World of Tanks || T110E5 – Freedom

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

_Assad of the is going to show you how the T110E5 spreads freedom.

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  1. Happy thanksgiving to everyone in NA, enjoy the top dog of the US heavy

    I’m LiveStreaming RIGHT NOW with Jingles and Ik!

  2. FIRST!

  3. hi all

  4. Gregory Oppenheimer

    Awsome video qb 

  5. Problem: Watch the Stream or the video? :P

  6. Love this!3 more Tier and i can reach T110E5
    Nice and dandy

  7. Bashar Al Assad playing WoT in his free time.

  8. IrgendwieEasy | Das YouTube Radio

    This is the power of going alone 😀
    LG Crazy

  9. Nice Battle :-)

  10. Wow, great game!

  11. twitchiest aim 2014.

  12. First is for Asad is for to win medal is good for be play like stong
    player. Is camp wrong spot for start game like stupids but for to play
    better for last part game. Is top tier tank but for not go to corner so
    lets for whole team of stupids die is for be left by self. Ok. So is
    question why for enemy team so be full stupids? Is 4 stupids tank sits
    corner for to let Asad for shoots 1 2 3 4? Is no turn round? Asad is
    shoot Jag for no turn. Asad is for shoots Wafen is fo rno turns. Is kill
    1 no for anybody turns. Is kill 2 is nobody for to turn? Is kill 3! Is
    anybody turns? NO! LOL. so is fari is for 4 stupids enemy no for to turn
    round is all gets marks for to be stupids medal. Is Asad then for go to
    base for to protect. Is good idea. Is 5 enemy. Is for enemy for all to
    come for to have 5 gun for to shoots only 1 gun? NO! Is all stupids for
    to come 1 for 1! LOL. Is most stupids is Wafenstupids. Is have auto
    loader! Is not be fight for see for 5 minute. Is 100% is reload. Is no
    matter if amo rack damage or for to be gun damage is not shoot sfor 5
    minute so is for 100% loaded. so what is decide Wafenstupids is do? Is
    just to drive like stupids in front Asad gun. Is stop for to shoots 5
    shots for to kill Asad for to win game? NO! Is decide better idea is just
    for to drive in circle. Drive in fronts Asad gun for 2 minute but no
    shoots! LOLOLOL! Is what is think Wafenstupid? Is Bot player? Is just so
    to be so stupids is to forget is better for to shoots enemy? Is just
    thinks maybe is better for not shoots for to be nice friend? For maybe is
    forget is game for to shoots for to kill for win? Maybe Wafenstupids is
    think for game is call truce for to have draw? Claus is decide
    Wafenstupids should be award 3 marks for to be so stupids for to show on
    gun for next 100 game! I conculsion is for to be this. Is not winner who
    is to should be have only medal. Is loser is for who should be get marks
    for to be stupids on guns barrel for all team for to see. Is then when
    Asad play next game and for see Wafenstupids on team for have 3 marks for
    to be so stupids on gun Asad for should be allow for to team kill for free
    like for can team kill blue player. Is then be less stupids player in

  13. no acetanker?

  14. strange because when you play the ennemies are not so stupides .. go play
    lotto e5 :p

  15. I always wonder why so many artillery players just sit there and take it,
    instead of driving away once the enemy approaches …

  16. Honestly people, why carry HE ammo if you’re not gonna use them? @__@
    He coulda popped the gun shields on the waffles and one shotted the

    Tense moments are not a good reason to not use your brain v__v
    Le uber sigh…

  17. Bashar al-Assad

  18. guys, what to do when i want to see when im spotted?

  19. Kills his own people for a hobby, plays wot in his freetime, using American
    tanks. wut

  20. El Halluf has probably turned into one of my favorite maps since the north
    has been changed. I actually go north every time no matter what tank I am
    in, except light tanks maybe. Having gun depression does help a lot though.

  21. I’m jealous of this guy’s damage rolls. I couldn’t get damage rolls like
    that in my ST-I (which had 40 higher alpha, mind you). 

