World of Tanks ||| T110E3 – 10,000+ DMG

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Today Trios92 is going to kick some serious butt in the T10 American the T110E3!

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  1. Nice game. I very much like that since you dont write hearthbrake into the
    title any more, you really dont know how it will end ^^

  2. he cost his team the game by paying a TD. there is literally nothing a TD
    can do better than a heavy. had he been in an IS-7 he could have played
    the same way and won. why anyone can play a TD (especially a turretless
    one) and not be reported for griefing is beyond me.

  3. Kannietkiezen - TheDutchRebels

    The 140 gold bob didn’t deserve to win this.

  4. Go figure… A platoon of unicums spamming their premium ammo to get their
    win ratio up.

  5. SuperKravaťák

    E3 and Obj 140 also played well in this game. Nice battle at all.

  6. argh

    Well I know to expect a heartbreak from QB by now. ;)

  7. Thank You for visiting my channel mate.

  8. Tier ten Russian meds spamming HEAT…ruining the game for armored tanks
    since forever.

  9. Quicky why so many heartbreaks lately? It makes me sad XD


  11. Ok, Great video with stunning content. But why on earth does he have to
    commentate like he is having an asthma attack all the time.
    “Nit…..Picking….’ereeeeeee”@14:21 Meh. Just commentate the bloody game
    mate, we don’t need pathological use of emphasis.

  12. It is really nice to see someone firing AP. instead of APCR and HEAT.

  13. I really wish to see a tank review on T110E3, after all the games i played
    i’m still not quite sure how to reliably take these beasts down. Or is it
    just because this thing is OP frontally?

  14. that was painful to watch….

  15. And another time, we see a noob in a t10 russian med spamming heat… Such

  16. Poor guy, my e3 has double rep kits, toolbox and full rep crew. After 450+
    games, I’ve only been set ablaze 3-4 times. So I’ve found the bonus from
    large rep kit and a second “quick fix it” is better for me.

  17. Bonkersfogel EQRG

    qb why do you do this to us 🙁 that charioteer game, and now this *cries*

  18. Bonkersfogel EQRG

    7:23 I thought heat doesn’t lose pen with range?

  19. Jonathan van Leeuwen

    WHY U DO THIS????

  20. Tuomas Heikkinen

    That’s tankdestroyers weak side. They are good in long range battling

  21. that’s why I stopped playing that game, way too much frustration for
    something that is supposed to entertain me

  22. Gj 140. Object played really well, stayed calm, he had to work for his dmg
    hard. Sorry e3 but 140 deserved the victory more than you. You just had
    luck with enemies. You could have won easily if you would not have splitted
    in the end. I don’t feel bad for e3 at all. 

  23. This is unreal double tracks this shit with endless killing of your traks
    is retarded

  24. Uh how about some love for the player with only tier 5 tanks

  25. I understand why those 140s fired HEAT, but I still hate those little
    russian buggers firing nothing but heat when I am driving my heavies

  26. what a good luck 140

  27. What is with all the failing to carry games recently

  28. Jonathan Soholt

    Can you stop with these heart breaks. It kills me seeing this.

  29. An HE round would have been the correct choice for the final shot, wouldn’t
    it? Would put him in 1 shot range the same as an APCR, might pen and kill
    the 140, and is very likely to take the tracks off and give him some extra
    time to reload.

  30. RNG :D

  31. Jean-Pierre Cloup (Kmash)

    Flawless game, massive heartbreak. So sad. But the result was predictable,
    he was dead as soon as he was left alone vs the obj 140. Any decent medium
    player with enough HP left will just tear a new asshole to any non turreted

  32. wow interesting game, engine lost him that game poor bugger

  33. Michael Christie

    It’s good that your happy spending time with your family +QuickyBabyTV

  34. please stop showing so many heart breaks, i just want to see a few awesome
    games like this without poor luck coming along and ruining the day right at
    the end

  35. exactinmidget92

    do all Eastern Country’s celebrate Victory Day?

  36. Alowishus Davander

    The front of the E3 is not invulnerable QB – two days ago I was penned by
    another E3 firing HE – yes I said he penned my front with HE doing over
    1000 damage. I hate WOT sometimes.

  37. Artur Gaynullin

    obj played very well. not this noob with op tank on the best map for him
    without arty. obj hands down, you raped that noob very nicely

  38. xX_SpamDragon_Xx

    I was hoping he would teach those gold spewing assholes in the Objekt 140s
    a lesson.

