World of Tanks || T110E4 – 12,000 DMG…

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. Today Jordaninho going to show you the flexibility and power of the turreted destroyer the T110E4!

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World of Tanks is a online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. This replay 3/4 luck 1/4 skill

  2. i hope they dont over-nerf the e5 when they eventually get to doing it..

  3. Another pointless video…

  4. That enemy arty tho… It always bothers me when arty player sits on spawn
    point all the time, or very very late in joining at the crucial moment. If
    that was me, I would’ve relocate to hit this E4 during his time after
    killing E100. But nvm, that’s me and French arty, which has very good
    mobility for an artillery. Still, with slow arty, I would relocate with my
    teammates so that I wouldn’t miss a crucial moments like this.

  5. Cheeseburger Freedom Man

    Polish player spamming gold, why am I not surprised.

  6. Guys, you just hating Poland player, ok he spamming gold BUT THIS IS LEGAL
    he dont using any cheats, and a bit of lucky is a key to epic battle…

  7. Gold Noob ALERT

  8. I have no problems with prem ammo. But this really overdoes it…. prem
    spam against tomatoes, epic…..

  9. Why the fuck is carrying so much Gold when he has 295mm penn with his
    AP…. Just an other Gold spamming top Tier Idiot.

  10. Jordino – QB’s obviously not a FIFA player :D

  11. JgPZ E100 firing HE…. wow.

  12. i dont want to see this shit… stop at 0:55… fuck gold spammers

  13. Half of the apcr he dont even need. He needed them only against that JgPz
    E100 and perhaps E100 since he was losing.

  14. Load the skill. Kappa

  15. I mean in a E4 and you have a monster alpha the highest pen gun (with
    premmo). In a X battle. Why not secure dmg get the carry. Right he earned
    credits. Lol. Gg

  16. So. According to this replay the T110E4 is all about firing gold, hiding
    behind T8 heavies that are on 17% hitpoints, shooting gold even at grilles.
    Being lucky enough to not get targeted by artillery even when getting
    spotted at the same location for 7minutes straight, getting donkey grilles
    drive out into the open in front of a 750avg damage gun.
    And overall just doing everything you can to absolutely not risking a shot
    taken at you while sometimes peeking out of cover, only if there’s a
    friendly tank near taking a shot for you, or if there are no enemy tanks

  17. bloody gold spamming isn’t fun nor skill

  18. reduce the dmg of prem ammo about 50%…. that would make armor valueable

  19. yeah, pure gold spamer… -.-

  20. Well why was the Jageroo firing HE? Did he run out of AP and HEAT or is he
    unable to read and messed up HE and HEAT?

  21. There is no right or wrong, there’s just opinion and there’s no shortage
    here! APCR is the primary armour defeating round, so if there’s any doubt,
    there is no doubt. Play how you want, it’s your money.

  22. Sure, alot of Apcr was fired, still, its a great replay. People, get over
    the whole “gold spammer” attitude and just enjoy the replay.

  23. QuckyBaby, may I ask if you personally really enjoy a full premium ammo
    games like this? If their arty player realized what he should shoot at on
    time, this would have been a totally different replay, wouldn’t it?!

  24. worst game play ever, luck luck and more luck. besides all that premium
    I hate how he hesitate and still sits there in the middle and wait for the
    grille15 to come closer… he should have changed flank much much earlier,
    to where the E100 and E50M where and support his team mates… use his
    His luck that this grille15 played so damn badly. As well arty completely
    ignored him somehow, full game he could do what he wanted there…
    Why i never have such opponents…?

  25. lol that face 9:48

  26. So the useless noobs still play mostly the heavy German units?

  27. I see a very nice title of T110E4 getting 12k damage,i click on the video
    I see a gold spamming cancer shooting Grille 15 with APCR
    I leave the video

  28. No more “all chat” in the game, all the toxicity migrates to YouTube
    comment sections.

  29. ThisUsernameWillOffendYou Skrub

    I don’t care if people use premium ammunition but THIS DUDE USES SO MUCH
    it’s ridiculous considering he doesn’t really need it

  30. oh my stronk tonk has only 295 mm of penetration so bad must be shooting
    apcr, i dont get these players

  31. I prefer APCR in my E4 because of the shell velocity. Not necessarily for
    the extra pen. That’s nice too though.

  32. Don t really see the point of spaming gold in this machine.
    Anyway, is the comon theme in tier 10 battles….

  33. Samuel Peter Hunt Hunt

    kudos to the guy with the amazong score. however im unimpressed. if it were
    mostly AP then it would be better

  34. stupid JgE100

  35. A lot of crying for prem ammo here. It’s part of the game, if you don’t
    like it tell it to WG. Don’t give me the BS about playing honorably pls.

  36. you have EU server i have US

  37. really?

  38. f*cking gold noob

  39. Error

  40. bien gabriel manzares

    Can we have a video about the Tiger 1?

  41. Differential Motorithm

    how much luck in one game… pfffff

  42. Tier 10 TD with 295 mm standard pen loading 60% skill rounds and spamming
    them right from the start at mediums and tier 8s. Reall not impressive.
    Stopped watching after I realized half way through the video that he was
    spamming premium like a pro in a fucking tier 10 TD. What a joke.

  43. This replay is not worthy to be on this channel…

  44. Lol love most people crying about prem rounds, it’s a valid ammo in the
    game. Stop whining when a TD can bang through your heavy amour, pretty sure
    that’s a TDs job cry hards lol

  45. -500k for a match like this? You must be crazy, QB. This guy does 12 k
    damage and barely breaks even the profit. This just shows how broken the
    wot economy is. You should be rewarded for a monster game like this. But
    hey, wg greed.

  46. pl gold noob

  47. the premium round may pen is7 front turret ?

  48. im crying blood when he shoots gold w/ X tiet and miss D:

  49. ugh somebody kill that jpe100 in real life! lol jk

  50. World'sFame Play'z

    u don’t need td to go thru t110e3 , leopard 1 has 400 mm of pen on heat but
    wargaming made it shit so gg
    a lot of tanks have much more pen but wargaming fucked them in the ass

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