  22. Lol Assad spreads freedome xD.

  23. and if the HE doesn’t pen?…stop finding things to complain about

  24. Impressive result and kill count, but he played pretty poorly towards the
    end, not using HE vs the WTFs, getting stuck between incoming TDs from
    three different directions… He was lucky indeed these tomatos didnt just
    roll in coordinated.

  25. Adam oynuyor yaa

  26. Great vid! Viva Assad!

  27. Why did he not get that much experience? did it have to do with him
    shooting at lower tier targets?

  28. B. Grfnhtnthfnhtnthffffff

  29. The E5 goes 37

  30. hello

  31. Hey QuickyBaby, greetings from Mexico.
    Any RHM review coming soon?
    Best regards

  32. I always get below damage rolls, i just hate when i do like 300 damage with
    Soviet 122 mm guns

  33. Holy shit that mousing tracking, he needs a new mouse or mouse pad

  34. well now these positions are going to be camped so hard but i have to say
    that game was awesome

  35. frustating time with the repair kit 6:54

  36. The T57 is the top of the american food chain imo, while I love the E5 and
    wouldn’t trade it for anything the 57 can just punish it so easy so long as
    you know where to shoot.

  37. 1365 isn’t an awful player, i supposed. but considering all the games that
    quicky has thrown up from ‘red’ wn8 players…assad made way more mistakes
    than some of his ‘red’ wn8 player counterparts. if he wasn’t in a tier 10
    tank, and guaranteed to be top tier every match, and in a largely tier 8-9
    match, with a tank like the t110e5, there is no way I could see him winning
    with that kind of outcome in most any other matchup

  38. Yourneighbor Johnhinkins

    He could have done much better using HE on the last 4 remaining
    targets…the WT, rhm, arty, and finished the AT15, arty would have been a
    one shot and because and the tds would have been crippled

  39. Murica!

  40. Gahhh Assad why! 🙁

    You uploaded your 9k Damage in the T110E5 the same day I uploaded mine.
    This was cooler than mine I suppose :P

  41. He’s using an aimbot.

  42. He clutched a lot of his shots from the looks of it. This was a very lucky
    game for _Assad

  43. wow he really put his mouse sensitivity really high. 

  44. Excuse me for my rather noob question, but does the markings on the tank
    have any meaning? I have seen a few tanks with marks on its guns. 

  45. Amazing high rolls in that game ,but some rather unluckyish misses… We’ll
    played , probably the greatest t11e5 game I’ve ever seen

  46. If there is no arty, go more to the center of that spot from the beginning,
    then you can go hull down, and not have to expose your hull. got a mastery
    in my centurion working that spot.

  47. Wyimaginowany Rewolwerowiec

    That hand shakes ;d

  48. Sweating for 11 kills nerd!

  49. i think you mean 113? :p and not 121 :p

  50. I love my t110e5

  51. Sometimes you have to wonder what these people are thinking. Do they really
    think that works or are they just so dumb? Start using your brain in this

  52. QuickyBaby, can you pls do a Elc Amx review? :)

  53. “Went aggressive against Assad… but it wasn’t to be” – Quickybaby manages
    to ’bout sum up the Syrian Civil War. 

  54. I’m sorry, but wat is wn8?

  55. Great game, my only criticism is there was no use of HE and assad had many
    opertunities to punish soft targets like the rhm/waffle auf and the arty at
    the end. This total neglect of HE could have very easily resulted in assad
    lossing the game, I think alot of experienced e5 drivers would agree with
    me. But he got away with it and he did well nonetheless. Nice one 🙂 

  56. When QuickyBaby says T110E5, I always hear and understand T125. :P

  57. almost get motion sickness while watching this video. Lower the mouse
    sensitive for god sake

  58. whoa this footage is a bit shaky lol why is this player always shaking :S

  59. All luck no skill

  60. Vs players that leave their back uncovered and players that dont know where
    to shoot ( tomato team ). Grats on medal, but assad’s gameplay wasnt that

  61. Love the t110e5 but the T95 will always be in my heart

  62. Wow this is all the more impressive when you consider how underpowered the
    E5. I am very impressed.

  63. Frontally this tank is teh beast. Provided you can make them miss that
    tumor on top or wiggle it about, its going to be tough to take you on. It
    took me a little while to understand that you CANNOT side-scrape with this
    thing whatsoever lol 😛

    Great effort, great game. I can only wish I had been doing so well xD
    Lately even when I poke my nose out at the start I am getting absolutely
    vaporized. My recent stats are total crap cause of this lol. Some times
    you just cant help being shitty.

