World Of Tanks T44 Gameplay! Circons MOVIN IN! :)

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Source: PhlyDaily

T44 Gameplay! Circons MOVIN IN! 🙂

I love playing with these guys! them out!
Circon! —
Pointy! —
Highflyer! —

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  1. Dat laugh in the beginning xD

  2. that beginning lol also i loved the t-44 i thought it was awesome fun to
    play the mobility and troll armour with the nice gun was such a nice
    package for me it was an awesome close fighting brawler

  3. Phly do you live in the Piedmont? 😮 Cause I do 😀 (only NC people know
    what that is btw)

  4. for some reason I thought this was war thunder wheni saw the thumbnail

  5. where is the 60fps bruh

  6. “Only mountain in French is Eiffel Tower”
    -PhlyDaily 2014

  7. where in nl does he life

  8. Your moving in Phly?, CONGRATZ man, since I’m 14 I dream of the day I move
    into ma house ;)

  9. RC tanks vs. RC tanks (this is in my mind if i see WoT, after playing WT)

  10. €400 a month for a house in the Netherlands? Try living in the London. I
    pay £420 (€530) a month and live with 4 other guys ! (Its not even the
    really nice part of London aswell) :D

  11. Fuckaa youuuuu! Laughing so hard 

  12. Phly I was just wondering will you ever do a Q&A?

  13. Was Jedi in prison recently? I keep hearing jokes about it. 

  14. Phly at 100k (u will get there easy!) u must do a draw my life pls

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