World of Tanks || T110E5 – 1 vs 6 – 10,000+ DMG…

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. The so good some call it “Captain America” – here Ooostindrew shows why as he goes 1 vs 6 in the T110E5.

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World of Tanks is a online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. Its a good game, but the E5 is a bit too strong right now. Where is the
    point with the E100 and the Maus when you have a tank with better mobility,
    better armor and a higher DPM gun with more pen?

  2. Indeed Capt. America xD hahaha nice armor use

  3. 10:13 Is this the only Tshirt you have QB? :-D

  4. Very skillful use of HEAT

  5. Completely balanced tank,completely legit….fucking OP piece of shit….

  6. Holiday? och that hurts, I can’t go on holidy bacause we have our exams at
    the end of spring break… I guess I’ll stay at home learning…

  7. How to E5 :1 < x tons of steel + Gun = E5legit :3?

  8. There goes Captain GOLD BABY, “the only way to take out an E100 and an E5
    is with HEAT, fucking learn how to play and stop spamming gold. You cannot
    call yourself a good player if you just spam gold at everything.

  9. this holiday im going to Bali,Indonesia with my classmate.
    give it a try and go there quickybaby its a nice island with a lot of beach.
    see ya

  10. Should I go down the e50m or leopard 1 tech line

  11. Rune Vennicke Christiansen

    How did he not get ace tanker????

  12. well played 😀 but i simply cant not to think of this tank being soooooooo
    damn over buffed when it got to the HD. I know WG already said theyre gonna
    nerf it, but that will be god knows when.

  13. Jantje van Speijk


  14. Farmer is right, right now it’s well equipped to easily farm damage for
    those who know basic tank prowess.

  15. Good but yes BUT did not like the way he pushed out other tanks on hes side
    plus blocked them but still good vid

  16. Anyone can give me the links to the videos in which he took a scene for the

  17. Make for us a fast review about new patch that is comming, the russians
    allready did a review about 9.15 but we can’t understand…. Thanks!

  18. so lucky, great play by arty but no luck

  19. Already been on my holiday this year, drove Chicago to L.A. On route 66

  20. Oh but it’s the arty that’s OP right?

  21. E5 is totally unbalanced

  22. nice vid, decent commentary and hillarious shirt!

  23. this tank is soo op, when i need to use ZUBK4M to pen its cupola, LOVE THE

  24. Whats wrong with the credits calculation? The sum of non-premium credits
    seems to be red instead of white at 9:46 .

  25. Maarten severijns

    I was on Berlin. dam, that place was awfull

  26. Vojtech Travnicek

    good score, but he is driving like absolute asshole, blocking there E1 and
    VK force them to expose more that was necesary…. i personally dont like
    this arogant players…

  27. Why again T110E5…

  28. good job

  29. great game, i really loved it :)

  30. You play in the American or European server?

  31. Great result. But damn this tank really is OP af… *nerfhammer incoming*.
    or just a delicious Conquerer GC shell ‘-2200 *heavy breathing*

  32. i feel like we need to call it the T110Efarmer honestly, its not OP lower
    plate is so weak if you have half the brain to shoot it towards the corners

  33. Strange. Still no Grille 15 Video with an Ace Tanker Gameplay? :-)

  34. Jacob W. Andersen

    LOL! You are wearing the same shirt in this video as in the replay you are
    referring to! :D

  35. Haha QB’s link had the exact same shirt

  36. holiday in the beginning of may?

  37. So it’s all about using premium ammo. Even on Ferdi, because he doesn’t pen
    first time xD

  38. Omg he was greedy

  39. Great game! MORE COMMENTARIES. im running out of videos to watch xD

  40. t34 is stupid. why did he back up when he had the e5 up the slope.

  41. This is the only time I actually was hoping an artilery player to win for
    his team.
    Because E5 is balanced comrade !
    Working as intended !

  42. No holidays for me. Finishing off my masters degree in cultural heritage
    dissemintion in August, then unemployment and jobsearching.


  44. niesamowita gra.

  45. World of Hackers , shit czech and poland only hackers

  46. Going to Montana and Idaho this summer. Fishing and shooting.

  47. So I’m using quickybaby’s mod pack and everything is working great except
    for the damage indicator mod. It is under the list of tanks at the top of
    the screen. Does anyone know how to fix this? Or do i need to reinstall the
    modpack and what is the procedure for that if so? Thank you!

