigest reason

  5. 907 is best for me for sure – troll upper plate – ability to sidescrape a
    bit more – not as high chance of fire (getting ammoracked is almost 99%sure

  6. When I’m done with the 50b grind …. 50k xp left and 1 million credits.
    I’ll get myself a t-62a …. Already got it researched anyways. Credits are
    always a problem since I dont run a premium account xD

  7. Actually obj 430 in random battles is better the these 2.

  8. Interesting, I learned a couple of things, one being that the 62A turret
    can actually be penned.

    I still prefer the 140, not saying its a better tank, I just have a lot
    more fun driving it that the 62A.

  9. Yes I think there is a new bug with auto aim in the new patch, yesterday I
    was auto aiming a target, and it started aiming at the ground infront of it
    and missing completely.

  10. Is it possible that the 140 auto-aim jumped is due to the one extra gun
    depression comparing to 62A and the slightly faster speed limit ? btw,
    thank you for making this video. It really helped. like I have played 62A
    for more than one hundred games but still I didn’t know the two major weak
    spots on the turret before watching this video.

  11. Wow, thank you so much :)

  12. ms-1 is better tbh

  13. 140 runs circles around the 62A. Depression and mobility the end.

  14. This was so helpful, thank you. I WAS planning on getting the 140 first but
    this makes the 62A seem so much better now.

  15. Personal preference is still 140, but I accept the T62A with it’s turret
    and modules is probably the better all rounder.

    Good video mate.

  16. Maybe the 140 autoaim jumped because the turret traverse was too slow


    IMO Neither is better, they are slightly different and thats it. I dont
    even understand why there are 5 different russian tier10 mediums which are
    relatively similar compared to other MTs. I guess WG think 1 or 2 arent
    enough like in most of the other tech trees…

  18. I love my 907, but sometimes it derps hard with the ammorack from the
    front… Plus that its not HD yet

  19. The twitching w/ the 140s auto aim test is its turret traverse.

  20. ferdinand vs jagdpanther 2

  21. the 430 sucks? It has the highest dmp though, I’m confused :(

  22. Butcher_ Bird_44

    Thanks anfeels! I was just asking about this in your dank strim!

  23. Theya Alexandru Peanci

    Is-7 vs Is-4

  24. Anfield what is this song

  25. OMG obj 907 master race best part of the video!!!

  26. Anfield > quickybaby 

  27. Alex Bobrovnikov

    @Anfield The reason auto-aim was weird on the 140 but not on the 62A is
    because the turret traverse on the 140 is 8 degrees per second slower, so
    it couldn’t keep up with the turning hull as well to stay on target as the

  28. Answer: 430 is best. kappa.

  29. Easy answer the 430 is better :^)

  30. 0 dislikes

  31. My answer to the 62 vs 140 question: If you need to ask such a question,
    you’re probably not good/experienced enough to make full use of the subtle
    differences between the two so pick either one, it will be all the same to

  32. Leopard 1 or the AMX 30B?

  33. I like the 121 most… OK, nobody, I’ll just leave.

  34. 再生回数0や~~

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