World of Tanks || T40 – 5 v 1

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Due to popular demand I’m going to focus on some low tier combat in one of my guilty pleasures the T4 American Tank Destroyer the T40 suffered a large view range nerf in patch 9.6.

Can I pull off the Kolobanov’s medal?

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  1. you can play pz iv H ok

  2. There is to circle layers in the map,the first one indicates the view
    range, what does the second one give out? By the way, I know the square
    one, just need to know the outer circle

  3. QuickyBaby… please include the dmg recieved mod to your mod pack!

  4. I’m a straight guy and all, but god damn you’re handsome, QB.

  5. I’m a bit confused QB. I love your stuff but on the one hand you say you
    don’t like the low tiers because you feel you are seal-clubbing and it
    lacks the challenge. On the other hand you play with an uber crew and prem
    consumables.Why not simply dump the premium consumables and put in a crew
    of bare bone 75%’ers? You know, level the playing field?

  6. dat sealclubber

  7. Great vid quality, QB. And a very good battle vid. Keep up the great work
    on your channel, you are rapidly coming up on 300k subscribers, I remember
    the days a few years ago when you had a few thousand. ;-)

  8. Learn from sundooboojige and play elc amx like megatroll XDDDD

  9. T82 > T40

  10. More lower tier please, thanks for this!

  11. After ze nerf I like the hetzer more. that 1 at leats has armor lol

  12. hi Mr quickly baby
    I’m Japanese.
    I think The pronunciation of your chi he is wrong.
    Its not chi hiː
    Its chi hé

  13. try playing with m3 lee its quite a challange ;)

  14. So if I understand correctly, what a low-tier player wanting to learn
    something from this video to get better at the game can take away from this
    replay, it would be to:
    – Have 100% crew against people who usually at most have 70-80% crews,
    – Spend around 600.000 credits on equipment and premium consumables
    -Use a few premium rounds

    I’m not saying that the video wasn’t educational or wasn’t enjoyable. But
    maybe, just maybe, it would have been more interesting to watch in a more
    realistic playing field, with a fresh crew of credit-bought 75% crew and
    maybe just a camo-net as equipment. That would better illustrate what you
    can expect from a tank like this at tier IV, since not a lot of people
    spend gold on 100% crew or play these tanks for long enough to develop
    their crew that much before moving on to the next tier.

  15. 「Chi-He」 incorrect pronunciation

  16. lol QB said “either the su-26 or the amx 40 is in the ENEMY cap circle”

  17. Spooky “Bones” Skeleton

    This video sucks. Disliked.

  18. Nuclear Disco Donkey

    Su 26 is clearly cheating.

  19. the Quality now is even BETTER ! Keep up the good work QB!

  20. since when does the b2 have a pretty good gun?
    if a tank NEEDS a -2+0 matchmaking because the gun isnt any good something
    is wrong

  21. Now that you have an awesome computer and are a “serious youtuber” you can
    start putting up video’s everyday right :)

  22. don’t feel guilty to play low tier tanks, me and other low tier players
    don’t care.

  23. Hetzers and Lees against my PzB2? They can cause problems, but I’m
    threading the needle far more often against the front of a Hetzer than the
    Lee’s unused turrets. The WoT dynamic would be very changed if all these
    secondary guns suddenly became usable.

  24. You need a shower after this one qb

  25. My favorite tank

  26. good work quicky but why at teir 4 u pussy shame mate go kick arss wid big
    boys as you always do let little tankers alone o7

  27. would love to see a ferdinand video

  28. This tank have a very high firepower!

  29. can u pls upload a pershing video cause i ve got the pershing and its verry
    difficult to play

  30. qb can you convince wg to put in two new prem tanks? pls!the centaur
    cruiser tank, as a prem version of the cromwell (earlier version of the
    cromwell cruiser tank)the churchill avre, as a prem t10 arty, (290mm bomb
    mortar against axies bunkers in normandie, base for the other churchill
    “support” versions, as it was used by battle engineers)

  31. video looks awesome. Great work QB

  32. the only reason i cant get better is my bad pc and playing with a lagy “200
    ms” ping wifi?
    QB has an awesome pc and only 30-50 ping?
    its obvious he is a good player

  33. Favorite Tier IV tank.

  34. This tank was OP as f*ck.

  35. Dodo Protector of the Great Melone

    I got 5 kills and The Mastery Badge in the SU-18… lol

  36. i do 10 kills in this tank ^^

  37. While it’s true that the skill level goes up with tiers, there’s still
    plenty of deep red players with similar wn8 as brand new players. Not sure
    how that’s even possible but obviously it is, cause they’re all over the
    place at all tiers.

