World of Tanks || T110E4 – Tank Review

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – T110E4. Today I’m reviewing the T10 American tank destroyer, the T110E4.

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  1. Can i get a review on the tier 8 caernarvon?

  2. Kenpachi Rama-Sama

    T110E4 – Tank Review Summary: hahaha tier 8 drivers hahahahaha

  3. E4 is a fucking shit Td. I was frustrated with the 268,but after 40 battles with E4 I sold it. Always penned in the cupola (it is in the center!) and shit gun handling.
    A total retard tank.
    Also, when I face E4 in the battlefield I don’t really care, they are totally ineffective.

  4. What happened to the replay from Microsoftofficeword2017 on Fjords? I can’t find it.

  5. 00:15 – Minor correction, the turret can’t fully traverse. It can traverse 90 degrees left and right for a total of 180 degrees of frontal traverse.

  6. I think that is apds if am I right I am not sure just apds have big pennetration

  7. breakintheline – clearly u have no idea how 2 use the T110E4! Personally I’d say the T110E4 is better than any tier 10 td that doesn’t have a turret! People expect it 2 b played like a heavy all 2 often! The accuracy needs buffing 2 0.35 & the aim time needs improving!

  8. Your crew commander looks like Justin Timberlake.

  9. E4 needs a big buff

  10. So does hellcat

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  12. An OKAY game in the E3 is 4-6k damage. An OKAY game in the E4 is 2-4K

  13. Pls make review about the Chinese TD (forgot the name)

  14. Those were The only ones

    Lol frontal exhausts

  15. hi quicky and all here. im new to this game and go the line to the e100 and need some this is the e100 a good tank and worth the grid? and quiky can you make a e100 rewie?

  16. Quickybaby could please do a review of The T10?

  17. The E4 was the first T10 I bought. Had my highest damage game in it (8.4k) but the lower plate, rather bad gun handling, and the god dam ammo rack were just too bad of a combination. I much prefer the T30 at T9, as it gets the same gun and still has workable armor

  18. E4 was, like the Hellcat and Marder, beat down by WG for the popularity and excellent overall ability. OK ….. a nerf was in order.
    Let’s make the E4 weaker than a T-110-E5 in frontal armor …. a US TD with weak frontal armor contrary to the whole of the entire US TD line. That’s how WGs heavy hand of nerfing came down.
    WG never accounts for the player base figuring out the strengths of a vehicle quickly. For an earlier example ….
    Previous to the introduction of the T-110-E5, Tier10 US gameplay was with what is now the Tier 9 T-30 TD. It was (and still is)a slow, steady classic US tank. Tough mantle, phenomenal damage with ok penetration and accuracy. Typical US heavy theme. Hull-down fighter extraordinaire!
    On comes the T-110-E5. suddenly you have a comparatively nimble, tough US heavy with an accurate punchy gun that the players adjust to quickly. WG calls it OP and nerfs it (in part) by making the Commander’s cupola so weak that no one targets anything but the cupola, nullifying the strength of the frontal armor almost entirely. It took near two years to make the adjustment back to something rational. No accounting of players’ ability to adjust to the change of the tank was considered. Would you not think that an effective improvement over a previous tank would be easy to adjust to?
    One example of heavy handed I recall was the Hellcat. It was nerfed some years ago. Minimum nerf was 9% highest was 24%. Turret traverse was nerfed, reverse speed was nerfed, hull traverse was nerfed, other stats were nerfed. Minimum nerf 9% top nerf 24%. In a single update! The game play was so awful, it felt like it was constantly in marsh.
    I sold the tank. Did not look back until more than a year had passed. Unfortunately, my memory of it’s better still lingers. It is still not what it was but has since been buffed ………………… a bit.
    Did it need a nerf, absolutely. On a scale of 9-24% on 5 and more different stats all at once? …… that is insane.

    WG is forever heavy handed with nerfs. If you would like to see a good stat, find out how the game play of a given tanks drops after another heavy handed nerf is meted out. I would bet WG pays no attention to this if it even tracks it. It certainly pays no attention to the past history of nerfs.

