World of Tanks || T1 Heavy – 14 Kills…

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. Today lapsassuns going on a rampage in the T5 , the with some suprising hilarity.

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  1. I hope you enjoy this cracker of a game!

    Chinese Heavy Tech Tree Showcase LIVE NOW!

  2. I have an idea on premium rounds. Anybody that gets hit by it, they get reduced repair penalty. That should lessen the pain XD. Each round should lessen ~7% of repair.

  3. statpadding reroll churchhill ayylmao

  4. 100mm of all round frontal armour… really QB?

  5. Tu-4 is made of stalinium

    5 bars of chocolate 🙂

  6. T1 Heavy is pretty op in the right hands. In WoT blitz, I played a 1v5 on old dead rail against a KV-1, two Leopards, a Luchs and a T-34.

  7. that was hilarious, I was literally laughing as the marder was getting pushed towards the cliff

  8. The player base has become utterly shit!

  9. I feel like once you get past the t5 heavies they become useless, it would be better off just playing medium tanks

  10. Finally! Idc about the tier, but its about time someone who isnt a unicorn isn’t shown on the channel. When it is a unicorn, its pretty much expected what they do.

  11. lapsas-suns is Latvian and his nickname means fox’s dog.

  12. do more lower tier vids! these have been very entertaining and more user friendly for newbies 🙂

  13. That marder had a really bad day

  14. Bill Papadopoulos

    After 5 years of watching Quickybaby this is the first I have disliked on a video. Disappointing video. Full of luck without much skill in it. Everyone was coming at him one by one.

  15. The T1 Twinkie.

  16. lol trolltanker got a steel wall

  17. Abdullah Mohammed Ali

    WG should make it so that raisenai hero’s medal can only be earned tier 8 and above.

  18. qb what is the most kills in one game you’ve ever gotten and did you feature it on your channel?

  19. Ever played war thunder

  20. You put up one tier V American heavy, now put up the other! T14 American premium heavy tank please.

  21. Dit that Churchill III got steel wall ¿¿¿¿

  22. That AMX 40 on the enemy team stole T1 Heavy’s 15 kills… What a legend.

  23. Marshall Allshouse

    this is literally a summary of wot low tiers. everyone is bad, teammates shooting each other (on both teams), and then theres like 3 people in each game looking for games exactly like this lol

  24. Do a replay of the tiger II

  25. Got to be one of my favourite videos yet! All round entertainment – Teamkilling, the laughs that Marder gave, a nice set of medals, a not so high-tier tank, and some decent tactics and gameplay too! 10 out of 10!!

  26. “Stopped by a McDonald’s on the way to the other team” Well ain’t that the stereotypical insult nowadays. I am not defending america givin its current state but jesus fucking christ foreigners really need to stop using that same gosh darn joke. Its getting old now.

  27. 5:45 Excelsior has a similar turret to the the Churchill I, XD quickybaby wtf no it’s not. The excelsior has thick armor where the churchill has weak armor on its turret. They LOOK similar, but thats where it ends.

  28. Yay lower tier

  29. imagine trying to do this with a light tank…maybe on Xbox I’d try.

  30. this is why I upload replay If one of the Enemy team players Getz a good game so u can see the other side too…

  31. pls remove this game pls

  32. BokaGamersBestFriends

    music in marder 38t part plzzz

  33. Roberts Cepurnieks

    THIS PLAYER IS FROM LATVIA!!! 🙂 I know this player!!!

  34. Would you maybe Write replay or “community replay” or anything what could indicate if it is your gameplay or not ? would be great

  35. Hi Quickybaby, thanks for cool replay. Btw. Churchill was logout by WOT and recieved 1 day bann because of shooting friendly tank.

  36. the brits gave machinery to the soviets during the 2 ww

  37. Next vid has to be the kv-1 or kv-2 (hurpa durp ;p)

  38. So that churchill managed to troll him even after his ban, no Kolobanov… Reminds me of when i managed to win a 2 vs 9 in my fcm36 pak 40(tier 3 battle), the other guy was a useless arty who did less than 100 dmg and 0 kills.

  39. Čobolskej dement no, co čekat od maďara.

  40. Hey QB dont you think you should do a Cent 7/1 review again…………..

  41. amx 40 killed pz.IV.D after that churchill III gets banned and lapsus goes down the hill

  42. When you still didnt have enough of sealclubbing after 24k games

  43. it’s not like spg’s don’t one shot you in high theirs is it?

  44. Finally a replay that shows a player that doesn’t rely HEAVILY on gold ammo.
    But that MM luck ><

  45. Don’t get fooled by this replay lol, T1 is nothing but a big marshmallow. Very fun to play, yes, but also you have to be cautious in it.

  46. Tomato killing tomatoes in lower tired tanks…much skill such wow

  47. На ру регионе такого нет.

  48. you can get blue just by damaging external modules??? thats BS!

  49. How nice to see a Latvian player on QuickyBaby!!! I’m a simple man, I see a latvian, i press like ! :))

  50. lol i also got 14 kills with my t1Heavy 😀

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