    I think people misrepresent tier X challenge though. The people always
    playing tier X (Usually in Russian meds with plenty of prem ammo..) aren’t
    doing it for the challenge. They’re doing it because they’re OP with that
    armor and will *always* be top tier. If they were after the challenge they
    could play the T-44, Indien or something. Tier X is a big drop in challenge
    in general because you’re never the cannon fodder bottom tier guy unable to
    pen half the enemy team.

  38. I love it that you did a low tier game you shouldnt feel bad cuz it may
    help out some new folks and personaly low tier games are just fun

  39. whats up wit these prem seal clubbin vids lately

  40. XleadfootX Wotblitz

    As soon as I seen this video I whent on blitz and started going up the tree

  41. Watching your replay is joyfull, thank you QB. Keep sharing with us.

  42. The t40 has always been my favorite tier 4 but i never realized it used to
    have that monster view range. Never really bothered to check the stats once
    i had so much fun in it.

  43. QuickyBabyTV Grab everyone on your clan and tell them Wednesdays is Tier I
    day and record it. go back to your WoT roots, everyone began in the same
    cradle. :)

  44. I actually use the 76mm on my T40. I like to snipe with it. I really like
    the firing ark this thing has. You can literally aim around corners with
    it, especially to the right.

  45. I saw this live lol XD seal-clubber QB is best QB


  47. Ah, the T40. Loved the derp on that thing :). That was a keeper.

  48. Sealclubbing at its finest 🙂 No matter what – well done QB! And
    guys…stop whining about premium ammo. QB doesnt spam it, he fires it only
    when he really needs it. You should too.

  49. I love to see you using 4-8 tanks because that’s where myself and many
    others hit the wall of ‘oh god i need to play 60 games just to buy the gun’
    so seeing how to play these tanks well will help make the grind a little

  50. I loved my T40 when I was grinding up the tiers- I had mine before the view
    range hit, and even before the massive HE/Derp gun hit, but I still found
    it to be a better vehicle with the M1a1 76mm Gun- at Tier 4. You could
    oh-so-easily abuse the view range in combination with the not terrible
    camouflage rating of this vehicle (since it’s basically a chopped M3 Medium
    hull with the superstructure and turret removed) and pick enemy tanks off
    before they even saw you. Before I even knew about spotting mechanics I
    abused this feature- because back then the view range of this allowed you
    to put a shot or two into a target at extreme range- and at that tier few
    vehicles could spot you back. Now even after the view range reduction- if
    you use concealment properly, you can still abuse tanks at and below your
    tier easily, and the M1a1 is vastly superior to the 105 Howitzer when
    facing Tiers V and VI… since it is the same gun found on the M4 series.

  51. great video !!

  52. I remember my first, and only kolobanovs medal. ‘Twas my Lloyd GC on mines

  53. im in love. im going and buy that tank now

  54. please help me, I’m suffering from depression….

  55. I’ve had a game almost exactly like this recently lol

  56. Quickybaby how did you go into freecam mode on replays? Is it a mod?

  57. Lol quicky stet pedder

  58. been watching your vids since i started wot many moons ago….but really
    tier4 seal clubbing….not good m8 thumbs down from me sorry :(

  59. I think they nerfed TD’s too much, and the maps favor meds/heavies more
    than before.

  60. Evil evil QuickyBaby

  61. I can get it up without binoculars ;)

  62. Dirty dirty sealclubber.. shame on you.

  63. darekr9 stream sniping…

  64. 6:24 voice crack

  65. Nice variation on the higher tiered replays QB. You gave some solid advise
    even for more experienced players.

  66. I loved the t40 but i used the top at gun

  67. Quicky goes seal clubbing!

  68. should of called this “quickybaby is bored trolling on tier 4s”

  69. thiscouldntblowmore

    clubbin red tier 4 players, yey. …..

