World of Tanks || T110E5 vs Erlenberg

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Today I’m taking the always consistent T10 American Heavy tank, the T110E5, through its paces on Erlenberg!

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World of Tanks is a 2 Play which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. Nice vid. Started to watch replays like yours after my friend showed me wot
    for the first time. Now one year later, I have followed you since one year
    back, I love you and W.o.t!??

  2. all video are versus red players…I wanna c a replay when u fight vs a
    full purple and blue team to see then how u play :))) all are pro vs red

  3. Μεθενίτης Γεώργιος

    I really thing that you are a great player however in this case your
    strategy for defending in Erlenberg really is not the best. You have to
    thank WoT god for the enemy team you had against in this battle as the
    better way to attack in assault mode in Erlenberg is to go east, and here
    all of the enemy tanks went west. Why go east? Because there is no chocking
    point, as the bridge or the river, to the enemy base. If in this game you
    had 10 enemy tanks to the east and only 5 west then you would see eastern
    flank fall fast and you wouldn’t be able to do nothing about it. After
    that, as the enemy caped your base, you would have to pass the chocking
    points to defend but as you can understand they would defend their caping
    teamates from the positions you told at the end. Even if you won the
    western flank you would propably be to late to reach your base from the
    other two bridges that will propably be defended from tanks on the hill of
    the eastern flank. This tactic is proven and never let me down. As for the
    assault mode is great. It makes a better game as one team must attack and
    not stay back. Espesially for Erlenberg, that if the battle is in stantar
    mode and the 2 teams decide to win their flank first, it soon becomes a
    camping game. Then may the most patient win.

  4. The E5 is a nightmare from the front. Except for the sides of the lower
    plate the armor is just incredible.

  5. Thorbjørn Christensen

    your pronouncing waffenträger wrong as always dont roll on the “r” xD

  6. can u drive out the maus

  7. can u drive out the maus

  8. Waffentrager Auf. E-100

    Ehm… Please do other tanks, *Cough* Waffentrager Auf. E-100 *Cough*

  9. @quickybaby when are you going to stop playing Armored Warfare and doing
    videos on it?! Oh, never because you’re paid by wargaming forgot!

  10. Deactivated assault after sand river changes. Biggest load of bollocks.
    Attackers won every round if they went on the ridge

  11. I didnt know thet ISU 152 is heavy.

  12. 7k in the e5 is like a 1 in 10 game….

  13. i just managed to get a KOLOBANOV’S medal for standing aginst 10 tanks and
    recieved a pools medal and also a high caliber medal. by far my best game
    in the German VK 36.01 (H) @quickybaby

  14. I turn off assault merely because I am a very aggressive player (Quite
    good, mind you,) and find that assaults tend to be really campy.

  15. yes please more assault games,because you need to have a good plane before
    playing so it involves thinking

  16. hi i love your videos they are the best .
    i hope you stay good .
    thanks for doing these videos .

  17. Where can I get the mode pack that QuicklyBaby is using?

  18. I stopped playing heavy tanks because games are ruined by cancer spg

  19. Idk maybe it’s me, but when he says
    T110E5, he sounds like he is saying

  20. i just hope WG didn’t nerf T110e5 again

  21. what if the enemy push the east side?..
    that happened to me once, when only 5(3 tanks+2arty) def the east and a
    bunch of enemy meds and heavy push that side…
    and of course we lost that game…

  22. WG was finally overwhelmed by “Russian bias” whiners that they decided to
    make T110E5 totally broken/OP now… there’s absolutely NO point in playin’
    any other tier 10 heavy tank, since the E5 currently has the best
    outplay-meh of all tier 10 heavies!!

  23. How does the t110e5 compare with the is-7?

  24. I just recently (1 week ) ago activated the Assault mode and instantly got
    Karelia assault went in the middle with my Comet did 3.6k Damage.

  25. how many years have you been talking about this game every fucking day?
    what the FUCK is wrong with you? I played this game for a few months and
    got bored… here you are years later… you’re fucking mad, and you even
    go into depth about the game? some sort of insanity really, STFU and play
    something else… or is it all about the cash? WG pays you or something?
    whatever the case you’re pretty gross

  26. i hate the assault game mode

  27. Thank you for the run down of the map, I am never quite sure where to go
    once we start getting over ran, until now at least!

