World of Tanks || T26E4 Super Pershing – Tank Review

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – T26E4 Super Pershing. Today I’m reviewing the T8 American medium the T26E4 Super Pershing, one of the cheapest premiums in the game that earns big credits.

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World of Tanks is a online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. The Satifactory Meat Stick Of Your Very Doom And While You Were Reading This I Stole Your Meats

    Such an underrated tank. Too many idiots who can’t use it.

  2. AMX 50 100 review please !

  3. still nothing about the 300K contest you put out. SO many people made logos
    and intros for you, and you’re just ignoring them. GG (I do apologise if
    you actually put a word out that you’ve cancelled it, but I didnt catch it)

  4. the Super P in money farming BEAST

  5. what can i do?

  6. Im A Box Growtopia

    fcm 50t or super pershing?


  8. im using SP for 1 year, it did a good job for make a credit. a pro player
    could done the best SP playstyle though.

    and what i love is…sounds of bounchieee shoot ####

    #skor: 7/10
    Good enough but…it is slow. lol

  9. Mattwrigglesworth Worm

    I`m finding the teams to very one sided at the moment, one team seems to
    smash the other all the time now.

  10. that was barely a d move. the sociopath nature of most players on the na
    server is why i cannot play this game any more. a friend and i did a 50
    game study and found over 80% of the matches had lopsided matchmaking in
    regards to player stats, platoons. all but a few of the games were
    overturned by the weaker team.

  11. I have a question for QB and the mighty jingles well I can’t help but
    notice that you guys have been doing tank reviews for a long time and my
    point is that dont u think these review are very old so don’t u think that
    it would be a good idea to go back and redo it because some of ur stats is
    way out of date for instance jingles is7 video yes the tank is strong yes
    is still well armored but that review did not show it versing all these
    guns with overpowered 420 pen and huge slabs of armor that can auto bounce
    any gun in the game, that just wasn’t available at the time , the main
    point to this is that I won’t up to date information and I know its hard to
    stay up to speed but could u just rereview the tanks we all love and won’t
    to see that its still fresh.

  12. Awesome tank..

  13. QB You should check out the game No Mans Sky coming in June, you may be
    interested in it.

  14. KV-5 has worst pen at 167 so…you are wrong to say the SP has the worst
    pen on ap on any T8-10 :)

  15. Hi Quicky, Is this test server or what kind of support items were you
    using? … Cause my T26E4 or what ever tanks I got never have such amounts
    of large experiences like that … O.o

  16. I dont like superpershing. I think better to buy SU 122 44 or T34

  17. “only 7200 gold”,he says…

  18. finally QB, was waiting for this! thx btw

  19. Steffen Mikkelsen

    after the relatively resent speed/mobility buff, its alright

  20. At 1st. I play the SP since 2012. It was my first premium tank and i still
    love it. The nerv didnt do anythink about.

    BUT. Pls, before you try to sell this tank for WG talk to them about the
    cheat-problem. My clan is about to be stopping to play any kind of
    team-battles bc of the stupid cheating. Some of my mates are about to stop
    playing at all bc of this.

    I am playing 7 days a week and i see it everywhere. Most extrem it is on

    There was a game i got shot 4 times and everytime it was the ammorack. 1st
    ammorack i repaired, 2nd ammorack i repaired, 3rd ammoreck, 4th ammorack
    with turret blowup. Then i talked to the cheater – he just says yes he is
    cheating and it is much fun… yeah thx, much fun… after 3 of this
    battles our team stopped playing this evening. And we got many of this kind
    of battles. THIS IS NO FUN AT ALL!

    SO PLS JUST TALK TO WG!!! or this game will find a soon end.

    Sorry for bad english!

  21. ‘Super Pershing has the lowest penetration of any tier 8, 9 or 10 tank’
    Bzzzt! Wrong! No prize for you, Quicky! KV-5 has, in fact, lower
    penetration at 167mm!