  39. you are the best

  40. hey quicky i think we need to a replay that isnt a heartbreak. Thanks

  41. should’ve started with an he shell and had an ap prepped cause he probably
    would’ve tracked or even one banged the 140 and he needed two shots anyway

  42. professorquarter

    Did you finally get officially married or still engaged?

  43. “Saw WW2 tanks like the IS-3”

    Secret documents have proof that IS-3 fought Maus in combat :^)

  44. Well played Trios. No gold noob comments under a wot video for once lol

  45. russ bias tank saved the day again

  46. Richard Gustafsson

    The obj. didn’t deserve the win, all the HEAT was fired that day…

  47. :-(

  48. Richard Gustafsson

    5:05 Fatton*

  49. IS-3 is *not* a WWII tank. It was designed during WWII but did not see

  50. Ha ha ha. Belarus. The Belarusian Ruble has been turned into so much
    fake-russki toilet paper.

  51. Heat spamming T10 Russian meds win the day again. Rocky(E3) has awesome
    armor but I bet they Heat-spammed everything the whole second part of the
    game, cause 264 apcr pen just isn’t enough

  52. Wonderful, TD scum killed by proper skilled mediums. RIP RIP RIP

  53. Days of T110E3 are numbered!

  54. GG to both of them

  55. did you hear that sound?? yea..that was my heart falling apart D:

  56. FinalFrontier321

    My Maus is never safe with these tanks running around. 45% angling means

  57. One word gold fags object 140s they even use gold on lights pethetic 

  58. fuck that obj. i would have just given it to him

  59. I didnt enjoyed this replay as it was a heartbreaker

  60. SteelWolf20 Gaming

    Also the 140 was a HEAT NOOB!?!?!!?!!!!!! 

  61. SteelWolf20 Gaming

    Stop showings these heart breaks the 140 litrally got the most lucky
    bullshit win his reload slowed down right before the 140 moved past him

  62. And again, another great reason why I DON’T play this stupid game

  63. A WHOLE 13000 credits! wow!

    i kid i kid :3

  64. CaptainSpetsnaz

    Stop Showing us Heart Breaks!!! D:

  65. Quickybaby in Belarus? Wargaming sleeper agent. Confirmed

  66. It seems that the T110E3 is getting lots of love in the past few weeks.
    First the original 110E3 replay that QB put up, then PointyHairedJedi’s
    viewer replay that he put up, and now this. :P

  67. Pascal Stötzel

    Russian Tier 10 Mediums firing Heat are like those rich people who buy a
    completely white “painting”… :P

  68. Quickybaby, i uploaded a Heartbreak battle on your site. It’s name is
    “Can’t win them all” in the T110E5

  69. Samuel Giovannucci


  70. “recieved 13,000 credits”… close enough QB.. close enough..

  71. T95 to E3. Play them the same. Get somewhere that nobody can get behind you
    easily and you are set.

  72. great game never the less…gj Trios

  73. Jens Schauberger

    There is no victory for Germany so i Did nothing.

  74. OMG qb you should add ‘heartbreak’ in the title so ppl can know, its so
    unpleasant to watch game end like this, and the previous ones like
    charioteeer 10k dmg and the T55a loss

  75. s anagnostopoylos

    get a turret noob… circKappa circDeal

  76. Really fack all this hartbreakers hate it he didn’t deserve to die

  77. QuickyBaby. I was just thinking, in a lot of your WOT videos, people get
    Radley Walters medals and on April 21 he died in Kingston, Canada. He had a
    funeral for him, in which 500 were there. Which where I live. I would like
    a video on his success during World War 2 and his later successes. If you
    could post something like this, it would be very appreciated. Thanks

  78. I shouldnt have looked at the comments before watching the whole video…

  79. hey quickybaby you should do a review the e4!

  80. Side note: I am happy the Object won the game. The T110E3 is totally OPed
    and I grant those tanks no happy moments…
    Hate on me, but please WG nerf that tank!

  81. Omfg im friends with this guy on WOT i platooned with him all the time! He
    is brilliant

  82. wp to the E3 but i dont see why QB said wp to the 140s yes they are good
    players but they are just spamming HEAT and i dont think that is something
    to say well played to.