  28. why have you been posting so much recently?

  29. Umm last time I checked the ISU wasn’t a heavy tank QB

  30. 5:33 “soviet heavy tank” LOL. Jingles effect!

  31. next tier 8 prem will be a soviet heavy with bl10 confirmed. thanks
    quickybaby. lol “tier 8 heavy isu152″

  32. Joshua Boehm (Warrior56)

    Guys ISU-152 is now a heavy tank, QB says so :3

  33. QB whats the mod you use for your damage counter next to the tank icon in
    the bottom left on the screen? I am trying to complete HT 15 and I thought
    it would help me achieve it. Thanks! Keep it up!

  34. ok, Qbaby, it’s time for a new intro. Keep up the good work.

  35. such a cool-looking tank, can’t wait to get it, just gotta grind my way
    though the stumbling block that is the m103

  36. Can we start seeing OTHER tanks? All we see is the same tanks in rotation
    along with new ones. Would be nice is all I’m saying. Jingles is doing the
    same. Probably has about 7 videos of the Pz2J

  37. what free look mod do you use QB?

  38. Some maps are suited for Assault, some are not. I know almost all games
    weigh on having proper coordination, but Assault is the game that *heavily*
    needs coordination, with or without arty.

  39. I have the Assault and encounter modes switched off in WoT as I feel like
    the playerbase on those modes is of much lower quality and lower my win
    percentage. This is on the NA server by the way.

  40. isu = heavy tank

  41. I really enjoy the assault game mode. But i deactivated it again because
    there are too few maps into rotation for this mode. The game kept putting
    me on karelia over and over again which really fed me up…

  42. This tank is now broken!

  43. Is it only me, or would it be nice with more map (for different maps)
    analysis of key postions for differnt types of vehicles? i think this was

  44. Took me almost an entire line to at least be good at WoT…got my first
    tier 9 (M103) btw! woohooo……hello?….ok :(

  45. Really appreciate at the end how you explained what you would do if the
    battle hadn’t gone as planned. As a “green” player, this is one of the key
    things that I need to work on, and that helps a lot.

  46. What do you call a class about Russian Tank Destroyers?


  47. Guys ı have a replay on quickybabys site but its from 9.10 patch. Do you
    know how can ı watch it?Do ı have to install older patch?

  48. Does anyone else think the E100 needs a pen buff

  49. Luis Francisco Rosas Leal

    cant see this nether in my ipad nor in my inspiron 5558

  50. and what you thing about 113

  51. quickybaby what is your favorit tier ten heavy tank on the game

  52. ISU-152 a Tier 8 Heavy Tank?…… nice one Qb :)

  53. So, for those who have this tank and the FV215b, which do you prefer? I
    just got the 215b a few days ago, and it’s rapidly becoming my favorite
    tank in the game. The gun is a freakin’ sniper rifle mounted onto a tank
    with incredible ROF, aim time, and accuracy. I do know the armor isn’t as
    good though, except on the turret, and it does get set on fire a lot.
    However, I don’t have the T110E5, and was wondering what people think is
    the better tank

  54. I played the FV215b and absolutely fell in love with the gun. However the
    armor was a bit…meh. The T110E5 really covered for the weaknesses of the
    FV. The gun isn’t that bad and I quickly learned that I can still pull of
    shots similar to the FV. So I love it more than ever

  55. this map needs to be changed

  56. 5:32 Jingles mode alert! lel

  57. The t110e5 is pretty much broken right now. It’s basically an is7 turret,
    with good mobility, hardest to pen hull out of the tier 10 heavies, and a
    fantastic gun. After the turret was buffed, the only thing you can do when
    you see a hull down E5 is go somewhere else. You can’t pen it, using gold
    or not.

  58. I have assult activated but i always get karelia!

  59. Charles Lawrence III

    Why the heck was quicky running 12 heat rounds?!? That makes no sence

  60. 5:36 Does that look like a heavy?

