World of Tanks || T49 – Point Blank

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – T49 – Point Blank. Today BudaiMarcell is going on a riot with the bastard child of a KV-2 and the T8 American tank, the T49.

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game which is available as a free download. is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. You have this replay from another channel called World of Tanks best
    replays EU

  2. “This 152mm is filthy cuz it does things like this” BOOM! Thanks for the
    laugh of the day Mr. Quicky!

  3. Whata bot St-1

  4. U miss a medal i think fendin ( kill the last enemy with the last shell )

  5. russians mostly get track damage 😀 even when you hit the turret :D

  6. forcepenil force

    noob resetor

  7. kv2 the strangest gun ever if you aim you Miss if you don’t aim boom one
    Shot kill.

  8. Hi QB …. I just want to say u that this replay has been upload on another
    youtube channel… but u’r videos still awesome … pls like my comment to
    make QB see it ….sorry for my bad english I’m a french viewer

  9. Tankistetigre wot

    DAT STI tho…

  10. I use the 90mm in this tank. The HEP rounds can reliably penetrate. Nice
    option for this tank, the 90mm fast firing and accurate derp, or the 152mm
    RNG cannon.

  11. or only this xvm ?! :)

  12. modpack?:D pls :)

  13. wht t54lw is getting nerf:(?

  14. Beautifully played game :)

  15. I want one… Ru251 is great, but this seems so much troll.

  16. Marcin Kozłowski

    All of the scouts videos are great, considereing you’d rather take light
    tanks as a huge underdog in this kind of engagements, especially against
    heavy tanks : O
    How about Lorraine 40t video? I think it has never shown on the chanel

  17. Is the computer version or the Xbox version better?

  18. I sold mine and bought back the walker bulldog. hated how poorly the T49
    paformed after the bulldog.

  19. do some low tier reviews like pzb2

  20. social3ngin33rin

    Looks like ST 1 gave up after taking 1k dmg

  21. MAKE A TIGER 1 REVIEW!!!!!

  22. Reroll padder TKer. Sums up this guy in 1 sentence

  23. In Armored Warfare, this tank is called the Sherman. The sherman is one of
    the most anoying tanks to drive, because it does 450 something alphadamage,
    15s reload and most tanks in the matches have 400 hp. Yet AW has a hardcap
    to doing max 90% of someones health in one shot making it loose 1v1s every
    single time.

  24. ionicafardefrica

    I am sorry but this t49 DID NOT DO HIS JOB. He did not actively spot for
    his team, he farmed that is3 and sniped for half of the game. This is not a
    player I would want on my team, and this is not what a light tank is
    supposed to be doing.

  25. epic…just epic…

  26. Good tech and good luck! GG

  27. Bit of an EGO play when he feasts on the helpless IS3 instead of saving the
    AMX and the artillery vs the M103. And the ST-I….I have seen better Bots
    but besides that: Well played

  28. I don’t know why, but for some reason I think I saw this video elsewhere..

  29. or “mr. misses so bad you don’t even see the shell on the screen” or “mr.
    never pens no matter what the fuck you do”.

  30. A re-roll unicum. Pffftt.

  31. The key to his victory was quite a few bots and if they weren’t bots it’s
    time to get a personal wot trainer, here you go QB 😉 your new vocation has
    arrived and you can charge £10-15 an hour for your time ;)

  32. “But what if STI was not kill?”

  33. Spam gold ammo,noob play

  34. Maru-san Is My Waifu

    I don’t care what anyone says, this guy had a fantastic game with a tank I
    know and love.
    Thx for the replay QB ?

  35. the force is strong with this T49

  36. Reroll teamkiller that heavily use autoaim+, play extremely passively to
    farm dmg and lucky derp hit. impressive indeed.

  37. I wish I was half as good as this guy

  38. He is probably blue because he uses his derp shot an enemy and his team
    mate 10 years away took damage

  39. finally

  40. american bias.

  41. This replay seems familiar

  42. Jingles did this same video a month or so ago @QuickyBaby

  43. The T49 is one of my favorite tanks to play. It’s so trolly to oneshot some

  44. Can we see a T49 tank review please?

  45. Fourze OnPcAgain

    Congrat BudaiMarcell! That was awesome Battle. It make me to want more to
    get T49 faster.