  48. How do I get this crosshair?

  49. I’m going over to Europe for 29 days right after school. Any places you
    guys think would be cool to visit?

  50. reduce the armor on the tumor = balanced. really simple.

  51. FREEDOM on it’s maximum expression

  52. give that man a jacks good fight mate 07

  53. hey QuickyBaby !! I have a replay for you, it is a 10 234 dmg and 13 kills
    game with my lovely 112, how can I send you that ?

  54. “Balanced”

  55. strashirt

  56. Captain Americar ?

  57. hey QB i was wondering how you different server experiment is going

  58. You have the same shirt as in the replay you recommend at the end. Just

  59. Who scrolled through the comments for “ooostindrew”

  60. geez 15 heat shells i dont carry that much even in my T-54, i get that E100
    goes heat but fuck if you cant aim for weakspots in this laser guided
    mother of a gun…

  61. Happy easter for you and Peppy! :)

  62. ~9k dmg spotting in the chinese TIER 6 , 59-16! Check it out please!

  63. sure he knows what he is doing but even though you know what you doing
    doesn’t mean you will solve the situation… unless you drive a tank that
    is almost invulnerable from the front to 260 mm and if you shoot enough
    gold not having to care about weakspots

  64. A tank that screams out “MURICA!”

  65. planning on going to USA in 2 months

  66. you don’t no the power of the t110e5

  67. lol its a really good tank if your a good player, if not they are still
    pretty easy to crack

  68. God damn i got nothing bad to say :/ xD awesome video quickybaby a little
    review of that op tier 10 heavy tank xD also i am going to crete this year
    , i leave in cyprus i missed the opportunity to see you when you came but
    anyways have fun on your journey at belerouse (?) and continue the awesome
    videos dude i love them

  69. He drives like an asshole, he cut off other players alot.

  70. what graphic settings is QB using ?

  71. that arty shell could have EASILY killed him in one shot. such hard rng

  72. +QuickyBaby Where can I get that shirt?

  73. E5, the best medium and heavy in the game

  74. love your channel, started watching about 2 weeks ago and have watched
    about a hundred videos on your channel. great stuff. maybe one day I’ll
    figure out how to do replays and send you one.

  75. Am i the only one who notices how the credits of the post battle results
    down match up?

    128415 – 23313(Repairs) = 105102,
    105102 – 87040(Ammo) = 18062
    18062 – 3000(Consumables) = 15062

    He should of made 15062 instead of 79270…?

    Or am i going crazy?

  76. 2:00 I think that shell actually went high and hit the top of the tank

  77. Quicky that was good, but we need more vids.

  78. Excellent round, he deserved to win, but… T57 HT has lost this game, when
    he circled around E5, he shouldn’t go back where t34 was beacuse T34
    would’ve had a free shell in E5’s butt or side.. But frustration did it’s
    part :)

  79. How did he get 79 270??? He earned 128 415 (-23 313 -87 040 -3000)= 15 062

  80. allredy see it .. try some thing new

  81. Belarus? As in the Belarus bordering Pripyat, only 3km away from ground
    zero of the 1986 Chernobyl reactor #4 meltdown, the worst nuclear incident
    in history? Be careful where you travel QB, some parts of Belarus are still
    highly unstable with radioactivity..

  82. That arty at the end, though.

    Size of a small house and better camo than a tier 8 light? Seems pretty

  83. actully the kill on that T57 counts to him, because he killed the AMX and
    the AMX fall on his buddy and crush him so…

  84. Floris van den Eventuin

    128.415-23.313-87.040-3.000= 79.270?
    No, he only made 15.062 credits profit

  85. It was a superb game.

    And as always, QB brings an awesome comentary all along.

    But, IMO, he never tells the standar account profit. Wich IMO, is more
    important than the Premium account profit.

    Just saying, no hate intended.