  22. Drummercommander

    WG forgot to buff the AP rounds…

  23. I like the tank, wigle your turret, face the enemy, RUSH B
    But sereusly the pen has to be buffed

  24. 11:10 it’s not the T10 it’s the 110 God Damit

  25. I always want to get SPershing. Especially after that Unica guide. This
    video also adding several details that Unica Guide skipped (like that MG
    port, need to try that).

    It just… i don’t know. Most of my friends doesn’t give high opinion about
    this tank either. So yeah.

  26. Also, the only reason why you should buy it is because of it’s preferential
    matchmaking. These kind of vehicles are rare( many of them were removed)

  27. jgtiger 8.8 is the best

  28. FINALY THE REVIEW HAS COME!!!!! (I’m an SP lover even if the speeds shit I
    still love her)

  29. Just got a cromwell. Could you do a full guide please

  30. Well, Should he Review the Tiger ( P), Crusader and KV-5?

  31. use octane on your super pershing. It’ll help a lot!

  32. Robert Havranek

    Is not the KV5 the tank with the worse pen at tier 8?

  33. was and it will stay one of my favorit money maker in the game ….but it
    has a specific game play so its not suited for all players

  34. I find my SP is a love hate relationship!

  35. quickybaby can you pls do a full War thunder playthrough

  36. Sir-Gio Mochalov

    So your saying you got a bad winning game, made 34k credits and you say you
    played like trash? Can’t even get 10k sometimes in my stock ISU

  37. Favourite tank

  38. I hate this tank

  39. whats thr background music

  40. Thank you QuickyBaby, would love to see more tank reviews:)

  41. Curious about why you would use a top-tier unicum replay against a purely
    tomato/pancake enemy team as your example video. Most players will NEVER
    achieve 4447dmg games in this tank. Respectfully, noobs should be under no
    illusion that this tank will give them games like the first one in this
    replay. If you are bad, and especially if you haven’t even reached tier 8
    on regular tanks, then you will get annihilated in this tank.

  42. next Stream?

  43. I’m sorry, it’s hard to make credits in a T26E4 when you’re spending money
    on gas/cola and all your APCR ammunition.

  44. Another awesome review. Thanks QB!

  45. I got my first Kolobonav in a SuperP. It is an OK tank, but just like you
    said. It’s hot/cold. You have epic games or really bad ones, very little in
    between. You have to be a tactical genius to make it shine every game,
    seeing as early game choices are really important. In most 1on1 scenarios,
    you can win, unless vs light tanks. Otherwise don’t get flanked. I do on
    average make a lot more credits in superp than anything else. I don’t shoot
    premium often, except against front facing jigtig88. The premium rounds
    aren’t that expensive and due to them being APCR, you can pen reliably and
    recoup the cost. I honestly feel it needs a slight buff, but than it would
    cost more. Keep in mind I do have a 3 skill crew in my super p, which
    without that I feel it would be a chore to play (which it did, since i got
    it for credit making back when i first started). I do enjoy playing it

  46. Mirelle Larouge

    You penned a tiger 2 frontally, that doesn’t actually happen in real games.

  47. Its fun, I think it would be awesome if it trained heavy’s and mediums
    Like a Boss :D

  48. lol i havent played my SP since they “changed” it and was giving a full
    refund on it. got me a t34 for it tho :D

  49. I love my Super Pershing so much! the armor can be so troll, even though
    the gun does kinda suck

  50. Satanam Daemonicis

    I just think the weak spots are way too big and obvious. I like the tank
    because of how it looks like, but the giant weak spots remove the only
    advantage it’s supposed to have: armor. The gun isn’t great, mobility sucks
    and the armor sucks against good players driving tanks with accurate guns.
    Not to say that many vehicles can penetrate it reliably in the hull – TDs,
    for example, especially the stupidly OP ISU-152.

  51. BertramTwentyEight

    I love my Super Pershing! I think you did an excellent job touching on the
    strengths and weaknesses of the Super P.

