World of Tanks – T54 mod1 Review | 14,000 WN8 Game

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Source: Svatekl2

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Intro music ► Saint Pepsi – Private Caller
Outro music ► Home – Resonance

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  1. why do you only record at 50 fps, it makes me cringe

  2. wish i saw this video earlier. wanted that t54 and couldnt resist on
    cromwel B today last day….

  3. I love the tank. I have it since Christmas and it’s a beauty! One thing; I
    would recommended to beginners due to the good armor. I like the cam but I
    would love the see the chat! sometimes that is the funnies thing! Thanks
    for the video!

  4. I like the webcam :)

  5. did you decide to gift your account in the end? bagsy sharing if you would
    that would be epic ;-)

  6. _Xx_M4TR1X_xX_ 13

    U’re handsome ??

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