  86. T110E5 farmer=3 man soviet medium platoons?

  87. ah god buhuu op tank cry cry, omfg wg should put in there just 3 tanks 1
    light 1 heavy 1 med make them all similar to each other in gun and armor so
    you can play all the same and dont fucking need any decision what to do,
    wot community is so horribly whiney

  88. Holiday? ha no. I will be working like I have for the last decade. I do not
    really need holidays.

  89. Can’t wait to check out Dark Horse’s new comic miniseries..

  90. imthemistermaster

    nice shirt (im sorry, i couldn’t resist) t110e5 shirt confirmed?

  91. Another bouncing E5 lucker…

  92. Magic tank with magic armor

  93. Already saw this one from Wargaming or one of the other Youtubers earlier
    this week but it’s good to have QB’s commentary.

  94. Jan-Willem Jansen

    Nerf arty first than you can nerf E5 WG! #set your priorities!

  95. These videos are great, you really need to do more.

  96. well it IS a T110E5…. Only starts getting impressive when the kill count
    goes over 12.

  97. QB, early in the game, when he was facing that Ferdinand, the shell hit the
    extremely well angled top armour of the Ferdinand, not the side. Oh well,
    good game and commentary overall!

  98. Hey Qb, will you bring some World of Tanks console gameplay? I play in pc,
    but i want to see your comments in the console version (Sorry for the bad
    english, i’m from Brazil)

  99. T110E5 is too op

  100. pls play whit vk72.01

  101. No Where But My Birthday Is Coming Up Smh ??

  102. I ve heard e5 might get “balanced” next patch ?
    Is it true, and do i have still enough time to grind it from tiers 5 ?
    I don’t wanna suffer all the grind to finally get the ghost of the e5 x)

  103. can you put a link of the episode you see in the end down bellow? I am
    watching this on my smartphone

  104. QB, do u always wear this special shirt when commetning T110e5? :D

  105. i have already seen this replay

  106. havent watched but let me guess it goes a little like this… idiot spams
    mega amounts of gold whilst bouncing a ton of shots in OP E5 tank???

  107. That was a strong T110E Farmer indeed.

  108. Gabgaming | One Command Creations

    That was close at the end he hadn t a lot of health points left … But
    good job =D

  109. Hey QB why dont you show us some of your gameplays?

  110. QB is wearing the same shirt as he was when he did the 300k video

  111. can you sent xbox one gameplay’s?

  112. I love how people complain that the e5 is “so OP” when it’s really not

  113. Bah, T110E5 and his toon went to a pretty bad area of the map, making it
    unneccessary hard for them to win.

  114. Great video again! Have a great time in BELARUS!

  115. can’t wait to get my E5

    by then they will prolly nerf it

  116. And people complain about the waffle…

  117. E5 is just overpowered and need a nerf

  118. i go to england i live in the netherlands

  119. mooaaarrrr gold please.

  120. Load heat and win right?

  121. This tank is soo good because all noobish players shoot you in the lower
    plate, but its as thick as the upper plate. Only left and right side of the
    lower plate are weak. Nice mobility for a heavy, gun is very good and
    accurate ( most heavy tanks are innacurate ) so you can snipe easily. Had
    1200 games in this tank, 3 marks of excellence and this is my favourite
    heavy tank in the game.

  122. ps this is gogster42.WOT player lololol

  123. thanks Quiky for that youtube on a friend m8

  124. Damn, what a game!!! GG mate!!!

  125. anunhappyswedishwannaberussiankid

    100% balanced. totally not op whatsoever.

  126. Stiggiekaptain WoT

    One of the most entertaining replays i’ve seen in a while!

  127. I’m not sure if I should like the video to support quickybaby or not
    because of the retarded OP af E5 tank. And whoever say it’s not should not
    be playing this game!

  128. Alexander Stoyanov

    Please stop showing only op tank replays, its getting really annoying

  129. Always bullying the low tiers. sigh.

  130. QB said a no-no
    (cocked it up)

  131. nice t-shirt :)

  132. not saying its not good game, but it is an e5…

  133. t110efarmer, sounds legit

  134. gtrat game well play

  135. this guy is epic.. he knows what he is doing..
    salute men..

  136. Well played but let’s be honest, E5 is OP. And 15 HEAT shells..

  137. The Jägerou is probably a Unicom. Is that how one spells Unicom?

  138. I thought this would be another game where arty kills the hero, fuck arty,
    rebalance that fucking shit

  139. have a great time on holiday!

