World of Tanks || T26E5 – SNEAK PEEK

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– T26E5. Today I’m giving you a of an upcoming heavy the T26E5 with a rather patriotic paint job!

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World of Tanks a online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. looks cool in my opinion

  2. Fabian “Stowney” van den Bussche

    question for the comment section: am i the only one who’d rather have them
    state torque figures as well? considering torque is a bigger deal then
    horsepower on a tank? just because stats for nerds? xD

  3. Gabelhelm Sogarbraten

    yay another completely broken overpowered premium tank :)

  4. The paint itself would not be a big problem for me unless WG would keep
    oportunity for player to give normal camouflage on the tank.

  5. That World of Warships ad was pretty good.

  6. Time to buff say the Löwe? Wich has been obsolete for 10 patches

  7. please God dont let these silly skins into the game!!

  8. Federico Di Liberto

    seems balanced just like the e25 and the Rheimentall skorpion G. but I play
    WoT console and I wanna see Waffles E100 with 6 shells and Fv 183s (275
    Hesh Pen) against this tank

  9. Bakunawa BenHierro

    captain americas tonk…..

  10. Bakunawa BenHierro

    america!!! fck yeah!!!

  11. Brian Lavrens Watson

    Caernarvon is the closest tank to compare it with,, i would like Quickybaby
    do a video with T26E5 VS Caernarvon.
    well once he get one himself.

  12. It’s wargamings new strategy to apparently make this game not, “Pay to
    win.” Make every new premium tank so overpowered they will remove it and
    call it a, “Rare,” tank. It’s just wargaming getting really desperate.

  13. The camo is too much, keep the game looking simple like an actual tank
    battle, please wargamming don’t make it look stupid and garish like the

  14. Well WG can just put in the patriot paint job as an option for people who
    like it and give those who dont the regular cammo.

  15. Jonas Andriuskevicius

    QuickyBaby I have something for you. I investigated the part where you
    showed that turret armour… The numbers are insane. On some parts
    TankInspector showed equivalent of 700+mm of turret armour. How the hell do
    you explain that?

  16. Dond get me wrong i think that 230 pen is awsome but i little unblanced if
    You think that a lot of T9 MT have less then that

  17. When it will be sale ??

  18. I like vehicles with lower alpha in favor of higher rof. This is what keeps
    me going.

  19. again a good example why this game needs a rebalance patch…every new tank
    is harder, better, stronger, faster…

  20. its a bit annoying that all new vehicles are premium ones…

  21. I think it would be pretty cool to see a series of National Flag paint jobs
    on a premium for each nation, just a little something to add a little
    levity and flair to the game.

  22. That paint job would bring a tear to a bald eagle’s eye.

  23. guys painting on tank looks funny but its not for the game WG could make
    bether paint instead of this its to ugly

  24. Murazor TV | World of Tanks

    Hi, some facts for u guys.
    1. It has worse armor than T32, yes hull is 152 against 127 on T32, but T32
    has a better armor angle. Also T32 turret is way better armored. So T26E5
    has real armor only on turret, but hull is easily penetrated by most tier 8
    2. DPM its very nice, but its mostly very hard to fully use it, but when
    can do it, its really cool.
    3. Farm is really strong side of this tank, ammo is very cheap.

    First i thought too that it will be OP, but its really hard to play with
    such low alpha on heavy tank. And yes guys i know about Caernarvon and T32
    problems and they need to be fixed.

    If u want to see statistics of my T26E5 u can just follow link on my RU acc:

  25. Good gun? good HT mobility? Good armor? I feel like its gonna be OP AF…or
    FCM 50 T on steroids

  26. premium tank after premium after premium
    i wonder when the game will die?

  27. It’s OP as hell

  28. XD When you guys got up on the ridge after killing the ELC the way he moved
    back looked like the gun was so powerful it pushed the tank back.

  29. Probably a clan reward, that’s what wg like to do with good premium tanks

  30. spookyplayz spookyplayz

    Why you tell John to TK that guy?

  31. This tank is disgustingly overpowered.

  32. It’s like the fv4202 but better than the fv4202 in every way.

  33. I think Wargaming should take it to the next level and make
    camoflauge/painting costumizable in the garage so we could pay 50-100 gold
    for each colour and design the tanks ourself regarding it camoflauge.

  34. this is bullshit… they are really starting to sell power for money,
    aren’t they

  35. Great, the T26E4 became the most useless thing from now on !

    Can we get this as a replacement of the T26E4 ? Or at least a buff on the
    T26E4 ?

  36. the “special” paintjobs looks bad in my opinion. Sure they are cool but
    they don’t fit in. maybe make it an option for the player to use that
    paintjob or to have the option to use one of the standard camos.

  37. I was hoiping to see this face off against an IS6!

  38. how to update QB XVM MOD to XVM ?

  39. Those patriot colour schemes are ridiculous! It’s a deal breaker for me if
    a new premium tank is pimped like that!

  40. So this is basicaly a better super pershing without preferencial MM.

  41. I’d much rather change my super pershing for this one…. The penetration
    of the standard rounds on the SP is means that in a duel between the two,
    the SP can’t penetrate this one anywhere without premium shells lol.

  42. Isn’t the T32 already a “bastardation” of the Pershing?

  43. QB talking about T26E4 and not mentioning the weak armor-strip on the lower
    plate. Ez pen where the spaced armor plate and the hull is welded.

  44. Ivan Šimić (YeahYouLikeThatBitch)


  45. ‘MURRICA!! @#*% YEA!!

  46. The tier8 E5, because the combination of armor and speed and gun is the
    same blend of OP BS

  47. maybe this will be my first Premium tank … I like it

  48. These skins are not my cup of tea for sure. Tone it down a bit and make it
    optional at least.

  49. Looks like the PC game is going the way of Blitz, we’ve had stupid cammos
    like this for almost 2 years now.

  50. People will be buying this like nuts….OP ofcource it will be OP….why
    would anybody buy this if it wasnt OP…..and then they will nerf it due to
    “flood of complains or balancing reasons….” hahahah

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