World of Tanks || T30 – 11,000+ Damage…

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Source: QuickyBaby

of Tanks || T30 – the T9 American turreted alpha monster – RM99 gets the most damage ever done in the vehicle…

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. domicelka89/sesil85

    medal DED’a

  2. lucky shots, 1x fire, 2x ammoracks. facing a lot of bots on 4 minutes who
    could have easily killed him

  3. Amazing gameplay!

  4. I’m a unicorn and I never had a game like this. Well done.

  5. This tank is awesome monster.

  6. What a exiting GAME!
    T30 looks like T34 with 155mm Gun.

  7. M6 Heavy Tank Review?

  8. this tank is super

  9. Nuclear Disco Donkey

    I would like to post a positive comment in this jungle of complaints; I
    don’t worry much about stats unless they are blod-red, and instead I see
    the potential waiting to be unleashed in players such as RM99. He does the
    right thing when he reaches the top of the hill – finds a good position,
    patiently waits, and he gets in some good shots. He decides to leave the
    hill when he realizes the potential of the enemy winning and pushing
    forward on the other flanks. He heads back and prevents a complete surround
    of the Hill Flank. He shuts down some heavies in the Heavy Alley, and
    progresses towards the Japanese heavy. This is where my only point of
    criticism comes in: he could have gotten shot from the hill after getting
    spotted by the Japanese tank – it didn’t happen though. The rest of the
    game he makes all the right decisions, and fair enough he placed that
    second last shot in the turret, but he must have felt the pressure at that
    point. So to RM99: GG mate. I enjoyed watching your replay.

    EDIT: And from what I understand some of the players on his team were
    giving him hell in chat – even to the last seconds of the map, which makes
    it even harder to concentrate.

  10. That LTTB is a dream of a good teammate :D

  11. type 5 heavy? @ 10:00

  12. if I want to upload a video of wot in YouTube,do I need their permission or
    something? thinking of started a channel myself.good video quicky

  13. Apart from the first two lucky shots, it was an amazing game. The LTTB was
    crucial for the win so a great one from him, too.

  14. I actually like the thumbnail

  15. He has so a luck because the other team is so shit

  16. He is played so shit…

  17. Tolakos Green Love

    can’t wait to get in this beast :D

  18. Michael Krejbich (Michael123cz Gaming)

    Omg this guy has got activated the annoying tank effects after firing :/

  19. Super risky play, standning so u can be seen from the hill. Lucky the IS-3
    was bad enough to not shoot from hill :)

  20. It only took 4 years for a T30 to get 1100+ dmg. The average winrate for a
    T30 today is 48%. There’s a grand canyon gap between 49% and 48%. It has to
    be a WG hated tank to become a 48% winrate. Pros won’t touch this tank.

  21. Every dog has its day

  22. so many dicktaters in the comments expending there sodium through pixel
    based text

    please if your so statisticly better get a great game like this

    even if a supposed tomatoe gets a game like this you know he is at least
    capable of it and hasnt reached his skill cap yet

    if your a unicum and your highest damage is under 7k kneel before me to be
    pissed on and then move out the way so i can piss on the next one

    rm99 you had a great game dont let these cunts get you down i did when i
    used to be enthused about the game dont let them ruin your fun keep on
    kicking ass and farming salt

  23. RM99 – thats Malaysian currency

  24. and no ACE Tanker ????

  25. GG to RM99 – decent tactics, good map awareness, no use of prem AT ALL, I
    think he deserves a day-off from the salt mines for this one :)

  26. “Find the back, put it in …” DansGame 7:22

  27. Nice game, but lucky fire and ammo racks.

  28. pelihalko!, suomi mainittu! sounds so funny when qb says it:D

  29. Wow. This ranting about stats. I am a stats whore myself, but why the
    outrage, when a quite bad player has a good game? Bad players make smart
    moves and good players make studid moves sometimes. That´s the reason why I
    only have 2000 wn8 in average and not 4700+(!!!) like some players I
    already met in the game. And for the same reason RM99 has about 1000 WN8
    and not 400. In this replay he showed great map awareness, carried hard and
    deserved to win. But you can also tell by the mistakes he did in this
    replay, why he is only an orange player.