  83. Mattie Dumbrill

    What is it with QB always uploading 10k damage games?
    Great vid btw

  84. TheMoffMeister TheMoffMeister

    great replay, but that ending was so depressing

  85. outplayed? load heat

  86. PulseCrisisMusic

    The T110E3 still has its 850 alpha in the Xbox Edition. Lots of fun to

  87. For v day just watched my countries gardists who were in the russian parade

  88. I didnt even noticed that you are gone for a week,that’s how often you
    upload a vides ;)

  89. So jealous that you watched a IS-3 drive past you, bet that was awesome to
    watch!! Real IS-3 doesn’t have the BL-9, think it has the regular 122mm
    D-25T which is also mounted on the IS-2. Can’t wait to watch the
    celebration of VE day video :)

  90. Excellent game. I like your commentary videos but i would also like to see
    some more tank reviews, especially from unique tanks like the 263 or 113 or
    the FV215b for example. Greetings from germany :)

  91. IS-4 or IS-7??

  92. † Masterhp †

    WOW, A GOLD NOOB WINS AGAIN! No fucken justice!

    • Жуков Георгий Константинович

      +† Masterhp † do u wanna fire with cr at e3’s front from 400-500 meters?
      hmm OpieOp

    • † Masterhp †

      +Жуков Георгий Константинович Yes! There s also something called flanking
      and shooting weak spots.

    • Жуков Георгий Константинович

      You can’t pen with that penetration the e3’s weakspots from that range. I
      tested it.

  93. I love my t110e3 so much

  94. Congrats on your wife!! So happy for a great commentator that I love. I
    would like to see a good T29 or pz. sfl.V replay soon!

  95. Hanfgurkenhasser

    Russian meds too stronk. Not other medium could have tracked him quickly
    enough to pull it off. :p

  96. *Looks at matchmaker

    Sweet, another T110E3 game where the player gets a favorable match up. I
    don’t even have to watch the video to know I wont be impressed.

  97. Report obj 140 for heat spam and hax

  98. Please no more heartbreaks. Its make me sad lol

  99. I can’t believe this guy still doesn’t understand that u can shoot through
    destructible objects. He could have saved this game and not taken that
    600dmg from the obj.

    • Yes you can do that, but only with AP(CR) rounds. At that moment he had a
      HE round loaded and they dont go through destructable objects.

    • HE and HEAT can’t go through cars or walls noob

    • +Shaz Widhani Dont be a retarded scrub gamer, HE and HEAT shells cant go
      through obstacles like a vehicle unlike APCR and AP

  100. lol @ “barrage of credits”

  101. † Masterhp †

    Did you see the sexy Vladimir Putin?

  102. OF COURSE the E3 is really good its easy to do 10 thousands of damage with
    na E3 -_-

  103. I’m new to world of tanks any advise? 

  104. 🙁

  105. Toothbrush Shank

    Dont heartbrake us like that quicky:(

  106. always love it when armor trolls like this thing get executed especially
    when they do 10k dmg , it’s okay to have almost impenetrable front but it’s
    not okay to shoot heat ,such hypocrisy

  107. Could you please do another E4 video?

  108. these heartbreaks are becoming very depressing to watch :(

  109. Zixium 7 (Zalderax)

    +QuickyBabyTV 14:49…. 113K credits… not 13K credits XD but, you did
    say you might be a little rusty after the break of commentating :)

  110. Ivor Mlinarević

    Best TD battle ever!

  111. Dylan SilverStone

    If i where him i’d have loaded HE at the end, since the obj. 140 would’ve
    expected Trios to aim to the town. But Trios wasn’t as we all saw, so he
    could’ve used thatto his adventage since there were only 2 options for the
    obj. To attack. And even if the HE wouldn’t have penetrated the
    (stalinwood) side armor he would’ve at least tracked him, what would slow
    down the engagement and kicked the obj. out of his pace. There was a 70%
    chance that the obj driver would have reacted differently because of the
    adrenaline in his blood. This adventage could have made Trios’ game a total

  112. rus meds needs nerf… 320dmg vs 400dmg avarage and half the reload time of
    any other meds

  113. What’s the highest penetration you can get?

    • Well that’s arty…that’s not a real tank…idk…maybe..but they will
      bounce anyway because of arty’s shell arc and so u will hit at very bad
      angles most of the time

    • Жуков Георгий Константинович

      261=360 pen and I think the foch’s heat is a bit stronger than the jpz’s.

    • Kyle IdontWanttogivemyname

      Obj. 268 has 450mm pen on HEAT

    • +Kyle IdontWanttogivemyname Yeah, that’s what I meant, 268- Thought it was
      the 261, but what is that, arty?

    • +Shaz Widhani Yeah, I meant 268. To many 26-then-whatever for me to be
      bothered remembering when I’m not concerned about them.