  140. What is the IS-8 doing there? That was replaced ages ago :/

  141. I heard that T110E5 is going to get longer aim time(2.6sec) and the reload
    is going to be nerfed too. Im not sure about this but this can happen

  142. where did u get that T-shirt ?? Have a nice holidays and say hello to

  143. I think I might pick this game up. Thank you for your channel, it is fun to

  144. Hey GB have you ever heard of The Lion of Sinal Medal? Today is the first
    time i’v ever got or seen one and was wondering if you knew the criteria
    for getting one?

  145. I would go on “holiday” if I didnt live in the states where you can hardly
    even take a week or two vacation.


  146. I am not even gonna watch this longer then 10 second! this tank is so
    discustingly OP that it is not even hard to have a game like this…

  147. T110Farmer

  148. QuickyBaby how long did it take you to get the E-100????

  149. I’m going on holiday to hell …

  150. please bring the Scout panther back :(

  151. Jendrix “J3nDr1X” _

    Lucky MM…… low enemy…

  152. At the end results why does 128k – 20k – 85k = 80k?

  153. And here we see again how OP t110E5 is…

  154. Carlos Valenzuela

    dirty violet stet pedder

  155. The E5 in my hands is not OP and i am a good player

  156. gold noob cant pen jagdpze100 with gold :)

  157. What microphone do you use it sounds really good

  158. I would pick the T30 from when it was the tier 10 heavy over the T110E5
    just because it was more fitting for tier 10, because all of the other
    heavy tanks in the line were great for going hull down with the hull armor
    not being too great, while the T110E5 however…

  159. Hes wearing the same shirt in the 300k sub vid

  160. The computer plays wayyyyy more better than the Xbox version

  161. T 110E5 its’ very OP…. allmoust no aim qouick reloud…tou much OP..

  162. Refer to yr previous vid IS-3 do we now need at least 3 gunmarks to come in
    a closer selection of replays?

  163. that was excellent and very entertaining. Like someone has written a script
    for the storyline. Keep up your work qb and pls keep sending nice replays
    to him qb-community :)

  164. Nice shirt.

  165. If the opponent T57 heavy hadn’t been a retard, he wouldn’t have won. I
    don’t mean to degrade his acheivement by saying this. He did amazing.

  166. So the best player in an overpowered top tier tank with a shitload of prem
    ammo wins a game. Well played, but not really a surprise now is it…..

  167. great game. that guy was cool under pressure

  168. And that right there is why E5 is OP! :(

  169. how to beat good armor? -> press 2

  170. Im going on a holiday to Turkey for whole next week :D

  171. going on a wedding trip to England. going to visit isle of wight among
    other places! :D

  172. Nice game!

  173. Do that in 113

  174. >good player
    >T110E5 ??

    yeah yeah any player can use that tank and be op 🙂

    why does my is-7 get dog shitted on? and T11E5 does so much better

  175. Maximilian Stauch

    OMG this Tank is actually so OP!

  176. I feel sorry for the m53 m55


  178. who else noticed he had the same shirt on for the other t110e5 video maby
    it’s what he puts on during and American tank replay?

  179. Nice shirt QB!!

  180. The E 100 can take the lead with its’ massive gun the T110E5 can support
    him and the T57 can finish off the enemies, It’s a pretty good combination
    from my perspective.

  181. im always hearing “t 1 25” instead of “T110E5” am i the only 1? :D

  182. This tshirt is very good
    I want to buy it

  183. Wg should nerf t110e5’s armour a little bit and buff the t57 heavy’s hull
    identical to e5’s hull and also reduce aim time from 2.9 to 2.7 !
    This is a great idea, isn’t it?

  184. omg its me <3

  185. Going to Russia this summer

  186. E5 is fine guys, not Op at all …….

  187. Something is wrong about the post game stats. 128 415 – 23 313 – 87 040 – 3
    000 = 15 062. Not 79 270.

  188. I’m going to St. Lucia this summer.

  189. use simple name like E5 for American HT or wtf for german destroer tier 10
    raham for tier 8 DT or E3 American DT leo for leopard and like that …

  190. Seen this game before on YouTube.

  191. T110E5 is my favourite tier 10 so far. Such a great tank!

  192. e5 balanced…

  193. Lucky bastard!T110E5 should be shaved!better stand against E100 than an

  194. Why are you not streaming tonight?? :)

  195. You’ve done so much videos on that tank please make on on the IS-4 !

  196. Amazing job there ooostindrew, it was a pleasure to watch you play 😉
    Thanks for for posting the video aswell QB :D

  197. if the t34 had just kept pushing him up the slope right up till he died he
    could have gotten the e5 stuck up there and won the game that way…….

