World of Tanks || T29 – Tank Review

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Sometimes no matter how many new are added the originals are still timeless such as the T7 American heavy the T29; of the most powerful tanks tier for tier in the game.

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. Plebejski Uciekinier

    You’ve crashed into the building, You Potato !!! lol

  2. What is the blocked damage log called that QB is using?

  3. Video is 29 min long LOL

  4. came for the rewiew, stayed for the repair cat

  5. meteor_falling_from_the_sky

    I prefer IS2 or IS in tier 7, as a more all-round tank.


  7. T 29. In my opinion the strongest tank in the game. Oh and look more arty
    whiners below. Pathetic. (No I do not play them but love killing them. Art
    does a great job of preventing ego players from just dominating to easily
    (makes them think more carefully.) and breaks up log jams while encouraging
    team play by forcing Lts and meds to break through and hunt the Art). Good

  8. Can u make a review on the T20?

  9. Zdzisław Dziąsło

    No hitbox on the rengefinder??

  10. FrankoDoesSkylark Nothing

    Bro T26E4 has 256 on apcr ammo,you noob

  11. cupola is not a valid target, its sloped. rounded, so more often then not
    its a bounce, at close range ull have to shot upp into it, and are more
    likely to hitt the turret front at an angle, from a distance you can shot
    at it but hitting is an entirely diferent storry,

  12. It was too painful to watch QB waste prem rounds on that T71 in the first

  13. Nuclear Disco Donkey

    Haha xD. I laughed so hard at the end when you got stuck into that doorway
    – not at you but with you. This happens a lot to me – especially when ones
    pulse is like 180 from sitting still… :)

  14. 1:21 “Weighs less than 47 tons when fully equipped”
    Uhm, QB? What does? Failcut much? xD

  15. review the AMX M4 45?

  16. I strongly recommend training up a crew in a T34 USA Army, if you own that
    machine. This tank, the t29, is an absolute beast on any map with a bump
    anywhere in the terrain. But you will need off road driver skill, loader
    skills, BiA, and Sixth Sense though that’s a given now, that rear landing
    pad is a great she’ll catcher and there are no HE rounds that can’t
    penetrate it.

  17. This video has actually sort of inspired me to repurchase my T29. It really
    is an amazing machine from top to bottom, and the best carry I ever had
    (just one enemy tank shy of a Kolabanov’s Medal) was in one.

  18. At 8:04 I realized this may be the most hyped series of T29 games ever

  19. Does anybody know how to set your camera angle when you first get into a
    game without having to manually scroll the mouse to get it just right?

  20. Love taking the T-29’s out with my Tiger 1

  21. Daaaaner Zooooooone

  22. Hey, Quickybaby. Ever heard of a comb? 🙂 :)

  23. great tank I love my T29

  24. trying to get this one now

  25. Best tier for tier? IS-3. Why? This is WoT, if you don’t know why by now go
    do something else. I hear Minecraft is decent.

  26. Hyperuberrandomness

    “T71 with 90mm gun that has 150mm pen” -QB 2015

  27. Oh goodie a review of my most hated tank in the game (that’s not arty or an
    auto loader anyway)

    Seriously though, the tracks eat so many shots that it shouldn’t and the
    hull isn’t crappy either like you’d expect it to be.

  28. Why are you not selling your “old” modules of your tanks ?? You waste such
    a lot of credits. Or am i wrong ? Do you use your stock tracks and engines
    ?? No ?? So sell it !!

  29. The T29 rocks fucking balls. It was my 1st tier VII heavy & though I tend
    to favor the German Tiger a bit better I still have hella fun rolling out
    in my T29. Great review mate. Cheers :)

  30. Hey QuickyBaby could you check out the Emblems since the update. They
    seem to give you some type of skills or something each one
    different for each crew members. And if you could make a video explaining
    it if you figure it out.

  31. I only have 4000 game and 1500 of them I’ve spent in the T29. It’s the only
    tank I have my crew training on their 4th perk. And I love it.