  61. Well 7k dmg is easy in that tank 😀
    This game wasn’t special :)

  62. Aaron elliott-gratton

    How is the stb-1 review coming on?

  63. I thought IS-7 is broken, and then they (over)buffed E5.

  64. why did not you shot HE on the Waffenträger

  65. why did not you shot HE on the Waffenträger

  66. Borring game borring tank.. Meh

  67. Can you do some videos on different tanks, like the is7 wz 111 14 or any of
    the chinese

  68. Let Quickybaby fight a team full of Wts auf Pz.4/E100. Just imagine it

  69. Coud you give exclusive video about how to take out e5 ( now it looks like
    it is imposible ) and i mean.. with traning room exsamples. not what data

  70. Thank you for showing where and when to pull back properly!

  71. T110E5 need back its weakpoint at least weaken it to like E4 level soo
    superior and badly OP now. Frontally close to Maus tank level still move
    like a slower medium just ridicolous overhyped by devs. The joke that even
    lower plate is soo overpowered that even 250+ pen gun cant pen it
    reliably soo basically with these patches devs want us to buy gold ammo lot
    more often than used to be spending more time on grinding for money. The
    game moving on a very greedy way to get cash making more and more OP tanks
    then nerf them to hell then buff them again to be godlike like what
    happened to E5. The Pz. II Ausf. J is a perfect example buy tons of gold to
    get a total OP tank for “free” what cant be used without gold but if you
    dare to use gold then you lose money.

  72. I have assault mode disabled. Reason: it sucks!

  73. germen tank destroyer the best

  74. QB its not Erlenberg its Derpenberg

  75. Konrad “Keanel” Regiec

    What is better to use on T110E5 as a equipment: vents or coated optics?

  76. Hey QB, i’ve noticed that your voice in these videos are really quiet,
    every time i watch one of your videos i have to power up the volume to the
    max on the video, and the computer volume level to be able to hear you :/
    just my grain of sand

  77. Why is the audio so low?

  78. e5 is only a noob tank

  79. You still dont have T92? :D

  80. Derpenburg!

  81. I don’t really get what do you mean when you say the rim is weaker it’s as
    thick as the upper part

  82. Hey quicky, could you maybe use free camera to explain things when there is
    less action going on? I feel like I’m missing out somewhat when you’re
    putting in shots and the camera is away looking at the map, great video as

  83. The sea of red in every replay QB posts nowadays… Playing with top tier,
    op heavy tank against very bad players in one of the worst camping maps in
    the game. It was clear from the beginning how this game would turn out…

  84. TheMMOpotato Rahtye

    3:00 Snoop Dogg guided your shot :3

  85. 5:33 When did the ISU became a tier 8 heavy tank..

  86. hey QB ,,,there is Brave soviet heavy tank ISU 152 ???? …and before u
    said to amx 30 that it is leopard …..keep some hollydays or what …just
    get chill from WOT :D

  87. Did he say isu teir 8 russian heavy lol

  88. This tank is so op… the is7 can’t do anything against him

  89. Your videos are useful providing tactics at top package and identifying
    weak spots. Could you begin incorporating tips on getting through the
    grind? For example, I purchased the M103, the Conqueror and the E75 a week
    or two ago. I absolutely HATED the E75 until I managed to unlock the top
    cannon, and I’m still having a hell of a time with the other two: need
    another 100,000 for best cannon in M103 and another 80,000 for Conqueror.
    Thank you for the consideration

  90. Your mods developed bugs.

  91. pls ,when will u make a video with results of that art ,,competition,, ?
    thx for answer :)

  92. Like my comm coz i wan’t that :D

  93. please dont use the free camera so often! i want so see your shots and the
    angeling. (excuse the mistakes) thanks :)

  94. Ferdinand or jpanther2?

  95. I find that assault games are not played well, I don’t need another kick in
    the sack from this game.

  96. “There’s a brave tier eight Soviet heavy tank the ISU-152″

  97. I just lost a 3k damage game in blitz at tier 5 because I was heroically
    circling a kv1 for a kolobanovs medal( or however you spell it) and I
    lagged out and ran into a wall….

