World of Tanks – T110E4 HE Best Round EU

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Source: Anfield


  1. When you ask a question and get

    Going valley? Anfield red confirmed.

  2. Mini Type 5 heavy here

  3. When u can play on someone’s acc and when u can’t?

  4. same teen trance in every video

  5. Go full HE4 or HE100 please Kappa

  6. People tend to forget that Tier X ~152/5mm TD’s HE round wasn’t nerfed when AP/APCR/HEAT alpha was nerfed to 750.

  7. That pilot HE tho. confirmed OP

  8. Artys TOTAL cancer!!

  9. oh look, arty still ruining great play but not actually carrying

  10. under the sea.. under the sea(8)

  11. Just remove fucking artillery only dickheads play arty anyway, so who cares if you piss off a few thousand people, life isn’t fair and WG should realise arty is the main reason people don’t wanna play. You should not be able to loop shells over buildings in complete safety, at least when armoured warfare had SPG they did it right.

  12. The new HE meta is real

  13. I Predict that bullsh-t French arty in a 3 platoon will dominate WoT ! Why play any other type of bs arty !

  14. my god what kind of plebs do you meet when you’re playing? I’m never so fortunate to experience such utter retards

  15. The explosive carry Kappa

  16. Great video Michael Bingham!

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