World of Tanks || T10 Tank Company #2

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T10 company highlights with QSF!

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is a game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. I hope you guys enjoy these couple of T10 Tank Company games – I’ll be
    playing with QSF again tonight most likely!

    I’m Livestreaming RIGHT NOW!

  2. I have aids.

  3. first!!!

  4. :D

  5. i am not first

  6. I love you quicky!

  7. More highlights please! These videos are the best! 😀
    Ehm, right after the map reviews, which you … for some reason stopped

  8. Erik Knutssønn Espeland

    Can you review the wz-111?

  9. Lol wrong thumbnail 😛 Mistakes happen though!

  10. lemon, good job, bollocks

  11. Is for to be so funnies for to watch replays. Is Claus is for to be right
    is think all player teams is teams of stupids. Is watch first game. Is
    red team for team for be bigs TD and for have bigs tanks is for Quick Baby
    team for to have fast for little tanks. So what decides do red teams? Is
    run in for be in city for to have cover? Is for to gets hulls down for
    city street for hide for shoots down streets for to kill Batschats? NO! Is
    for to sits all in field for to be opens likes ducks! Is tier 10! Is
    tanks for to be compnay! Is hard match ups?! NO! Is teams of stupids be
    tier 10 for not for to know for not sit in fields like ducks for to lets
    Batschats for to runs round for shoot for kill? So stupids! Is team of
    reds stupids. For to watch seconds game. Is tier 10! Is team of tiers 10
    for maybe plays 20,000 games for tank companies. Is red teams for what
    do? Is for gets goods postiions for map for to fights? Is play map maybe
    for 10,000 game is must for to know goods spots yes? NO! Is all reds team
    decides is best ideas is for to all sits for to camp base! Looks me I play
    for tier 10 tanks for to be company I play for 20,000 game for watch for me
    for all teams sits for stay camp base for to waits for to be surround!
    LOL! Is convince Claus for to see is all teams for to be stupids for to
    make goods replay! Is Quick Baby finds teams smarts is close games for
    maybe for t obe lose so is nots goods replay? But for alls game for to be
    see is talks so hards for to have strategy is no strategy is for just to be
    fights teams for to be 15 stupids for sits fields like ducks or for to be
    wait camp base for to be wait for to be surround! Is tier 10 stupids!

  12. You should change your intro

  13. Casual PSOP team getting stomped over by a tryhard QSF. 🙂 Well you played
    better there and our team didn’t have time to take hold of the 0 line with
    our TD’s.

  14. Bajan_Other_Canadian

    Why does the thumbnail say tank company #4 ?

  15. Seriously, why do all the ‘good’ players always use sniper view in close
    ranges / in a mess of friendlies and then act surprised when they don’t
    see an ally moving arcross their view? I know you should go behind them but
    you can’t expect that in a random (I know this wasn’t, but hypothetically).
    Use sniper view for sniping or shooting through tight gaps.

  16. QuickyBaby, nice hair bro :)

  17. well I personaly hate the QSF clan, because they mocked us and made fun out
    of our clan name.

  18. Tomáš fajčák Veselý

    Quicky Player toncek3 know? also rotates the game on his YouTube channel if
    you do not know him: WorldofCooperation do not know if it is better than
    you but the State has a better

  19. Thats what i call skill. Whish my companys were that good. :P

  20. GG I really wan’t more strat like that in random battle ;)

  21. i need some help, since a few days i am not able, to watch livestreams on
    twitch and i dont know why? Any ideas? Thx in anticipation!

  22. more tank company vids this was awesome!

  23. How long has your clan been around, and how do you guys do in clan wars?

  24. Woo! Thanks for the QSF-NA shoutout QB. We’re going strong after a year of
    being formed, with good leadership and great bunch of guys. 

  25. Pls can you tell me how can you watch replays that way? is that somekind of
    mod or what? That when you can go cross the map and that stuf….. pls
    answer… TNX

  26. Tank Company? Is that a PC thing? (I wouldn’t know, I only have Xbox)
    Is it a separate game mode or just a lucky coincidence that you got into a
    lobby with all tier 10’s? Do players communicate more in those lobbies on
    PC? I know on Xbox they sure don’t XD

  27. +QuickyBabyTV Learn me World of Tanks PLEASE ! I’m not good in World off
    tanks but i like the gameplay

  28. +QuickyBabyTV mabye you can do a lost battle too, and say what you guys
    could do different that would help us in our clanwars too :)

  29. special effect sport dissabled children to play computer games

  30. dominik fochtalichka

    yesterday i saw a great match in an e100 on The man did 14k
    dmg and still lose . 