  52. I love them when I play them and I hate them when I face them

  53. kv-5 only has 167 pen

  54. elknightrider666

    Super Pershing also i called it SuperTroll because its armor either works
    like a charm or it fails u like a donkey! Also the best way to use it is to
    be in ridge lines in higher ground then your opponents, since that way u
    hide his cupola, and your weaker lower plate armor, increasing the slope of
    its upper plate armor angle, making it a SuperBoss, also dont go totally
    frontal to your enemys, go in 5 to 10 degrees of angle in hull. and keep
    trying to move back and foward between shoots. The Tank is also Awesome to
    Farm WIN8!

  55. I’ve tried to love it for few years and sold it eventually. 🙂 Together
    with Jgpz 8.8. :)

  56. can you review the panther 8,8 please? thanks!

  57. what’s the music

  58. I have to say I feel the same, I don’t play it much even though it makes $
    and plays well. Id probably choose to play my 4202 over the 26E4… Maybe
    ill give it a few games tonight and see how it goes. Thanks QuickyBaby for
    getting the dust off all those old T26E4’s. ;)

  59. Look at that IS3 in your team

  60. please change the intro

  61. is that mod that you can see your damage and all that is it free and we’re
    do you get it?

  62. Is that SP feel sad for himself can’t meet up with tier10?

  63. A quick dyab of the twwoo keei… hehee

  64. KV-5 has the worst AP pen at 167mm.

  65. I have the super Pershing on Xbox. I love it.

  66. I played 1500 battles in this tank before they nerf it.
    Don’t buy it!
    The armor WAS the only thing about this tank. Bad gun, bad speed, big
    target, big obvious weakspots, and now unreliable armor.
    Played ~100 battles after nerf, then sold it. 7200 gold can go on much
    better things.

  67. im a super pershing hater.

  68. but why a 90mm L/70 gun can have such low pen?

    Because of War Gaming of course

  69. that’s the same as the freedom

  70. cheesenibbles Gaming

    “when you get a good team” when does that happen?

  71. all those T29 games.

  72. i was in a game with my friend in ower super p’s we whent agenst 3 is-6 and

  73. My first prem tank

  74. can somebody please tell me where to get the received damage announcer i
    looked everywhere but can’t find any for 9.14.1

  75. I actually really like my Super Pershing, even though everybody says it´s
    crap. The armor is great, if you can avoid hits on the cupola and the gun
    does the job if you aim for weakspots.
    But i also like my T-34-3, so maybe i just tend to like bad tanks :D

  76. :)

  77. I consider myself a rather good SP driver. Already got my ace tanker after
    3 or 4 days of playing with it, as well as my second mark of excellence.
    Like QuickyBaby said, a game in SP is either very strong or really
    disappointing. I rarely use APCR rounds, with only some exceptions –
    skilled opponents in top tier armored tanks. If I encounter an
    inexperienced IS – 3 or O-HO, which still know enough to cover their
    flanks, I often just track them, while TDs or arty took them out. They are
    so terrified of my tank, that they don’t charge even if numbers are in
    their favor. But…I found myself frustrated about the constant autoaim
    hacks for the game in use even by very mediocre players, not to mention
    some unicorns. I will give an example – a couple of IS-3s have managed to
    snapshot my cupola from more than 150 meters away. Targeting SP weak spots
    from a distance is tricky at best, and they did it on the move (!) . Such
    cheaters have no place in the game and I really hope Wargaming will soon
    resort to some action against them

  78. the rocket launchers are also a weakpoint i think i always pen them

  79. talking about dick move … he drove infront of you to take his time aiming
    before he moved

  80. it’s not heavy tank, it’s medium which ate too many mcdonalds and glued
    riot shields to his face :D

  81. i want this tank but cant afford it :(

  82. Quickybaby Pls do a tank review on the tiger ii! I have it and would like
    to see how to play it properly thx!

  83. Richard Boerrnert

    i love the SP. the most people dont understand to play him.

  84. i like my Super & my Freedom

  85. this tank is awesome

  86. Krzysztof Dudek

    This tank was amazing back in the day when people had no clue where to
    shoot it.

    Now it’s just a meh tank, gotta stay away so they cant hit your weakpoints.

