World of Tanks || T26E5 Patriot – 3 Marks

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Source: QuickyBaby

– T26E5 . Today I’m 3 marking the the T26E5 Patriot.

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  1. codygree GodOfBattle WoT

    when will your modpack been out?

  2. Loading APCR premium against tier 6 and 7 HT and than not aim and just shoot and still bounce. Cmon QB you can do better than that.

  3. When the T110E3 was pushing the Obj. 704 it reminded me of when I was playing earlier this week when a T28 HMC was pushing an SU-100.

  4. good job Quickybaby, We The People congratulate you!

  5. For QB the only OP prem is the Patriot… you really need to use your brain to do well in it, but in defenders and Chrysler not so much, just point your frontal armor and gg.

  6. Here’s an idea for a video quickybaby how about most profitable *non-premium tanks* for those of us who don’t wish to spend money on the game…

  7. I only have one star on my T32 and T29 …

  8. A 175 mm on SU-122-44 not wonder why it is OP.

  9. SU-122-44 with a 175mm!? WAT? Mine only has a 122… Guess I’m going to the EU server for that kind of gun

  10. reubens meagher

    does anyone know if there is a tier8 japanses premium heavy tank coming soon?

  11. 1489 experience not enough to get an Ace… balanced. 17:45 “sometimes WoT is too slow”. Yeah, 5-minutes long games? Why is it so much? Hopefully it will decrease further…

  12. Ir content is great but this tank… its just too powerful. i meant t32 players feel stupid now just because there is patriot wich is better

  13. does 1.18 mod pack work in 1.19?

  14. I got 3 marks on this tank with 89 games

  15. and here i am, close to getting the third mark on my stug… just off by 3%.

  16. DrFanta - Tech - Games - and more

    qb got his 3rd mark in his patriot and i only got my first mark in my ELC lol

  17. I’m going for 3 marks on my 34-85, got 92% so far

  18. muhammad teguh surya baskara

    15:30 spg… ???

  19. Barnabás Hegedüs

    You promised the same last year with a video about your wedding and your time in belarus then 🙂

  20. perfect 🙂


  22. hey QB first of all many thanks for all your video’s and live streams. aldo i play wot from almost the beginning, i haven ‘t played That much battles (just over 5K). in the beginning i played most of all SPG’s (or pigs like you call them). there for my stats where so bad wen i start playing a years ago again. i think it was a 3.1 or something. now playing all kind of tanks i’m Growing every day and allready up to a 4.6. because i’m still the rookie en People with 20 to 50 K battles will sometimes call me af noob :).. never the less That there are People with 20 to 50K battles doing more worse but what ever. yesterday it happens to – played in a weak premium non armour tank made a kill did about 700 damage (it’s low ik no) but drove straight into 3 enemy tanks en the lights and meds in my team decided to stop and don’t back me up. i received ingame message noob noob blablabla.. then ik decided to play a round with my very good friend the ferdy.. Nice MM but at the start of the game (first 4 minuts) we already lost about 5 tanks. So i was thinking pffff no not again. results of being called a noob and what happens That game you must see.. i uploaded it on wotreplays. under the name ferdy still Has it – hope you will see and if you want or have time please leave a comment..

  23. GG, keep playing OP premium tanks and play to use bonds! Exactly what WG wanted, more p2w game.

  24. lol what a noob. why didn’t you load gold against the tiger too huh ? maybe it would increase your “skill”

  25. Nikola Nedeljkovic

    Defender is even more op than this one

  26. Congrats, nice session of games
    Are you sure tracking goes towards moe? I thought it was only spotting..
    And i checked recently and got my elc moe percentage to 100% without really playing it, is it possible to gain percentage just because people play worse (because the tank got nerfed)?

  27. congrats on the 3MoE mate?

  28. Actually, tracking and spotting dont go combined towards the mark. It counts only the higher value of the two, and adds that to dmg dealth

  29. The things QB talks about here is one of the things that annoy me greatly about 3mark people, sure they may be doing well spamming dmg but more often than not they let the team die needlessly so they can farm more dmg because they dont care about playing the game, only about jerking off over their stats. Very little better than scrubs stat padding on low tier tanks

  30. I just 3 marked my 59-Patton after watching this vid 🙂 thx

  31. giedrius bliujus

    plzzz xvm ok ?

