World of Tanks || T54E1 – Unexpected Friends

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of – T54E1. Today our protagonist xdeterminens is going go from villain to hero as he makes an unexpected friend in the T9 American medium tank the T54E1.

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  1. Cristian Gabriel Capatina

    New game.Take a shot every time when QB says dastardly.

  2. andrej udovicic

    #QuickyBaby whats your first video?

  3. look at what the st emil did at the end
    stats dont lie

  4. i love the T54E1. and I have been playing wot since the beta testing.

  5. spacemarines1623

    I had a battle in my T29 on a tier 8 maximum battle, and when I was pulling
    back because I was low on hp an IS-6 on my team purposely blocked me and
    got me killed. He then went on saying that I was a noob, etc. I know that I
    am a joe average player but there was absolutely no reason why he should
    have done that. Oh and he also had 1k battles less then I did when that
    happened about a month ago.

  6. shouldn’t have shown the replay, horrible anger issues and bad play.
    shunting the TVP around is the kind of play we all need to eliminate

  7. First T54E1 gently pushes TVP and is like “hey you should be more careful
    this shot you blocked could cost us the game”. Quickybaby makes him look
    like some kind of total scumbag.
    Like if Quickybaby was never agry with his teammates.
    Then T54E1 just invites Cent (last remaining player on his team) to platoon
    and presses F8 once and suddenly he is best teamplayer.
    I thought that he will sacrifice himself for Centurion or something but no.
    Nothing. Just normal play.
    Quickybaby just overreacting again.

  8. I’ve been in xdeterminens place before on that hill and had people block me
    from basically taking a shot that would’ve been useful and/or won us the
    late game. I’m no unicum, i’m fairly average but I would never go out of my
    way to ruin someone’s experience by even trying to get them killed. I get
    salty behind the screen but i’m not gonna be a sour cunt about it and flood
    the chat with useless crap. All these people saying, “bah its fine, he
    wasn’t shot or anything” great your just supporting a mindset which
    shouldn’t exist in the first place. He won the game yes and it might
    somehow “justify” him in a way but just because your wearing a crown
    doesn’t mean you can just order people to kiss your ass. If your feeling
    angered, frustrated and otherwise in a trolling mood, leave the game and do
    something else.

  9. I also had a very nice WZ-111 driver. i know i am not the best play i have
    a 1300WN8 a recent one of 1500 and my internet gets laggy sometimes so i
    bumped into the butt of the fella WZ and he pushed me out so the enemys
    could kill me …. i am hunting for my 3rd mark of excellence for my patton
    KR i am at 89% cause this guy did that i was on 91,04 that did just suck…

  10. that shirt…

  11. GangbusterMediatv

    these types of guys do nothing in the beginning when thier whole team is
    fighting with enemy, when they all die , then comes the turn. Stupid

  12. I felt the T54E was underpowered for its tier, not many tanks get stuck
    with 220 pen at t9 and less than 400 avg damage. Also, it accelerates slow
    and has low top speed for med tank. Genuinely not a good tank, its all
    about the autoloader. Its definitely a late game bloomer and not a
    frontliner. So I’ve had a lot of games similar to this with it, not as
    good, but still similar.

  13. Иван Живковић

    Is this tank better in it’s own tier than T69 in tier 8?

  14. You know your facts????

  15. that place is for autoloaders, tvp shouldn’t be there

  16. another hungarian pleb :D

  17. lol.. being harassed by all of you lovely people.. great line there xD

  18. I don’t think the TVP blocked his shot intentionally. He could have been in
    sniper mode, and even if not, he was covering the T54E1’s right side
    against the enemy T54E1 that was there earlier. He may have gotten really
    confused when he was pushed since he thought he was helping, and even
    afterwards, he didn’t retaliate. That’s why I don’t go out on a limb and
    decide to “punish” someone on my team when they inconvenience me.

  19. The TVP VTU was in that spot 1st and was sulky about it, a gun barrel in
    the way, very minor mistake. The star of the show is a douchebag

  20. I like how QB is trying over and over again to make everyone call the M 41
    90 GF “Blackdog”, yet no one else does. :D

  21. The HD T54E1 looks beautiful.

  22. I do wonder why the rhm player seems to load HE shells lately.. Is there
    anything unique with rhm’s HE shells..?

  23. *I still like my T57 Heavy over the T54E1.*

  24. Sorry QB but I disagree regarding your assessment of his behavior,
    regarding to VTU whatever. I had it up to here with retards that pull
    around a corner then sit there with no regards to other 2-3 tanks besides
    them. He’s a tier 8, he should know by now not to impede the corner, not
    block it with its gun or body and not pull up at the corner whenever his
    gun is ready, guaranteeing a large caliber shell in the back of his turret.

    7:20 he WAS a team player, the other tank wasn’t.