  198. STOP spoiling in title :x

  199. the gold spam is real.

  200. the shit is game breaking. and no one does enything.

  201. Do a review on world of tanks blitz mobile

  202. This tank just plays for you xD my heart stopped when he got spotted at the
    end tho

  203. Have my holiday atm. Not going very far. Just in the Netherlands, staying
    in a hotel for a couple of days. Enjoy your holiday QB.

  204. Video-ul de acum un an e cel bun!!!

  205. Could you vlog when you are on vication? The last vlog you uploaded was
    from like a year ago if I am not mistaken

  206. How do you get marks of excellences

  207. last video, the OP IS-3 , now even more OP E5 , what next ? Deathstar ?

  208. QuickyBaby READ THIS. ok, lets be serious gold ammo is like legal insta
    penetration. all these “good” games they use gold. But the question is why
    wg dont nerf this insta penetration, why.

  209. E5’s overpowered this patch…. WG nerf pls

  210. that fucking gold spamming noob

  211. stream today?

  212. most balanced tank in the game, right?
    still impressive replay

  213. already seen replay i think !!

  214. a good player

  215. QB, great videos. It’s awesome that you share the replays of some top games
    so everybody can enjoy them as well. Plus, great commentating along with

  216. gun barrels BARRELS!!!

  217. The Pilot Penguin

    im glad to see a kolobanovs medal that isn’t 1 v 2 with 3 arty. this was a
    proper one and he deserved every one of them medals. that last shot was a
    real butt clincher.

  218. Quickybaby you have very nice T-shirt :)

  219. Going on holiday to Devon at a beautiful hotel with an awesome view btw Qb
    great video stay epic :D

  220. why i feel like I’m already watching this reply before, can’t remember

  221. Awesome game, gj mate!

  222. btw quickybaby had (or still has) those 300 000 subsriber video contests.
    does he mean likes, i dont know much but isnt subscribing about following
    the channel? as i said, i really dont know

  223. Great play, amazing use of armor.

  224. idk man,.. he wouldnt have gotten kolobanovs if m53 hadnt hit his tracks.
    they absorbet that 117 damage most likely

  225. when is WT AUF E100 getting replaced by grille 15?

  226. Notsofamous one (TNSF1)

    another 110e5 vid? it like your advertising this tank quicky 🙂 wish i had
    it myself

  227. I love your vids/WoT University. Been sub for 2y but my gameplay still
    mediocre. Have fun in Belarus, I’m going w/friends to Shuswap in B.C.
    Always lots of sun and fun!! And if I may offer some advice, do as I do
    and let your wife pick your wardrobe!

  228. dat shirt thou

  229. Hey QB, can you make an explanation video of the Marks of Excellence

  230. E5 is balanced Guys!

  231. SteelWolf20 Gaming

    The t34 was a noob his score was in the red rip

  232. Oliver Bjørkekvist

    We are going to sweden this holiday i am from norway

  233. Oliver Bjørkekvist

    Van You try to Play T57 heavy

  234. I was hoping for new content, but unfortunately this replay was featured 4
    days ago on wot best replays.

  235. Another great commentary on the video, QB.That video makes me happy I’m
    grinding through the M103…

    Enjoy your vacation; I’ll be heading to England in July for 2 weeks with my
    wife and 4 kids(!) from our home near Toronto. It’s good to take time to
    smell the roses.:) No plans to go to Bovington or the like, though. :(

  236. Pls sub me

  237. What a surprise, this all from a T110E5…

  238. Farmers for days

  239. I don’t know how likely it is that you’ll reply to this QB but I’m curious
    to know your thoughts on the credit system in WoT. Is it fair that to be
    able to pull off these kinds of games it is still possible to loose 27k
    credits if you don’t buy premium? I just continue to find that at high
    tiers it is absurd to try and make any profit without premium.

