World of Tanks || T49 DURP SCOUT

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Today I’m playing the in an exciting game on the Stalingrad map! Check out the T8 American as it one shots its enemies.

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a game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. wow….what a fun making jokes of killing prem.tanks…..some people have
    to indeed buy theme you retard….run into you 3 times now and killed you
    before you know wtf was going on…..didnt hear you laughing than on your
    livestream but putting out some lame excuse’s for it

  2. you are HIGH!! Mr.

  3. Actually it was 30 euros, Quicky. Anyway we had too much tomatoes on our

  4. nah when mix it there was more fun 😀

  5. Is this a prototype of Sheridan?

  6. Caspar Heuvelmans

    Stream-live combo is great! Thumbs up, love your channel

  7. Aquatec (U.K.) Limited

    Above average replay- thanks QB, I liked the cuts to “live QB” they
    definitely added content IMO. Also Peppy’s live stream was great, nice to
    see a different pace of game play on the stream.

  8. Keep doing those “livestream highlights”. I think it’s pretty much the best
    advertisement for your streams that you could get, and it’s quite fun to
    see those hilarious “live” moments.

  9. I haven’t played in a long while. Could someone tell me what those stars
    near the player/tank names suggest?

  10. Arnt Petter Andersen

    Your hillarious QuickyBaby 🙂 _ I laughed so hard I nearly chocked… –
    keep up the good work. I find your videos both useful and entertaining at
    the same time. – Best wishes from Arnt P (aka: Blue_Bonfire)

  11. The livestream clips were very funny, definitely keep them in but don’t
    overdo it by putting it in every video. The one of the AMX was the funniest
    of the two.

    I’ve put a video up as well of the T49 in a T10 match where I got 1st,
    haven’t managed to get Ace yet although I’ve only played this one for
    something like 10 battles.

    All in all it’s a really nice stress-relief tank much like the pre-nerf
    VK2801 was with 150mm HEAT and old mobility. The problem with the T49 is
    that the gun will troll you as much as it trolls the enemy sometimes but
    you just have to accept that.

    The only change WG needs to make to this tank is to buff teh rediculous
    turret rotation aim bloom so it doesn’t go mental and change the aimtime to
    5s max instead of 9 now or fix the dispersion on the move, either of the

    It’s certainly not the best tier 8 light tank out there but when it works
    it’s probably the most fun one to drive!

  12. Live stream excerpts are a yes, it was hilarious and interesting to see how
    you reacted when in game

  13. The excepts from the LiveStream are awesome, thx for doing that. When you
    show a game that I find very interesting, I usually try to find it in your
    twitch-history to see your real-time reactions. This makes this a lot
    easier. :)

  14. I thought the t49 was a tier 5 td 

  15. Proof that you CAN get random team play in random battle… not often…
    but it is out there!

  16. That was epic.

  17. I think doing livestream clips is a pretty good idea but to be honest, I
    thought you were a bit mean on the clips you were showing. Nothing like
    things I wouldn’t be thinking myself when playing but what I saw from you
    on YouTube it’s a bit more mean than I expected.

  18. worst tier8 inj the game totaly unbalanced ,,,,, aiming time is measured in
    ace ages rather then secounds ,with the accuracy you cant even hit the
    great wall of china if you dont aim even if you aim you still most of time
    cant hit

  19. Cesarin Alcantara

    m ods to 9.7 plz

  20. Loved the livestream bits. Keep them in!

  21. still my favorite tank since 9.3

  22. i liked the livestream thingo cause i like never get to watch your
    livestream and that makes me wanna watch it more

  23. Lyes i like the live stream clips. Aleays brings a bit pf fun into ot :)

  24. The live stream excerpts are great. Also, I thinks you would be good at
    doing a Margret Thatcher imitation. This is not a request or “NO
    ELECTRICITY FOR 2 DAYS!” Have a good trip to Poland.

  25. I think it’s a good idea when you mix your real live stream on the intense
    moments. You have a good sense of humor and the way you just rolled up to
    that E-sports tank and ramming it with a following shot was hilarious!!!

  26. i’m surprised that heat shelled penned the side of an E-75 cause it only
    has 152 pen which in most of my experiences will not pen an E-75 even when
    it’s flat on


  28. How come no one has said anything about this new T54 tier 8 prem tank
    coming out in 9.7? I haven’t been able to find out anything about it. Is
    Wargaming just being really secretive or something?

