World of Tanks || T28 Prototype – 14 kills!?!

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

DangerFromBehind going to show you how to play the American turreted tank destroyer T28 Prototype!

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  1. First!!!

  2. I hope all of you enjoy this extreme round, thanks for voting for it on so I found it 🙂

    I’m LiveStreaming right now with Jingles and Ikzor!

  3. he :D

  4. Nice

  5. Watching the stream now 

  6. 23 views wow

  7. First

  8. wohooooo first

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  10. Qb please turn xvm stats on in your videos.they feel blind without it

  11. Prototype is a very good tank.. but it requires special situations to
    excel, especially due to it’s slow speed..

  12. He has 11 fps, grats ;)

  13. Hi quickybaby

  14. Imagine a 15 kill kv2…. Is it even possible?

  15. Oh baby a triple, ooh yeah

  16. Before the introduction of premium ammo for credits and general ccuracy
    buff this TD used to be an absolute beast. I ground through it with 68%
    wins over 112 battles before unlocking the T30 and have fond memories of it.
    Back then it was basically just as well armoured as the T28 but it had a
    turret which made it simply better.

    Lately though with the aforementioned changes the T28 Prot. has been on a
    demise as has the T28 because they are just not worth playing much anymore
    unless the enemies are complete idiots.

    Good to see one do so well though, very nice match!

  17. Danger from behind :p
    great vid

  18. Miodrag Mijatović

    You kept comparing the T28 Prot with the T95. Maybe you were thinking about
    the T28 instead of the T95?

  19. He stole the kill on the Pershing so I am counting this as 13 kills.

  20. It’s one of those games that makes people want to get that tank but they
    end up playing it like crap haha, very nice n.n I might go for the prot now

  21. The T28 prototype looks kind of like a Dalek.

  22. Its over 9000!!!!!!!!

  23. Damn, never had a game even in the same post code as that in my t28 proto

  24. wow, was this guy playing with <20 FPS, holly molly

  25. I was just watching Summer VLOG 2013 that was quite a while ago.

  26. El hallouf was a way better map before getting patched in my opinion!

  27. Why I say, a T28 Prototype on one of the biggest maps in the game?
    Practically pristine conditions for a Raiseiniai’s Medal!

  28. awsome gameplay, a bit sad though that in order to get some likes you need
    alot of kills x3. Would love to see some skillfull manouvres as well from
    time to time where people can also learn from.

  29. The T28 Prot is a nice tank as long as you have patience with it !!!
    I have about 6-700 plays on mine, and I got a maximum of 8 kills in it, but
    I did get 2 Kolobanov’s Medals over the course of several weeks !!!
    Very nice tank, but GOD DAMN is it SLOW !!!

  30. Cool thanks quickybaby

  31. Why do you hate the PJSalt emoticon?

  32. I loved my T28 Proto. Had a lot of good games in it. 

  33. He’s in a platoon against a shit team, using a spot that’s been removed.
    WTF? Camping with no arty, nothing spectacular at all.


    The only thing he should get a pat on the back for is taking advantage of
    that situation.

  34. I have the T28 and T95 and they are great tanks, eventhough people hate
    them, but thats becourse people dont know ho to drive them!

  35. Oh nonono!!Mann,you did a big mistake there!!The line is right
    this:T25/2->T28Prototype->T30(the turreted line)
    And the other one:T25AT->T28->And theres the T95(the unturreted line)

  36. miss you old haluf OP rock. Ofc only if im in TD

  37. Old replay,old map

  38. theretardedgamerXD


  39. qb hates t28 he can’t remember the name lol

  40. quickybaby says this tank will prepare you for the t95?….. and how long
    have you been playing this game? t28 prot goes to the t30 bud.

  41. +QuickyBabyTV the kv-1s is a tier 5 (3:26)

  42. Wow the player is having 12 fps

  43. ilarionas avgoustou

    good game but omg QB let us watch the f****** game chat!!!!!!!!

  44. What??? .. how?? T28p .. wat? i’m baffled! .. and i really suck at this
    game :/

  45. i dont get people’s problem with auto aim, in range like those 2 first
    shots (less than 200 meters) with stationary target being completely in the
    open aiming for center mass and backing out is great because you dont lose
    vision of your sorroundings, i couldnt count how many times ive seen people
    get flanked by higher tiers because theyre tunnel visioned on something in
    front of them that they could just auto aim at and pen anyway without
    taking precise shot

  46. And the coupe de gra? Man, qb your french is bad

  47. Wtf?! He’s playing witch about 12 fps and 120 ping…

  48. Qb picks one up, plays one game, and never goes back to it. 

  49. still a sh*t tank :P

  50. QB please stop telling us the ending outcome in the thumbnail and title!
    Yes it may get you more views but it spoils the whole video…

  51. What do you think of the TD nerf?

  52. That’s insane!! 

  53. the t28 prot is probably the shittiest tank i have ever played xD i would
    never go back to that tank.