    That VTU had no excuses and many other less patient people would have
    pushed him out of the corner completely, he only gave him a gentle tap.

  25. DubstepDeano 194

    I love the centurion series of tank just love em

  26. Didn’t show detailed report. -1

  27. I wonder when the next freaking autoloaders get in the game… oh how I
    hate them

  28. enemy t54e1 was capping once..I rushed to decap, at 99% i shot him and
    bounced. Speaking of its troll armor

  29. “Bump from behind” wink wink quickybaby.

  30. I have been a battle that I use a SU100,sit at back and sniping,but our
    team Cromwell is camping beside me!and keep pushing me,and I can’t even
    shoot,cause whenever I fully aim,he push me,and I need to aim again,it is
    damm fustrating

  31. faster spectrum

    Serious troll Armour :_( I was in Obj 704 with 6.5K dmg done and almost
    full HP, T54E1 was in enemy team and came in front of me, i shot, I saw the
    shot bounce of its turret as i cried, noooo. He on the other hand…dont
    wanna talk :(.

  32. T54E1 is such a unfair tank to go against, even you said it yourself
    comparing to another autoloader tanks…

  33. That was badass

  34. Is the T69 better then the T54E1 tier for tier, what do you think Quicky?
    I love the T69 but not very attracted to the tier 9 and 10

  35. How is this game historically accurate if WG keeps changing the dimensions
    of the tanks? So little immersion much disappoint.

  36. Duncan Shepherd

    4:07 Is that the stock gun? Poor bastard…

  37. this reminds me of the good guys series lol

  38. if I I ever get to
    London I`l be happy to see Quickybaby live.. -fan from finland

  39. Kind of like xDeterminens when I get blocked I get annoyed but I don’t try
    and push allies into line of fire or just scare them with it. But if
    someone on my team does something to me and don’t apologize I get really
    pissed off, but if they do apologize then I can deal with it.

  40. We can all be a bit of a bastard sometimes. Or at least I can.

  41. I dont care how he played, I would have reported him. Tvp didnt do that on

  42. OH SHIT………QuickyBaby has 666 videos!

  43. Jonah Playz Minecraft

    He went on too long about what he did in the beginning.

  44. Well that tvp should have been aware that he was blocking his shot, Its the
    tvps fault

  45. whats up with that pedostash quicky?

  46. that borsig outplayed himself

  47. I think too much focus in this video was spent reminding us all of how the
    T54E1 spent two seconds nudging the nuisance TVP (give autoloaders the
    right of way, guys) and how horrible xdeterminens is. I’ve seen QB lose his
    cool on stream enough to where this isn’t exactly coming off as genuine
    distress …

    If I were the guy who uploaded the replay, I’d probably want this video

  48. Things must be slow for QB having to highlight a prick like this. Next…..

  49. Hey… call me a fraud but i got a steel wall in a skoda t25

  50. love the content thanks QB!!!

  51. t54e1 is a pile of garbage, deadly when it can get behind you and unload
    but it cant aim worth a crap and the pen is substandard. I got so mad at
    mine that I fired exclusively apcr. I was so much happier when I got my t57

  52. The Gr8 CastleFrt128

    a steel wall in a med isn’t too crazy. Try getting one in the Aufl. Panther
    in a bottom tier match.

  53. VeryUnfriendlySpoon


  54. tvp was a real dick face.

  55. Vladimir Efimov

    That Borsig player must be the stupidest TD driver in the game to fire HE
    at a medium, if you know where to aim you can easily penetrate any medium
    tank with the standard AP rounds. That 128mm gun is so good that I only
    carry 5 premium shells on my Borsig and rarely use any of them even against
    tier 10 enemies.

  56. I am kinda disappointed with QB… Promoting videos of twats… it is not
    the first time

  57. that was fucking crazy

  58. TVP 51%er, more useful as dead cover anyway.

  59. Fluffandgo is me!!!!

  60. Hey QB, is world of tanks on pc much different from the ps4 version?

  61. Dimitris Xouiazis

    sometimes is good sometimes is bad

  62. James Froitzheim

    how to get gun mark

  63. T54E1 = American T-54.

  64. VK 4503?

  65. sorry QB I disagree, he wasn’t being a friend at the end, it was more self
    preservation to stick with the cent.

  66. That tvp deserved it. Just let T54 unload the magazine and you can even
    fire 2 autoloading clip at the enemies while T54 is reloading. Wp T54 you
    are the man

  67. Where’s the prem tank vid?

  68. tootsie|troll®

    Wear that T shirt often QB! I think it’s everyone’s favorite ;)

  69. Branden Lausterer

    the ends justify the means… the tvp took no damage so it’s all good in my

  70. do a M103 video pls

  71. That TVP shouldn’t of been there in the first place. Bad placement on his

  72. That poor sturer emil never had a chance. If ever a tank needed a buff it
    was that one.

  73. Fuzzcopter I like tigers

    Qb do a panther 88 review i know their are hoards of replays but i just
    want a review from u since u can make any tenk good. :)

  74. #fuckingniceshirt

  75. Simon Van De Vijver

    Totally unnecessary apcr at the end

  76. T54 e1 is a shit, looong aim time, when you aim you will miss, if you hit,
    you will ding… Worst cannon in the game

  77. Jacko Sevenhundredandtwenty

    Hey QB, please can you review the Tiger ll.