  114. plz no more heartbreak vids :/

  115. lol qb you show so many heartbreakers

  116. Pfff, i lossing like this a toons, nothing special at perlay.

  117. pls make an su85i review

  118. wp by obj. 140 at the end

  119. As usual, highlights how the tier 10 meds frankly are superior to anything
    in 95% of cases.
    It’s no surprise they are the common stock of unicums and clan troll plats.
    Massive DPM, great pen, bonus HEAT, view range, camo.
    Business as usual.

    • Correction* It shows how Russian mediums are superior to everything. Don’t
      get me wrong the other mediums are absurdly good too but the fact that the
      Russian ones could royally shit on the other t10 meds in a 1v1 sorta proves
      that the Russian mediums are the biggest culprits.

  120. Great vid as usual keep up the good work!

  121. russell andrews

    capping only tells the opposition where u are- h would have done better by
    going back to base, and deggending.

  122. Well played

  123. And that fucking stupid engine shot by the obj. 140 that had nothing to do
    with skill, and was complete RNG luck is why I quite world of tanks. It
    doesn’t matter how skilled you are, if RNG wants you to lose, there’s
    nothing you can do about it. And that is completely unfair.

  124. Would have brought a second repair kit instead of a first aid kit. The E3
    has enough armor to survive a few crew deaths same as the T95.

  125. mathias mortensen

    12:50 SHUT UP!

  126. ThunderTigerRider

    congratulations to that heat skiller….

    • Ragnar Halvorsen

      +ThunderTigerRider Well, when facing E3 1on1, that is the moment when
      loading HEAT is understandable. Not to mention he’d pen him with APCR

    • +Ragnar Halvorsen That’s the POINT. He was spamming gold, bouncing it on
      the front and penning the side – so what’s the point, other than to show
      you have zero skill and are a worthless scumbag?

    • Are you a tomato?

    • Ragnar Halvorsen

      +Luka Pavlič I don’t know if you truly understand the game, mate. Sure,
      penetrating your shells, doing damage is important. But that Obj. 140 got
      the E3 player out of his “comfort zone,” pinned him down and killed in a
      position where the E3 couldn’t anything about it. It was not about the HEAT
      shells, he just outplayed him.

    • +Ragnar Halvorsen Yes, he did, that is completely beside the point. He
      could have comfortably done exactly he same with standard ammo. And the
      amount of HEAT they shot indicates they carry an absurd amount.

  127. The subtitles on this video are hilarious

  128. I was face hugged by an E3 in my T49, he shot me 2 times with AP and did no
    damage, I was lucky and got him with a gold HE as he was on low hp. I
    wasn’t surprised with all the crazy comments he made in chat after the
    Mobile Suit Arty got him.

  129. seriously, it’s not funny. while many of the games are impressive, it would
    be nice if you didn’t give us such heartbreaking games. it’s just not great
    to watch and leaves everyone with a bad feeling

  130. Nathan Rymenans

    Why dont you post you’re own gameplay

  131. Gen Lorenz Repatacodo

    Hey Quickybaby!

  132. Pekka Rinne doesn’t do his job against Czech :(

  133. Wow! That was awesome! Loved the video QB watch your livestreams, just
    unlocked the 105 mm on the centurion 7/1. Although you say both the 105 and
    20 pounder guns are good choices, which do you recommend the most? Thanks

    • +pjvish In my opinion the L7 105mm is the better choice since you’re going
      up against tanks that make the 20-pdr struggle.

    • 390 dmg and good rof…as well as AC and pen I agree, though i only have a
      tier 6 heavy in Brits.

  134. did he say the t110e3 has better all round armour than the jagdpanzer e100,
    is he high, frontally there is not doubt the E3 has more armur buthte sides
    and rear go to the e100 for sure

  135. Quinton Dombrowski

    Another good player robbed because of a platoon of tier ten Soviet mediums
    spamming HEAT rounds. This is why I don’t play this game anymore. This is
    just pathetic.

  136. Dimitri Petrenko

    IS-3 is not world war 2, just saying ^^

    • SovietTenkDestroyer

      Oh yeah! IS-3 were deployed in Manchuria during WWII against the Japanese.

    • +SovietTenkDestroyer The first time IS3’s were used was in the Victory day
      parade in September… After the Japanese surrender.

    • SovietTenkDestroyer

      +Mike Hunt I don’t know. Their were IS-3s in Manchuria against the Japanese
      to help their Chinese friend.

    • +Dimitri Petrenko uhh it’s still considered WW2 even though it’s post war.
      And again I never said is3 was in war and fought in WW2

    • Dimitri Petrenko

      +casey escobar who says its considerd ww2? link me..

