World of Tanks || T25 Pilot Number 1 – is it Worth it?

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– T25 Pilot Number 1. Today I’m previewing the upcoming T8 tank, the T25 Pilot Number 1, which will be available as a mission marathon reward.

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  1. NDA was just lifted on this tank hence the late night release! Hope you enjoy the preview 🙂

    We’ll have to wait and see what kind of hoops Wargaming will get us to jump through to pick up this tank for “free”!

  2. the weakness of the t25 is the ^Francis Ford Coupolla XD

  3. Nice Tank

  4. dat armored warfare inspiring wg to make more prem tanks, old tanks with new camo/paintjob sigh

  5. Isn’t this tank a t25/2 with a different turret

  6. Yes,it is worth it
    Because you are going to get a free tank

  7. StefannoThe Conqueror
  8. Wher are you from?

  9. Does the super pershing have premium matchmaking?????

  10. in a few years we will have even premium maps

  11. Hi QB,
    a very nice video, now we know what we are getting into with these missions!

    I couldn’t help but notice that your XVM hitlog says “dead” behind the tanks every time. I had the same problem in this patch and found the line in the config to fix it an get the kill markers back. Do you need help with it or are you aware of it and will fix it yourself? I’m happy to offer help if needed! ^^

    Greetings from Berlin!

  12. Sigh… i just completed the first mission and due to being stuck in tier 5’s and 6’s (aka bishop and M6) I had a win ratio of like 30-40% due to lemming train kv-1’s and churchills

  13. this is my favorite asmr channel

  14. Is this an EU only? B/c I’m not seeing anything about this tank or missions on the Na server.

  15. He missed out of the 10degrees all round gun depression..? Right?

  16. @quickybaby will it be on North american server?

  17. A dislike for the Tank, not for the informative video. Thanks

  18. guys do you think there will be specific tank class missions becouse i dont have any heavies or TDs?

  19. PoisoningShadow671

    Gotta love how this is the early predecessor to the M26 Pershing while develooing a replacement to the Sherman, yet has the same tier as it.

    This thing in terms of technological design, should be a tier 7. (With the stats adjusted accordingly)

  20. So, as an American Tier 8 Medium with almost no armor, sounds like you would need to bplay it like a French “medium tank” looks like an interesting tank, but not really sure we need another “Premium tank” in the game at that tier, really. Would rather see WG begin to fill out the French tank lines, Chinese, Japanese and even the Polish tank lines.

  21. You know a year back i would have said “That looks like a decent prem Tank i might grind the Missions”. Today i say not worth my time for grinding when almost ever other recently introduced or buffed prem is a million times better (aka Patriot, AMX M4 49, Scorpion, Defender, STA 2, M4A1, and so on)

  22. WG are doing a really good job at getting new tanks out, but it doesnt make the game any more attractive due to lack of map options…

  23. Anyone else doing  it for a free garage slot ?

  24. I dare you to try this tank on Prokhorovka/Malinovka

  25. just gonna sell it for the silver plus I need the silver

  26. lol qb i knew that i was playing against u in this game

  27. is this a regular premium or a money-making premium?

  28. What exactly is the terrain resist? Or what does it do?

  29. i think its a shity tank

  30. This tank would have been fine a year ago. Now that there are Libertes, Defenders and Patriots driving around you can barely make a profit because you just have to load gold or go home.

  31. well seen and got the patriot and fv4202 but a free tank if you have the time just to say you have it

  32. Ślązak Grzesiek

    Now that will be only food for OP Defenders… even on gold…

  33. What the fuck another American premium tank.if ur going to put premium sin do it to the Japanese of brits

  34. that tank is rubbish, ru 251 is x10 is x10 better in all ways

  35. mate, I drive a centurion. lack of armour is sort of my deal

  36. 8:55 Yep, NO detection-checkpoints on that part of the tank… In fact, the checkpoints cover only half of the tanks volume so one can, with careful angling stick up to 1/8th of the tank around the corner and still not be seen!!

  37. The sad thing is, this is a balanced prem, how it should be. Its not very good, nor very bad.
    That means we all should buy this instead of liberfuckingtes and kickassdefenders.

  38. Aivaras Andrijonas

    T25 pilot is almost same as T25/2, just have better mobility, better turret traverse and better gun. This makes him like a real medium tank

  39. this review is not objective! .. try again without so many crew skills and drop that cola you WG’s slave.

  40. Gasp, it’s NOT another OP Soviet Heavy or a German Sniper TD! Woohoo!

    I’m curious to see what the missions will be.

  41. Federico Di Liberto

    meanwhile in console we got the t23e3 stand alone bundle

  42. How do you get those test accounts?

  43. Maxlord67 | World of Tanks & Fun

    hey QB i have a question shoud i but the T 34 3 or the pilot for info i have the m46kr pls anwser me thx

  44. Silly QB FV4202 struggles even when its top tier let alone bottom tier.

  45. Thanks Quicky

  46. how i can get a account like this?

  47. This week is exam week for me. Great. A perfect prem tank for me (I love american meds) and I won’t be able to get it.

  48. T 25 pilot?

    All my friends are heathens taking gold…
    Wait for them to penetrate your haul.

  49. Hopefully the missions wont be that hard as they were at th t44-100 those were impossible. I really hope to get this tank

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