  29. More livestream cuts! Loved all of them +QuickyBabyTV. Enjoy Poland!

  30. Xvm 9.7 plz

  31. Quicky if your ammo rack is damaged in an amx 13 90 its 200 second reload

  32. GoofyKenny Orlando

    It’s an amazing tank. I love it! I also like the M41 WB and the KV-2 which
    are amazing tanks too. I was waiting the review on this tank for so long,
    so thx QB for making it.

  33. I am about 20k away from getting this tank. Very excited to have it. I have
    fallen in love with the vk 28.01 and I feel like this is the tier eight
    equivalent! It is easier than you would think to find those weekly armored
    arty and TD,s to take out. 🙂 

  34. So your saying it’s a more mobile KV-2 

  35. i found a good way to start a match in the t49 was think about where enemy
    light tanks will be going and meet them there, this is the ultimate light
    tank killer

  36. QB will you be getting a steelseries sentry for your streams?

  37. Genuinely lol’d when you cut to your live stream footage! 

  38. I’ve loved this thing since I got it last year when it came out. It’s been
    even more fun wrecking those new AMX 13 57GFs that those tank collectors
    think so highly of.

  39. nothingbutgiggles

    i have to be that guy that points out that the amx 13 57 is only like $29
    not $50, if he got the cheap package. besides the t49 one shots like all
    light tanks like a boss.

  40. Dat humor

  41. We like how u mix stream video and this review, and great game mate.

  42. Always a little disappointed when I see that sort of BM behavior out of
    Quickybaby, he’s normally such a gentleman.

    • Shut the fuck up, how bout deez nuts for manners.

    • +Carlos Delcid
      They look pretty neutered to me.

    • +Hamish Marshall He’s usually very well mannered yes, but sometimes you
      just need to cut loose, He’s still respectful of skill from other players

      +Carlos Delcid Totally unneeded

    • +Hamish Marshall Stop being such a tight arse, quicky is always composed in
      his youtube videos people will start to think he is a tight arse, its good
      to see him having fun not just calmly comment on something.

  43. Hey QB are you gonna make a mod pack for 9.7?

  44. I say mix live stream and video since it was a funny impression on the amx
    13 57

  45. I think the livestream clips make the video more interesting

  46. own one but no really much liking it :/ 9.6 ruin it totally. shooting a 5m
    away enemy u still can miss and the shells went into the dirt.

  47. Just wondering do you enable something extra to get 45FPS 720p video’s? or
    did you just upload. Also what Program do you use to edit and also what
    program do you use to record?

  48. Why u don’t make quickybaby voice mod, like jingles? 🙂 It would be fun.

  49. Jolly good show QuickyBaby!

  50. When the t49 gun works it’s amazing. However, what you can normally expect
    is the gun to send rounds straight into the dirt and blow your tracks off.
    No lie it happens. Gun can miss even when you gun is stuck into the side of
    a Maus as well. 

  51. It’s the best tank WG make into this game to date.

  52. QuickyBaby talks in a 1940s RAF pilot officer accent lol.

  53. That part from the live stream was really funny, i think you should put
    them in more

  54. Magoskillz Magoskillz


  55. excerpts from the live stream really put the mood of the game into
    perspective and brings the feel of the game to light please continue
    putting them

  56. Saw Peppy today on twitch, if she decides to have her own channel you are
    going to loose 95% of subscribers…… LOL

  57. Personally, I preferred the 90mm gun to the 152mm on the T49. It goes
    without saying that the 152mm has its strengths, but the 90mm has nearly
    30mm more pen and the prem ammo on the 90mm has 250mm pen. The 90mm gun is
    a lot more accuracy. Some prefer alpha, but I take accuracy over alpha any
    day of the week.

  58. Esse tanque é do diabo

  59. Anyone else notice all the prem HE Quicky fired at the start?

    • +xX_SpamDragon_Xx There are already Highly mobile derp gunners like the

      The reason it’s only a derp gun is game limitations, The 152mm on the
      Sheridan there was a low velocity missile launcher irl

    • +Ben Grogan
      152mm is a lot different than a 105mm.