  54. That enemy team was painful to witness.

  55. T25 AT goes in to the T28
    The T25/2 goes into the prot

  56. i really like this tank except that it is a snail

  57. This guy has win rate 55 % while playing with 12 fps and 120 ping? That is
    simply awesome.

  58. I am not saing that Danger is a bad player , but honestly he did all this
    job only caze of the OP position that he was in !

  59. T95 Is not his big brother !! It’s the T30 QB :)

  60. Quicky major derping in this video… Don’t know why he keeps comparing
    this to the T95, should be the T28 and then T30…

  61. funny he is in my clan ;D

  62. Tbh, he was getting stupidly good RNG, on average, the shots would miss
    like 60% of the time with that tanks poor accuracy… This replay was if he
    had 0.1 or less accuracy… So retarded…

  63. Got mastery in mine yesterday, it’s a keeper :)

  64. Know why this was a good match for him?

    Because there was not arty clicking his lights out from the base. Matches
    without arty are so reliefing and much more fun to play. Especially on
    corridor maps.

  65. Great gun, good armor against players some dont know where to shoot it, but
    it is too slow for me :)

  66. T28 Prot.’s turret is too weak, it’s can’t hold tier 6 tanks

  67. really awesome tank!

  68. Epic game!

  69. Wow QB just said the T95 has bad side armour he must know nothing about the

  70. omg 14 kills!

  71. He has 10fps xd

  72. is DangerFromBehind french?

  73. This remember how mucho i love my t28 prot

  74. Why the fuck did he burn his repair kit for no reason at all?

  75. WoW, so alsome

  76. QB kept on going full moron… lol. The t28 prot is not before the t95. The
    t28 leads to the t95, the t25 at leads to the t28 and the t25/2 leads to
    the t28 prot.

  77. A ton of kills, but actually really boring. He just camped the whole game.
    (which was clearly the right move, just not interesting to watch) 

  78. Anyone could achieve this in that spot and that enemy team and that tank..

  79. Илья Сомкин

    12 fps and 100 ms ping, did he play on the calculator?

  80. what is the mod that changes the commanders voice?

  81. omg 14 kill !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. What’s wrong with auto aiming?

  83. T25/2>T28 Prototype>T30>T110E4

  84. The bigger brother from T28 prot. is the T30 😀 quicky failed again but no

  85. Stronk tektiks

  86. What a great guy in the 59-16. Like han solo, “let’s blow this thing and
    get outta here kid!” He leaves the honour of the Rasseinai Hero’s medal to
    danger from behind. Class play all round

  87. This video should be renamed “How to camp with pancakes”.

  88. that’s why the game how it currently is needs artillery. Remove Tank
    destroyers, auto loaders and I’m the first one to kick arty out as well.
    Then I might get back into this game but as it is I just watch replays ^^

  89. Pieter-Dirk Brendeke

    why didn’t he get a tank ace?!

  90. T28 proto is just a troll tank. You ether get good enemies and you die
    rather quickly, or you get bunch of monkeys and have an amazing game. I
    actually got highest XP on T28 proto just because I had retarded oponents,
    I didnt even move most of the time. But other than that, its utter piece of

  91. FallenSuperheroWoT

    OFC he gets an epic game. no arty scumbags

  92. Get into the Armored Warfare technical alpha QB? I saw that shortcut up in
    the left hand corner of your desktop :)

  93. It’s a helluva cool TD. If it was a tad more agile and speedy, it would
    have been just lovely to play all the time. 

  94. Prot is awesome i had a Good game in it 7 kill 6k dmg and i alone with 100
    hp vs arty and he killed me its was an so big heartbreak


  95. lame camping couldnt bear to watch it anymore
    does anyone enjoy playing like that for realz?

  96. When this map was fun

  97. There is a replay on wotreplays with 15 kills

  98. Directly from the stream :P

  99. It and t28 basically got killed by prem shells for silver, huge flat
    surfaces to pen and no way to move out of the way. Used to enjoy these but
    now t28 sold and t28 nearly so :(

  100. This is nothing, I once counted 29 kills but the game recognized only 1. I
    think the kill counter may be broken.