  87. ty qb have the Pershing & was thinking of buying super for same reason
    train up Patton crew but have enough slow tanks right now lol think ill
    wait awhile

  88. Lol before they nerfed it it was a tough nut to crack, but now I ain’t
    scared of Super Turds anymore. I got the T34 instead, basically has the
    best gun at Tier 8, very good turret armour, can side scrape against most
    things, nothing at all wrong with it except the dispersion, but with my
    beast crew, it’s very usable

  89. MrAndersonGaming

    shot a T26E4 in my kv-2 the other day… did 897 damage to it by hitting
    his capola :D

  90. Ha, QB hasn’t aced the M 53/55 yet. Ha ha, scrub.

  91. This tank is better than people make it out to be, yes its slow, yes its
    got poor penetration. But it’s armor is is good and when you help heavy
    tanks, the T26E4 can become an allied heavy tank’s best friend. Good armor
    and a fast reload gun, a very nice and super tank

  92. Can you do a preview of something like that about the Object 777 Version

  93. MAKE A TIGER 1 REVIEW !!!!

  94. Hey QB I love your reviews, but I think they’d be better if you were more
    opinionated. Many watch reviews in order to see if they should buy a tank,
    so you should tell them wether you thinks it’s good or not. Thnx for vids
    though, keep it up

  95. Quickybaby is like the ultimate Unicum player, I swear those stats are not
    healthy… ?

  96. Super Pershing is trash, I hate is stupid fucking gun… Shit misses fully
    aimed targets if they are more than 100m away. It’s slower than every tier
    8 heavy tank in the game. It’s hull isn’t 250mm of effective because you
    aren’t taking into account that most tanks are taller and will be aiming
    down on its upper plate, KV4s and IS3s will pen it with AP reliably and
    with gold it isn’t even a challenged and everything shoots gold at you. Hey
    look an E75 or STI or VKB, lemme run away, shit they are all faster than me

  97. Can you do T34 heavy review?

  98. Nice review as usual… Don’t like SuperPershing… prefer more mobility in
    mediums… I would like to se your reviw of T-44 for example…

  99. QuickyBaby please do a review on t34, it’s a legendary ww2 tank!

  100. cameron trevena

    Kv5 gets 167mm pen ap

  101. Absolutly hated this tank after I bought it forced me to get the T34
    straight away

  102. belive me superpershing m26e4 the best tank for strongholds, team battles
    and random games really love the tank?. and too all I wish you’ll buy it
    too ;)

  103. Cykapershing with the awesome 170 pen and riotshields on its turret muricaa

  104. cant believe how many donkeys Quicky comes up against. these games aint a
    good representation of how to play tanks.

  105. I got the Super Pershing back in the day when it was still new-ish, and I
    had it for 500 battles (exactly, as a matter of fact), and when WG offered
    that refund for it that long while back, I jumped on the chance to get my
    gold back and bought me a JagTiger 88 instead.

    While I didn’t really hate the tank itself, it did grow fondly on me, I
    just felt that the combination of poor mobility, poor firepower, and a lot
    of easy weaknesses in the armour, I needed to trade it in when I got the

  106. Jonny Lambrusco

    i hate The super pershing!

  107. Yeah but Quickybaby those weak spots on the front of the turret can be
    covered if you go behind a hill and you can raise your tank a bit, and
    wiggle the turret based off where they are aiming and just like blocking
    the commanders hatch you can block those turret shots too, and make it
    almost impossible to hit a dancing superpershing

  108. roemer schoenmakers


  109. 1 586 Battles with SP – 3 stars on gun, earned it on event (gain 60k exp in
    every country to get SP for example same event for is-6 – 100k exp) and I
    LOVE IT !!! 😀 Armor is so OP, gun its quite ok but penetration on standard
    ammo should be better and enage enemy on CLOSE COMBAT :P

  110. So, from watching the video, I see that the tank is relatively good, not
    great, but not terrible. Then I read the comments and I get the feeling
    that it’s absolutely horrendous and should be thrown into the sun… eh?