  30. Man I’m so salty I have yet to have a 10k damage game… 2200 wn8 16k

  31. Cole Watson (CWgaming)

    I hate XVM because I have seen players that trust it devoutly and if they
    have a less than 30 percent chance to win they will just go suicide without
    even trying to fight.

  32. Is the LTTB a competitive tank? They kinda scare me

  33. 37 type 4 heavy dislike

  34. help T_T.. i cant open my launcher cause it said something like ”
    application has generated an exception that could not be handled” somebody
    help me what should i do?
    is it bcause of my laptop doesnt has the requirement? T_T

  35. My experience with the T30 mostly consisted of losing half my Centurion 7’s
    health to a single shot. The T30 beats both the damage per shot and damage
    per minute of the Cent7.

  36. Please ado a preview on the panther mit8.8

  37. can you please do a tiger 2 video

  38. 1. Camo net on t30
    2. Probably has no rammer on that thing.
    3.Uses med. to revive radioman
    4.Lucky pens at SP
    5.Lttb saved this game


  39. Had a thought Quickybaby, brought on by an internet discussion, (shock,
    horror, the agony, e.t.c.), have you ever thought about doing a video
    comparing the two top guns on the IS, (the 100mm and the 122)? I favour the
    100 myself for the sheer flexibility it gives but i’ve never seen one of
    the big youtubers do a video on the comparison. I’m afraid my best game
    with the 100mm i have a replay to hand of from this patch is a meager 3k’r
    where i got fed somewhat, (just came back from a break). So sorry i can;t
    help on that front if your interested.

  40. If this guy keeps playing like that, he won’t be orange for long. This was
    just flawless. The aim, the situational awareness, the quick decision
    making. Top notch. For example: the shot on the Type4 turret was the right
    thing to do, he had to gamble to make that guy a oneshot. Just carry like 5
    prem rounds with you for clutch situations like this in the future.
    When I read comments about him getting only lucky, I know immidiately that
    the guys saying that, have no clue what is going on. This battle and
    matchup were the dream and RM (or whoever was playing that account at the
    time 😛 ) used those things to their full potential, GG.

  41. couldn’t u get a gun rammer to make up for the reloading?

  42. I’ve had matches of 7-9k all the time in this thing it does happen but most
    of the time it’s 3-4(which is ok), but this game was just a case of of
    clowns on the other team that made him reach this milestone!

  43. Please do a video on the t28 HTC when that thing hides a mg turret behind a
    wall and the other behind itself it invincible

  44. WoT ist sowas von tot! ALLES, was dieses Spiel einmal so einzigartig und
    spielenswert gemacht hat, ist mittlerweile völlig für`n Arsch! Der MM :
    Einfach nur beschissen! Die “tollen” Teams….. so eine grauenvolle Scheiße
    trifft man selten in IRGENDEINEM Online-Game ! Gerade seit der beknackte
    Ostblock mit auf die EU-Server eingeschlagen ist, hat man nur noch den
    übelsten Ausschuß! Ausnahmen… gibt es. Darf man bei der Flut an
    Vollidioten aber mit der Lupe suchen. Dann hampeln da noch ein Haufen sog.
    “Pro-Gamer” herum… die Klugscheißen, wo sie nur können, achso tolle
    “Stats” haben… und Reihenweise versagen. Man kommt sich vor wie in `ner
    Mischung aus Kindergarten und präpubertärem Sandkasten! “Taktik? Hää?” Die
    simpelsten Dinge scheinen für diese Ego-Krüppel echt schon eine ungeheure
    Herausforderung zu sein….. Gebt um Himmels Willen keinen einzigen Cent
    aus für diesen unsäglichen Dreck! Ich verspreche Euch: Weder lohnt sich
    das, noch werdet ihr Euch nicht den Arsch abärgern!

  45. puppymonkeybaby!!!!!!!!

  46. The amount of salt in this comment section could solve the world’s thyroid

  47. that thumbnail looked so sexy <3

  48. Great game. But please, swap out the camo net. Its useless on this tank.

  49. LTTP did very very good

  50. 11:26 “now let’s just take a quick look at the post-game stats” You’re a
    riot, quicky

  51. I love the t30 honestly but if you ask me it’s a drop down from the t28
    prototype since the t28 prot has better hull armor, sadly though less

  52. 7:35

    “Radio operator is back in action”

  53. Quickybaby do you do war thunder videos? I have a great save if you do

  54. RnJesus lvl 10 000 on legendary stupid moving enemys and i think he has not
    rammer because this rld is fucking long..