  32. KING TIGER review when?

    On a sidenote: Out of all stats a tank can have, the King tiger has only two aspects better than the patriot: the caliber and the soft terrain resistance. The dpm, the gun handling, the terrain resistance, the turret rotation speed, the hull traverse, the armor, the penetration. the signal range, the power to weight ratio, the view range… in every regard the patriot is better.

    Obviously you need tanks that patriot can farm. (Why is this allowed?)

  33. WoT is so unrealistic

  34. Martijn Slingerland

    where can you see how much your mark of exxelence is?

  35. QB can’t wait to try out ranked battles?
    Well that mode is pure cancer. It’s a big jump on our wallets, why you ask? I didn’t see such amount of premium ammo flying around even on common test.

  36. Mattie Dumbrill

    The Patriot is what the T32 should be

  37. Wotko s Vokurkou

    Yea Ranked battles will change that.. YOU CANT BE MORE “RIGHT”…. whenever it looks like the team is going to lose, there is always bunch of assholes in fast tanks, who start to run away and let all the allies die, just to get some extra damage to end up in top3 exp of the losing team… YEA, that is the gameplay we have been waiting for…. the whole ranked battles model is utter failure -> OP rewards, weekly reset ranks, available 4 hrs a day(cos they dont know how to deal with riggers)
    One would wonder, why they dont take what they already have and works (>>>looking at WoWS ranked) and alternate it for tanks…
    Ow did i mention, that from rank 3+ there is like 10% ppl shooting normal ammo, all other are just full HEAT/APCR 113, 50Bs, 140s, 907s, etc…. from the get go….

    Ow and did i mention the MM, the stuff they are soooo proud of? Last night i was playing ranked and it was like half the games where it was 10 HT vs 10 MT… WHAT THE F****, and when it is actually equal one side gets IS-7s and the other 4 type5s and 2 Mauses… like really??
    And this starts to hit the random queue also.. there are games where since the start one team is down by 3-4k hp (at tier 10… that is 2 extra tanks worth of hp….) The MM worked so-so while the server were crashing, as is it probably using a lot of computing power.. so yea, instead of bumping up the servers for money they get from the broken premiums, they downgrade the MM and we get games like that… not mentioning lately (in t8+ games) the prem. ammo spam is just lol… i would guess it is around 20-30% – yet WG statistics says 5% overall… ofc that it is, when u think about all the lower tier puf puf autoloaders who fire “billions” of std shots per game….

  38. and this is the endgame for wargaming grind grind and three mark tanks lol

  39. well done. It is very hard to 3 mark premium tanks.

  40. where do u look if u close for these marks these percentages ?????

  41. So how many times has QB stated “this is my favorite premium tank” or “this is the best premium tank in the game”? be kind of interesting to run a tally…

  42. Well done Quicky baby

    I got my first mark of excellence last night as well

  43. You know that if you get 1500 spotting and 1501 tracking, only the tracking Counts, so its not Worth it all the time. its only the biggest number that Counts in the MoE.

  44. wow, impressive, now do the same on T10….. oh wait FailFish

  45. 14:25 175 mm? ? haha

  46. I would have noticed, but uh, I’m kinda out of my home country myself but, at some point I’ll be back. I’ll see you then, thx for the video content in the meantime!

  47. quickscoperz krew

    this is honestly the most retarded tank wargaming has made. I couldn’t penetrate the hull with my type 4 heavy with 249 mm of pen, so pay to win. they need to Nerf premium tanks, make premium rounds less powerful, and fix the problem of getting to tier 8 and not being able to make any more credits because it is to expensive to repair, and making you buy a premium account.

  48. where 9.19 mod pack???

  49. Wow, is this EU servers? It looks like WOT on super ez mode to me. I play on NA east and playing in tier 8 and higher tanks usually means fighting a platoon of unicums almost every game. This game you played here reminds me of shooting those bots in training grounds. You won’t get matches like that very often on our servers over here unless you play below tier 8 tanks.

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