  70. I was watching when it was live. It was sick

  71. This gameplay was on his twitch live stream. ?

  72. can you do Lowe? I just bought T34 but considering buying Lowe next.

  73. derpy gun time

  74. Flagged because gold noob

  75. Disliked because gold noob…

  76. hi quicky, seen your video about downloading your excellent mod, for the
    new patch for wot, but can you give us a little more detailed description
    on how to download it, for us newbies :)

  77. I would like somewhat more spread in tiers on the channel, there are some
    real gems in tier 4-7 :)


  79. wow! great quality on this vid.

  80. ! went searching for t40 replays recently, thanks for putting this up qb, i
    loved my t40, what a gun!

  81. 1080p frame rates 🙁 youtube says no to high quality to QB.

  82. I put a replay up on your channel where I went 6v1 and won in my fury tank
    and picked up a steel wall from it. 6 vs 1! Killed em all

  83. T40 ey? Maybe i could get me a new sealclubbing tank XD Now that the T18 is
    not what it used to be I´m only left with my PZ1c and Cruiser 4, and they
    seem to get into a lot of T5 games recently :(

  84. 10:30 “tier 4 french light tank… *uh*”

  85. Stephen Plays Games

    QB I hope u r enjoying your new PC

  86. Honestly not something I want to see, Seal clubbing and using prem rounds
    and prem consumables. First ever dislike on a QB vid 🙁 Will keep watching
    his vids for the excellent coverage he normally puts out. If people like
    this type of vids that is fine each to their own.

  87. WOW QB the games runs at smooth 60 fps the new pc is really holding up

  88. i had 3200 dmg using the New type 95 and 4700 dmg in the oi exp….
    japanese hieavies OP

  89. In my best game with T18 I done 1,2k dmg and 12 kills.

  90. Love the new 60 fps, thanks quickybaby


  92. Quickybaby I have a very good T40 game on my channel. And I honestly think
    the top gun is better than the troll gun. ;/

  93. There is no seal clubbing anymore, as you only play against opponents over
    1 k battles(tier 4 does not count, but it is barely seal clubbing anyway).
    However, presenting a gun that required premium ammo to be effective is a
    major no go. If you want to show a truly OP tank which does not require
    premium ammo is actually the Matilda, who is balanced with it attrocious
    speed, ir a Pz 4D for it’s god awful gun handling and armour

  94. nice use of amo, stil if you want some challenge at low tiers try non
    derpguns, i also use like 4/5 gold shoots with my hetzer in a tier4 game
    and its normal to u get like 5/6 kills atleast.
    conclusion, gold derp amo in low tier games if u are on top of the list…
    dirty (i am one)

  95. i’d love to see the chat on that one seeing the pinging like crazy i feel
    alot of crying

  96. I love seeing the super-tomatoes spamming the map when the only remaining
    member on the team is a unicum. There’s something so hilariously
    incongruous there XD

  97. HOW AND WHY is this a “carry” FFS?! Running with cola, full skilled crew,
    binos, camo, camo net AND HEAT in a tier where no one knows what WASD is?!
    SUPER SKILL! Don’t see how people appreciate this, it is ruining the game
    for the new players! Day by day QB is ruining his rep as a skillful player
    and is more of a camping, gold spamming, team abusing twat! Didn’t mean to
    hate on so much, but is the way I see it. QB was my favourite player when I
    starter, way back in Jan 2013, but now…. Starting to this he is not worth
    all those subs.

  98. in this tank i had my most kills ever ;)

  99. the hetzer is more fun

  100. I like its awesome gun arc

  101. Quickybaby I wold love to see a replay from the tier7 german tankdestroir
    THE Jpanter its my favorite tank at this moment today I got my first Marks
    and I realy whant tobknow what I need te use on That tank
    I hope you can help me

  102. I love my T40. I prefer the 76 mm AT Gun M1A1 over the 105. I feel its more
    dependable (thought the 105 is arguably funner), especially in low tier
    games. has the pen to still do reliable amage.

