World of Tanks – T110E3 3rd Mark Session Finish (Cry)

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Source: Anfield

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  1. oh First like and first comment ?

  2. 360p squad

  3. But I don’t have an E3?

  4. Every streamer has some goals, some are 3 marking tanks some are grinding tanks. what are your goals?

  5. Oh shit its ma boii cry

  6. 295 base pen on the E3, He could’ve taken like 10AP/12APCR/5HE and still had the same effect, he’s just wasting credits at this point.

  7. You’re such a one-dimensional player. Chillout, try to think of how other tanks play the game, not just the way you think they should according to how you play yours.

  8. OMG GOLD NEWB. kek

  9. Is it me or is Anfield talking about the game a little faster than the game is happening?

  10. That was the same thing said about arty. When arty was high alpha not a word about TDs.
    Damn! Retards counter retards. Excellent.
    Second game combined retards from both teams on his team in the previous match.
    JP2 got that LFP for sure.
    I love these videos.

  11. Tharaka Wijerathne

    I don’t care that he uses all Gold. I’ll be happy to have him in my team rather than a guy camping base is a hevily armored tank



  14. I love the commentary, really instructive

  15. Guys I need some tips on how to get my third MOE on my T-10. I have had two MOE’s on it for so long and the closest I got was 93.94% but I cant seem to get it to that 95%. Its my fav tank and I would really like to 3 mark it.

  16. @anfield are you still doing replay reviews?

  17. Haha, seeing the title, I thought you had 3 marked it and were crying tears of joy at not having to play it anymore XD

  18. did he suck your dick to make this video? i dont get it

  19. man i can oly imagine the pain that is to 3 mark the e3, its one of the few tier 10s that i didnt even try to 3 mark, wont even dare to buy this shit. Well played.

  20. i think there is a delay your reaction is faster then the video like here 27:20
    i hope you fix it in the next videos

    best channel ever Anfield

  21. I thought this was CrySpy’s mark, jebaited :^(

  22. Comments section is just screaming autism because of his load out

  23. I think Cry is good enough to play WGL, unless WG ban his team caller :thinking:

  24. Alliterate alternating Illusions

    Full gold load. Normie

  25. E3/E4 standard AP is so slow, I used APCR trying to do TD-15 with the E4 just because of the extra shell velocity.

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