    I don’t think it’s bad, I mean, I don’t have it but fighting it (If the
    driver is a competent player) It’s always been a slight challenge to kill
    it, although I know where to hit it they keep moving and it just works…
    but then I haven’t played it so personally I don’t know.

  111. Nicholas McCourt

    1:44 LIES! The KV-5 has 167

  112. I don’t know if you have but can you do the T34

  113. Summary (I’m a SP driver), SP is a garbage credit maker and genuinely no
    fun unless you’re willing to use APCR often. You can make decent credits as
    top tier, but you’ll have tons more fun mid-range sniping with apcr.

  114. Andreas Chatzipanagiotou

    i really like it, but i dont have it :(

  115. finally!

  116. How come Quickybaby’s replays are always against scrubs? Does he ever have
    good games against good competition?

  117. I like such tanks but one thing is makeing me mad why the fuck the OI line
    does not have 2 weak spots in the front armor ?

  118. Played it, sold it (for gold), bought an SU 122-44 instead.
    The answer is yes, I love superpershing, but only as a snack for my IS-6.

  119. carlitosskater89

    Im a SP “meh-r”.

  120. finally!!! :D

  121. Still wondering why this is a medium in-game

  122. Another rehash? this tank is as ancient as the review for it.

  123. I love my super pershing!

  124. The Super Pershing has an AP round? TIL.

  125. Most heavily armored QB? I beg to differ. When I drive my Super P, I get
    penned by EVERYTHING and ALL the time. It actually makes me angry and quite
    often I put in the garage to collect dust. I bought it because when I face
    it I can NEVER pen it. My driving experience is completely the opposite
    though. Another WoT disappointment.

  126. Super Pershing tank review: “TANK IS SHIT, DON’T BUY IT”

  127. Coming from an M48 Patton player

  128. Sir Adam First Class Potato Cross holder

    Omg finally! I love your new intro!

  129. so the super pershing is like the e2 jumbo in a way medium but act likes a
    slow heavy.

  130. Holy shit shame on you QB how long has the super pershing been out and your
    only reviewing it now !?!?!?!?

  131. Liutauras Grybauskas

    Hate it, can’t do anything to these things with my Panther II, even with
    gold loaded, and the weak points are too small to hit.

  132. Super Pershing is one of my most played tanks, it really just prints money.
    Almost never have to fire permium rounds at targets. An even after all
    these years, most people still don’t understand how to deal with a SP
    charging them. Its fantasticly fun to play when you get use to her faults.

  133. Fuck QB… scumbags the mod 1 on his team to farm more damage on the IS3.
    Drives right in front of the guy, blocking him from shooting and then tries
    to justify his actions. Go pad your stats in the Cromwell B you fag.

  134. My SP is a beast.
    Press W and dont stop , load gold and dont worry – be happy .
    Enemy shit themselves and you are OK.

  135. 1:38 – KV-5 has lower penetration than T26E4 Super Pershing….

  136. I don't care that you broke your elbow

    lol quickybaby probably hated making this video

  137. Love the super Pershing. The only thing that bothers me is the pen every so

  138. in mu SuperPersing i already block 7680 dmg xD and did 2.5k dmg xD

  139. bodan karcakovski

    Hey quicky when you are going to do a review on the T-28 HTC

  140. Music From Games

    The 2nd replay shows 90% of my games in the SP

  141. you should do a tank review on the T95E2 tank ;3

  142. Johannes Jordan

    Objekt 416 Review pls

  143. oh yeah finnaly

  144. Ian Kyle Maturan

    can you guys mention the premium tanks that have preferential match making?
    please? thankyou.