  103. that is from the livestream

  104. the T40 105 is pretty much the 105 M4. its the gun i use on my M4 and my
    Sherman III

  105. Congrats…Kolobanovs Medal in a tier 4 with 100% crew,premium
    ammo,equipments,premium cinsumables,congrats,it was so hard…Why dont you
    play like any normal tier 4 would?with 50% crew,no equipments,no premium
    ammo or premium consumables?

  106. watched this live on twitch i think

  107. Why play the T40 when you get the same gun on T3 T82 🙂 Ah those were the

  108. come on seal clubbing, this is the best vid

  109. Glad Quicky has stepped up his game and is now uploading in 1080p 60fps. He
    should try to convince someone who has more subscribers than him to do the
    same…Jingles. But, I’m sure Jingles is still saving onto floppy discs and
    trying to just scrape by with the bare minimum. While Quicky cares about
    the quality of his channel and is always looking for every chance to better
    himself, good on ya!

  110. AnotherIdiot PlayingGames

    i grinded my hellcat trough the wolverine as my first tier 6 tank when i
    had like 1k games and for some reason i have 62% winrate in my t40 (60
    games, no platoons as far as i can remember)

  111. If I’m reading that stats screen correctly that game didn’t qualify even as
    a 3rd rate mastery.

  112. Hoped that the newyear hetzer video would never happen again but here it
    is… Again :(

  113. 5 v 1 that’s kinda weak…

  114. Does Quickybaby have a mustache? Babies dont have mustaches!

  115. Hey, Quickybaby! Do you plan on doing a collaboration video with Jingles
    again anytime soon?

  116. >62%
    dayum son.

  117. Can you do a review of the kv-2? Cause I love it

  118. Can you make a replay of the M36 Jackson and Show it to us? I think it’s
    better than the M18 Hellcat.

  119. QB has all that fancy pc stuff and im here stuck with a windows 8 laptop
    that barely gives me 30fps :(

  120. Hetzer is the best…

  121. QuickyBaby stop talking about the front armor when you have no idea what
    you’re talking about. Only the lower front below the fender level has 51
    mm, the middle is less and the entire upper front armor is only 19 mm.
    Viewed from a higher angle, this area is bigger as it includes the flat
    area underneath your gun barrel.

  122. My god QB what have you done? you know perfectly that it’s forbidden to go
    back to low tiers once in a while. Even if you only played 20 games in it
    (and 75% of the games you played are above tier 8…) everyone is gonna
    call you a dirty statpadding sealclubber!

  123. I downloaded a mkv format video… could you plz make it mp4 format?

  124. I did watch your stream when you did this☺

  125. dirty dirty seal clubbing :)

  126. QB you were playing a OP tank. Try playing a “duck” next time. THAT I would
    LOVE to see and so would your many fans. Now THAT is a challenge. Will you
    except it ? The challenge is ON. :)

  127. Now i can say that this is constant 60 fps.Your nwe PC is awesome.

  128. Uh QB the su26 sucks now….it’s nowhere near good

  129. pff i did 2600 dmg in hetzer and 10 kills :)

  130. I see dat new PC doin work….wow the fupps

  131. gg seal clubber

  132. bad replay :(

  133. a Kalabonov should not be available unless it is tier 5 or higher.

  134. Hey Quickybaby! Just wanted to say good job and how much better the video
    quality is. Keep on being awesome!!!

  135. Auto setting for YT HD is 720 . ur vid ran well and looked good at 720p @
    60 psi . Changed settings to 1080p 60 and still looked good and ran well .
    Would like to see a vid on the evil arty and how to increase it’s shells
    flight arc . been seeing to many arty saying they can’t hit the target
    behind “X” . I’ll third person view them and they have their arty piece
    nose down or just level . Nose up allows the tube higher elevation , thus
    better arc height . (I know , don’t give arty players any ideas 😉 )

  136. Quickybaby….kicking puppies…

  137. Hey :)

  138. Binge Thinking's World of Stuff

    I like the low tier replays. I’ve recently returned to WoT after 18 months,
    my garage was empty, and so I’m starting again from scratch.


    hey QB, how do you have the freecam mod? i cant get it to work in 9.10

  140. you know that the SU-26 doesn’t get that 122mm howitzer anymore, right? ;)

  141. “How many people is using premium consumables and skilled crews in WoT?”