  32. Thank you for the video and the info. Now I know how to deal with this
    tank. I hope.

  33. Always go back to the T29. Just a great tank.

  34. dear QB
    please do the tank review video more often, once a week or month, it’ll
    helps us more than watching awesome replays.
    thanks :)

  35. Thank you QuickyBaby! I only just bought my T29. So this video will help me
    a lot.

  36. Could you do an M26 Pershing review?

  37. QB during the livestream of the second game: “This tank is so OP I can’t

  38. After doing the T29 tank review, it may be nice to see the KV3 next

  39. I have the T29 on Blitz right now, and let me tell you: unless your enemy
    is truly stupid, a T29 that isn’t hull-down is a dead T29. It doesn’t help
    that they nerfed the ROF on the 105mm in Blitz to hell, only 7.55rpm. Still
    a good tank nonetheless, I’m about a third of the way through it. I might
    have been halfway but I’ve been prioritizing the Hellcat, IS-3 and
    Churchill VII over it because I want to finish those grinds and just enjoy
    those tanks (save the Church) more than I do the T29.

  40. Review LTTB pls?

  41. Tier for tier i see that the T-150 is the best tier 6,the only drawback i
    can see is that the speed is quite low.

  42. plz replay at IS-2 chinesse

  43. 2:40 Dat face…

  44. The funny thing is, I considered t29s to have really weak armor untill I
    started to play t7 heavies. If you are in a t-150 they never expect you to
    have a competitive gun or for you to bouce those 3 shots off your side…
    really, everybody underestimates it, and most pay the price.

  45. 2:40 that face HAHA :D

  46. All I end up doing is being messed up in the T29, no matter how I angle or
    how hard I try to go hull down. Penetrations just above the gun mantle are
    common as well. I can feel how it is a good tank, but it’s really really
    easy to penetrate.

  47. tier for tier ,at least for me, nothing is better than the OI simply cas
    its got a great big dirty 150mm derp gun and i fire nothin but he so it
    doesent matter if the enemy is angling or not ill still do damage wreck
    modules and kill crew members and as for the armour the side is a bit
    problematic but the front just keeps bouncing shots i have had IS3s with
    the big gun bouncing of the front of my OI and if im on the reload, wich is
    verry long about 21.5 sec, i can just ram tanks. me and my friends were
    doing team battles and i was in the OI and an IS3 sot at me bounced i shot
    him did about 250dmg and then he tried to ram me he got 500dmg wile taking
    less than 100 of my hp

  48. fuked up frontal turret of T29. nuf said

  49. It’s really weird to think that QB hadn’t already done a review for this
    tank… Best scout in the game in that first match QG shows, just driving
    down tank alley no shits given./

  50. next
    AMX M4 45 please =]]]

  51. can you review the t-44 all reviews are so old?

  52. can u review t32 heavy tank


  54. Tog is better.

  55. review the t32

  56. Bad news, QB…most of tier 7 meds will bounce on the upper plate(and most
    will not think of shooting lower plate)-the bad news is, a T29 can make any
    Comet his bitch, if Comet doesnt spam gold ;)

  57. Good review on the ever-reliable T29. I don’t play it very often any more
    either, but when I do the beastly power of that tank continues to impress
    me. I can’t think of any other T7 tank that can stand in front of T9 tanks
    and make them work for the win (or even steal it from them) like the T29

  58. T29 is very good, one of the best at being hull down, can side scrape up to
    152 mm no problem (using auto bounce angles), but you have to be careful of
    155 mm and over as the rear side armour (by the engine) is only 51 mm so
    will be auto penned with 155 mm or higher caliber guns, this can be solved
    be reverse side scraping though.

  59. The problem with T29s at least on the American server is their almost
    always driven by the stupidest possible driver

  60. You potato

  61. Doesn’t the T32 have a significantly better turret then the T29 with just
    under 600mm of front turret armor?

  62. I got a question for ya…..what if 2 tanks get the same gun (one a heavy
    and one a td) and the heavy is one tier higher, which do you think will
    perform better?

  63. I noticed there is a distinct lack of videos on youtube about the Object
    430 line… Can you do some more videos on the 430 line QB?

  64. Roasted Lemon (Noticed by Senpai)

    The gun now makes it feel like an ARL 44 with an excellent turret.