  55. i only used this tank on the testserver an i really like it. grinding for
    this tank at the moment, looking forward to have it myself :)

  56. Have you even considered the chance that somebody else was playing on his
    account? Just saying guys, just saying…

  57. 11.6k doesn’t earn you 3 marks? lol holy fuck D:

  58. +Quickybaby Please make a video on how to solve the issue. I have been
    trying to open my World of Tanks for months now and whenever I open, it
    keeps saying, “Critical Error. Unable to update service. The application
    cannot continue. For details, see log file”. I have opened my log file and
    there is nothing. I have also tried looking and reading a lot of forums and
    discussions and support websites but none of them helps. I have also
    submitted the ticket two times to Wargaming and yet received no replies.
    There are many out there who needs help on this; they’ve been investing and
    putting large sums of money in World of Tanks without being able to play.
    It’s sad and frustrating for lots of players out here facing the exact same
    problem. So, can you please help and assist us out with this please?

  59. omg so cool us

  60. What about the KV 1S with the top gun? It reloads 25 secs

  61. Sad I sold my t30. One of my highest played tanks as well. But I just got
    frustrated with it. The reload was a pain but manageable, my biggest
    complaint is the guns rng just sucks some days. Can’t tell you how many
    times I have bounced lights in the tank or critically hit for no damage
    rhms in this thing.

  62. Applause

  63. 11:30 it says ,,Joe the avarange player 11k dmg and getting called a noob”
    but who called him a noob

  64. Wait. Are we going to ignore the fact that while they were being capped
    this guy decided to sit and fight roughly 5 tanks instead of going around
    through his spawn to reset the cap? This dude had no intentions on winning
    the match, the LTTB basically saved the whole game. So shout outs to the
    LTTB who actually knew what the fuck he was doing. The T30 while he had a
    great match, he would have lost it because all he really gave a shit about
    was doing damage.

  65. Васил Димитров

    When i saw amoracking tiger I ._____.

  66. This guy is a better player than most green players. Why?
    Because he doesn’t need to spam premium ammo to penetrate his targets.

  67. Why the most players who are using the xvm are judging others by the win
    rate? I’ve seen unicum players with 47%. But it doesn’t always depend on
    you. You can get a bad team and loose. No one can always carry his team.
    The only way to judge a player is for it’s play style no matter if it is
    safe or aggressive. Thx to everyone who reads this.

  68. Why the fuck did he Used the med pack for radio guy? 😀 never ever waste
    med pack for radio fucker.. But really great job overall!!

  69. I see alot of folks saying stats don’t matter.

    Yes, they do. They may not look pretty sometimes, but they represent
    something in a faithful manner, free from bias.

    This featured player, however gloriously he had played, is unfortunately a
    liability for his/her team on a statistical level.

  70. The Jagdtiger could have easily ended the game, but nope… Lucky game
    mate, but still GG!

  71. I love my T30, Regularly resize the asshole of XVM elitists

  72. Even as a purple player I was impressed by this game. Good decision making,
    a little luck, and a great result. Well done.

  73. Double A Batteries

    The real T30 prototype was only able to fire 2 rounds per minute with its
    155mm gun.

  74. Sold T30 for about 2 years ago,maybe i should get it back. No use to ask QB
    anything,u hardly gonna get any answers.

  75. Awesome video dude! Keep it up!

  76. Heals radio operator, uses camo net Kappa this match couldn’t have been an
    easier damage farm tbh, not just cause of the match making but because his
    opponents were shit or unlucky, ty for the hate in advance :)

  77. brilliant battle!

  78. First 2 shots in SP… Fuckin noob protection.

  79. Lttb did everything

  80. 11.8 k dmg 1900+ exp and not even 3rd class???? dafaq?

