World of Tanks || T10 Light Tanks are now Useless

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. Tanks were recently nerfed heavily by on the 9.1 test server and I think it was a massive mistake.

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  1. Wargaming should let light tank have more than 445m view range

  2. Black_ReaperBK201

    WG went full retard because of all the people bitching and crying saying light tanks are better than meds when there not. ppl need to learn to git gud with there meds that are bs to begin with. the fact that the tier 10 lights have the same caliber gun and lower alpha is dumb as fuck.

  3. if they concentrate on squeezing out the last Cent of us by turning every aspect of the Game and every Feature into a cash machine this Game is done! Wargaming, Why do you fear Players being competitive without using Premium Stuff? You are ruining the Game!

  4. Why not just stick with the tier 8 lights?

  5. Well Well Well ………. I didn’t see that coming …………. yes nerf the alpha , ok they are light tanks but … but .. they are scouts and are supposed to see whats there and tell the team .. ong WG have you guys lost the plot ??????? ……. I’ll just stick with my BC 25t then , it’s a better Scout ! ! !

  6. I totally agree, WG is damaging their own game, as they have done in so may “updates” after 8.0. Anything that was fun has to go, all tank should be “balanced” without looking at the disadvantages the vehicle has. A tank with disadvantage needs some advantages to be useful. That is the whole idea behind different types of tanks !
    And if what they plans to do the SPG’s come into place, everyone who hates arty will get their will, there will hardly ever be arty on the maps. With such long reload, slow aiming and low hit rate, who will bother that for 30% dmg ? I actually now start considering other games than WoT…

  7. the WHORE idea of T10 LT is useless and stupi, all they had to do was buff the view range of the tier8
    Well done WG, well done

  8. don’t u think that disabling Arties from platoons is wrong? me and my friend, we play only arty and now we can’t play together because of what? somebody’s moaning? why can there be two light tanks in platoon? i see very often when platoon of lights just go for a suicide, this makes gameplay even worse that having platoon of two arties. that’s just fucking unbelievable!

  9. I dunno, i think the whole t10 light tank idea was not the best.
    Think about it, in this “meta” the fast tanks allmost in every aspect overpowers the heaviest armored ones.
    They are slow, and i allways get swarmed by TVP-s and batchats.
    I honestly happy with this. Because in the pbe, i allways got penetrated everywhere in 183 and jagero by “lights”
    also…bounced from them…

  10. they should also remember how hard it’ll be to grind for the exp enough to even unlock those tanks… it’s just isn’t worth it anymore…

  11. Arturas Filipavicius

    Well at first i was exited about new patch that WG relesing new t10 light tanks “bests scounts” in the game, but after watching this video i dont know if i even want this patch anymore. i only have 1 scout in the game (T49) but i dont know if i want another medium tank, becose i odnt know fi anyone can call these new light tanks “Scouts” becose they now they just another type or medium tanks or even heavies just without armor like god damn paper. and even with that amont or shells and DPM these tanks are just useless and i can bet a lot of players dont even bother to get these new tanks just becose of it. Becose lets just say like AMX 13 105 have 24 shells ok he shoots all his shells and dont have anymore and there is still tanks to shot at what he do just play afk for entire battle or try ramming other tanks to death? Well in my opinion Wargaming made big mistake here becose these tanks are useless at main points like DPM, View range what is essential for scouts, even mobility for some scouts ,armor becose now wiht these reading even damn t5 tank can penetrate this t10 scouts. If wargaming wil leave these changes what i saw here i definitly not getting these trash tanks i better get medium tank insted of them they atlest better at every point

  12. I have had all Tier 8 lights in my garage for a long time and I enjoy their different play styles. But looking at what Tier 10 is offering, I think I would rather spend my 6.1 Mil on an Obj 140, rather than the 100 LT. I am very disappointed at what lights could become after watching this. Extremely limited ammo capacity, a grab to make players spam premium rounds, View ranges worse than all the mediums pretty much. Whats the point in them?

  13. salty QB is the real QB.

  14. This only pisses me off because i have spent way too much money on a game that is being ruined by ‘balancing’ while the e25 and pz2j still exist.

  15. New meme, insert: anything else is overpowered, “better nerf light tanks.”

  16. Viewrange is the number 1 thing I think is unbalanced when you go higher than tier 6. And this…they seriously made it worse. Light tanks were bad, underpowerd and thus underused. Now light tanks are dead.

  17. Marutein Falconone

    if WG think Light Tanks do to much damage then they should not nerf them at other points too. down with damage but up with view range and something else. then light Tanks could do the stuff they are made for.

  18. Also I enjoy my artilleries while platooning, might as well fuck the game completely. Thanks WG and the average retards that find moving too hard for fucking it up for the rest of us.