    • Not when you consider the tiers they get into

    • “Hide behind a corner and reload” … you get 1- or 2-shot in this tank,
      since it gets tier 10 matches most of the time – it’s not like you deal
      700-1100 damage all the time but you still have 21 sec reload. Comparing it
      to the KV-2 just doesn’t work, since the armor in high tiers is just so
      much stronger. You can barely get close enough to the enemy to flank him.
      And if so, you won’t make it out alive. So you just derp into his front and
      deal 200-400 damage and then you reload for 21 seconds.
      Biggest problem is still the accuracy, which just feels unbearable after

  60. You can kind of play this STRONK TONK like the elc amx

  61. Absurd camo. Two square away and not spotted @ 1:40 ish. I’m considering
    getting this tank over t he ru 251.

  62. LoL i cant belive this Tonk does not have problems to pen armor cuz he 1
    whots 😀 and its light small tank :D

  63. I love the AMX 13 57F.

    People think they can brawl, flank, and dominate with it.

    But I love bouncing shots.. Even on the ass.

    Only good thing about it is that it is easy to kill :P

  64. PRETTY PLEASE, stop rolling on the r’s when you pronounce german tank
    names. Germans dont do it. Also, I hope you took a shower after that game.
    You dirty boy!

  65. Excerpts were awesome, keep doing them.

  66. Mix it with livestream its so much cooler see the reaction of u when u go
    insane and laugh nice job thou ur the best

  67. I remember sniping a Type 61 cupola with my T49 and doing a bit over 1K
    damage to him. Bet he didn’t see that coming!

  68. Enjoy the mix up. Mix it up when it works. No fixed rule needed. Just do it
    when you think its good.

  69. You should do that voice more often its hilarious

  70. I must say I enjoy the video editing between the live and prepared
    perspectives. Also, giving the tanks voices is hilarious. :P

  71. If you get another shot like the one on the kv-4 aim for the base of the
    turret, that way the splash damage will hit the weakly armored top of his
    hull and do more damage and also probably jam his turret drive and possibly
    ammo rack him.

  72. I think you should include scenes from your livestreams in your videos.
    Definitely works

  73. I don`t know what equipment you use on your T49 nor what crew you
    have…but my T49 managed to do things like
    deal-2-dmg-to-an-Obj.704-on-a-direct-hit…I even managed to miss an E-75
    on driving by at pretty much 0 meters using autoaim – the shell hit the
    ground. The main reason why I sold my T49 is because it was so freaking
    unreliable. Yes, i did have good games with up to 3k dmg but when I once
    missed 12 fully aimed shots on Airfield at around 200 meters…too much was
    too much. (My equipment was stabilizer / gun laying drive / optics, 100%
    crew, playing peek-a-boo at the scout positions down the north). I just
    cant stand my tanks hitting nothing at all even though I am fully aimed.
    War Thunder is way fairer and better in that aspect…. the shouldnt have
    nerfed tank accuracy in 9.6 there is no reason for that…rather go for a
    better matchmaker.

  74. T49 is by far the worst tier 8 light.

  75. which is the diference between the 1 and 3 ammo ?

  76. Definitely enjoyed the livestream footage overlap with the postgame
    commentary. Keep it up, Dr. Quickybaby!

  77. This was a fun match to watch live. The 13 57 only cost $28.99 On the NA
    server, with 100 gold and 3 days premium.

  78. IS6 name: Game_over… no more to say

  79. Excerpts from the LiveStream are awesome, would like to see more!

  80. do enemy tanks have stars on them?

  81. hey…………fuck u man

  82. This was glorious on the stream! In the beginning it was all about the
    lolz.. and then it developed to a great game.

  83. The gun isnt the same as on the KV-2. 86mm pen vs 76mm pen. Thats a huge
    point with HE shells. So you have to use prem HE shells for 85mm pen.
    Without it you can get really unlucky on some rear shots and dont pen the
    enemy. The performance on the gun is awful….play some rounds in the KV-2
    and some rounds in the T49 and you know what im saying. T49 is….just as
    the KV-2….a fun tank. Not one experienced LT driver will lose against a
    T49 under normal conditions.

  84. he quickybay ,,,9.7 relese on asian sever we waiting for 9.7 mode pack….