  101. hot dayum!

  102. It t28 which bigger brother t95 is, not t28 prototype which tier IX tank is

  103. Fucking T-28 best TD lol

  104. The t95 has triple the side armor….. So I don’t think you can say ” bad
    side armour like the t95 ” when it has triple the armour on the side…..

  105. stiggiekaptain TH3 R34L 5T1G

    i found the T28 only good for holding positions when it is out numbered coz
    the thing is so slow it can’t keep up with the team (if it is any good)

  106. Quickybaby could you please put atleast in the youtube videos the camera a
    little bit upper so we can see whats happening in the chat. Thanks

  107. 1 more noob … spend lot of real money for wot give benefits on battles.
    .I no this …. 

  108. That 59-16 player did the right thing all battle. By that I mean he lived
    long enough to help spot. 

  109. Must be a big change driving the Prototype after the T67, Hellcat and
    T25/2… Speedy and maneuverable to extremely slow and practically a
    sitting brick. Good job Danger!!

  110. holy crap that was epic dat fully upgraded gun man cant wait to use it on
    my own t28 prototype. how much duz each of the shells cost on the 120mm?
    hate the 1000 credits a shot for the second gun i hav

  111. I have to wonder why he carries 15 apcr shells when that thing has some
    pretty good pen

  112. i thought there was a medal for killing 15 enemy tanks

  113. my T28pt 9.6 rload.. beast…

  114. I always shot the t28 prot with premium shells 😛 or get behing them.

  115. Blindfirering APCR ’cause who the hell cares about credits anyway? Also,
    QB, mate, the T28 Prot leads to the T30, not the T95.

  116. the T28 proto is a very good td. it has a great gun and the armour is even
    better then you would expect. i’ve bounced numerous rounds from high
    caliber guns without even angling the frontal armour.

  117. my back hurts just watching that.. that is how one carrys a game.

  118. That was awesome. He anticipated well for the speed of his TD. Nice blind

  119. tomorrow I’m buying Prot,took me a while to grind it,but it will worth it,I
    know ;)

  120. it so funny how arty players will claim they are needed to stop camp feasts
    and yet time and time and time again these epic replays have NO FUCKING

  121. no skill, just spamming gold at idiots…NAH JUST JOKING 😛 this game is

  122. This replay has been the 2nd most liked replay on your website for over a
    year, i’m surprised you just found out about it. Still a great game. Also,
    how do you view old replays without crashing the game?

  123. wow after seing that i decided to give WOT another go again but still
    doesnt mean left WT

  124. ladies and gents, here s another video of a noob with tomato enemy team who
    got very lucky there was no arty or more T8 like him. those were very
    difficult 14 kills. GJ !!!

  125. Damn. The best I could muster is 11 kills in a KV-3. Oh and BTW, WG needs
    to rename every tank in the Japanese line ‘Stat Wrecker’ because of their
    general shittyness. The upcoming T8 med gold tank looks to be no exception
    to this.

  126. ANYTHING that can’t go faster than 30, is utter shit by default. One lucky
    battle is not a proof.

  127. You keep mentioning the T95 but isn’t the next tank up the T30?

  128. I really like the prot … but the T25/2 is soooo painful

  129. camping replay is rly boring to see.. 59-16 do gj, t28 just clic clic and
    clic again.. more skill in left clic plz ~

  130. amazing

  131. Must be nice to have the enemy tank pop out in open areas where you can sit
    there and cherry pick all day. Enemy couldn’t get any damage. Nice to have
    that rare chance against a team that doesn’t have much skill. Big gun, easy
    targets, doesn’t take any skill to do well in those matches.

  132. How much money u spent on wot

  133. I miss that map…

  134. That was fucking astounding. Lately I have gotten into a game, poked my
    nose out, got vaporized, and still got a 71% wr 😛 Mind you my WN8 is only
    1430 atm 🙁 I have to play ULTRA conservatively to survive. its like I
    have zero armor regardless of the tank. 