  145. JNA - Rambo Petkovic

    Super Pershing- Love it and hate it at the same time :P

  146. i have got 1300 matches in it and i think it is cool…

  147. I am Super Pershing lover.

  148. in patch…… they say super pershing is getting NERFD now you can sell
    you tank for gold. well i did it. did it got nerfd??? Hell NO. sad very
    sad. but 1 thing Quickybaby try in Team Training to pen the lowerplate with
    gold shells from the Scorpion yiu said the front of the tank is only
    space… well thats not 100% true. enjoy

  149. I LOVE my super pershing!

  150. Nice I think you can consider it a heavyium

  151. i am SP hater

  152. The problem is, no one does figure out which targets need 170 and which
    targets need 250 pen. Everyone ever spams gold with it (except me and quick
    baby apparently) which is incredibly annoying. It really does need a HEAT
    nerf to maybe around 220 pen to discourage some people from spamming it. If
    you’re aiming properly, you can go through every tank you are going to
    fight frontally (with the possible exception of the OP VK 45.02 B but
    that’s another story all together) with 220 pen while also not going
    through almost everything like butter without aiming like spammer are able
    to currently. In exchange for this, I think that it should be given a
    slight aim time/accuracy/possibly DPM buff. Sounds pretty fair to me.

  153. Eivind “Eggy” Eggen

    I don’t reccomend the SuperPershing for beginners due to the poor
    penetration, slow speed and the fact that you have to angle and wiggle to
    avoid being penetrated by big guns.

    If you know its playstyle, the SuperPershing can be one of the best tier 8

  154. You forgot the springs on the top

  155. 1:40 kv5 has worst penetration on ap

  156. I played super pershing over 3600 games and i can say the tank is below
    average because of the terrible gun. you hardly make good net profit since
    170 is a joke against other tier 8 tanks like lS-6, lS-3 and tiger ll those
    are the tanks you see the most so you have to fire gold ammo half of the
    time. the terrible penetration made the tank useless and i no longer play
    it. since the nerf of the frontal armour even every tier 7 can pen the
    front armor easily, so it like no armor, no mobility plus the worst
    penetration (170) in tier 8. for now till they buff the pen to at least 185
    the tank is BS to say the least.

  157. DeutscherDummer

    I really enjoyed this tank, but in the end I just replaced it with first
    the FCM and then the T-34-3, since they also have that special matchmaking
    but with better speed.

  158. Riotshields… Sliphantom sais hi ^^

  159. Today on Quickybaby: Games that will never happen to you!

  160. Kek dat riot shield from noodle

  161. QB and Captain Canada are my two favorites. Jingle is bit too sarcastic.

  162. Enclave Soldier

    I hate that tank because it lies to me when I’m trying to destroy it

  163. I have 1100 battles in SP, all played before that nerf in 0.8.8 (or
    something ) after that i sold it..I miss him . Dont need SP for credits
    (have 20+ other premium vehicles for that ) Just thinking to buy it again
    even though i know it sucks….idk it was my first premium tank…nostalgia

  164. SEA server have alot smart noob they know using premium rounds to deal this

  165. Atsadawut Jungwat

    do m10 panther please

  166. you have to keep remaking these reviews with all the nerfs and derps

  167. The Super Pershing is a sealclubber. Against teams without many good
    players you can do a lot, but as soon as soon as you face better enemys you
    will need a lot of luck and a lot of gold to stay competitive.

  168. Super Pershing is in WWII heavy tank st a War Thunder top heavy.

  169. more warhammer vids please!

  170. might not be first ! but pringles is good.

  171. Quickybaby can you upload some good gameplay of the vanilla panther or
    sherman firefly?

  172. I LOVE my Super Pershing! It’s best MM is when you get an entire tomato
    enemy team, and they’ve no idea where your weak points are, so you just
    soak up the damage while dealing tonnes with the good dpm! Great review QB.

  173. Eftychios Papadopoulos

    Could you do a review about t26e3. I reallt dont know anything about that

  174. Whitedragonking Ocola (Whitedragon1204)

    Well that was rude of you pushing him aside… :/

  175. Show us some of your wost replays

  176. I like my Spershing okay. not too bad.

  177. this was the first premium i bought and i haven’t regretted it its a great
    mix of good price for the rewards you get. if you buy it when its on sale
    for any amount of discount get it. the American mediums are fun and its a
    fun challenge to play as well and the profits are really nice

  178. Whitedragonking Ocola (Whitedragon1204)

    I sold mind because it got nerved.