  65. Don’t go for the caporal on the Tiger P I’ve used APCR

  66. so basically you saying t29 has to go hull down down right?. lol

  67. i have vents, gun laying drive and a tank gun rammer on this machine, it’s
    probably my favorite allround tank

  68. great, now the T29 is going to get a nerf

  69. please can u review the E 50?

  70. R “RKAPPS 117” Kappenman

    I love trolling obj. 704s and jadgtigers in this tank truly a thrill when
    thuds are all you hear

  71. Borsigs in that first game really let the team down…..donkey clan

  72. My favorite tank

  73. Man,do more Tank Review’s for us, like before ;)

  74. alfred yap (headboxer12)

    can you do a review for the T34 T8 HT?

  75. well i need a repair cat too how much is it?

  76. Tier7 or higher can penatrate the T29’s hull no problem but the comet and
    T-43 59 16 or tier 7 mediums cant pen T29’s hull only bottom plate

  77. Super Pershing APCR pen is 258! It’s really good. You can fire plenty of
    them and still make a profit.

  78. where dose quickybabytv get every tank in the game aeven special tanks

  79. I thought the t29 got HD

  80. It’s matches like your first replay is why they should up Team Death
    Matches in random battles too. I hate doing soooo well, just to lose
    because they cap… I know it’s part of the game, and I like that you’re
    able to put pressure on the cap at times.. But sometimes, a good ‘ole TDM
    would be nice.

  81. This tank is good in its tier, but in a high tier battle it is not that

  82. From just the normal tanks I believe these are the tier for tier tanks:
    Tier One: T1 Cunningham
    Tier Two: Pz.II
    Tier Three: Pz. I C
    Tier Four: Luchs
    Tier Five: KV-1
    Tier Six: T-37
    Tier Seven: T-29
    Tier Eight: IS-3
    Tier Nine: T-54
    Tier Ten: Ob. 140

    However if you add premium tanks tier three would probably be a T-127

    I should point out I don’t have any normal tanks above tier seven and of
    course other peoples opinion will vary depending on their personal

  83. Hey Quickybaby, would you do a tank review of the newly changed Caernarvon?

  84. Could you do a review on Tier 8 heavy tank the T34 please?

  85. +QuickyBabyTV could you please review the tier V german td Stug IIIg?

  86. Krisjanis Valdmanis

    Repair Cats FTW!

  87. Je pense que le meilleur char du jeu tier pour tier pour moi est le E75 🙂
    j’aime aussi énormément le T49 et je pense que c’est aussi l’un des

  88. T29 (along with the T30) gets an HD model next patch, I would have waited
    until then to do this review so you can show off the sexy model

  89. can you do a object 416 review next? i find that tank very difficult to do
    well in

  90. can you do a object 416 review next? i find that tank very difficult to do
    well in


  92. OMFG It only took you 3 years of me waiting. Gah, im not even interested in
    World of Tanks right now. Having one of my phases where i go off certain
    games. But im still subbed cos i know i will head back to this game at some
    point. But finally. What took you so long?

  93. t29 is a tank you can get and not feel like you have to continue down the
    line any further, you will be okay even in t9 games. Would recommend to
    anyone who likes heavy tanks.

  94. review Tiger 2 plzz :)

  95. As I do not have availability to a computer sufficient to plat wot on I
    play wot blitz on my phone. I love my t29 and have had epic games in it.
    There are seven tanks on each team and I have killed up to six in my t29.
    In the hands of an expirienced player who knows where to go and how to play
    against the opponents it can be overpowered when top tier. I love it for
    the awesome turret armor and the nice gun. This tank review is completely
    accurate for the blitz t29 too. I can’t wait to finally the true wot world
    in the future

  96. Wow you really never made a review for this tank for all these years lol,
    dayumm son…

  97. The Luchs. Because it is the freakin’ Luchs!

  98. :O potato

  99. Isn’t this really quite an old game…? Or do you crash into that corner
    with 10 seconds left on the cap a lot…? ;)

  100. T-34-85 tank review

  101. Try the IS -> 1230 hp

  102. 2:42 OP armor, WG plz nerf

  103. Next tank is Tiger P??

  104. Just elited the T29. I will most likely keep it for awhile just because it
    is so beast.

  105. Sorry to say QB didn’t play flawlessly in his T29 especially in that sand
    river game. So many avoidable hull penetrations. Stay hull-down is top
    priority when driving T29.
    A good way to know if u r completely hull-down, is to see whether half of
    ur screen is covered by the outline of the ridge closest to u. If u r, u r
    completely hull-down. If u r not, move backwards (or sometimes, forward or
    on the side) until u do.

