World of Tanks || T34 – Tank Review

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The T8 heavy tank, the T34, has a long and varied history in World of Tanks. While some things have changed the T34 remains as quite possibly the best ridge line premium in the game as I will showcase in this Tank Review!

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  1. This is my only premium tank. I really like it, but now when you showed the
    real stats it feels like it needs to be buffed a little bit, what do you
    guys think?

  2. Hey quickybaby, can you. Do a review of the caernarvon now that it has the
    actionX turret?

  3. This tank should be played as a sniper TD. Don’t engage in close combat.
    Every scored hit gives you 10k credits with premium account.

  4. I watched one of your videos from awhile ago where you said if you could
    only have 1 tier 8 premium you’d pick the 112. I was wondering if you still
    feel this way.

  5. I use my t34 especially for money grinding and it’s perfect for that, I
    almost never need to use premium shells cause the regular penetration is
    more than enough. To be honest the only thing that is painfull with this
    tank is when some arty can one shot you, it is probably the most annoying
    part of it, but for the rest I don’t really think it needs a buff,
    otherwise it would be too powerfull. But then again that’s just my opinion

  6. the only thing i really dislike about this tank is that aimtime, since the
    dpm isnt that great, missing a shoot is really annoying…

  7. How is T34 doing with sidescraping?

  8. With the hd model, side scraping actually works pretty well against same
    tier vehicles.

  9. I remember grinding like a maniac at a hotel in Serbia to get the T34
    before it became premium. I think it is good for a free premium :)

  10. I always liked the T34 because of its ability to bully opponents, when
    deployed in favorable conditions. The round shown is a perfect example of a
    fight in which the conditions were perfect for the T34: position that
    utilizes that monster turret at maximum and little to no chance of being
    flanked. In such conditions, the T34 is great, even when facing T9 and some

  11. The Anonymous Patriot

    it *DID NOT* spark My interest in the T34
    I have the T14 so I am good with Trainers for US heavy line
    I will not be buying this tank.

  12. still love it, tons of credits

  13. how can i send you replays?

  14. At 5:23 QB looks hella stoned

  15. Skellysprinkles Wow

    Ferdinands Alpha Damage is better…

  16. Roasted Lemon (Noticed by Senpai)

    Please do a review on post-9.13 buff T-34-3 :)

  17. so is the t34 beter than the t29?

  18. Not good at all, I get so happy when I meet T34 in allmost any tank I play

  19. Best Tier 8 heavy tank in game.I doubt anyone can argue against that.

  20. reload’

  21. My T34 fire rate is 12.38 because I have gun rammer, ventilation, and
    brothers in arms skill

  22. “sneak a shot into his cheeks”

  23. Thanks Quick! Was thinking about buying this tank during the next sale.
    This vid helped me solidify my dedication more. Can u do a review on the
    super Pershing? That’s the other tank I might buy instead of this. If not
    TANKS for the advice :D

  24. Let me add that anyone saying this tank is “meh” literally doesn’t
    understand how it shines and how it can become invulnerable in certain
    situations. Mainly summed up as “ridgeline”..

  25. One of my preferred tanks in the game…

    T32 is even more accentuated though…

  26. best turret armor in class? Last time I checked, that title goes to the T32
    and its monster of a turret

  27. I remember from a very long time ago, my friend came up behind an enemy T34
    t9 with, I think, his KV. He shot the T34 once and it seemed like with the
    combination of the turret and track traverse, the T34 just snapped his
    turret back 180 degrees and shot him instantly. Every once and awhile we
    still talk about it.

  28. Ahhhh…nothin like some pizza and quickybaby to wind down

  29. i know how wg can make more money again. like the super pershing, which
    just have additional armour on it, wg can also put some frontal hull armour
    and side skirt at the t 34 and sell it of as a “super t 34″

  30. I believe that there was a sale on patch 7.5-7.6 and I picked up the T34
    heavy as my first premium after testing out all the tier 8 premium tank in
    the test server. It was pretty good back then as not many people know how
    to deal with it and premium rounds were not readily available to throw like
    now and there was no laser accuracy German TD. Back then, having a game
    where I earn 70-100k credit with no premium was more common than now. Right
    now, lots of times you will get place into a games where there will be a
    WT-E100 shooting full clip of 128mm premium at your turret as soon as they
    see you.

  31. I think it was nerfed too much…considering of its ROF is so bad, its good
    penetration and alpha dmage is nothing, unless if the tank is installed
    with rammers and maxed crews, which consume lots of credits to get it.