  81. Glad to see the WoT community is still trash. QB posts an average player
    doing well and half the comments are bitching that he just got lucky and
    are completely unwilling to see that the person made some good calls and
    demands to see unicum replays. While the other says something along the
    lines of see stats don’t mean anything and it’s nice to see an average
    player. Oh the other hand when QB posts a unicum player the comments are
    bitching about “OP tanks” and “gold noobs” because he fired 3 premium
    rounds. And the rest of the comments will be people saying shocking a
    unicum playing doing well, why don’t you post average players doing well.
    FFS the WoT community is bigger trash than the CoD and LoL.

  82. “fucking lucky orange noob has no skill just luck in an overpowerewd tank
    lucky enemy are tomators”
    Predicting it now in the comments.
    Yep. Nailed it. Especially “Beef Ingot” replying to every comment to show
    how he’s right and is so much better.

  83. Guys the WTF Auf E100 is finally being removed! It will be replaced by a
    Grille 15 or something I’m not sure. Also not sure when.

  84. monkeystandoffsucks

    B-b-but, he’s bad! He couldn’t have had a good game! /sarcasm

  85. Can you do a ARL 44 pleas

  86. These games Are fake that noob type 4

  87. QB, you listen to Jingles (and you nearly said it) – it is “A metric ar5e
    tonne of damage !!”

  88. COULD YOU DO A REVIEW OF THE 59-16 PLS 1(!!!!!!

  89. I loved the T30. Sure the gun can be a bit trollish, but it is still a good
    tank. Which made the T110E4 a bit disappointing (mostly due to the poor gun
    depression, compared to the T30)

  90. Love me some T30


  92. PanzerKommandant97

    the only thing I learnt about this game is how fucking tight it is when
    giving out Exp guy in the T30 does over 11,000 damage gets 1960 Exp, guy in
    a O-Ni does over 1000 damage yet he gets over 1000 Exp even though the T30
    does 11x the damage

  93. Its so unfair low stat people arent even allowed to have a great game …

  94. I don’t understand why anyone would even press the dislike buton instead of
    just leaving

  95. There are two kinds of people :
    1) People having fun
    2) Tryhard 24/7…

  96. FK already watched this replay on the wot best replays channel .. xD

  97. When I saw his stats I immediately scrolled down to the comments, expecting
    all kinds of whining people saying that he just got lucky. I haven’t seen
    the replay yet, but i expect that he did have some lucky moments, does that
    make it a bad replay? No, not for me at least. Is it really that hard to
    just congratulate him on an awesome game?
    He doesn’t fire a single premium round this game, and people still call him
    a noob.

  98. awman the comments are just hilarious
    people are getting jealous that the orange player had a better game than

  99. Hi guys! What is the best skill for the comet?

  100. Nice video. I like the t30 as a TD

  101. t30 is the best tank ever. I love mine.

  102. Await kv13 review

  103. To be fair that LTTB kinda carried that shit, considering he was in a tier
    7, but still nj to the T30.

  104. Every time Jingles or Quickybaby do a video on the M103, the T110E5 the T34
    or the T30 we get a lecture on patch 7.1

  105. 7:23 hit the back… There we go;)

  106. What a heart break at the end.

  107. the first replay i´ve seen in a while, where the player dont fire premium
    ammo in a tank with more then 270 pen. THX 🙂 is it normal that the tanks
    with the most pen are played nearly with only gold? the tier 10 british TD
    is ok because it have less pen but the jagdpanzer-E100 with more then 300
    pen on AP fires all the time HEAT, lovely when you absorb the shell on your
    tracks but it makes me aggressive all the time when they are too lazy to

    (sorry if there are mistakes, its not my main language)

  108. Lucas Ribeiro Nunes

    The Ammoracks were sooooooo violent !!!! Respect actually disapeared lol

  109. TheCosmicPenguin // Raad Chowdhury

    “Harasses the IS-3 from behind” – QuickyBaby 2016

  110. does anyone know how much the first tier 10 premium tank, the objekt 777,
    in the next patch will cost? i think around 85 to 100 euro, right?

  111. He didn’t suffer much of the gun misbehaving, I love this tank but the gun
    trolls to much. Same as the T34.

  112. Back in the days the T30 was a tier 10 heavy, it played a lot like a E100.
    But just less big and ofcourse an OP turret.