  85. saw your stream that evening and I really enjoyed it. Couldn´t stop
    laughing by the kill of AMX 13-57 and Mr. Loewe…hahaha:-)

  86. Played this tank on test server before, its so amazing if u play as a
    support tank :)

  87. T49 combined with the 9.6 accuracy ‘nerf’ is quite OP. Those little buggers
    alway manage to hit me while we are both driving at over 200 meter away.
    And then my M103 fails to penetrate them…

  88. I enjoyed the clips from the live stream that were added into the video,
    very cool.

  89. Allways purple and blue players shot witch that fucking premium shells

  90. That guy’s name is “ventilate” with ‘8’ instead of ‘ate’ and a ‘w’ for a
    bad “Chekov from Star Trek” russian accent.

  91. My favorite tiers 8 light tank with the RU 251, love the both so much <3

    • Me too. I collected all tier 7 and 8 scouts. Got a light tank for every
      mood. derp, autoloader, or conventional. Great stress relief.

    • Light tanks are difficult to play but just so fun 😉

    • +Xxtrengt 88 the thing is, with light tanks, you have to spot and survive.
      and don’t try to engage enemies in the beginning. then you make a break
      through and kill arty and finish off low health opponents who are to
      overwhelmed to strike back at you. it takes a lot of patience if anything

    • I hope to have the Rau 251 soon as I only have the 13 90 now and would love
      to have a single loading tier 8. So far I kept the 1c, Luchs, and the
      leopard is actually a really fun tank with its high HP/T and fun auto
      cannon. I just hope the rest of the German lights are just as fun.

  92. Love the split personality, youtube/live, ha ha.
    That is a nasty little tank.

  93. Hey quicky, just want to say thanks for the amount of videos lately! Great

  94. They should give this tank the BL-10. Jup. That would wouldn’t be
    Overpiwered at all.

  95. Hey Quicklybaby, I think that T49 got Immense potential and I want one So
    bad, unfortuntately I’m only reaching to tier VI without premium and I am
    So far away from the tier VIIIs… And about your Mixing of the cam
    commentary… Don’t do it when you’re drunk man! Bwahahahaha! It was a
    great pleasure to watch this one and I hope to see more alike it. Good luck
    in Poland and may the odds be ever in your favor.

  96. ummm….. so r u not doing a 9.7 mod pack???

  97. Do more livestream moments! Crazy funny! :D

  98. on NA you can get the amx 13 57 for $28.99 US dollars

  99. Excerpts were awesome. Moar plz <3

  100. I liked those livestream mixing things, i’d love to see more of them

  101. Such an OP tank, fast moving, awesome for flanking maneuvers, never drove
    it, but man.. i want one.

  102. More stream highlights! 

  103. Lol, If the kv-2 and Walker Bulldog would have a child…, Dont visualize

  104. Hi QB.Your mix with the live stream was really funny, i loved the voice you
    took,try to mix again,it s a good idea,but don t do it too much,or it could
    become boring.
    Anyway,see you at Tankfest

  105. stream, it’s çots of funny hahaa

  106. lol derp!!!!!

  107. what name? (Mr. Im very sexy)

    Hey QB I realy loved these replay:) I’m a big light tank fan;) I got 600
    games played In my bulldog and so please please upload a walker bulldog
    gameplay 😀 thanx much love! THANK YOU for making world of tanks awesome :]

  108. Cavebob Spongeman


  109. Make a video about ELC AMX Bis

  110. I only get a chance to watch the stream like…once a month. It never fails
    that the one or two games I see on the stream end up over here as videos
    for some reason :-)

  111. Just rofl at 3:40.

  112. Livestream clips were hilarious!

  113. PeppyPepper is doing awesome hosting your stream while you’re away IMHO.
    She should have her own WoT Stream!

  114. T49: Has science gone too far?

  115. good idea <3

  116. hey Quick Baby…when you will post the new mod pack 9.7 for us?

  117. hahahha hello Mr. Lowe :3

  118. I like it so much how you pronounce The RHM Borsig Waffenträger

  119. livestream cutaways!!! :DDD awesome idea, keep doing it

  120. Nikolaj Lund-Volkmann

    It’s a very fun tank to drive. The giggle-factor is extreem when you
    full-pen a heavy tank from behiend for 950 damage. And the comments from
    the livestream was great.