  106. Is the centurion 7/1 better for aggressive players than the amx 30

  107. Nice review.T29 is so fun to play. One of the best tank in WoT, no doubt ;)

  108. I think best tank in tier VI is Hetzer, best tank in tier VII is KV-1, best
    tank in tier VIII is VK30.02M, best tank in tier IX is Tiger I and best
    tank in tier X is IS-3….so yeah screw you WG with your map rotation and
    MM in which we get 1-2 games in our tier and 8-9 games in higher tiers!!!

  109. I love the T-29 platform, I have 3 marks on my T-29, T-34, and my T-30

  110. I sent you a kolobanov (7 vs me) in T29, 11kills and 5k dmg and you didn’t
    take it :(

  111. kv3 review or 113 review next please?

  112. T29, the best tier 7 heavy, or just best tier 7 in general period.
    How do i know that? My T29 almost got the 3rd mark of excellence. Sure, its
    dpm and mobility isn’t impressive, its gun doesn’t behave very well at
    range. But the sher hull-down power of this beast of a heavy is just too

    Let’s run down the list shall we?
    IS/IS-2 have better alpha and mobility, but their gun handling and armor is
    shit compare to T29 (thx to early access to vertical stabilizer).
    KV-3…Well, that armor doesn’t count for scrap when it’s not top tier.
    Tiger, that top speed on paper can never achieve unless u r heading down
    hill, and u think T29’s turret traverse is bad…..Yeah Tiger got a very
    good long 88mm gun. But rly, with that alpha it doesn’t belong in a proper
    heavy, only a support heavy, and everybody knows Tiger’s armor is paper.
    Tiger P, good luck bouncing shots with that huge cupola on top. Black
    Prince? pls…..

    T29’s one of the selected fews that r not afraid of tanks 2 tiers above (
    provide you r willing to fire some gold). even E75 will hesistate when
    engage a hull-down T29…….Well, when I’m driving it at least.

  113. I have 62% winrate in this tank and i clearly remember the last game i
    played in it. I went in the valley on Lakeville, got a great hull down
    position and then received a 1250 dmg shell from the enemy artillery. That
    was the last game i played in wot.

  114. Simon Kopertowski (HidesHisFace)

    I would not call the cupola on T29 prominent or weak. 160mm on tier VII…
    This is around the same effective armour as front of the Black Prince and
    it won’t be easy to pen for lower tier tanks (and well, these are the ones
    who would use the weakspots the most, right?) – heck, it is not really a
    reliable target for same and higher tier tanks. T29 is also so huge that
    the cupola, placed at the back of the turret is not really that easy to hit
    for majority of tanks.

  115. QB feeling like some clubbing tday.

  116. T7 with good gun, vert stabs and armor.
    Yeah well balanced….. and its not even russian :P

  117. on tier 1 t1 cunningham 2 t18 3 marder 4 hetzer 5 chaffee 6 hellcat and kv
    2 7 tiger 1 and t29 8 tiger 2 and t28 prototype 9 the E 75 and on tier 10 i
    don’t have on of them yet but i think e 100 an T110E5 i need 6 million
    credits so that will take me a few years

  118. lol “YOU POTATO !”

  119. …”Schtur’rmill”? wow

  120. Small_Loan_Of_A_Million_Dollars$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  121. can you please do a tiger 1 game?

  122. My IS has a 10.61 sec reload with the top 122mm gun

  123. My father gave me a small loan of a million dollars $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  124. 1:04 that time (top right corner) :P

  125. Fiaura The Tank Girl

    Really did love this tank, at least more than the T32 but it seemed like
    everytime I had a good game in it, the rest of my team had to have a bad
    game. Not sure if that is just how it slow plays or bad luck.