  98. 215b competitive? since when?

  99. Would be awesome to see a game you played, showing exactly what you
    described about pulling back into better positions…just to see.

  100. QB 2015
    5:30 there’s a brave tier 8, soviet Heavy Tank(Kappa) ISU-152

  101. Love this video QB keep it up!

  102. I deactivated assault because its unbalanced in my opinion. for example
    karelian (maye writen wrong) 80% of the games get win by the defenders
    because the most of the attackers dont know how to attack the base in the
    right way

  103. you wear t-shirt in december?? i think its so hot in your room :)

  104. Can someone help me to do the arty missions? 13-14 for the 1st tank

  105. “Great armor” “well rounded” bla bla bla… Its just op at the moment, say
    it out straight.

  106. QB… y u no use HE vs those damn Waffles.. i ALWAYS kill their gunner and
    knock out the gun within 2 shots

  107. ive seen this game on stream :3

  108. I prefer assault mode on Karelia, more fun.

  109. I don´t like assault – so it´s not activated.
    Because if you have to attack on assault, you have 2 disadvantages:
    – you have to attack and have the weaker positions
    – the time runs against you – time´s out – you gonna loose

    That´s it.

  110. this vid demonstrates the value you add to ‘our game’. Coaching us mediocre
    players to be better will only make the game more interesting for everyone
    as we all get better, cheers QB…

  111. 1. Yay, I’ve seen this tank on the stream.
    2. This thing is still too OP.

  112. Martijn van Bokhoven

    Maybe you’re unaware, but you do not have to pronounce ‘Auf’ in all the
    German tank descpription. Auf is short for Ausfuhrung which translates to
    model. It’s therefore redundant to pronounce because you immediatly after
    mention the model number like for example E100 or IV. It’s like constantly
    saying Centurion Model 7.1 and Panzer Model IV, instead of just Centurion
    7.1 and Panzer IV.

    However, I do not blame you but Wargaming for the terrible translation and
    inconsistency in naming the different tank models.

  113. QuickyBaby, get a 1440p monitor so you can upload 1440p videos

  114. Hey man I need some help. I’m trying to run with the t37 and I just can’t
    do it. I don’t know the spots, I don’t have the right timing I think, and I
    just can’t win with it. Can you give a tanker some advice?? I know you get
    this a lot.

  115. QB, do you mean Derpenberg?

  116. #Derpenberg

  117. T110E5 needs a buff to the DPM of its gun tho… Anybody agree with that?

  118. i just got my star on xbox 360 does it do anything?

  119. can someone help me to get the damage received/blocked meter like qb
    thanks in advance

  120. how free camera works in wot?

  121. the tank Dev for wot has a favourite tank…and its the e5…so bs that
    they can make their favourite tanks OP

  122. Brave tier 8 heavy tank the ISU-152?

  123. why the fuck is screen tripping out whenever i watch your videos ?!

  124. What do you mean by tier for tier?? Are you saying that its bet heavy tank
    for tier 10 or are you relating it to pound for pound like in the UFC where
    its best tank/fighter over all the heavy tanks?

  125. I always switch off Assault, because I feel that it’s usually pretty
    one-sided towards the defending team.

  126. Hey QB, nice video here, when i saw you beeing so happy i actually made
    myself going up this line too. But i have a question. My fav tank of the
    game is the rhm.-borsig. And i havent seen you featuring this TD since the
    review you made a few years ago. So im asking you why your not giving this
    TD a chance to show how awesome it is by trying to figure out how to make
    the 15cm to work. My best game was 8.5k damage and around 6 kills. My crew
    is pretty good tho, my strategy is playing it more as a brawler, only
    really using its camo if i got to play other tanks in tense situation out.
    I also got a crew with eagle eye, dead eye, BIA and binox (im not even
    using camo net). Im playing it as a wrecking ball, destroying or killing at
    least 1-2 modules and crew members per shot, wich lead me to this insane
    round i had burning and ammoracking enemys. I would love to see you having
    fun with this TD again too. I would love to hear your opinion! Great video
    tho, keep it up ;). I would love to see the T110E5 in my garage too but im
    currently at the M6.