  121. “Imagine that the KV2 and the M41 Walker Bulldog have a child”

  122. last weekend i started a game sniping across the whole map penning a t110e4
    into his side and doing 950 of initial damage and setting him on fire :3
    perhaps he wasnt equipped with an extinguisher or perhaps he was just so
    utterly frustrated and disgusted by that start to the game ….. either
    way, he kept on burning and burning. in the end i did 1.6 k damage to that
    target alone. to make a long story short: one of my favourite tanks in the
    game (and i have roundabout 90 in my garage :D)

  123. You should do more mix with live streams in your videos is a good idea

  124. Any1 have the new 9.7 update when I press the play button it dosent load

  125. If I had to spend 50 dollars to repair my AMX 13 57 every time I had to fix
    it I would also be sad too. But i don’t… I LOVE THAT TANK

  126. Love the live stream cuts!

  127. that 1-2 punch on the arty was brutal

  128. I saw this on the stream!

  129. You need to do more of those live streams hahaha lol

  130. I loved your video format quicky and the replay itself was enjoyable
    but….I despise the T49 and Walker Bulldog. I feel they push light tanks
    into a damage dealing role that I feel they shouldn’t be in. Lights should
    be spotters and counter artillery and other lights. I’m also against all
    derp guns and feel that autoloaders should never be able to clip equal tier
    tanks of the same class.

  131. sorry. but you called bullshit.
    The AMX 13 57F is costing 30€ in a bundle on the EU server and 27€ on NA.
    You only looked up the more expensive bundle.
    On that matter: the 30€ Pack includes 3k Gold, which is “worth” ~15€, so
    the actual Tanks does not cost him 50€, but 15€, which is not exactly the

  132. Few premium rounds? You fired 2 non-premiums. Add the case of cola and the
    premium account and yeah its doable. Cool story, another victory and a
    mastery bought…

  133. Imagine that KV2 and M41 Walker Bulldog have a

  134. QB i dont want to be mean butt you shoul more content on this channnel from
    youreself playing this is the first content of youreself playing in like 2

  135. He rolls the “R” extremely when hes talking about german tanks :D. 

  136. Ярослав Филимонов

    Wonderful battle! 

  137. Wait, he’s using gold ? :(

  138. Teamwork in pub battles. Fun to see.

  139. T49 : most offensive scout ever :D

  140. nice i was laughing when u switch to live steam. good idea to!!!!

  141. The bits from the livestream were nice :)

  142. Great video, great game play.. Keep the live stream cuts, that’s some great
    entertainment value! Thumbs up QB.

  143. the .6 aim time kills that tank. Just couldn’t get used to waiting for
    that VERY large aiming circie to get down to size.

  144. Where can i get 9.7mod pack??

  145. SebbeMC - Random Games / Tutorials

    Nice video! :)

  146. Honestly, I cant emphasis enough how amazing QB is. Such a talented player
    yet so well mannered. Always a joy to watch him play

  147. Very OP, hope it gets nerfed. Light tank doing that much alpha damage and
    so fast moving….stupid. Totally unbalanced. WG retards.

  148. Geometry Dash Warrek

    How can I show others my replay from World of Tanks, when I cannot record
    it with Fraps etc.? It may be stupid question however I will appreciate
    helpful answer :)

  149. Most fun tank in the game. But Quicky, I have to ask, why use gold ammo on
    T49? You get barely 10mm of extra pen and it 2 meters of splash radius.
    It’s definetly my favorite tank and it is extremely fun. It negates all the
    crap you get in this game from players, RNG, anything. It is just fun to

    • +BljesakiOluja He was hoping it would be enough to get through the KV-4.
      Obviously, it wasn’t.

    • Nooo, he’s smarter than that. No 86mm pen will go through a KV-4.
      I’m talking about the whole video, T49 kil, Borsig kill, random splashes on
      other tanks… why use gold HE? You won’t do more damage and 10mm of pen is
      neglegable more often than not. Gold HE is to be used as standard HEAT,

    • +BljesakiOluja Was he? I thought those were standard. Huh.
      Probably he forgot?