  137. Who else viewed at 301 views?

  138. I’d love to see if that last hit on the 140 hit the tracks and didn’t
    destroy them.

  139. ba ai facut un pic mai mult damage ca mine 😉 dar eu am castigat lol
    super joc my friend

  140. one hundred and thirteen thousand credits*

  141. Thats why i always have two repqir kits in my e110e3

  142. Gobsmacking.. Flabbergasting..

  143. god those obj 140s like their heat rounds

  144. Too many heartbreaks. They are reality – but agonizing to watch.

  145. “A t28 comes plowing down the street”


  146. 14:47
    Trios received 13k credits :D

  147. this game makes me cry…

  148. This was an excellent game, and very well played – sometimes, you’re just
    not meant to win. Sometimes, it’s impossible. However, I am wondering if it
    could have changed the outcome of the game to load HE for the 140 at the
    end (at least for the first shot). Here are a few points as to why it
    *might* have helped him win.

    1. If the HE-shell had penetrated, it would have had a chance to one-shot
    the Obj 140. The HE penetration on the E3 is 90 mm, while the side-armor of
    the 140 is only 80 mm. He would, of course, have had to hit a flat surface
    AND gotten lucky to penetrate.

    2. If the HE-shell had not penetrated, he would probably do around 300-400
    damage, so he would have to the 140 shoot again afterwards (probably with
    APCR to ensure the kill). however, if he only fired APCR (which he did in
    the replay), he would have to fire two times as well. Thus, I feel the HE
    would have been a risk worth running, since firing 1 non-penning HE shell
    and 1 APCR shell would have had the same effect as 2 APCR shells
    (damage-wise anyways).

    3. If he didn’t penetrate the HE shell, it would have been an almost
    ensured track on the 140 – buying the E3 very precious time.

    This comment is in no way meant to diminish Trios92’s skill. Again, this is
    an amazing result, and I doubt I would ever be able to do the same.

    • +Ivan Leung First of all, that doesn’t make sense. Just because the HE
      velocity is lower, doesn’t mean he is unable to hit something. It just
      means he needs to give more lead – certainly not impossible. Second of all,
      the 140 was around 30 meters from him, so the shell would have close to
      zero air-time.

      +Masterpupil2 actually, he had HE loaded for the Börsig. However, your
      point still stands: He put himself at a big disadvantage by
      unnecessarily losing HP.

    • +Drew rogers Nope, around five minutes of typing probably.

    • +Battle typhoon I definitely agree with you, however, I would factor in two
      things here. First, he loaded APCR with no idea what the engagement on the
      140 would have been. If he had had to deal with an angled 140 around the
      corner, the he shell would have been much less effective – though probably
      still enough to ensure a 2-hit. Second, I’m not an actual player, so I
      can’t necessarily attest to this, but having to adjust ammunition in the
      middle of an intense brawl like that may have been possible, but seemingly
      hectic. I’m not just defending why he didn’t remember to utilize his HE,
      but even the player’s ability to multitask like that even with the plan in
      mind. Just two things for consideration. But QB’s point is also excellent.
      And while he claims that he’s knit-picking, that tactic (or a few others,
      evidently) is the difference between a crushing loss and a number of 1 on 1
      victories and at least one epic win.

    • +Masterpupil2 Cant shoot through cars with HE bud.

    • +Battle typhoon HE would not have penned…HE doesn’t pen Soviets silly.

  149. Ehabocrates Starkof

    And that’s my friends where arty brings balance to the game, when you’re in
    an E3 and you get into a match without arty you know you are OP.

    • Richard Gustafsson


    • Ehabocrates Starkof

      +Richard Gustafsson oh wow thanks I didn’t know I can think and flank,
      next time I’m playing my E100 I’ll do that. but just remember this: 80% of
      the times you’re gonna see hull-down E3s holding a flank you will WISH that
      you had a piece of arty to dig him out.

    • Richard Gustafsson

      Why would I wish it? Seriously, make him come to you or take up another

    • Ehabocrates Starkof

      I feel like you have never met an E3 in a heavy tank on maps that provide
      strong hull down positions, the only way to nerf the E3 is to nerf the gun
      depression to 6 degrees, just like the E4, but as long as it is now, arty
      is a necessity.