  32. One of the things I always liked about this prem is that it never really
    gets a terrible matchup. Yes, even in a tier 10 game it’s not that bad,
    since you just ridgeline it up. Your turret armor can bounce even tier 10
    guns, and you have the penetration to deal with tier 10s as well. Obviously
    you have to take a purely support role, but that’s fits right into this
    tank’s playstyle. Get into strong positions and out-trade your opponents
    with your high alpha. Also, it’s nice pretty much never needing to fire
    prem rounds, makes it very profitable.

  33. +QuickyBabyTV which would u choose out of AMX CDC and theT34? I have done
    research on tanks compare of all tier 8 premiums and I think that these 2
    are the best for me which one would you choose?

  34. This was my first tier 8 prem heavy… and i played the crap out of it with
    out knowing how to play it. ruined my stats…. uuhhhh

  35. QB I have he T-34 and honestly it doesn’t take that long to reload for me
    its 11 second with a beast crew and equipment.

  36. Did he pen Conquerors turret frontally?

  37. As an all American World of Tanker I love my T34 especially when I need
    some cash. I’d consider it as one of my top 5 tanks.

  38. Mr. Quickbaby can you do a full review on the Pershing please?

  39. Finally an update on a tank I own :)

  40. is the T34 just a copy of the T30?

  41. do the pershing next please been waiting for a long time

  42. But the advent calender ‘discount’ today is bullshit. Paying the normal
    amount of money for the T34, only getting 3 pieces of equipment (total of
    1.5M credits) for free. That’s not an offer. And QB helps Wargaming sell
    some, apparently.

  43. But Quicky, of course the T34 would Always be a shadow of its former self.
    It went from regular T9 heavy to premium T8 heavy. Not only a tier lower,
    but also given the premium ‘slightly worse than regular equivalents’

  44. love my T-34, its a tank where you can hold a flank on your own if you’re
    hull down and arty can’t get you(or not in the match entirely)

  45. it’s kinda funny that I baons many shots from the T34 with my FCM 50t…
    thier drivers musst be raging LOL

  46. 17:09 DANGER ZONE! :D

  47. i yet to get 5k damage -_-

  48. you should do a Ferdinand review. it’s an old tank destroyer that has also
    changed a lot

  49. Jaime Bacariza Morillas

    Would you be interested in doing a tank review of the Lowe? I ask you
    because I really like that tank and it would be interesting to see your
    opinion and what we should do while playing it. Take care and thank you for
    your videos.

  50. Do a caernarvon review plz

  51. I have raged so hard at the t34. I am a 2k win8 player an I hate this tank
    soo much I have sold it twice. The gun is what caused me to sell it. It’s
    by far the worst or maybe second worst next to the t30 top gun in the rng
    field. The 120 gun is really just so frustrating. Fully aimed shots miss or
    gun just fails to pen soft targets. Cannot began to count all the times I
    have double tracked tanks in the t34 and have that double tracking shot do
    no damage.

  52. A master class on an older, premium tank. Bravo!

  53. T34 with 36 degrees a second turret traverse?? There are mediums with

  54. I love my T34 in blitz,its going to be a hulldown beast in the new modified
    Himmelsdorf map in update 2.4 i dont mind the RoF,i like more of the Ap Pen

  55. This tank needs buffs.. a lot of buffs

  56. hey quickybabytv remember you said the T34 was a tier 9 and T30 was a tier

  57. Vincent “Returd” Vorone

    Fair review, QB highlighted the strengths and weaknesses of the T34. This
    is my favorite premium T8 heavy premium tank, it is beastly once you learn
    how to effectively drive it and is one of the few premium t8 heavies that
    is good in just about every tier thanks to its penetration. if you like the
    T29, then this is the premium heavy tank for you.

  58. Isnt the T34 a Soviet Medium Tank too? Damn the names are confusing.

  59. Aron Vanhaeverbeke

    How about a T26E4 review? loved the work as always.

  60. can you do a review of the t30?

  61. I know you do not like this tank QB because it is not compatible with your
    aggressive spontaneous style. But as your own video shows so well it is the
    King of Ridges and in my opinion the best premium tank in the game now that
    the E 25 is no longer with us. I will show this video to my friend Jan for
    whom I bought this tank. He is frustrated with it, using it as a heavy
    assault tank but as you show IF you stick to hull down frontal gun duels
    you have a monster tank in the making. A sure fire money maker!