  46. How can you say the T49 is the same as the KV2 when it comes to the gun?
    They are different guns but don’t let history slap War Gaming in the face.
    Not only was the gun used on the M551 Sheridan but the M60A2 “starship”.
    The guns are from different areas of ww2 KV2 to near 1960’s technology. I
    am sorry but this is where AW and War Thunder wins they offer you some what
    more honest tank mechanics when it comes to guns and ballistics. I bet if
    you took a pos commie KV2 and a T49 put them at the same distance from a
    target , and I bet the Russian tank will hit more, and have higher RNG due
    to Russian dev biases they build into the game code.

  47. reroll rick gets an ST1 bot

  48. Ahem Wargaming it’s called an M551 Sheridan… Not a T49…

  49. I love it QB! I have the bulldog atm.

  50. killing noob st-1? come on.. getting bored

  51. Wow that ST-1 was such a noob!

  52. Rupster WoT Blitz

    Stupid 4bit user

  53. You can’t get more lucky in this stupid game.

  54. Abdulkadir Erkek

    does it count as a hack quickybaby and world of tanks I’m talking to u guys

  55. Its the Obama tank. It hits everybody Equally!.

  56. Abdulkadir Erkek

    and I think I might do the same super aim on world of tanks pc no hacks
    just play with some codes

  57. Did you do a type 5 review? Please don’t. I dont want people to know the
    weakspots lol

  58. QB, i did not expect you to put a selfish reroll teamkiller noob on your

  59. This is the most fun tank to play for me.

  60. Scott Reinemeyer

    Also why is he blue

  61. imagine this tank with 3 man platoon

  62. Hey quickybaby, this tank is worse than the SU-152 derp gun. since the derp
    gun is .48 if I am correct, or .51. but still, that tank is fun

  63. OP shit tank

  64. qb: what are your thoughts on autoloaders and the state of their
    obsolescence? I firmly believe as a compromise between realism and arcade .
    they should give autoloaders are canister reload % buff for when the
    vehicle is stationary reloading stationary with camo/binocs being active..
    as most autoloaders canister reload happened in a parked position and not
    on the move. but then again stalin and all i guess that would be op because
    some autoloaders might kill a russian tank or two. lol “great channel love
    the content”

  65. Nice battle in the T49. Love this tank, and this guy plays it really well.
    Just wish I had more enemies like that 44% win rate STI!

    that had me laughing

  67. Csongor Pásztor

    Gratula! Hajrá magyarok!

  68. Mr. spritzig spritzig

    the top 5 of DMG in t49 or oft all time ?

  69. вчмкук икастрпевр

    здорово сабаки

  70. there are 3 videos of this same replay upload on all didn’t days xD

  71. Duplicate
    I saw him already
    From another player

  72. scrub rng at its finest

  73. st1 is bot?

  74. Ugh I already saw this replay

  75. Quickybaby, pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaase record more videos of T49 because it is my
    favourite tank and because it is so OP!!!!!!

  76. I find it funny how QB keeps being amazed in his videos by “awfull low
    rolls”. I constantly “low roll”, especially at what it should be the
    killing shot, leaving my opponents with a few HP. not to mention the widley
    known bounce off the “dead guy” (I call it widley known, since I’ve seen
    people complaining on forums about regularly missing what it should be the
    killing shot).

    in fact, the bullshit is so high in this game, I have no doubt it is less
    RNG and more scripts.

  77. Saw this replay yesterday

  78. Second hungarian player, terrible pronouncation, Quicky! :D

  79. T49 is most likely the only thank that doesnt trust on premium high
    penetration to deal with super heavy armoured tanks. Like here its possible
    to destroy optics, commander and gunner and finishing off by penetrating
    from behind

  80. rerolled shit, typical statshunting bastard

  81. 59% for a reroll is shameful….

  82. Andrew Hollister

    Wait, I’ve seen this video before… I’m confused..

  83. I dont know what youtuber (jingles, quicky, dez, ichase or someone like
    that) but i know that someone reviewed this replay in ths past already

  84. Is that a Sheridan or just a tank that is veeeeery similar to it?

  85. that st1 was so dumb…you saw on his gameplay and stats that he was an

  86. T49 is life!

  87. QB can you please give me link to your modpack i can’t find it. thank you

  88. i have seen this replay before

  89. i love my 3 marks on my T49

  90. That ST 1 was the true MVP

  91. no six sense = never get spotted

  92. Really enjoying these daily uploads! Hopefully you can keep this up!

  93. 7200 damage i made

  94. watch this replay already weeks ago… :/

  95. LOL! The latest video I watched before this one, was the previous replay of
    the T49 that QB did!

  96. octave bellanger

    once more great comments 🙂
    will you do any other vids with QSF like «ram squad» etc…?

