World of Tanks – T110E4 Games

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Source: Anfield

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  1. Wallsterix Gaming


  2. interesting choice of tanks Anfield….

  3. Awesome that you play more tanks recently,
    you seem to be having an extra amount of fun whilte doing so !
    keep up the c o n t e n t

  4. Which tank is better the t 30 or E4 ?
    Because I dont see many differences from tier 9 to tier 10 .

    • And the armor of E4 is not better?

    • t30… hull down party… e4 cant do that

    • E4 looks cooler >:v

    • T30 has -10° of gun depression so it’s a ridgeline warrior in typical american fashion, whereas the E4 only has -6° like a soviet vehicle which means it can’t play at hills effectively. Also tier 9 is the god tier and the most consistent tier to play in random que at the moment.

    • Thebean100000001

      Dustin Keith cheeks on the t30 are pretty similar in thickness to the e4. So in a brawling situation the e4 is better with armor and on the ridgeline tds with enough pen and luck can still pen the t30

  5. why was someone with tier 6 as his highest tier making those kinda comments…like whut, hullo?

  6. 11:35 capes you bastard* <3

  7. The great dictator

    use more apcr you cheap bastard

  8. “Royal Anfield” Clan with just you in it!

  9. E4 is bad.

    its basically an E100.

    T30 is better.

    and fuck artillery.

  10. seemed like you had a much better time playing tanks this time, good to see bro! Keep it up man.

  11. Lol was 999 views on this vid, until I clicked on it and now its 1k views 😁

  12. blueguy freshair

    lodi Anfield nice play bro

  13. Akuretaki Nikolay

    brazilian flags on E4 XD (i liked every comment here)

  14. Tharaka Wijerathne

    E4 is the first tier 10 I’ve researched. But never bought it.

  15. Brazilian flag!! Nice man, my nation

  16. Yea the gun on T110E4 us no all that accurate, as you have noticed.

  17. It's not what you think

    It’s like an E100 with more reliable frontal turret armor.

  18. Br Br Br

  19. Mirko Kovacevic

    That first shot and bounce omg….. AHHAHAHAAH

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