  62. hey T34 was buff alot with the HD model

  63. +QuickyBabyTv, Your content is amazing. I’ve only recently begun playing
    WoT, and your videos have helped me become a way better player in a very
    short amount of time. Keep up the good work brother!

  64. it’s a TD rather than a heavy tank because of gun handling. You shoot
    accurately when you’ve stopped.

  65. Its awesome that you have gone back and started to update tank reviews. The
    older tanks get left behind as newer and shiner tanks appear.

  66. i have all 3 and i play the FCM and is6 over the t34 any day.

  67. do not buy the t34. but the is6 or the FCM over it. the t34 is not a very
    good tank at all. Only good thing about that tank is the turret and
    penetration. everything else is total shit. Plus there are only a select
    few maps you can really even use that tank to your advantage and go hull
    down. every other time the slow speed, reload and aim time will troll you
    hard. overall its not the worse premium but its nowhere near what it used
    to be.

  68. want to See the t92. please. biggest gun in the game in Action

  69. I love my T34…I had some brilliant battles with it and it is realy realy
    good money maker without premium acount! Big recomend from me!
    Ouu and Quicky…nice video…as always. you rock!

  70. Hey QB, have you ever done a review of the American T25 AT turretless TD? I
    see that you had it unlocked and wondered what you thought of it. Its my
    personal favorite TD, but I know a number of people who don’t have as
    favourable opinion of it. Thanks for all youdo and keep up the good work!

  71. you forgot about being spotted early trying to get into position and
    getting 1 shot killed by arty or fv 183s in the list of possible outcomes.

  72. can u give me same ur modes?

  73. The most well timed video ever I just got a T34 last week training my T29
    crew and getting the credits to purchase the T32

  74. Are you kidding me,you dont have legendary T92? o.O

  75. face to face vs tier 10 E 100 i win ^_^

  76. The T34 is a great heavy if you take advantage of the three epic strengths
    (turret armor,penetration and gun dep) as shown in this video. Also a great
    money maker since premium ammo is rarely needed. Sure wish I had owned one
    when it was a regular tier nine.

  77. I thoroughly enjoy my T34. With the right equipment and skills, it really
    isn’t as sluggish as many people make it to be. My reload is just over 12
    sec which gives it a dpm of 1800+, making it a bit more competitive. The
    pen and the alpha damage are gorgeous considering the games it can get
    into, and the turret, if used well, is godlike in tier VIII games. However,
    I have a very annoying problem with the tank and it’s its turret roof,
    which is a disgusting 38mm and every 120 gun can overmatch it like it were
    nothing, making it lack a bit in tier IX or X games where most guns
    shooting at you can simply point at it and pen the roof tumor on the tank.

  78. I have the t34 and I was so glad I paid for the gold to 100% the crew on
    it. After along time of playing I got my first crew skills and I played
    around about what I should put for the first skill. Well I finally chose
    BIA. Now with my gun rammer and vents I have an almost 12 second reload
    which I thoroughly enjoy

  79. i love this tank and i played when it was perfect tier 8 and still love it

  80. QB can u do review of the dicker max. :-)

  81. t34 is still a great powerhouse that my friend and i have always had an
    easy time using my KV-4 to provide a “ridgeline” while he, in the T34 goes
    hull down behind me. that combo will stop many tanks in their tracks. What
    i would love to see is a review of the Super Pershing. Can you do one of
    those sometime?


  82. I think about to buy the t-34… Bunt i know, Iam nötig serious can you
    give ne a few tipps because it is a lot of money

  83. this is one of my least played tanks in my garage. Can’t stand the long aim
    time and dispersion.

  84. Magoskillz Magoskillz

    could you do a review of M103? please?

  85. so is it just a meh?

  86. ?/10 battles is on 10tier?

  87. pls help me!!! ive been looking to fix this problem i have everywhere on
    the internet but i couldnt find the solution.
    When i get to the battle i just cant see the battle interface but only the
    marker when i press ‘V’ it only takes off the marker after pressing it
    again only the marker comes back on but nothing else. like the mini map,
    time, player names on each sides, game menu etc, i cant see pls help!!!

  88. This hack tool is crazy
    its on google here =>
    created by russian hackers…….. World of Tanks || T34 – Tank Review

  89. I penetrated it with a kv_3 with 175 mm of penetration

  90. the t34 is still 10x better than the lowe the lowe is a pile of shit with a
    turret and tracks its got a worse power to weight ratio than the maus the
    armour is useless even against standard rounds it cant even sidescrape
    because of the turret ring giving enemies a flat area to hit no matter what
    you do if you can shoot at them then you can be penned back easily plus the
    rof sucks massive amounts of dick

  91. Love it, my best money maker

  92. love it….lots of credits !