    • +Appletank8
      Kind of weird he forgot when that’s the first thing he loads at the start
      of the round 😛 Gold HE icon on T49 is different from standard HE icon,
      gold HE has a gold glow around the shell. It’s probably just a mistake, but
      an annoying one nontheless considering gold HE gives barely any advantage
      over standard HE.

  150. dont want to say it but when he had the high pitch voice he sounded like
    pewdiepie a little bit ( no i dont watch him anymore )

  151. I know this is a VERY unpopular opinion (apparently) but I think it is
    completely retarded that a LIGHT TANK can damage (if it penetrates) more
    then most tier x TD’s and heavy tanks -_- completely out of place. I feel
    like WG needs to over do them selfs every time they add a new tank and this
    tank is a great example of it.

  152. I love it how you dai rheinmetall borsig waffenträger ^^ ( iam german)

  153. i think it’s a good idea if you’d include more (funny) comments from live
    streams. I laughed really loud when you killed the AMX 13 57f (or

  154. The american VK2801 ?

  155. i liked the livestream mix ;)

  156. Such a good derp tank, i havnt really come across it before but it looks
    ace. Also i really liked the live streaming clips your reactions live are
    really funny :)

  157. I really like it if you say the german tank-names :P

  158. kv2 and bulldog have a child :))))))))))))))))))) i can stop laughing

  159. Wait that’s one heavy vs five yay for matchmaking

  160. Well I don’t really play light tanks, I haven’t played the T49 either,
    however I enjoy the KV-2 a lot and this seems to fix all the things wrong
    with the KV-2, it’s fast, agile and small. Obviously it lacks the armour
    that the KV-2 has but you shouldn’t really need that if you position
    yourself well.

    • +Daequil I love the hell out of my T49. If you learned proper caution in
      the KV2 with its long reload, you’re well set for learning the T49. great
      cammo value makes passive scouting easy, and the derp allows you to easily
      finish off the low hp tanks after your spotting cripples them. And the
      Drive-By-Derp ings leave the reds raging in chat…

    • +Mark Thomas Sounds like fun, I might look into the American light line.
      Would be a nice change of pace to the KV-2 and all the slow-ass British

  161. Rly? I’ve seen this game in your stream.

  162. Александар Стојановић

    today i upload my replay with t49, 7 kills, 4,4k damage, over 1600 base exp
    and M medal.

  163. 6- amx 13 57F dont like it :D

  164. T49 is THE troll light, but isn’t great to carry hard with his huge
    reload… I love it when it works and really hate it when it derps the
    ground after full aim :D

  165. good video as always. and a very fun tank and liked the mix in with live
    bit lol :P

  166. Bartul Javorčić

    Livestream clips awesome really funny

  167. It was great on tuesday!
    First round after the clan wars

  168. great team work .. nice to see it

  169. Please mix parts of your live stream together

  170. i just updated to 9.7. is there a 9.7 update for xvm?

  171. Great video

  172. Francisco Fonseca

    I love it to bits but it sure as hell isnt a competetive machine i would
    far rather take a ru251 than my t49 into a team battle

  173. Good idea QB mix the stream parts in their funny

  174. QB the live stream bits are spot on, please do more of them! :)

  175. dat amx 13 57f LOL. For some odd reason when ppl are on this tank they
    think they are superman, like i was in my KV2 and this 57f just stands
    still exposing 80% of his, tank shoots me, i shoot back and 874 damage
    insta killing him.

    • Richard Gustafsson

      Ikr. I was in my amx1375 on Stalingrad going by the Volga and when I met a
      1357 he spamed on the move. Hitting shit XD (He was a “Good” player lol

    • +the7observer I did almost the same thing QB did to a 13 57f except I
      actually ram killed him. Slammed into his side which tracked and damaged
      him and didn’t track me. I backed up and slammed into him again while he
      was desperately trying to track me (don’t think he had the gun depression).
      I could have finished him off with my gun, but it was more fun to ram kill
      him 🙂

  176. TheMusicFanForEver77

    Premium HE… ‘couse logic!

  177. Esports? Esports tanks? Really, an the easport tank? Yep, I don’t like it.
    By the way, was the streaming QB a bit tipsy?

    • +opmdevil U call that tipsy? Learn to alcohol.

    • +MrVinkulelu He smile, must be much alcohol. He talk funny voice, must
      have way much more alcohol. Me alcohol very much, me expect, me know.