  240. Ok I got the is8 love the gun-handling and m103 together, the questions is
    should I get t110e5 next or is7?

  241. I dont want a kolobanovs medal :(

  242. have fun in belarus!

  243. seen it already

  244. Stijn Hernalsteen

    Stop the fucking whine about the E5’s armor being OP… People spam gold on
    Maus and E100 and IS-7 and so on… Why not on E5? Gold on it’s cupola
    works just fine…

  245. Yes I’m planning to go on a holiday this year. I’m planning to go to
    Serbia! Have fun on your holiday QB!

  246. QB you need to change some things on your channel. It is all getting
    repetitive, and a bit boring. You need to change the intro, and perhaps
    make your commentary more interesting. And i know QB wont read this…

  247. Its funny that in games like WoT I can get a 7.5k game fighting for my
    life, and coming out on top. And the next 10 matches in a row will be
    faceroll losses with 3/4 of my team dead in under 4 mins and i cant pen
    toilet paper either 😛

    How the HELL did a moving fat arty get THAT close without being spotted?

  248. SimpleFast EfficientGuides

    Hey QB,i am planning on buying Amx CDC,and when i saw guides i found out
    that i dont know a thing about some maps.Many places that slow tanks cant
    reach, but cdc managed to.Thats embarassing because i play wot for 3
    years.I was thinking if you would be willing to make a video about map
    tactics, like you did 2 years ago :)

  249. Quicky, where did you get that T-shirt from, everytime i see it i always
    want it :P

  250. QuickyBaby, answer this comment and i will eat a brick and drop my computer
    out of a plane :D

  251. Gabelhelm Sogarbraten

    such doge much balance

  252. OnceUponATimeThereWasAPersonWithALongUsername.TheElongationOfThatUsernameWasPlainlyLegendary

    This is why I always use a second repair kit instead of a fireextinguisher

  253. on xbox its still got weak machine gun port. so not playing mine until we
    get same fix as pc players

  254. PsychoMuffinMuncher

    That T34 should’ve just kept pushing him up the slope. Once the T34 died,
    the E5 would’ve been stuck and arty could’ve capped or killed him because
    the E5 probably wouldn’t have enough gun elevation.

  255. E5 should have at least tanked a shot for his VK friend instead of letting
    him die

  256. E5 armor gg…240 pen lower plate with a large area of impenetrable zone
    and 300 pen cupola. Guess wg just wants ppl to waste more gold rounds. Yes,
    he is a very good player but things become not that amazing when u bring
    out an E5 with you. Most of tanks cant pen you anyways. What’s the worst
    thing that can happen.

  257. that T57 ruined it all… WoT is not even about skill, its about who has
    more luck to be put against retards

  258. He played well but holy shit, i know he was under stress but what a huge
    waste of HEAT ammo, could have earned way more and still win if he hadn’t
    spammed HEAT pointlessly at targets he could pen with AP

  259. gosh, that shirt is a trip

  260. it shows us how balanced was E5 buff… just joking

  261. The e5 is soo op 😀 I remember so many games when i was aiming up on its
    lower plate with 250+ pen guns and it just bounced _. Have fun in Belarus,

  262. HEATE5….the best way to show everyone how you pad your stats. <3

  263. Nice shirt QB!

  264. most played tank :)

  265. +QuickyBaby You are wearing the same shirt in your 300k T110E5 video that
    is linked at the end of this video. Intentional?

  266. Holiday to Scotland near Loch Lomond. Haven’t been to Scotland before…

  267. Oh I’m here early, I need a joke.

    Donald Trump.

  268. qb i think i have to correct you. i believe wg nerfed the e5 (again) it is
    just so easy again to penetrate the copula and the lower plate. i think wg
    dont know what to do with this tank, they nerf it they buff it, then they
    nerf it again…

  269. frontally this tank has no business being as good as it is. it went from
    being mediocre to the best tier 10 heavy by far

  270. Shrek The Psychotherapist

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  271. ha, gold noob, try to survive with what you have, not resorting to legal
    cheat that is called gold, unless you are 59-16 that bounces even from the
    rear :(

  272. Bogdan Scripcariu

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