  113. on the chat the o-ni was ranting about the t30 being a noob but QB thinks
    its smart to cover the chat

  114. >Knows how to side scrape

    >Pokes around sideways infront of is3 anyways


  115. Omg i cant wait to get my hands on the T30 D: i am still stuck at the T28
    prot 🙁 it is so bad 🙁 🙁 :(

  116. Whats up with bad players never bringing any premium rounds… Its like
    they dont realize that he is no longer viable.

  117. Not trying to hate but, I feel like every live stream or video ( not just
    QB ) I hear how to view range mechanic’s work or how the t30 used to to be
    tier 10 and dropped to teir 9…. T34 etc Just me?

  118. So much WN8 elitism going on in the comments. “B-b-but, his WN8 is
    terrible, so he still sucks and I bet he had a terrible match after that.
    What a scrub!!”

    Right, let’s just completely ignore the fact that 90% of the hate from
    unicums is null and void when you consider that even they’ve never had
    games like these. Jealousy taked over and they feel the need to validate
    themselves by dropping irrelevant stat numbers. Statistical elitism is 1/3
    the reason why I left WoT, since it promotes such a toxic community, and
    I’m still constantly reminded that it hasn’t changed.

    Incredible game, friend. Nothing anyone says here will ever take that away
    from you.

  119. Why was he yanking his shot right a my the last second every shot or is
    that just QB’s camera???

  120. i have t28 prot and cannot wait till exp and set and go on t30 :D

  121. I wanna say the T30 is very good at ammo racking tanks

  122. isnt he still wanting a new intro?

  123. but there is no arty…so clearly everyone will just hide in the back and
    camp according to the muppets at WG

  124. Much Damage.

  125. Thái Phạm Xuân

    That’s LTTB is a textbook example of how you should play light tanks.

  126. world of tanks english


  127. world of tanks english

    fv304 beter kumel but pls look my stats my nickname janka36

  128. “Joe the average player 11k damage and getting called a noob” that title
    made me laugh at 11:29

  129. I subscribed to this channel to see some great matches from some skilled
    players…not to watch a bad player, who makes tons of mistakes get lucky a
    whole ton. Even a broken clock is right twice a day…I don’t want to watch
    a broken clock show the right time any more than I want to watch a bad
    player get lucky…I counted a huge amount of mistakes made here, which is
    not entertaining to watch.

  130. i play xbox 360

  131. can u do a Review about the T30 because i have theT30 but i don’t really
    know anything about the tanks armour only the turret armour i no about thx

  132. You already know he’s a retard when he’s putting a camo net on the t30

  133. when do u think the next test server will be out

  134. this is why Tiger sucks

  135. Damiano Lorenzo Bettega

    I bet nobody has ever noticed that there isn’t the letter “I” in the
    Great video btw..

  136. I just watched at the arnour inspect. 155mm can pen dat japanese heavy tank
    in the turret easily unless its not angled. So keep kapum!

  137. I love that this guy didn’t only get lucky but also played intelligently
    where he needed to be. Even though statistically he isn’t that good of a
    player. 🙂 Always nice seeing those kinds of things.

  138. orange player facing off against even worse players, gg
    next 4 games he probably did 0 dmg to compensate for that one…
    1634 avg dmg in the t30… so good!

  139. The guy got nothing but lucky.

  140. The people who wank over stats and base their entire judgements of players
    over them…
    lol eejits

  141. if i would have been in that t30 that jagtg wouldhave rushed me -__-

  142. And here I am, happy, that after 100+ games I finally managed to get 6k
    damage in it for TD 15.

  143. If anyone is interested, pelihalko is finnish and means “game log”.

  144. Clash of Clans with AERO

    I just got T30 and I didn’t know that was soo god…Really thanks QB for
    showing weaknes and abilites on T30,I will try to use them in a battle

  145. This comment section gave me cancer.

  146. Not bad and awesome replay

  147. I HATE my T30!!!

  148. Where i can send you a replay

  149. So for all Americans that are watching this video who is going to win the
    Super Bowl? Panthers or Broncos?

  150. IDC if he was skilled or lucky, he did great. Hell if this is lucky, I
    would trade all my skill for even half of it.

  151. Brings no APCR, nice.

  152. I love it when players that are average are doing great!

  153. I miss quickybaby rage :(

  154. Laurynas “IceBlooD” Stramkauskas

    Guys, how i can check my WN8 after the game? I am using QuickyBaby modpack,
    but this feature doesn’t work for me.

