World of Tanks || T20 Tier 7, WN8 Heaven

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  1. tier 7 is probably the worst tier in the game, mostly because it sees tier
    9 A LOT which is arguably the best tier in the game.
    There are very few good tier 7 tanks and even those are hard to play
    against tier 9. Having said that, i did keep the comet and t29.

  2. The T20, my favorite tank in the game 🙂 I found that I did better at tier
    7 than I did at tier 6. (Krampus_CT)

  3. The thing I love most about the T20 is that in a tier IX game, it can be a
    scout if you need it to be. My T20 currently has ~25% camo when stationary
    and ~19.5% on the move without vents, BIA or cola (which improve the camo
    by improving the crew) and 50% camo on 4 of the 5 crewmen.

  4. Boom The Stealthy One

    Nice play nice vid nice clan woop woop if you wana join wot-uni start here.

  5. Richard Gustafsson

    Got 22k wn8 on B1, 1,8k dmg XD

  6. Tier 6 light tanks get crazy WN8

  7. I’m a 2k games beginner and I enjoy tier8 games for the teams being more
    reliable than in lower tiers

  8. I think the wn8 is based on the world of tanks community, so basically if
    everyone else sucks in a T20 and you are the one who is actually good in
    it, It’s way easier to get better results than the average world of tanks
    player gets in that tank. And that’s a completely different story with the
    t29, lets be honest, its an overpowered tank, every one is good in it.
    that’s why u need to do so much more in order to get that sweet wn8, even
    though wn8 doesn’t really matter :))

  9. The T20 is the only tier VII medium I have kept.

  10. oh i can assure you that there is nothing special about tier 7 mm. i had to
    stop grinding in my comet cause i was getting a lot of t8 and t9 games as
    well as i was getting my arse handed to me with ice cream and fruit

  11. vk 30.01p wn8 beast

  12. hey havoc, im a decent played with a most recent of 1800 WN8 and I tought
    it weuld have been fun to grind up the SU-100M1, but I cant seem to make it
    work regulairly any tips?

  13. A-44. Shotgun on a battering ram.

  14. WZ131 with the last 85mm gun for most DPM, so not the 100mm gun.

  15. M41 Bulldog anyone?

  16. Nice Vid.. Loved the T20 many moons ago as US meds were my 1st complete
    line, spot on with T7 always my fall back for some fun, comet and is2..
    Having learnt so much and going back to T7’s very easy to push damage of 2k
    plus and more than capable against T9’s…

  17. When I’m top tier i’m being chased by fv304s all the time

  18. I dont play T7 as I suck at it……….only play 5 and sometimes
    6……..kv1/s, vk30.1d ,M4a3A2 sherman jumbo with stock turret and durp
    gun and M4A3E8 sometimes the dickermax thats about it.I dont play that
    often anymore a few games before work and maybe 1 or 2 when I get home. I
    have gone back to never playing over the weekend

  19. type 62 1200 dmg 3k wn8

  20. WZ-131! absolute beast, great dpm, great camo and mobility!

  21. good advice ;o) – only tier 7 on a underpopulated server (NA) can end up in
    tier 9 games all the time – if this is the case – better not play them

  22. Showing what the good players do correctly, and what the new players need
    to learn.

    I haven’t played tanks in months but I still sub because the support is
    well deserved. Well done again.

  23. out of about 11k of my games 1k are from the t20

  24. 1. buy skorpion g
    2. pen 4-5 shots
    3. gg you are a unicum now

  25. Hello Sir Havoc, I am curious, what is your personal opinion on the
    Crusader Tier 5 British light tank?
    Did you enjoy playing it like an actual tank or did you free ex your way to
    the Cromwell?

  26. Will be buying back my T-20….But my T-29 is my best overall stat padder,
    Wn8, exp, and win %.

  27. Tier 7….I love my vk45.03. Love the comet. The T-20 always hold that
    special place in my heart. Also, the SU-100M1 is a great padder.

  28. t43 has quite low expected wn8 dmg.

  29. panther, tiger I. especially tiger I. the more people are bad in a tank,
    the easier it is to get a high wn8. btw, I found a comet with its top gun
    platooned with a T20 with its top gun is a great mix. One has a punchy gun
    with decent alpha, the other delivers the sustained fire

    in one battle I was so distracted I forgot I was in a T20 and thought it
    was a T29. Didnt bounce many shots, but I got a lot of damage done

  30. Nice vid Sir Havoc!
    Always felt more at home on tier 7, thanon tier 8. But the MM you speak off
    6 months ago was as non consistent as ever imo. So dunno if that actually
    changed off late?
    T20 wise I do not fully agree with your statement that the T20, with the
    90mm, is balanced in the current meta with it’s 1597 dpm (lowest). It could
    use a tiny little bit of DPM love, like almost all older t7 and 8 mediums.
    Another option would be, like WG has done with the T23E’s M1A1 76mm gun. To
    globally buff all M1A1 76mm instances to 149mm pen. This would give options
    between a functional 76mm dpm gun with adequate pen on and a higher alpha
    option. That’s two flies in one squat and would help the Easy8 back in the
    fold as well.

  31. Nat “Biglo2” McC

    AMX 13 75 was pretty good for wn8 as well. It’s because no one likes tier 7
    and everyone sucks in them causing the WN8 multiplyer to go up

  32. Hi I confirm Kv 13 increases my WN8 as well

  33. Good vid Mr. Havoc

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