    • +opmdevil I have watched sooo many of his streams that I can’t even count.
      Alcohol count in his streams? 0%.

    • +deadpan237 I’m talking about those times where you are aiming right at a
      vehicle, fully aimed, and the shell goes completely wide and misses. Or how
      about consistent low damage rolls? Nothing in WoT gets done without RNG

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    • +marc paré with the accuracy nerf, derp borsigs are moving closer to the
      action early on. granted he shouldn’t of been close enough to be spotted
      that early, but it’s still what many are having to do. Sure, you could
      always go back to the long barrel, but that’s not a derp anymore. 🙂

    • Unless you spam HEAT, the 128 is much more effective for the rhm-b….

    • Lordandsavior Stalin

      I would go to the frontline my borsig 😛 if u dont use the derp and
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    • +Czarley especially at long range. Yes, there is a noticeable amount of rng
      involved in your shot hitting, even if you’re fully aimed or properly
      leading your target. But that just makes it all the sweeter when your shell
      connects. And a t49 that’s been sitting long enough to activate a camo net
      is pretty hard to detect even when it fires, especially with a fully
      trained camo crew. At 400+ meters they’ll likely never spot you. Some of
      the view range challenged heavies won’t spot you firing at 200m…

    • +Mark Thomas …but if you want to snipe, why don’t you get a TD? I mean,
      it is one thing to snipe with a high alpha scout, medium or even heavy,
      when the situation is right. I occasionally snipe with an ELC and it
      sometimes works just great, but if you are actively banking on it, you most
      likely do your team a disfavor.
      ISU 152 will outsnipe a T49 every day, and can get great camo ratings, too.
      Plus, your team isn’t wondering whether their scout went afk.

    • +Stefan B i dont think anyone uses he in the tier 5 french td and neither
      does it need it to do well

    • +bowsergp it still needs to be able to snipe from long range to do well,
      that is what I was talking about. Or do you go infighting with your bathtub?

    • +Stefan B I’m not BANKING on anything. I’m fairly good at active scouting
      and and drive by shootings. But a GOOD scout also knows when it’s
      appropriate to scout passively. When the best thing you can do for your
      team is find an advanced bush and merely light the targets. When you can’t
      flank the enemy, most scout cannons are too weak to damage the front of an
      enemy tank. Just saying that the T49 doesn’t have that limitation.

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    Sheridan. At no point was this ever the “T49”, and the whole idea to this
    tank was to fire the MGM-51 Shillelagh anti-tank guided missiles. War
    Gaming is a crap company that can’t get anything right.

    • The T49 is the prototype version? And seriously, crews almost never used
      the missile

    • +mynameisray It isn’t a M551 Sheridan. The T49’s hull is pretty much like
      the one of the M41 Walker Bulldog. As far as i know the T49 was a prototype
      for a tank destroyer based on the M41 and later used as a testbed for the
      weapons system of the M551 Sheridan.

      P.S. I looked it up. Actually it’s two vehicles merged in to one:
      – Stock: T49 (Protoype 90-mm tank destroyer/light tank)
      – Elite: XM551 (Testbed for the M551’s turret and weapons system)
      Both were based on the M41, so the way Wargaming has gone with this vehicle
      is actually pretty good (Yeah they were not the same vehicle in real life
      but they may as well could have been… so who cares).

    • +mynameisray the t49 it’s not the sheridan

    • +hertwog And even the ammunation is somewhat correct as the missile was not
      ready by the time the XM551 was in trials.

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    PeppyPepper will be doing her first livestream tonight on my channel to
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    • +QuickyBabyTV Well, I very much enjoyed the peppy stream, do let her know
      we all loved it 😀

    • Nice vid, had my fun laughing at that mutant american KV-2 dealing
      devastation. And please do more stream/record combos, a nice feature. Also
      I’d like to remind you: aiming doesn’t mean tha same as reloading as you
      said in the video 🙂

    • +QuickyBabyTV OOOH I’m so sorry i missed this live stream… 🙁

    • +QuickyBabyTV Peppy did a great job yesterday. Great stream 🙂

    • +GOODSOLDAAT There’s one on WoT best replays somewhere of some 263 having a
      monster game on Siegfried.

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