  19. The only way this makes sense is if they finally lower the view range on other vehicles

  20. I hope wargaming sees this video and rethinks their decisions

  21. I had no issues with the massive view range.
    What I had issues with was the damn light tanks poking holes in the front of my superheavy, while being invisible behind the mediums/heavies I was fighting.
    Light tanks should not be poking holes in the front of the most heavily armoured tanks in the game…

  22. Poor ELC amx 🙁

  23. Nuclear Disco Donkey

    Seems like WG think they are not making enough money as it is. One better check out War thunder.

  24. Yes it is time to nerf light tanks! they nerfed slow tds to hell so why in hell not do the same to all to fast light tanks ???

  25. I have a love/hate relationship with arties. With the coming “stun” changes, I just wonder, is it right for me to assume that if you’ll end up 1v1 with an arty, the arty will always lose?

  26. The nerves my elc amx:(

  27. Google+can go fuck itself

    GG WG

    no re

  28. Honestly I used to be one of those people who cried that new light will take the place of meds. But something went wrong. All I wanted was to make the average dmg of lights 350 or 360, make them reload like 6 seconds and have pen of about 250, 240. But this, this is bulshit

  29. R.I.P Light Tanks thx WoT …Feels Bad Man

  30. So… the Russian/German T10 light tanks are now effectively autistic medium tanks… Nice…

  31. Dis is good in my opinion

  32. light tanks arty and med tanks r tooooo powerful tds and heavy tanks need a major buff

  33. When WG manages to piss off their most LOYAL vlogger…they must have really done something wrong!
    They should think this through. Because WOT is slipping and slipping fast. This patch could have been a push forward.
    Now, this patch will be just another cash-grab.

  34. i dont think that there nerfs are too bad to only thing that i think is redicolous is the viewrange nerf! I personally think that lighttanks overall have too good performing guns

  35. I could see why wargaming did this, light tanks at tier x were too good. I don’t understand why they nerfed the view range though.

  36. light tanks where too OP

  37. Completely agree. The only good thing in 9.18 is the MM changes. And as for leaving LT XP on tier 8 – that cash grab is what will ensure I never give WG another penny.

  38. The new Update is like: Meds are the better scouts

  39. WG is listening to crybabies too much! Finally light tanks get some love and attention and can be used for the role they are meant to do. What happens? TD, HT, MT players and clickers complain that the lights are OP!?!?!? WTF? As they are now they are only good in spotting because of the excellent viewrange but the gunhandling is MEH, penetration is MEH and arty is buffed now. Further there are only 3 or 4 maps that are really suitable for scouting. In city maps lights hardly can make a difference.

    I hope WG will change their minds and give the light tank players what they deserve. Keep up the good stuff QB!!!

  40. What am I supposed to do in case WG fuckes up WoT ???
    Real life ? Armored warfare ?
    Oh my god the alternatives are disturbing ?

  41. At first I regretted uninstalling WoT a few months ago after hearing about the tier 10 lights but now I’m relieved. Apologies to anyone who planned to grind these.

  42. have you seen the bulldog tho 1500 clip damage think about it wen it is top tier we are gone see a lot of bulldog platoons destroying the top tiers at 8.

    and yes i rather wane play tier X mediums now then lights by looking at this tier X mediums are gone be the new scouts if we were only talking about view range

  43. AGREE with all you said 200%!!! Please send some light in to those idiot developers! scouts that are worse then mediums at scouting… what a joke!!!! i Remember the old awfull panther having a great sniping gun, and was expecting light tanks at tier10 to be annoying little bees that would rapid fire from cammo and do Little by little damage to other tanks, now u cant snipe paper tanks at 440 m… better use KV2 gun for that job….

  44. It’s important that they didn’t touch SPG’s… SPG’s are just fine… ffs!

  45. wg , stop being cunts to Light tanks and Destroyers !!!!!

  46. My first thoughts on this patch was mixed, with a sadness over loosing some of the most fun tanks like the ELC, RU or Bulldog, BUT for the benefit of a overall more balanced game and more fun tanks with higher tier lights. With this nerf it feels more like just a loss…

  47. how about stop whining for a while and let wargaming atleast release them. they clearly want lights to stay as souts and not damage dealers, but the problem is that mediums already can do scouting by them selves. but as the sandbox let us know last year, what way is wg taking this game (medium/heavy viewrange nerfs and lights firepower nerf) i think this is the first step towards their goal. meanwhile you could shut you mouths and accept new content without bitching about everything.

  48. OCaptainMyCaptain

    Haha, now even tier 7 and 8 lights have better view range then russian tier 10! 😀

  49. Wargaming is just forcing light tanks to scout, and not giving a chance for them to support

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