    *12 seconds later fires a HEAT shell*

    Wtf QB?

  142. and yes … I am sorry for those i kill on low lvls ;/

  143. I have already see the battle Live at Twitch!! GJ GB!!!

  144. and enemy is not on enemy cap circle :p he is on ally cap circle :p

  145. WoT looks so much better on Xbox One and the level of detail is

  146. ok now i am talkin 😛 ur arti was shoooot by …….. wespe 😛 both off
    them :P

  147. What is with ur vid scheduel QB?

  148. i never enjoyed the t40. dont know why but it wasn’t as fun as the t82 and
    it was definetly less fun then old t18.

  149. why haters why? 18 dislikes in more than a hour
    haters gonna hate
    quikybaby youre the best!

  150. Hey Quickybaby,
    Are you playing World of Tanks Blitz?

  151. Not seen the game yet, guess he’s gonna spam gold again, huh?

  152. EmperorNefarious1 The Glorious

    If your talking about low tiers, the Bishop is definitely my choice for
    clubbing, good armour, fantastic health pool (for arty). its only weakness
    is speed, but good map awareness solves that.

  153. Video really looks good with the new PC

  154. Cruiser II is the best derper ever! KV-2 at tier 3. Everyone should check
    THAT out! :)

  155. nice gayme

  156. how have u got 60% win rate… :O
    mine is just 48 :(

  157. chi-he. i love that thing. 15° gun depression..

  158. It could be cool to see a highligh on the matilda, that beast of a tier for
    with it’s amazing amour, even if a bit slow.
    Also a luch could be nice to see, as it got that great auto cannon, and
    really those two tanks, are really strong.

  159. great video quality !

  160. Can you do a review of the ELC AMX please

  161. I´ve watched this on the live stream :)

  162. Challenge of the day: find a QBs video in which he talks about the
    Kolobanovs and DOESN’T say ”the medal that everyone wants”. Difficulty:
    IMPOSSIBRU! 😀 Nice video mate, keep it up :)


  164. hardcoreminecrafter9

    105 HE on my hetzer has the same pen as this, i have never fired a prem
    round, and i have one shotted Pz.b2’s with HE, the turret has like 40mm of
    armor, so HE can pen there

  165. yes I could see a difference looks better than before must be the frame
    rate.don’t know way yours look fine but jingles is having trouble with his?

  166. play basketball… haha

  167. that streamsnipe was so obvious


  169. Iam sad that quickbaby shots Gold ammo so often… 🙁 i nearly never use
    gold ammo!

  170. In blitz they nerfed t40 my fav tier 4 td with its howitzer gun its HE only
    pens 20mm i dont know y they did this

  171. or just go down a tier to the t82 with the same gun :)


  173. Alecto is better QB 🙂 like a ultra mobile arty with the derp gun !

  174. what would you shoot first if you seen a very good player in a very shit
    tank vs a very shit player in a very good tank ???

  175. I would’ve rather seen a high tier game, but I remember when I was new to
    world of tanks, and I couldn’t find many tier 3-5 tank reviews and games. I
    think that it’s good that you are doing this for the newer players coming
    to world of tanks :).

  176. he shouldnt be sad about missing that shot on matilda, if he hit he wouldnt
    get kolobanovs

  177. I will love to see more 4/5/6 tier games i will be happy to get my noob ass
    kicked from Quicky Baby :D

  178. Question for anyone who has the O-Ho, how do you play it well? I got so use
    face hugging in the O-Ni and shooting down on the enemies that now that I
    have no gun depression I am struggling to figure out how to use it (I do
    not have anything unlocked except the 2nd radio and the 2 guns).

  179. Would love to see some tier 5…..specifically the Churchill 1. Awesome new
    computer BTW!

  180. Saw this when you played this game on the stream. Great game :D

  181. Its funny that QB didn’t even realize he was going for a kolobanovs medal
    when i watched his stream :D

  182. qb, chi-he pronounce and chi-he. he rhymes ba from bacon.

