World of Tanks – T28 – 14 FRAGS

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. While it may be one of the oldest destroyers in the game the T28 still ROCKS!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Thanks for uploading my replay 🙂

  2. I used to love my old T28. People underestimated its ability to get up in your face.

  3. 7:43 “how you gonna catch a very fast french tank destroyer?” ?QB

  4. Hey quicky i was thinking for a year and i think you spent to much time with world of tanks i think that you should try war thunder again for a couple of days… plz listen to me

  5. To get a score like this, ironically, you need to be on a pathetic team and also against really low opponents. I have had games with 9-10 kills and it wasnt difficult. But its super rare because you just need everything to come together.

  6. There should be an equally super rare epic medal for doing more damage single-handedly than the rest of your team combined. Some tortoise replays from years prior on this channel also achieved this incredible feat.

  7. Should have waited half a second for the stun to wear off before taking that Arty shot that tracked

  8. He did it in a T28 tho lol

  9. Honestly, I was hoping for a T110E3 tech tree showcase since it is the Top of the Tree right now and I am having a hard time with T28 (105 mm).

  10. Tomorrow I hopefully get my AwsomeEpic commandor,I got to level 14 in team clash.

  11. Holy Moly what year was this ….Only Hit by 1 Gold Round , whenever I roll out inT28 I get 6 yards from Base then peppered with Gold

  12. most of enemy re bots. You cant charge the flank unless you secure hill. The enemy ts5 lead the fail charge

  13. Lafayette G. Pool actually scored more kills per day than Wittmann so he’s arguably a better ace anyway. 😉

    Besides, if you’re going to use a German ace then why not Carius or Knispel? Wittmann is famous but there’s significant evidence he was propped up for propaganda and even then he’s not credited as the #1 or #2 German tank ace.

  14. QB it was a bit convenient to go skiing after the mistake of not playing in the Team Clash…… Hmmmmm

  15. Yea t28 is truly a great tank, i bought t95 today 🙂

    • Have fun traveling in a giant artillery cocksleeve, thats about as fast as a diabetic snail with paralysis. While being circled by light tanks and wheeled fuckers and medium tanks. You’re in for a treat?. And lets not forget the faggot gold spammers. Ohh boy, sounds like fun!! They’ll never kill you I swear.

  16. T28 with 28k experience battle lmao

  17. Classic World of Tomatoes seizing defeat from the jaws of victory!

  18. QUICKYBABY MODPACK I want to donload it but is always comes up with the version numbers in Mods & Resmods being wrong. Am I uploading an old version? Where is your most recent version?

  19. 3:20 yes

  20. Dude carrys HE shells, never uses them… Would have killed that arty with that fail APCR. Bravo but, better shell manage.

  21. Good to have you back..thanks

  22. About BM, Korean cannot participate Auction..
    Cuz WOTs is ALL grade in korea
    and it’s illegal let player betting..

    so we only enjoying half contents
    no, actually pissed off
    cuz not fair ㅠ.ㅠ

  23. Pokemon Go player need leg Qb…

  24. Did this seriously turn into the same situation as the video with the Tortoise against the Conqueror GC at the end?

  25. I was wondering why you were gone. Your the best streamer and youtuber ever.

  26. Omg well done xD

  27. I like all your videos but often forget to like one ?

  28. Dellinger the fighting fish

    I prefer Old T28 SD model

  29. Dear Quickybaby , could you please pronounce Raseiniai not Razeiniai, you need to say s not z, like you pronounce sock not zock. Thank you! 🙂

  30. Stefano Pinto filipe

    the Black market is Trash big oopsie with tier 3 tank and just now on 05:00 in the morning they are selling the pz.58 just in black which is 8,700 gold in shop which would be 3,480,000 million credits. and they start at 3 mill they are really fucking up FV215b 183 25mill man just the player who can throw away credits have it now

  31. Is the TS-5 worth buying? I could use it for crew training but is it actually good?

  32. Nice, skil and luck combined for a great result.

  33. Does anyone actually see there winrates go up at all these days i mean by like 1.0% or more not just the odd % losing interest played for years still get good games and marks of excellence but losing interest in this repetitive nonsense same thing every battle just different maps more bots than good not a game that’s good for your mental health better things i could be doing than sat playing world of tanks

  34. I need to play my T28 more often

  35. You want to be obi wan you don’t want to be anakin

  36. What mod are you using to fly around?

  37. Awesome play. Thumbs up

  38. “A very fast French tank destroyer” quickybaby said

  39. T28 has a far better lower plate. You can hide it just by angling your tank even against higher tiers spamming HEAT. TS-5 cannot do that nearly as well.

  40. If anyone fired gold this game would have ended a lot earlier

  41. noobinator Simelane

    You got some of the free pow pow

  42. That was insane 🙂

  43. Master games comes with a bit of luck 😉 good job!!!

  44. The whole round was lucky for him, he was top tier while there were tier 6 tanks and they are a two shot kills, also he went for the hill and after that he literraly didnt press W,A,S,D keys that much till the hellcat came to flank him, not to mention he played in a thick front head tank destroyer with a gun that fires semi-fast and has 390 alfa. Like, cmon l mean sure the match was fun to watch but we all know it just luck and really a lil amount of skill, good job to that guy for completing the 15th mission for tank destroyers and got 6000 damage

  45. I dont know who Phil is, but I absolutely love Phil. That complation was a banger of a vid.
    Im spoiled and demand more complations.

  46. My top kills is 6,and done in a t3485m, panzerjager and waffletractor 4 whil this guy gets fourteen kills in something like a t28. Fml, I’m jealous

  47. Easy. T28 is free

  48. This high ground reference ?

  49. Jeez, just load HE for that last arty.

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