  179. I have barely all Premiumtanks …
    but the superpershing one of my favorites… get it guys ;)

  180. I love the Super Pershing, at first I really didn’t like it because the
    armor didn’t do as advertised. I watched some videos and found out that the
    tank’s armor was really good when it was first put into the game but in one
    of the updates prior to my purchase of the SP, WG changed the slope of the
    armor front armor which made ruined it’s effectiveness. Luckily WG again
    fixed this problem when they released the HD model of the tank and reset
    the front armor angle to what it used to be. I have had some really nice
    games with mine including an epic battle where I won a 1 vs. 7 battle.

  181. i have a Super P also….had no idea u could make 150K credits with it! but
    then again quickybaby is a master at WOT. i sure as hell dont want to come
    across him on the battlefield

  182. i always called it the “soup persing” don’t know why. =)

  183. tanks like KV-2 are op i use it myself

  184. OI derp please

  185. I liked it

  186. Johnston Antony

    I just love it because of how it looks

  187. Top 4ce (Heiko Brunken)

    So buy a FCM 50 T, got it.

  188. amazing tank

  189. Omg, thank you QuickyBaby! Yes yes yes! The SuperPershing!
    Mwhahahahahah!!!! Gahloaal!!’*cough cough

  190. Real super pershing had 220mm of pen with AP and over 300 with apcr

  191. I bought this tank, I am very disappointed please, QuickyBaby teach me

  192. which one is better to buy T-54 Mod 1 or Superperishing?

  193. big credits only if u get ace tanker

  194. The Super Pershing USED to have good armour, until they nerfed it and
    everyone in the game knows the massive weak spots. I really hate this tank
    and it makes me really annoyed that Wargaming unnecessarily nerf decent
    premium tanks. Ik that they shouldn’t be better than the non-premium
    equivalent, but the T26E4 wasn’t, because it was really slow and the gun
    was (and still is) much worse than the normal Pershing.

  195. i love superP when i am driving him and i hate him when he is my enemy
    driven by skilled player.. i saw how enemy superP wins fight 1v1 vs ST-I..
    he wasnt abel to penetrate superP 5 times in a row.. wow.. just wow

  196. Martin Matejička

    I actually wanted to write you on today’s video that I think you should
    focus on Tier 8 prem. tanks and all Tier X with your Tank Reviews as many
    people can’t decide if to buy the tank or go for the line of tanks. And
    here you are, doing a review on T8 prem tank 😀 Nice job QB

  197. I have the Super Pershing. I happen to love it. When the crap hits the fan
    and your hull down in that beast it is next to impossible for anyone to dig
    you out. I have survived even getting pulled into by a platoon mate into a
    tier 10 battle and I was the one that facehugged and destroyed a JGE100
    from point Blank range. meaning I rammed my face into his gun and survived
    3 rounds of 170mm fire from him.

  198. Daniel Johan Andersson Ortega

    The SuperPershing is not super any more because WG fucked off it, and you
    need to pay 50€ hey guys If ur going to BUY a premium US tank buy the T34
    not the SuperPershing

  199. +QuickyBaby whats the reload time for the super pershing when it is in top
    condition?? cuz my super pershing’s reload time is about 7 sec. now, thx!!

  200. Never play against it much in WoT, but, in war thunder these things are

  201. Zaki Graphics - Free Intros!

    11:10 ” And i also gets some nice shots into the T-10.. Well the T-10 is a
    tier 9 and thats a tier 8 game lol

  202. This tanj is bullshit it has no armour it has a big weak spot on head and
    its slow and the rate of fire sucks

  203. I bought my Super Pershing recently (last Wednesday) and since then I’ve
    almost got my second skill maxed out on all crew, have had several game
    whereby I did more than 4k and even 5k damage and in others bounced more
    than 5k damage. There is certainly a knack to playing this tank. When I
    first started playing this tank it was a love hate relationship. I would
    die instantly to those pesky scumbags or go on an absolute rampage.