    • +Ehabocrates Starkof Yes you wish a arty would dig him out in such a
      situation, I agree .But unfortunately this postion can be arty safe and for
      the E3 it wouldnt be fair to get suddenly rekt in such a position because
      such a position is the only advantage that the tank have against others….
      The problem with arty is the high dmg it can put out in one shot…

  150. Sebastian Richter

    If I would be the Object 140 I would give him the Radley-Walters

  151. Why do you keep doing this to us quicky? Second time a guy lost after a
    monster game..

  152. This is why I don’t play WoT anymore.
    7 kills and over 10k damage, and yet he lost. Total fucking bs.

    • +Hyber blue I’m not saying it doesn’t happen, I’m saying it happens way too
      The team he got was utter shit, which is why I don’t play it any more
      It sucks when you get annihilated by the enemy team because they have a
      unicum platoon and the best player your team has is yourself, but it also
      sucks when your team steamrolls the enemy team before you even get to the
      Therefor, WoT needs a better matchmaking system.
      One that calculates skill into the matchmaking, there are enough players to
      do so without hurting the queue time too much.

    • +iAteYourDog easier said than done. MM based on skill, while sounding great
      will never actually happen.

    • Jean-Pierre Cloup (Kmash)

      +iAteYourDog MM based on skill is a bad idea. what if i dont want to play
      with 14 other blues vs 15 blues? i d rather have some tomatoes to farm
      every game, with a few good players for challenge here and there. There s
      no way to shine if you stack players by level.
      What they COULD do, is as soon as the MM found 30 tanks to fight, just
      switch some players from one team to the other to even the odds. This way
      its no more 4 unicums + greens vs a sea of red, it would be 2 unicums each
      side, some greens each side and some useless tomatoes for everyone to farm.
      50/50 chance more or less every game, no more 10 win chance or 82.
      Autolost or autowin games arent fun for anyone, no one has a “great” game
      in both these situations.
      When you steamroll the enemy in 2 mins, no one does real damage, same for
      when you get steamrolled…

    • +iAteYourDog those russian meds are too OP

    • +Hyber blue +1

  153. “…with my new family!” Wait. Wh-what happened to your old family?

  154. Chris Mcallister

    The 140 deserved to win that

  155. that object 140 was 10 times more impressice than the entire replay.
    Skillfully outplayed did precisly what he had to

    • +Luka Pavlič The only times I’ve ever shot gold was when I ran out of AP.
      So your preaching to the wrong choir here. I’m just not one of those whiney
      babys that complain about gold noobs when you are in a tight game and you
      want to assure a win

    • +timpyrules 1. Unfortunately, in English, “you” is very unspecific. I
      wasn’t talking to you exactly, but rather to people who think they are
      right in spamming gold, generally.
      2. They were spamming HEAT long before the game was tight. And in any case,
      HEAT isn’t quite strong enough to pen the front reliably, and is complete
      overkill for the sides and rear. So what’s the point other than
      demonstrating a complete lack of critical thinking and skill?

    • +Luka Pavlič You is not specific. Are you retarded? you’re commenting to my
      comment and even in your comment referring to me but you is unspecific?
      Unspecific would have been if you deleted you lazy cunt but you chose to be
      an asshole

    • +timpyrules Look, if you want to go picking fights about my choice of words
      be my guest, but it doesn’t take any validity from my point, or make you
      any less of a wanker.

    • +Luka Pavlič how the fuck am I a wanker. If have a opinion you call me a
      lazy fuck and in all your comments you have been behaving like a spoiled
      brat. I’m done with you

  156. I am waiting for the whiners, who start complaining that the shown gameplay
    was not good.^^

  157. Philipp Paßiel

    Nice Video i love this tank He is my Favorite und you my favorite YouTuber

  158. Nicolas Cardin (BABY-IS-BACK)

    i’m one of your french viewer and i just love what you do ! ^^ another good
    video ;)

  159. Tiaan De Swardt

    Damn I wish I could be at the victory parades!!

  160. Woo tanks!

  161. FlamingFrant Gaming

    I don’t want to be that guy so I’m not gonna say

  162. Greetings from Latvia :)

  163. Nemanja Đukić

    i get on qb’s channel after 5 days, and what i find?
    uploaded 30 sec ago… xD

  164. I cam for tonks. (ಠ‿ಠ)

  165. Litteraly 1st like XD :D

  166. I could have said first, but I chose not to.

  167. I hope you guys enjoy Trios92 rocking his T110E3, I had an amazing time in
    Belarus and it is great to be back making content again 🙂 I have parade
    footage and Wargaming HQ in Minsk interviews as well!

    I’m Livestreaming RIGHT NOW with Ikzor!

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