    I cannot and no longer take WG’s ability to nerf or buff anything seriously due to the above examples. Compounded with the existence of the E-25, a tank that was, and still is, OP before it was even sold to the public … bloody foolish.

  19. Actually it is likely HT not TD.
    Real TD is E3.

  20. pay to win

  21. After almost 500 games in my e4 I have really learned to love it. I know it’s shit but under the right circumstances it’s great. If I had to give any one piece of advice to someone struggling with this tank it would be to play it like a HT.

  22. TROPIC Agario and more

    Turret isn’t fully traversable

  23. I use the e4 like my e5 and switching flanks. 58% winrate on 300+ games, it’s the type of tank i wouldn’t care where MM puts me into since it’s more of an all purpose tank for me but with huge DPS 😀

    Type of tank where you really need to be the one to make the change and stop hiding. You need to lead the team tactically and supporting as well.

  24. This tank drove me crazy! Such a disappointing tank, such a let down for all your trouble grinding up to tier 10. Best thing about this tank was the credits I recieved from selling it

  25. Mr quickly baby is the new Chinese destroyer’s line good does the tanks really have a punch

  26. can you do “revised reviews” on tanks that you’ve reviewed in the past but since then, they’ve been buffed or nerfed and now is much different to your first review?

  27. I got 3 marks on the T110E4?

  28. MoRiS From Iluminati

    This isnt only a tank review it also shows how shit new MM is for tier 8’s and how if you are tier10 you just shit on enemy team. And how can you say ”if you put your frontal armor to the enemy its fairly good”, dude only tier10 you faced was 11 hp leo1 and all game only tier8’s were shooting you, soo no its armor isnt good, it would be better if you would show us ace tank gameplay were there is only tier 9 and 10, cuz that will show how this tank look like, cuz you know its tier10 tank not tier 8.

  29. wargaming will soon make this a tier 8 prem TD

  30. I love it when you play Tier 10. Such a rare thing though 🙂

  31. So is the new MM bad for tier VIII? I hear its totally ruined, never top tier when VIII?


    13:54 *_When the white kid pulls out from his backpack an AR-15 and gives you a Glock 11,so you two shoot the school together_*

  33. For guy like me, E4 is one of my favorite(and best) X t machine. Its combining by Tds gun in Ht tin. But theres a sad story, because after i bought this tank(it was my first X) it is just nerfed not buffed even once….. but still its my favorite X(my 6th most played tank +800 battles)

  34. Now im thinking if i played against qb becouse i played against a e4…

  35. Signal pass sauce ground pass since hide humor ally fund

  36. ´ 6 degrees depression.´ wow, I get 10 degrees head-pain-depression if i play that tank..

  37. wargaming, pls buf the t110e4!!!

  38. QB is featuring us replays from April :O
    Hey Will… u don’t love your community :))

  39. Please make a obj. 416 review so wargaming can see how much it needs to be buffed. Pls like so QB can se this

  40. I’ve seen this video before I know I have

  41. Qb, is England ur city?

  42. do T110E3 tank review PLZZZ

  43. so many people saying E3 is way better but i think i’m gonna have a better time in the E4

  44. Can you make a video for how to ammorack?

  45. Do something everytime, could be the slogan for almost the whole US tank tech tree ^^

  46. Hey QB! Some feedback: you seem to edit your videos a lot, recording almost every sentence separately and turning it into a cohesive story. It works pretty well but it’s quite noticeable that the camera moves a bit every 5-10 seconds. To me this can be rather distracting. Perhaps it would look better if you practice speaking for longer intervals?

  47. Pls do vk 100.p

  48. Its 700 less then the e100. no shit, what a shock a heavy got more hp. What a great comparison.

  49. I love my WTF4, love the 15cm gun, love the HE on it, but sometimes I wish I was in E4 :))

  50. BaggyHorizon279 279

    I haven’t watched QuickyBaby since he had 250k subs

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