    No criticisms of this from me, phenomenal effort!

    Spaghettioz NA server. Like most I am a totally average player at best. I
    am jealous as hell of guys who play 30k games and have 60%+ stats lol 😛 

  64. So you cant play wot ina tear 10 if you dont have premium acc? Only 15k for
    9500 dmg… I know he shot alot but still

  65. The channel named ‘World ot Tanks Best Replay’ uploads same replays.

  66. why is their only the airchair critics commenting on every little thing he
    did for didn’t do wrong, i mean jeeze just enjoy the replay, he won it in
    the end and very deservedly.

  67. Why in that kind of situation i Always face E100 or FV ? x)

  68. @Khristophoros1001 they show excellence in a tank above 65% 85% and 95%


  70. that position he went first is a position let my Tiger did 4300

  71. I wonder how many people have posted that this guy should of done this or
    that instead. yet they never post a game where they get 12 kills. its
    amazing how good players are in forums, yet don’t come up with the goods in
    game. oh that’s right, its because everyone else is an idiot,noob, tomato
    on their team. 

  72. If you only knew about na server matchmaking. If only you knew.

  73. dont like the bots or antideports you dont controlating te tank

  74. no mastery lol that sucks

  75. I usually do agree that players win an epic match with good skill and some
    luck, but really…….this guys is just lucky to get all those kills (not
    saying that he won the game with no skill). Its like his teammates prepared
    all those one-shot tanks for him at the North East lol 

  76. is it just me or does this replay and the t95 1v8 replay both include the
    REL T34 player?

  77. 9:41 he bounced a shot

  78. This was an awesome replay QB. I have an e5 and suck in it so bad, I just
    can’t deal with having that tumor on the top of the tank (I’ve had plenty
    of games where I just get shot there 5 times in a couple of seconds and
    die). But its really nice to see a person doing really really well in this
    tank, it makes me know that I can still improve and start to enjoy it a lot
    more. Thanks again QB!

  79. Lol @ his name.

  80. u said his name wrong.. its ass-ad 

  81. QB never respects the 113

  82. QB, show the M48A1 SPREADING FREEDOM replay as well :)

  83. ой,против нубов играет,и выигрывает.Какая радость

  84. Very good game. He has used the hulldown and dmp nicely, but on the end of
    the game he should try reloading HE shells for RHM and WT. I like this game
    and it was well played.

  85. 2 waffels, HE ? – No !

  86. hey QuickyBaby that was me in the Pershing
    . I don’t have the top gun or turret on it yet, just the engineztracks and
    I sucked out that game

  87. Michał Arciszewski

    Epileptic game style!

  88. I love that position with tanks like the Centurions/T30. And it is kinda
    arty save.

    Nice game tot watch in my favorite T10 tank.
    Most players would have pushed on after winning the corner, but he was
    smart enough to go back. Gj.

  89. He played well, but you can tell it’s not an EU server. Artillery didn’t
    even try to shoot him while crossing the valley, even though he knocked
    over several objects. And the fact that they didn’t try to rush him at the
    end was a bit fail game from the enemy. Probably too much pressure on

  90. KiritoDoes Everything

    dude do some amx 50 b videos

  91. That was quite impressive,well done to him

  92. Why didnt he fire HE at the WTs??

  93. Dooode, this was lucky.
    Really lucky, high rolls and bounces..idk but lucky is lucky.

  94. Nice replay. He’s lucky but you need luck to do epic battle like that.

  95. Awesome!

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