    Eventually however you will work out the best way to play this tank to make
    the most of it and that is to play it as a breakthrough tank, lead your
    team’s advance while wiggling and swerving to make those weak spots
    impossible to hit and your team will (usually) follow you through the
    breach in the enemy’s line and to victory. A key point is that you will
    need to load lots of premium ammo, this is due to tanks such as the IS3,
    KV4 ad the E75 to name a few that will be impervious to your 170 AP pen.
    Also note that the Super Pershing gains a colossal amount of shell velocity
    with it’s gold ammo so sniping is a piece of cake, a negative however is
    that the HE ammo on the Pershing is very weak only having 45 pen and only
    320 alpha. My average damage is 1.4k and rising as I learn how to perfect
    the play style of this monster.

    Another great tip is to look at what tanks you have at the start of a game
    and if you are low on heavies for example back your heavies up, you will
    easily suffice as a heavy replacement with your riot shield armour and will
    plug the gap in your line. Or you can aid your mediums and add some serious
    armour to your medium’s push and even tank to allow your teammates to
    advance safely.

    The Super Pershing is then a versatile tank which needs time to work out,
    however if you do this you will yield the best results. Good luck and have
    fun lads! :)

  204. giannhs oikonomou

    sure no mark lucky noob

  205. so funny when peaple ask what is a good premium tank and I say t26e4 nobody
    believes me. but I love the t26e4.


  207. Of course I love Super Pershing…..when I play as ARTY!!!LOL

  208. yeah the slowpershing would be just too slow to me (ehehe…..) btw great
    video quickybaby i like that your using. a bit more humor in your videos
    keep up the good work ?

  209. First!?

  210. Super Pershing so bad. I got penned like 70% of the time frontally and I
    couldn’t pen anyone without gold ammo. Then the mobility, it’s really bad.
    Most of the time the match goes like the second one you showed but your
    team is so bad that in 3 minutes it’s 1 vs 10. Then a light tank comes and
    you’re dead too. Everyone just shoots your sides and rear and you can do
    nothing about it. It’s sooo frustrating and I don’t recommend it to anyone.

  211. Love to blast the SP. They rage so well when you snipe the weak spots or
    flank them…it’s like…heavy tank tears, but cheaper! lol.

  212. Panos kolokotsis

    QB, you forgot to say that if you shot right in the gun it can be penned
    easily (it has not armor behaind it) so if you facehug a super pershing
    just shot in his gun and you are gonna dmged every time (we tested it with
    my clan in a training room)

  213. SUPER pershing lover 80%

  214. I Said for 2 months do a review About is7 And you do a review of a super

  215. my first premium tank and it’s free :D

  216. RollOut Maximilian Dragos

    QB I dare you to do 6k pure dmg in a Type 59, you can use both APCR and
    rations you want. Show us what you’ve got!

  217. BattleField Noob

    can u do a tank review on the IS4 or IS7 which is better.

  218. QB those new reviews are awesome!!! Keep up to good work!

  219. It’s about time…

  220. I us that tank I have got 200,000

  221. I’m here early time to make a joke

    Donald Trump

  222. Michael Wagemans

    i have IT

  223. super Bad Tank xD

  224. PLEASE Locust review!

  225. FlippyFloppy115

    The “super” Pershing is probably the biggest hunk of junk ever

  226. Mod 1 is love Mod 1 is life review done

  227. I hate this tank not worth the money but fun to kill when i played this
    game and all the spaced Armour on this tank made it a troll to kill

  228. On wot blitz I got 86k+ silver from the t26e4 it was crazy I took down a
    is-3 with ap rounds

  229. T34-3 review pls :D

  230. qb what are those tubes on top of the turret? the ones right next to the
    left cupola.

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  232. will be sometimes a review for Panther 8.8 or T-34-3?

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  236. JustinPlaysTV // JPTV


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    in world of tank my name is danielisak

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    I hated my super perishing… I hated it.

  240. ya knw dat haz mor waifu will ruin ur laifu forever

    I’m early, let me make a joke.

    Super Pershing’s 170 pen.

  241. So many people here from the stream 😛 Super Pershing = Super strong. Gotta
    love your SP.

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