  31. But Quickybaby, if you consider it this way, the enemy team could’ve backed
    up into the bridge area, thus making it impossible for the batchats to
    flank. While also limiting the direction of approach, thus making the
    concentration of firepower easier

  32. One quick question quicky. You apparently are against artilery but, you
    seem to credit them all the time,and you know it, that sometimes they save
    your ass… That is why I am confused.

  33. my Ifone is mutch better than Google Crome

  34. Quicky what u thing about the Individual mission? and about platon mission
    in it?

  35. nice x-mas tree

  36. can u make more tank company vids

  37. QB! In the second game I kind of disagree. Roastedlemon knew he would lose
    tanks, and made the push. Your opponents were all and all very capable team
    and they would have quessed that you are waiting for the reload, and pushed
    through while your B-C’s are incabable and that would have been a very
    sticky situtation indeed. But! Before any chat rage, I’m not a team leader,
    and I do not know any better, this is just my observation of the situation.

  38. I hate being on the SEA server 

  39. Whatever happened to the being the good guy series?

  40. Those e4s were great well there stats were

  41. That second one could have gone really badly. If the enemy had sense they
    would have pushed round the south at the beginning, then doubled back and
    bum-rushed the BC group, before turning their attention to the heavies with
    full force. They just weren’t confident enough to act on the information
    they had, which was that you had forces at the bridge, the north and the
    middle, and as you pointed out, they could have taken south to shoot into
    the middle fairly unpunished. Then, when their BC got rushed, they should
    have all bum-rushed back to base to deal with the BC force. 

  42. title says #2 front video pic says #4?

  43. So many french handsomeness with all those batchats running around :fapfap:

  44. Great team, great game

  45. I would like to see more of this on qb’s stream :-)….

  46. It is always a good change of pace to see these tank company battles with
    elite teams. I enjoy when you break down the battle and explain why things
    worked/failed or how things might have gone differently. 

  47. How is the e100 in t10 company battles?

  48. why no comments?

  49. QSF is on NA now aswell

  50. i hate auto loaders :)

  51. The E-100 driver taken behind by two Bat-Chats in the first replay is
    appropriately named Piruparka, Finnish for “poor devil”. :D

  52. Should me and my cousin get the kv 220 deal to platoon. Is it a good tank?

  53. Can you make more of these videos plz. It really shows how to play and they
    are exciting. Thumbs up for me 🙂

  54. and thats why autoloaders are bullshit

  55. I would play with you guys in the growing QSF community. But I’m a Sub 2K
    battles Tomato scrub. :P

  56. On twitch, I haven’t been over in a while, but I would love it if you broke
    off the big chunks of your nights in which you’re actually with QSF. If you
    already have, lemme know. But I would truly enjoy a 2 hour highlight real
    from that stuff :)


  58. Can u do a bat chat 25 t tank review pls 

  59. It seems that Quickybaby loves using French light and medium tanks en masse
    in tank company battles.

  60. Yay! I love these vids
    If only my own team would actually listen like they do 

  61. QB, love the Tank Company videos. Is there a way for you to provide us with
    the actual live audio? (The call outs and teamspeak chat), I find your
    leadership skills very compelling in high stress situations. Cheers!

  62. Hey QuickyB. i have a question not direc on that game but witch Modpack do
    you use? i love the sound of the different Nations and the rest of the Mod.

    Thx Romulus410

  63. What is the mod ur using ?

  64. damn absurd op batchat,why the hell ONLY 38 sec. reload for 5 nades which
    is able to kill ANY tank in this game!
    WT on E100 have ABSURD arty time reload,1 FUCKING MINUTE and zero
    mobility,zero speed,zero camoflagues!
    why the fuck batchat dont get any fucking nerf!!!!!!!!!

  65. Can help me? QB use moving cam to map. How I must prees to active it? Sorry
    to bad english

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