  155. so good to see the t30 being featured. i have a 55%win rate in the t30. and
    i can assure you, with vents, 100% crew and gun rammer, the reload shrinks
    to 17.7 seconds, on good games i do 5k damage or a bit less. but the t30 is
    not a carry, or a brawler, stay a goodndistance away, and crest ridge lines
    where ever possible, in concealment, you’ll stay hidden most of the time.
    unless arty focuses on you.

  156. I love the arrogance of all the superheroes on here, criticising the guy
    for ‘poor’ stats (he’s orange no?) – noob, tard, lucker etc.

    ‘Cos we all know that he key to success in life is being better than
    average at a PC game – loads of money and all the girls throwing themselves
    at you, lol.

    You guys need to get outside and experience a bit more of life to get some
    perspective, BTW when life sh*ts on you F7 is no good.

  157. A good game is still a good game, regardless of his overall stats. If I
    didn’t see his 919 WN8 score I would not have guessed it was under 1k.
    Well played RM99!

  158. I like T30 and T110E4 because they are really heavy tanks with enough armor
    and very competitive guns against well armored heavies. I have managed to
    deal over 10 000 dmg with my E4 and others ( with better armor and dpm)
    just 8 000- 9 000.

  159. i have already seen this re-play 🙁
    and the O-Ni on the hill said to him that he is a noob when he went down
    the hill and secured their flank and kept calling him a bad player towards
    the end of the game even tho he had done lots of damage and picked up
    multiple kills

  160. Flyingspacepotato deadbambi

    Not saying this was a bad game, but I’m subscribed to you for a couple of
    years now for a high level of gameplay, and this was just a shit ton of
    luck, nothing more and nothing less. The last 1/2 years you’ve
    basically only uploaded previews and big Lucky games. Could you just please
    pick the games that contains high amount of skill and not a high amount of
    luck and big scores? (don’t care if it’s a T-54 spamming heat or a chi
    ri with no gold, if I can learn from it it’s fine). I think the reason most
    people started watching u was to learn, now I feel like you’re getting
    views from below average players who think you’re the best player out there
    because of your wn8 and amount of subs. And they think everything what
    happens here is perfect and think this is all very well played. (except
    when there is a goldspammer, oh no we dont want that, i mean, common…
    higher pen?- thats the end of the freaking world).

  161. that tiger 1 will feel that ammo rack in his next game

  162. Pls all read this comment report that shit in the t30 fucking cheater!!!!

  163. I think this idiot in t30 is a fucking cheater have aimbot and other shit

  164. It’s honestly kinda nice not watching a Unicum playing their op tanks for
    once lol

  165. its 3 o’clock better go to sleep… oh look, +QuickyBaby just upload a new

  166. omg he has tomato stats! Let the whine fest commence!

  167. This LTTB could let T30 kill that IS-3. Anyway, awesome battle. Respect for
    not shooting any APCR.

  168. WoT turned into a whack-a-mole game it would seem

  169. Why did he not got any masterybadge? Almost 2k base xp . He have to got
    something or does it not show on replay?

  170. whens the 300k vidoes gona come? you might have to do a 400k instead lol

  171. Quicky baby can you make a video or 2 about the jagdtiger becuz i just got
    my jagd tiger and a video or 2 from you would help me alot

  172. world of tanks english

    who is beter fv304 or humel?

  173. what? He healed his radioman

  174. Leader Of KaRu gaming

    why they added WT auf E-100 and then nerfed it too much and now they delete
    it from the game :/

  175. I have the same shirt

  176. army is like a joke

    pelihalko lol

  177. world of tanks best replays eu released this 2 days ago…

  178. hasn’t anyone noticed that quickybaby acts different on youtube and
    twitch..? maybe it’s just me! but what do you guys think?

  179. t30 is very good tank and i like him but realy small hp poinths and pls do
    the video of new tank grile 15 :D

  180. I would like to c it as a heavy tank and c how it would be just because I
    wasn’t around WoT that long..

  181. Well, that was a particularly fun to watch match.

  182. I don’t know whats happening. QB’s voice overtakes the video so he talks
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    I was quiet surprised that the Type 4 Heavy did that mistake…. I thought
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  231. Joshua the Scotsman

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