World of Tanks || T26E3: Eagle 7 – Tank Review

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Source: QuickyBaby

of Tanks – T26E3 Eagle 7. Today we’re looking at an upcoming premium American medium tank, the T26E3 Eagle 7!


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  1. Search up “Tank duel Cologne” on YouTube if you want the REAL footage of this tank destroying a Panther tank. It’s very interesting

  2. Can people stop saying it’s armour means something. Its the same as a stock Pershing, so ~130mm effective on ufp, and 100-130mm on the turret apart from the edges of the mantlet being strong. While qb was talking about how good the armour is, he got penned 2/4 times in the turret by an e8 which has a whopping 128 pen, while the m4 shots were hitting his gun and the oi-exp was firing HE from the low calibre gun. Not even close to worth the big mobility sacrifice imo, maybe improve the terrain resistances a bit, or give it the upgraded pershing turret.

  3. And another turd produced by WG:)

  4. haha another premium medium

  5. Too slow and P/W is too bad

  6. Don’t listen to the haters Quickly. Keep doing what you do, because you do it well bud!

  7. This isn’t a “baby Pershing” or a “early variant” this IS the Pershing!!

  8. That Mm is a joke..

  9. It’s indeed amazing footage and makes you think about how brutal tank warfare was and is.

  10. Thumbs up for the video, Thumbs down for the tank… i don’t think i would waste the money on this unless you just want a piece of history in your garage.


    If anyone wanted to see that tank dual from WWII.

  12. They should have labelled this as a Tier 7 heavy.

  13. oh nice and i was waiting a video! i think they must add more tier 7 premiums is better to avoid the mm of tier 8s premiums against 10s and maybe is a way to make easyer credits

  14. Is everyone just forgetting that the t-29 exists..

  15. Total crap tank. Seems like all the Russians are OP, and everything else is crap.. Wait.. That’s called Russian Bias, isn’t it?

  16. It is 1:00 am.

  17. 5:54 Another Tuesday in World of Tanks

  18. BabyPershing.. Actually this is a real Pershing, with gameplay as it should be. I was waiting for something like that, because M26 from tech tree is an abomination (I mean its configuration not performance).

  19. Does anyone know where I can find the youtube video QB is talking about at 4:20? I wanna see this history channel video.

  20. you should compare the mobility of this tank vs the Super Pershing, witch one can win say a drag race across paris and back

  21. This tank is on the premium tech tree in blitz Xd

  22. I enjoy replays when you’re on bottom tier. They are more realistic with current MM.

  23. Hey Will, we’re all pulling for you, and we all love you….but you’re seriously phoning this shit in….nobody cares about tanks anymore. We seriously don’t. You need to find another way to make money…..soon, or you’re not going to make money anymore, at least not like this. Stand fast brother, and diversify……not even kidding. You’re money-making days are numbered man. You need to fix this, or you’re not going to be a thing on the internet one year from now. (Said by an internet marketing executive who knows what he sees, and understands, and is talking about.) I love you man. Diversify fast, or you’re dead. I’m serious.

  24. Tanks gg isn’t good anymore, you should have gone to team training and test mantlet

  25. this is a garbage tank the way it moves

  26. Last time I was watching a QB video this early, the WT auf E100 became French, lost it’s turret, gained mobility and lost 8mm on the gun caliber.

  27. So basically baby super Pershing.

  28. I won’t be buying this or anything from war gaming until they drop their prices. This ridiculous company has enough of my money. I’ll go buy a whole game for the price of this one tank. I don’t know how we got here. We only have ourselves to blame. If we had refused to pay these prices way back at the start of this games existence we’d all be paying way less now. It’s not like war gaming is actually creating anything here it’s just pixels.

  29. the footage qb was talking about

  30. VS High tiers is definitively more interesting video.

    Why is simple : MM+2 +80% of time by Wg, this tank doesn’t see T5/t6/t7 but MORE T9 again and again.

  31. How this tank can fight against the Defender????

  32. One day they might bring out a t8 premium TD. Besides the the one for the personal missions. FOr the americans that is

  33. note: the top tier gameplay was when his team carried it.

  34. Wargaming should stop shitting out more premium tanks

  35. Why do you like comet?? Its horrible!!!!!!!!!

  36. I think it’s a lot better if you lean towards being in the Lower Tiers in your replays since with your experience, being on the High Tier the enemy weak points in their tanks and lines are like a light bulb in a closet for you, If you’re lower tier you play properly and slower rather than face stomping on the 12 year olds but the lower skill levels are an average for EU and NA so it’s not much of a difference but it’s still very informative!

  37. People still play this game?

  38. I always like all of your video

  39. better show low tier mm, even showing loosing game after try-hard is realistic.

  40. no thx, dont want to buy that carpet…….

  41. AboveAverageGames !

    Is there a code for blitz?

  42. In answer the your question qb: I like a mix of match-up gameplay in particular for review vids.

    Top tier to show it shining, along with a lower tier to show how it can handle a ‘worst case’. Keep up the terrible content 😉

  43. At least it’s tier 7 because that tier seems to have the most balanced mm

  44. I just collect them, them and shermans

  45. Do you like my hat?

  46. This tank in game is bullshit

  47. On blitz it’s wonderful, but acts more like a light tank, the gun has a very good rate of fire, but 160-170 alpha. It’s also extremely fast and more like a comet.

  48. But the armour blocks nothing

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