  126. had a crazy T29 game,
    2 tier 7 and 1 tier 6 in each team, and the rest were tier 5.

    i got up to about 3k dmg and a few kills but faced both the enemy tier 7
    (t29 and IS) with ful health and got fucked

  127. I need to start playing this game again

  128. QB did you know yhat you can legally can drive in the uk with rubber tracks
    and a tampering gun?

  129. Still has more health than the IS

  130. great video but thumbnails could use some work

  131. Could you do a review of the the E-50/E/50M I think it would help me out a
    lot with my performance in it

  132. This is why people hate Super Pershing drivers.

  133. Do a review for Tiger P please!

  134. T29 is awesome!

  135. can you make a video about the panther, tiger 2 or the lttb please?

  136. First replay: pictured why to never go hill on standard himelsdorf, by the
    time you get up there and clear it your team already lost the bottom.

  137. Thank you QB. Good tips and clear explanations. I’m gonna have my friend,
    who just
    unlocked all the modules on the T29, listen to your video.

    On the first video, I thought you should have stayed by the banana street
    and taken a hull down position on the corner, but I guess that would have
    been a fail. The heavies above would have flanked you and you have had to
    share the corner with 2 Tiger II.
    The Tiger II shoudl have held the corner better, despite their weaker

  138. Do a review for the IS plz

  139. the t29’s engine deck is fun

  140. oh my lord I was waiting for this so long and randomly typing in your
    twitch chat, THANK YOU for making this video. Only relatively recently got
    it fully “upgraded”. I love it, it is amazing.

  141. Great vid as always QB. I’m working on Murican heavies, at the M6 right
    now. Having trouble getting to the 90mm on the M6, but I’m close, can’t
    wait till T29!!

  142. I have waited for this!

  143. Mathilda in a Tier 4 game is fantstic!!!!

  144. JyssyGaming Pelailua suomeksi

    5 tier ELC 6tier Type 64 7 tier Bulldog or T29 8 tier 112 9Tier T-54 10tier
    Centurion action X

  145. the t-29 in my opinion is the best their 7 heavy and is one of my favorite

  146. Garbage tank. I do worse in it than my fucking t1 heavy and m6. It’s armor
    is “so fantastic” and yet it has two massive weak spots (above mantlet,
    cupola) and a hull that might as well have less armor than the Scorpion.
    Sitting on a ridge as top tier with ONLY your turret exposed and you could
    only fucking bounce 1/2 of the hits you took (21:00) from *TIER SEVENS AND
    BELOW*. Fucking hate this tank, fucking remove the weak spot above the
    mantlet at least. It’s my least favorite heavy despite having the best
    potential for its turret armor ever.

  147. Any1 noticed that the t29 review clocks in at 29 minutes, coincidence, i
    dont think so. 29+29=58 58/29=2 2is the number of eyes a (normal) person
    have. The symbol of the illuminati contains a eye in the middle, QB=
    illuminati, loominaty confirmed!

  148. EmperorNefarious1 The Glorious

    You should probably mention the weak turret roof. if enemies, especially
    tier 9s get above you, or one of the Japanese heavies face hug you, it can
    get you killed. on a level map its not so bad, but if you drive the T34 or
    T39 with the same turret the big tier 10 TDs can easily pen from the front
    on even level ground.

  149. NO, turret armor is 200-1111

  150. Watch Jonhefighter’s T29 replay. It’s awesome ?

  151. It was my favourite tank until I realized you need to have premium account
    in order to not go in minus with credits. Sad story

  152. Could you potentially do a video on the new is-8 (or T-10) armor after its
    HD version and how it compared to the original is-8?

  153. My first Tier VII Tank – I have itt since 2k13 -Still my No 1. , most
    enjoyable tank

  154. its like a tank but better

  155. You could start a series of the little brothers of the legends. Like the IS
    or the vk36.01

  156. T10 – Tank Review

  157. Could you do a KV-3 or IS review nest?

  158. Should’ve gotten in that IS-3’s face as he crested the ridge… IS-3s can’t
    point their guns down for shit, he would’ve shot your turret. And the T29’s
    gun goes down far enough to shoot him in the hull.

  159. long over due but entertaining.

