World of Tanks – T20 – Unicum Teaches how to Gold Spam on Tundra

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Source: LemmingRush

Hope you enjoyed. Thumbnails will be shitty for a while as my photoshop prescription has run out. Oh well

If you want me to feature a replay yours for wednesday, email me the wotreplays link.


  1. Nice game play, I quite like this map it can be more open just not at
    higher tiers it seems

  2. love that ending then..Bags2247 NA

  3. just to check what’s the apcr pen value for the t20?

  4. How I play World of Tanks

    Spam gold = good game….. ?

  5. WG really should limit the goldammo to max. one DPM per tank. This shit is
    getting insane -.-

  6. Amen on Tundra being shit. Though I think it’s crap for fixed TD’s too.

  7. How does the T20 stack up for its tier compared with other medium
    peek-a-booms like the Ravioli, WZ-120 and T-34-3? Everyone keeps telling me
    it’s garbage.

  8. God bless merican apcr

  9. Great video as always!!!

  10. ImNotMad_ImDisappoint

    WOOOOWW You play vanics account but not mine ROOD!!111

  11. I aways go hill because i find hill wins 90% of the time

  12. “A lot of people have trouble with tundra because its a shit map.”

  13. Epic ending

  14. Thanks for doing the t20! 🙂 I will definitely try something like that but
    with my luck they’ll probably push me :/ anyway, this was very helpful and
    I’m glad you listen to your viewers ;)

  15. Do you usually play without mods or did you just turned mods off in the
    replay version ?

    other question: if you dont brawl the hill with something as fragile but
    mobile as the T20 then is there any tank you would actually recommend
    playing there?


    great video..on my way to get the t20 so this should help a lot

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