  127. i hate tanks that can only do one thing like brawling ( is3,is-7, etc)
    the tanks that i favour are jack of all trades. like the t110e5. you know
    not outstanding in 1 thing but good enough to do everything. m103 is a bit
    weak for a tier 9 heavy, t32 was just sooo situational. same can be said
    for t29.
    the german heavy line was fine but i hated the e75…the 128mm gun was
    crap. and dpm was just too low. the tiger 2 was great. it could snipe, dpm,
    side scrape, go hull down, had gun depression, view range, speed, for me
    that was the jack of all trades for tier 8. not great in one thing but good
    enough to do everything. the e100 kinda the same it has armor, big gun, and
    ooooookaaayisssh speed. but ehy t110e5 is gunah be my next tier x. but ffs
    i cant bare the m3 lee

  128. I totally disagree with your assesment of the tactical importance of your
    initial position. 1-2 skilled players will always take out that position.
    Take the left flank and defend the crossings.

  129. Oh, so THIS video will load. Fucking Youtube…I really wanted to watch
    yesterday’s review of the IS3A, but I couldn’t because, for some reason,
    the damn video wouldn’t load on anything other than 144p or 240p. But any
    other video I tried to watch, didn’t have a single problem.

  130. lucifer cerverus krianka

    Anyone owning this e05 respond ……..

    How often do you beast in it and does the 120mm feel underpowered at tier x

  131. Nr 60!

  132. the isu isn’t a heavy

  133. Why is that tank so easy to penatrate?? It’s a tier ten right?

  134. Isn’t T1 tier 1 light tank?

  135. Hopefully the T110E5 buff quiets the people screaming Russian Bias.

  136. Cna someone tell me what is the right wn8 scale? The one from QB or the one
    on Wotlabs website? Bcs on qbs i am yellow and on wotlabs website i am
    green lol.
    Ps: amazing video as always qb

  137. well gg wp but you were playing against noobs :/

  138. i cant watch the is-3a video but i can watch this! hats wrong?!

  139. Have he done all the 300k?

  140. +QuickyBabyTV I have assault turned off because of the amount of map
    knowledge tactics it requires from me and my team. I only play world of
    tanks occasionally, so it seems that by the time i get the hang of a newly
    released map they release another one. I don’t have the ability to learn
    how to play on every assault map too, since each map is played almost
    completely different from encounter and traditional versions of that map.
    The teams don’t either. As you mentioned, assault often results in a stomp,
    because in order to play it effectively it is required that a majority of
    your team has an idea about what they are doing.

  141. without arty vs red garbage braindead zombies … most boring wot video

  142. Dang, I’m early.

  143. Am I 13 mins too early to not get a reply from QB ? Psst, Love you QB :D

  144. That feeling when you spam refresh the YouTube sub page and you see a
    QuickyBaby video pop up!

  145. WoT is bullshit!!!! WarThunder 4ever!!! WG HP logic is great.,!

  146. too many battles about this tank (sorry for bad english)

  147. @QB, what premium tank would you pick if you didn’t need to train crew?

  148. E5 really needs nerf…its op

  149. You are doing a great job Quickybaby, keep up the good work. Hails from

  150. 5:32 soviet heavy tank isu-152?

  151. Allways a highlight of your vids when you say “Rheinmetall Waffenträger” –
    Greetings from Germany!

  152. I’ve got 7200 dmg block with this tank :DD

  153. Like for 69 Years of good luck!

  154. Atleast this video works. Not sure why yesterday’s video still won’t load.

  155. lol im from livestream

  156. I am early, let me make a joke

    Quickybaby is smart

  157. ^^ wow..the first time i can be so early like this time
    every of your vids is fantastic QB

  158. I m so fast

  159. Hmmm, you never disappoint

  160. Hey QB!!!

  161. Good replay keep up good work

  162. CDrunk “ItsJonaz” #1 Gaming


  163. Great video

  164. Im so early :PPPP

  165. third just saying

  166. Do you have assault activated? If so/not why?

    I’m LiveStreaming RIGHT NOW!

  167. second just saying

  168. First *just saying*

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