  183. hey quickybaby I really want to say that i really really really loved the
    T40 before i got to the wolverine
    i also want to ask you if you could do a replay with the wolverine please

  184. Why do people want those medal i totaly dont care for medals i want to earn
    more credits 😀 and so i can buy the upgrades for my tanks :)

  185. hi!

  186. I love the T40 so much!!!

  187. Matilda best tier 4

  188. Seal clubber

  189. good to see this is still viable in the tier 4 meta after it’s gigantic
    view range nerf,
    I feel that tier 4 is spoiled by the Matilda and thr Hetzer, just because
    of how crazy their dominance is,
    And to a lesser extent the far more skill based Luchs (any good player top
    tier in a luchs, should really get at least 3 kills or a lot of damage)

  190. Shoutout to the guy who keeps pinging the map by the enemy cap.

  191. I would have to agree with you QB that you are seal clubbing at this tier.
    But there are plenty of other players with 10K matches who come down here
    to do the exact same thing. Perhaps when you want to highlight a lower tier
    tank, you could consider using a player submitted video who has a lower WN8
    rating so you can assuage your guilt.

  192. The Warlord of the Rising Sun

    I always thought the T40 was a good sniper, the 76 is a strong gun at tier
    4. I didn’t realize the 105 was so good.

  193. vielet stet pedder :v

  194. video looks awesome. I wouldn’t have thought I’d see such difference

  195. I used to love T40 before view range nerf, although with the 76. the shell
    velocity is just too slow on the derp. If i wanna derp at tier 4, there’s
    no beating the hetzer.

  196. dat framerate ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  197. do a tank review on the KV-220

  198. I would really like to see you play Tier 1 :D

  199. I watch it on the stream .-.

  200. Wow! The quality is amazing. It’s almost like being inside QBs minute
    fluffy head

  201. if you were to feature lower tier tanks QB it may help players break
    through the grind wall and improve their playing capabilities.

  202. I love QB videos and live streams

  203. +QuickyBabyTV Quality is great…..nice work on the build aswell :)

  204. Bas Riemenschneider

    OP tank confirmed XD

  205. only 60fps with 980ti?

  206. If you don’t think it’s fair, then don’t shoot HEAT. Most of the players in
    this match probably don’t even know about premium ammo.

  207. i would belive that low tier games help new beginners, and i drive all my
    tanks from 1 to 10, drive som of the bad low tier tanks, I love the B1 THAT
    tank is not OP but funny anny ways.
    I really like your videos, good job and thank you for sharing.

  208. Try the su-85b, that thing has a beast of a gun with insane rof on its tier

  209. Rediscovering lower tier games… They are a lot of fun!

  210. The T40 is a cracking tank, probably my favourite tier 4, ignoring the
    Luchs, because, you know, Luchs :D

  211. Nice game QB… Derp GUN!!!

  212. you mean your base

  213. Set your damage total to 8 eh

  214. +QuickyBaby, if you want to stop people killing you becausd they are
    watching your streaming put a 10 min delay ;)

  215. ich think you forgot the ´s´ by 5 …1 or ? ;)

  216. Top 20# yay :P

  217. I was thinking: I must have seen this game before! Then he started
    reversing back on the slope to spot that Pz. b2 and I finally remembered,
    this was a poll tank game on twitch!

  218. Can you please do a AMX 40 review :)

  219. 586th yes. xD.

  220. awesome so far! i actually want to get the t40 now xD so derpy <3

  221. I saw this on stream :D

  222. Deep

  223. Play the King Derp SU-152

  224. well i’m early

  225. you dirty seal clubber

  226. hurpadurpa :D

  227. 110 yes :D

  228. I like pie

  229. #94 yay :D

  230. nikodemus hendrojoyo

    yesss 3 minutes ago

  231. Iunoi Katzsintzky (Let's Show)

    What do you think is the faster way to Grind to the T54E1. T49 or the new
    T71 – T69?

  232. No comments lol, first :D

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