World of Tanks | T30 On A Mission(s) +6k dmg games

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I once again take to the field to do the work. This time in the lovely machine that the .
Now 6k dmg games aren’t amaaaazing, but it’s not a contest, guys.

Locastan’s Mod Pack

GME(Generic Mod Enabler)

Gnomefather’s Historical Gun Sound mod


  1. Richard Gustafsson

    Did you have the time to play the T-30 when it was the tier 10 heavy? What
    did you think of it? (Or anyone else here who wants to tell)

    • +Richard Gustafsson those were the glory days of WoT, to me. There were no
      other tanks doing 750 damage. Germany had the huge Maus with tons of HP and
      armor. The USSR had the IS-7 with slopes and agility and then we had the US
      with the pain. I loved the T30, but also the T34(which many complained

  2. Richard Gustafsson

    Funny how I did my mission of 4k dmg with T28 prot.

  3. I have made that spot work even in the 50 100… it’s a great spot if your
    enemies are dumb enough… the other side of the same hill as well btw…

  4. For that first mission it is enough to remain unspotted by the tank you
    kill. Any other tanks spotting you is fine.

    Also in the mission where you have to do 1k damage unspotted it is enough
    to be just unspotted when you do your damaging shots. If you get spotted at
    other times it’s fine.

  5. You actually had whiners in both games complaining about their team being
    bad. And in both cases the match was close or even at that time. Just
    proves how childish they are to not even wait for the outcome of the game.

  6. I actualy quite like the Prot, it aint that bad, and it is mutch better
    than the T28. also I have the T-30 right now. and it is an absolute pain to
    get the big gun. the other gun is so damn inaccurate I can only track
    people with it!

  7. Wilson Hafe von Waterlowski

    awesome games i love the t30 :)

  8. Major MC Tuhovoima

    Did highflyer15 really said Type69 at 3:38?

  9. I’m with you on the Proto. Horrible tank and a painful grind. My T34 has
    the same gun and doesn’t sacrifice mobility or hp for it *and* makes a
    metric butt ton of credits in comparison. Much rather drive that but
    yeah… I want the T30 so grind grind grind. lol

    • Richard Gustafsson

      I have 5k left until the T30 now and I seems to have enjoyed it for 75% of
      the time. I’m weird

    • +Richard Gustafsson The only time I enjoy a game in it is on maps with
      limited areas enemy tanks can attack from (city type environments mainly)
      and either no enemy arty or positions I can stay safe from them in. In
      those situations by “shaking” the turret between shots I can use the armor
      to dominate corners and limit their options. Those situations don’t come up
      often enough for me to feel the Proto is a good tank, though.

  10. Stug 4 reward tank, not 3 lol

  11. I’m looking forward to having a T30 in my garage some day… but I’m only
    at the Hellcat. T25/2 is researched, but I’m reluctant to buy it. Costs
    quite a bit of silver and is probably not really fun to play.

  12. I actually loved the T28 Prot – the LFP isn’t too strong head-on, but when
    angled it bounces a decent amount of shots (but still *attracts* a lot of
    shots because the shot indicator will be usually be green). Also great at
    corners because the turret is so far forward

  13. Don’t you notice as well that with the T30 the avg damage is more like 700
    instead of 750? I see the same thing with the american 120mms (350-ish).

  14. +TheRiisingSun Sorry Christian, right at the start you didn’t get the kill
    on the “Jackson” (which was actually a T25/2) 😉 . You got the first hit
    and E75 finished it off.

  15. Okay…second…?

  16. Thanks for the vid! I’m working up this line and was curious to it’s

  17. First ._.

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