  93. I love to meet this tank with my tiger 2 and my E 75.

  94. Actually you could have T34 twice for free. 1th when M103 replaced it (
    sadly I missed that cos I was on the m26 line) and secondly you could have
    it by damage 150k in every nation 6+ tanks. I personally dont like the T34
    cos its slow and aiming time bah ( use my IS6 instead) but if u get in a
    good situation it can be very good support tank.

  95. Having received this T34 tank for free back in the day when it got replaced
    by the M103, I can tell you that this tank is the epitome of a “meh”-tank.
    It’s so sluggish in every way possible. Just “meh”…

  96. finaly

  97. only thing if you get rushed you will usually lose very quick! but I do
    enjoy these reviews! keep up the good work!

  98. 0:56 There’s a German about to come out that door … muhaha

  99. WIth T34 (1k+ games in it/T29 player etc) you want higher tier games to
    make the good cash. I prefer tier 10 fights with mine, because of the
    penetration and peek fire scaredies that give you those shots. You just
    need 1600dmg at tier 10 matches for a fine 30k cash. It is also a
    sidescraper king. Because reversing doesn’t cause much dispersion being so
    slow. As long as you tap R once to peek over a low hill the dispersion acts
    more like a 2sec aim time. Aim the gun up straight at the sky facing the
    enemy to hide the center cupola for gun damage. Face hug front turret tanks
    like IS8/6/3/4 your fat face will cover their entire fire arc. Especially
    on a hill cap. Always turn the tank with the turret to prevent being
    circled. Enjoy.

  100. What is going on lately?! Daily videos are pretty cool!


  102. its amazing and one of the best looking tank for me!!!

  103. Thijs Van der kammen

    What tank is very good for making money? ( no premium )

  104. hope they do this with is6

  105. Zdeněk Velikovský

    I bought T34 about a year ago and I enjoy to play it. And now its new HD
    model! Looks awesome. Thank QB for the review but you should show some
    gameplay with HD model ;-)

  106. Finally T34 :)

  107. I love these tank reviews Qb. Love your content :)

  108. Only reason I do not want a T34 is because I’ve had a T34, I sold it by
    accident around 8.5-8.7 and a few months ago I asked if I could have it
    back yet I got told it’s too late.

  109. I remember I was at the M6 back in the days when they announced that the
    T34 would become a premium tank. So I thought I just needed to grind to
    tier 9 as fast as possible. I didn’t make it in time because life got in
    the way.
    Now 10 years later I still don’t have a T34, not even a T110E5 for some

  110. I think you forgot to leave out that it’s an absolute credit-making machine
    if played well!

  111. pls do Lowe next

  112. T34 is my favorite tank, love the gun and turret armor, and the T34 makes
    tons of credits.

  113. Since I love how the t29 plays off i guess the T34 will be the first ever
    premium tank i will buy.

  114. The T34 have earned me so much money i even bought it a crew as reward,
    which now has 4 skills xD

  115. QB, I find the lack of T92 in your garage disturbing.

  116. Aaron elliott-gratton

    Please do a stb-1 review please. Like if u want him to do the review!

  117. Wow…imma buy one lol looks like my kinda tank just go over to any hill
    and use your gun depression ftw…okay sounds good lol

  118. I baught the T34!!! Its my fiiirst premium tank im sooo happy

  119. Well this review is late

  120. That’s was a great game

  121. Pedro Emanuel Sousa

    i have the t34 after the update 9.12 i realy don t now mucth about this
    tank but i love this tank the credits the turret just the speed 35 i prefer
    maybe 39/40

  122. I am not well rounded and flexible but I always perform well..

  123. Man how much i wish if i had the T34 back then i can’t believe it was one
    day free !!

  124. Wow… Lowe sucks so bad…

  125. old replay that’s why you penetrated the Conqueror’s turret front….

  126. the frontal hull got buffed bc of the spare track links

  127. T34 HD model got a front armor buff QB

  128. I love to play this tank because its a slow relexing gameplay and a premium
    tank so i’ll get a lot of money too.