  97. lol magyar a gyerekxd

  98. already saw this one before on world of tanks best replays

  99. you should had shown the critics to the st1

  100. gg! well played and a very good player :)

  101. I think it’s a good element because it adds an interesting factor into the
    game a light that will damage any but not completely shred medium armor

  102. Wasn’t the t-49 a tier five tank destroyer before being replaced by the

  103. Teamkiller!

  104. I don’t think everyone knows it, but the T49 is prototype light tank to the
    American Sheridan Light Tank

  105. also the same thing (5:40)

  106. i think the last guy was bot

  107. I like that you didn’t give away the end in the title

  108. I don’t know but i’m i the only one noticing that this video and the one
    before it are lower in quality than the normal ?

  109. could have saved the arty but nope, fires at a tank that will be there for
    a loooooong time

  110. I HATE this tank but i need it for the T57 heavy so i use the stock gun
    with premium ammo

  111. nice

  112. Damn, that was a beautiful game.

  113. its possible that the ST 1 was played by a bot. the behaviour was too slow
    and weird..

  114. Red Yellow and Blue

    whats reroll

  115. I don’t get everyone’s obsession with stats. How does his win8 diminish the
    good gameplay shown here.

  116. Seen this game about 3 weeks ago on World of Tanks the best relays channel.

  117. The last kill… That didn’t look right.

  118. QB butchering hungarian names since 2011

  119. Géza DoktorNemtudomki

    All the tomatoes complaining he is a reroll when they would only get like
    1100wn8 if they also rerolled. :D

  120. Has anyone seen that Nvidia’s new driver has new WOT support for 9.15, is
    there a graphic update in 9.15?

  121. I confess funding isis

  122. mad game. I don’t think farming the damage off that is3 on it’s side was
    worth leaving his team bros to die to the m103. mind you we are talking
    about a WoT replay here and lets be honest WoT isn’t a much of a teamplay
    kind of team game.

  123. 34k wn8 that game. ah yes

  124. Ähhhm i am constantly Blue because me and my Platooncomerades always drown
    or Crash each other or Even try to kill each other xD.

  125. How do you get six sense

  126. that ST-1…

  127. Good game.

    But the The Tank Sniper irks me somewhat.

    I’ve had a game in the FV201 where I had 3 shots into the side of an IS3,
    less than 1/5th of the total area of the bloom was not vulnerable to
    penetration and engine fire – 3 shots! One hits the ground, the other
    absorbed by track, and the third goes into spaced side armour – no dmg
    done. This is with a .36 accuracy 17lb gun.

    Yet .6 accuracy can aim into the side of a Comet which was less than 1/5th
    the total area of the bloom – and the shell flies right into the centre.

    It has been almost 3 months since i last played a UK heavy. Sick of it.

  128. such a bot ST-1

  129. you can tell that he is a reroll at 6:00 what does, he stops to aim for a
    tank which cant get out of his position , to get more DMG to boost his
    reroll stats instead of attacking the m103 and if he had done that he would
    have saved the 13 75 , but nah lets get the dmg first fuck my pleb
    teammates i am better then them

  130. I cant grind through the stock t49.. stock turret and gun is like an RU251
    which fires standard HE rounds.

  131. luckiest T49 I have ever seen. plus 1500 of his dmg was free farmed off the

  132. the st1 was a shit player mate 44%win rate. if he would have played against
    a decent player he would have lost.

  133. the st one was like he was drunk or very hight

  134. Yes, I will be a good guy! Thank you for the video. Have a nice day.

  135. Is it just me, or was it a mistake to go after that IS-3 that was stuck
    while other enemy tanks were still a threat?

  136. I saw this replay already ?

  137. That ST-1 was a bot^^

  138. I saw this replay on Wot best replays like 2 moths ago lol

  139. Wotreplays By pedro

    i love that one-thats a like

  140. I would really like a SU-100Y is it worth it? or a review video. I need to
    learn the strengths and weaknesses of my newly bought SU.

  141. Gheorghe Tutunaru

    is it a premium tank?

  142. can quicky do a t30 review

  143. He is so lucky….. If it was me in T49, the ST-I would have capped… :/

  144. Danni Vilbergsson

    quickybaby add me as friends pls my name is danielisak it would be awesome
    to play whith you and you are awesome at world of tanks love your vids

  145. T49 is for noobs it is Op against my SPIC.

  146. Budai gyerek!;)

  147. Ew a reroller griding for one of the most op T10 tanks, t57 heavy

  148. Love it. if you are lucky u can one shot a T110E5 xD

  149. MrSmithwayne Smith

    he let his teams arti die to get 2 shots on that is3 on his side which to
    me was not very sportman of him. Should have helped arti stay alive and
    kill that 103

  150. Tuur Van Rostenberghe

    wow the game didn’t get ruind by arty??? :o:o:o i am soo suprised!!! :):):)


  152. Great game here, respect

  153. spoilers….. Smurf!!