    Omitting tanks that are just OP (looking at you autoloaders and t-54)

    the T25AT is awesome, best non premium TD at tier 7. (premium SU-122-44
    nudges it out for fun factor)

    i think the M36 Jackson doesnt get enough credit as a tier 6 TD. i prefer
    it to the Hellcat

    t-150 one of the best tier 6 heavy tanks, more consistent than kv2

    a platoon of tiger 1s is very scary, i would say a 3 man tiger 1 platoon is
    more dangerous than any other platoon of tier 7 heavy tanks due to sheer
    DPM, penetration, and HP pool.

    toss up between the cromwell and the t-34-85 (different play styles

    also a toss up between the stug 3g and the su85.

  160. 15:00 a repair cat? I want that crew member.

  161. Didn’t hear you mention it but the bunny ears on the upgraded turret don’t
    have a damage model so shooting them is useless

  162. I wish I had a repair cat…

  163. yea I got 1100 games on that thing. I pretty much know every trick for that
    beast and it is totally balanced in my hands. Totally balanced. Believe me.

  164. The IS has 1.230 health get your facts straight quickybaby :DDD

  165. i think the mistake that cost you the game was letting the IS-3 crest the
    ridge and shoot you, i personally would have closed in to ram him after you
    fired, he would still have been on the slope and likely would have rushed
    his shot bouncing off the turret with his poor GDP, and with him only
    having 100 health you would have probably killed him in the ram. the extra
    400 health you would have had could probably have won you that game.

  166. When I started playing the game I was doing pretty badly because I went for
    german mediums… Then I noticed how op T29 was and went straight for it…
    It was probably one of the best tanks I have ever played, but it has been
    years since I played it the last time… Every now and then I think of
    buying it back but I generaly don’t pay much money in the game so it would
    be a waste of silver to buy it…

  167. My goto get out of a funk tank. Got 2 MOE in it now.

  168. Why my Hitlog is a little to the right inside green tank icons?? any HELP?

  169. the super pershing has 520+ turret armor

  170. Do a video for the jtiger or the ferdinand

  171. T29 review is 29 minutes. Coincidence? I think not.

  172. So, does anyone else think it’s funny that XVM is giving QB a 60% chance to
    win a 1 vs 5 game?

  173. tier for tier best vehicle for me is t54e1

  174. QB you shitter 😉 should of quickely sidescraped out and loaded a HE shell
    for the super pershing, but good game good job.

  175. yes yes the T29 i love you

  176. IS is the best t7 heavy tank :P

  177. It may doesn’t seem logic but I just watch you viddeos of wot rather than
    the ones in my original language because you don’t only run down the stats
    and show the strenghts only. You show how to use the tanks effectivly as
    well. Thanks for your videos and greetings from Germany ;)

  178. Xxx_FalconLover2.0_xxXX LOL

    27:28 damage on spotting/detracking is 69/420 Quickybaby is illuminati

  179. löwe please

  180. do tiger p

  181. A_Jl_E_H_T.00 Gaming

    Tier 6 – KV-2, the hand of Stalin
    Tier 7 – T29
    Tier 8 – IS-3
    Tier 9 – M103
    Tier 10 – T110E5

  182. “I used my repair cat :3” – Quickybaby 2015

  183. 280 views

  184. why don’t you do a IS-8 (T-10 now) replay ?

  185. God i loved this tank, but I loved the t32 even more, that turret is just
    too good.

  186. Do the t-10 which repleased the is8

  187. 9.12 is very buggy the game chrashes and my friends are online but wot says
    they are offline …. and iam not the only one!

  188. repair cat OP

  189. Do a caernarvon review

  190. And it is such a pleasure to play.

  191. is :)

  192. pls Quickybaby i will be very thank full if i could play with you my gamer
    name on wow is Grobman123

  193. Hey QB, you should do a review of the T-10. I hated the IS-8 because it
    wasn’t mobile enough to play like a med or armored enough to play like a
    heavy. But with the HD model they seem to have buffed the hull armor (I
    could be wrong but I get a lot more bounces now) and they definitely buffed
    the turret. I find it to be so much better!

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  203. 14:58 He used his “repair cat”

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  206. T29: One the tanks that will you start learning to HATE Artillery!

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  208. The most OP American tank in the game(except for the arty) tier-for-tier,
    maybe in the whole game.

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    I’m LiveStreaming the new patch right now!

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