  129. This is my new favorite vehicle. If you learn to play hull down you are
    unstoppable. My bad games in it are 1600 damage. On hilly maps like
    westfield, I can park on the peak and rip apart the ememies knowing nobody
    but artillery can touch me

  130. Really did not like it. The only premium i ever sold

  131. “Best gun depression and turret armour in class”
    t-32 balance says hi ^^

  132. abdurrahman bayram

    gj wp baby

  133. i miss the old tech tree and T34 tier 9 :c

  134. QB Is wrong! T34 doesn’t have best turret armor at tier8 heavies. the T32
    with the better turret has 298mm turret armor! im a T32 owner! u can look
    that yourself. im kinda smartass :P

  135. i have this tank for a looong time and i rly like it. i trained a 4 skills
    crew for my US heavies before even starting to play any US heavies 😀 so i
    started at the T1 heavy with a 4 skills crew 😀 btw great video :D

  136. Geometry Dash Warrek

    I play T29 and it’s beast. Looks like T34 is great in the same things
    except the fact, that T29 does not have so high penetration and alpha.

  137. do kv3 since it seems like quite popular

  138. Next Tiger P ???

  139. Free camera sucks.

  140. This is still one of my favorite tanks, and a great trainer for my T110e5.
    So long as you remember to fall back on certain tactics when you’re in a
    bad spot. I’ve successfully side scraped against Tier 8 heavies due to
    tracks absorbing shots or low pen rolls.

  141. 11s of reload on my T34 😀 that is just very great and a bit unfair in my
    opinion ^^ but i love this tank. the upper plate of the standart IS-3
    turret is not really a weakpoint like on the top turret ! i tested it much

    I dont know the english trenslations but i have the perks for 10% less
    reloading and aimtime so this tank is much much much better then the
    “normal” one ;)

  142. the names like a copy

  143. move like a maus ..

  144. Alexander “Charcharo” Yordanov

    It was not who knows how much less accurate. The way those stats worked
    back then was a bit different.

  145. The T34 is still a BEAST tank

  146. The top turret armor of the T34 is realy weak and is a very big weak point
    when you are fighting on equal hights.
    Low caliber low penetration guns can easely go trough it.
    there is also a flat bar above the gun mantlet than can be penetrated by
    200+ pen shells.

  147. T34 is my most used tank in the game. Yet wish they would buff the GR,
    aimming time and the reload. Those are the couple things that really
    annoying me about it. Buff them and it will really get a workout. :)

  148. Where dem new intros at?

  149. make a review of 110 pls

  150. Not the new hd model….

  151. Richard Wroblewski (Roboticwonderwaffle)

    I love my T34. Its so amazing. I have almost 4k battles in it and my only
    kolobanovs…. is in my T34 ;3

  152. Hey QB, I’m buying a tier 8 prem for Christmas. I was considering buying
    the T34 but I’m not sure what else is to come, so in your opinion what are
    some of the best tier 8 prems? I’m an average player so I don’t think the
    CDC would suit me, so what other tanks would you recommend?

  153. Phew, he is back to normal…

  154. 0:50 yep, that’s how tracks should be…And also, T34 has 203mm of rear
    turret armor these days? Didn’t remember that

  155. Good video for an amazing tank :D

  156. Bought this tank about 9 months ago and have 530 games in it out of my 4.8k
    played. I had nothing credit wise apart from an IS3 and now I’m a Nigerian
    oil seller :D

  157. Next rewiew: the british Tier X heavy tank. The FV215b please.?

  158. I am forced to dislike this one as well, as I made an oath to dislike the
    ten next videos after that arty shit.

  159. I was camping youtube to watch this preview as early as I can. Awesome
    tank. :)

  160. Do you like the T34?

  161. 9:07 – rage shakes 😀
    also the IS-3 had stock turret and the plate above gun is 50mm instead of
    20mm so it doesn’t get autopen

  162. you already reviewee it

  163. Thank you so much Quckybabes i really really needed this so much to fight
    with my t34.

  164. It’s a T30 with the top gun of the T28 Prototype. Pretty much sums it up.

  165. QB a wargaming salesman?

  166. you play word of warship

  167. wow u make a review 1 day after I buy it :)

  168. They finally made it HD and it is glorious. Now they just need a high tier
    premium American TD.

  169. but whatevet

  170. not first :(

  171. @QuickyBabyTV Do you think this december the Cromwell B is going to be on

  172. T34 is a great tank if you play to its strengths

  173. +QuickyBabyTV love your vids and so happy your doing this tank its amazing
    one of my favorites

  174. Hello

  175. Looking forward to this !

  176. What do you think of the T34 – has it stood the test of time?

    I’m LiveStreaming RIGHT NOW!

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