  154. omg.. the st1 😀 soo bad

  155. that;s not a first time ace tanker badge QB!

  156. OMG T-49 too OP. Plz nerf. XD

  157. best tank in game

  158. QB, you should do a derp montage/compilation

  159. Zimmermann Márk

    BudájMárcel szép volt :D

  160. Just cuz ur blue doesn’t mean u did something wrong. I was playing my M44
    and a ally Bishop used his gun to intentionally to block mine. I didn’t
    know he was there, I was using the arty cam to shoot at something a long
    ways away. When I fired I hit his gun and turned blue, lose credits and xp
    for the battle, and the troll goes unpunished.

  161. ofc he doesnt have sixth sense 😀 hes a stupid reroll ;)

  162. The Pilot Penguin

    hey bro 9.15 is out tomorrow and i *need* your your mod pack. just a

  163. The VK 28 01 is quity simmular

  164. 1000 Subs with no Videos

    I can already tell that everyone talking shit about the fact of that the
    guy has his name blue do not know much about this game.

  165. Bojler eladó

  166. Thanks QB

  167. Ádám Sárvári

    Budály márszell lol (bocsi)

  168. Geometry Dash Warrek

    T49 is strange tank to play, sometimes it doesn’t penetrate shots which
    should have penetrated, sometimes you get lucky as hell… Example: I aimed
    at T32, which was more than 500m far away with it’s front against me. I
    thought “300 damage is at least some damage.” So I clicked as he went
    behind ridgeline and it penetrated him for 930 dmg 😀 You can watch it in
    replay if you want 😀 (time of the
    battle 11:09)

  169. QB plz watch my amx 12t game my name is insane killer it’s a short game but
    I think you could fit it somewhere

  170. Geometry Dash IHateWaves

    I got a radley walters a few months ago with my T110E3… we defended (dont
    know the name, I’m not english xd), I was the last tank, and survived with
    300 hp (the enemy meds already outplayed me!!!) because the time was over

  171. I have already see this replays in other channel

  172. Hy QuickyFingers I did a good battle with my cromwell B in tier 8 4200
    The repaly:
    I hope you like it!
    Thank you very much

  173. yess another t 49 video love dez 152mm

  174. black dog ? dafuck ?:)))))) 1:25 – 1:32

  175. Daniel Johan Andersson Ortega

    hey QuickyBaby do u work? cuz u stream all the days

  176. Now that was a GG.

  177. That was awesome

  178. hmmm. No other tank like t49? there is! vk28.01

  179. In real life, the gun that this tank uses could fire laser guided rockets
    with insane pen.

  180. dick, loads so much heat

  181. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    That guy is a fucking remade Guy^^. Thats so boring.

  182. Hungarian guy:D

  183. DERP FTW!!!

  184. he played like an ass, could have killed the M103 with his buddy 13 75 but
    farms damage on the completely stuck IS3.

  185. A blue reroller driving an OP derp-tank.

  186. Nice video QB!
    Maybe a review on the st.Emil?
    Would be Nice!

  187. ahaha look at the description, the kv 2 and walker bulldog bastard child xD

  188. Reroll shite

  189. A purple unicorn with a blue name?! hmmmm.

  190. I have been a World of Tanks players sense open beta off and on and have
    always enjoyed watching your videos! My pc finally gave up and I am looking
    to get a new one. Do you have any recommendations of what to get or any
    particular specifications that I should look for in a new computer? Thanks

  191. magyar ember!

  192. 0:30 #Failbaby you said it wrong; The father is a KV-2 and the Mother is a
    M41 Walker Bulldog

  193. chiefsmokembrown

    console gamer here and I was just wondering when do you think that World of
    Warships will be released on the console

  194. “I’m early, better make a joke:

    Am I doing this rite? :0
    Is the first guy a designated teamkiller? Having that blue icon D:

  195. Quick baby I have so many replays to send you but I can’t because ……
    Xbox reasons.

  196. he is hungarian :3

  197. neva first…. boo hoo… oh well I dont have to be…

  198. I legit get happy when I see Quickybaby upload a video. World Of Tanks is
    my life!

  199. Kv2 is better

  200. I’m early better make a joke… No, let’s not.

  201. 6th

  202. first

  203. Charles Lawrence III


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