  135. Even more impressive when you look at the FPS.

  136. See all the gold he fired

  137. No, this doesn’t show what T28 prot. is capable of, not even close… It’s
    one of the most shitty tanks in the game, boring as hell, and the only good
    thing about it is definitely the gun, nothing else… I guess only a 10 min
    camper, may love it… This was one in a lifetime game, with around 25
    donkeys (both teams), and a perfect spot camping, no offense but it is what
    it is… Congrats anyways on the result…

  138. Louis-Philippe Nault

    14 kills and only 20k wn8? wtf lol.. i picked up 23k wn8 in my kv-3
    once with only 9 kills.. that is weird and i do believe he did more damage
    than me. and it’s on the quickybaby”s replay site if you want to see it
    it’s ”kv-3 at it’s best”.

  139. The t30 is after the proto

  140. Whilst no one can deny 14 kills in any tier IS epic, for it to happen it
    relies heavily on your team being retarded (so as to not get kills), and
    the enemy must be retarded (to come one by one and die stupidly)

  141. He has lag 11 fps uses auto aim not beeg deal

  142. still not as good as the Hetzer! :D

  143. ReadMyNamem8xXx_SampleCat_xXx MemeMasterz ftw xDD

    When i started playing WoT i had no idea what to do. But i quickly went to
    youtube to see some epic replays. Then i found QB and Jingles. I’ve learned
    almost everything i know from QB. my first 2k games i had no clue what to
    do. But now i am on 7300ish games and i understand what to do and what not
    to do. Sometimes having good games because of that. 2 of my friends just
    started playing and im learning them all the basics. Also told them about
    your channel. So i hope they will watch some videos to get entertained and
    educated(tactics, bushes, map, tank turning speed etc.).

  144. As you said you don’t have a T28 prototype. How about getting the T110E4
    and T110E3? A video comparing those 2 would be fantastic :D

  145. I got my hellcat as a fun tank but is the t28prot worth the grind from

  146. Wtf game xd!!!!!

  147. dukeanddave gameingbuds

    i object to your statement concerning the t95! it has among the best side
    and roof armor in the game. so no the t28 proto and the t28 do not prepare
    you for the t95’s armor, they prepare you for the mobility

  148. How do you play old replays? I get errors :(

  149. The amount of donkies in wot is high. Getting alot of kills isnt too hard
    usually with so many shit stain scrub players.

  150. I also see nothing epic here as the guy camped the whole game. He was just
    a lucky shit stain.

  151. GG…Scratch that spectacular game!

  152. Пешко Бешко

    The bigger brother is the T30!QB noob!1!eleven!!

  153. tiger 2 raped by tiger p and t25 at…dear god..

  154. Cool shirt QB!

  155. And that’s why you have arty in the game:D

  156. 59-16… you da real mvp

  157. He never sucked the 2nd sock, well done!

  158. The video doesn’t work ?!

  159. the 59-16 was the real champ here

  160. 14 kills in tier8…omfg

  161. I did see this match already on another channel. Does anyone know, where?

  162. Did you saw that the proto player had sometimes even under 10 fps?I really
    wonder how he managed to play that

  163. This Bot in the Black Prince at the end makes me cancer for my eyes

  164. Would’ve not got this results when 9.6 patch, accuracy nerf along with him
    having premium ammo, That tiper P had no chance.

  165. I am already play T28 Prototype and this vehicle sucks.

  166. Danger from behind…..the only thing i could possibly think of is Jingles

  167. I enjoyed this replay and obviously 14 kills is phenomenal but I did find
    it a bit boring that the 28 Proto stayed in the same spot for most of the
    game (this was the right thing to do but just made for pretty boring
    viewing). I also felt that Quickybaby didn’t really know the American TD’s
    that well because he kept saying that this slow tank gets you ready for the
    T95 when that is in fact the other American TD line. This is probably one
    of my favourite tanks and if you want to match another Ace Tanker replay
    then I have a replay on my channel.

  168. Woah the old replay… come on man

  169. Hey QB check out the highest damage done by foch 155 gameplay at your
    replay site…

  170. wow i never get that 14 kills but i got 13kills in my t46 lol tier 3s

  171. Having grinded through both the T28 and prototype versions, I have to say
    the prototype has more effective armour. as you can angle around a corner
    and be nearly invincible, just got to worry about your turret cheeks. But
    if you keep it at range, than that isn’t too much of a problem.

    Biggest problem with the T28 overall is the gun accuracy. Sometimes you’ll
    miss shots completely even though you were aiming centre mass. But the
    proto is definitely better than the bare T28. Much more flexible and more
    effective armour make this tank a beast when it keeps its distance with its
    fantastic camo rating and view range. We’ll have to see how the TD view
    range nerf treats it though. 

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