  78. PLZ do a kv 3 tank review

  79. QB wouldve probably done the same.

  80. I hate those childish players who push you…… I was playing pearl river
    (I think it’s called) (on console). And a player pushed me off the cliff
    into the open where I got hammered by several TDs

  81. in my opinion T54E1 is a very good tank. if it only had better mobility it
    could be one of my favourite tank.

  82. i dont like the e1 never have such a match maker and when u face a tier 10
    heavy it is just a pain in the ass to pen him
    and for some reason i dont have the feeling that the armore is that good
    maybe its cauz the t 10 games
    also the long aim time let u in the favors of the rng goods

    it is good against meds wher its an auto pen or against low tiers but what
    tank isnt

  83. tootsie|troll®

    i just got this a few weeks ago and i absolutely love it! it’s my new
    favorite! i got the 2nd mark too within 2 days. it was somewhere between
    65th to 70th match so i nearly even got the 3rd mark before reaching the
    100th battle for this tank. now im super excited to get the t57. i have
    this one and the lorraine 40t grinded at the same time. between the two,
    i’d say t54e1 is better because it has a higher alpha combined it with
    faster interdrum cycle. im a big lurker in game so this tank really fit my
    play style.

  84. Glad you addressed good sportsmanship. Good replay!

  85. Yannick InDaHood

    T54E1 or Centurion 7/1 ?

  86. “Awareness of a potato” quickybaby quotes 2016

  87. L1ghtn1ng_Penc1l

    All the Fan boys liking this video.
    The tvp was likely in snipermode so there was no way he could have known he
    was ‘blocking him!’ This guy probably relised ” oh I’m playing very well ”
    I should act like I’m a good person so QB might upload it! This guy
    probably goes blue every 5 games! Sorry QB but I do not support this kind
    of content. No matter how well he played!!

  88. all that damage done and no ace tanker , not even number 3 ?

  89. hé ez magyar xd

  90. Attila Tagscherer

    More and more hungarian players, nice :D

  91. well, QB, would you kindly stop constantly hating on “our” T54E1 for
    pushing that TVP? dont tell me you’ve never done that. its called

  92. jacob motosicky

    There is no pushing for “hey dude, I’m here”, trying to push your allies
    out is pushing your allies out.
    No excuses.

  93. Good Job censoring the Chat ;D

  94. KubbyDev | One Command Creations

    Wow that was awesome !

  95. tanks gg said 10 degrees last I looked

  96. @Quickybaby i wonder why you don’t turn these videos into a random series
    (World of Tanks II Unexpected Friend’s series)

  97. Raul Betancourt

    gold against a rhm and emil?SERIOUSLY

  98. Jonathan Pinkerton

    About the snippet with TVP in the beginning. QB said something about
    entitlement to a certain position. I think if two tanks are trying to use
    the same spot the one who best suits it should get it. In this case
    xdeterminens has a much bigger gun with and autoloader and better
    depression. So I think the TVP should have let him do his thing and
    supported him during the reloads.

  99. This is a old replay dude

  100. had the VTU been firing, at all. I think it would have been made up for.
    but he was just sitting there being a chode.

  101. Code for WOT NA & EU: *WOT500KYOUTUBE*

  102. Love your videos! Keep it up!

  103. For such a “skilled” player that XDeterminens is, I feel like he is one of
    those douchebags who blames the “tomatoes” on his team if they are

  104. Eyy, he played good. Everyone is an asshole from time to time. I normally
    play nice and dont start a war in the chat. But some times you just lose it
    if every fucking game again you run in these unknowing ass hats. I dont
    blame him for pushing that tank. He atleast didnt push him too his death.

  105. the t54e1 is not bad, you need to know the strength of the vehicle more
    than other tanks, but when you learn is a pleasant surprise!

  106. 13:16 it has to be the 121B

  107. jordy van de ven

    i want to be as pro as him :/

  108. I really enjoyed my T54E1 as well, amazing carry potential :)

  109. If I was the t54e1, I would’ve made sure the guy got shot at least once
    before backing off. It’s usually the only way to make other players learn
    to pay attention. He was nice to only make the TVP notice him

  110. nice video QB

  111. liberty_for_life

    I like how people are still booty tickled about the T54E1 driver. I
    completely sympathize with the T54E1 driver, Because here’s the thing:
    World of Tanks is a multi-player game (In-case if people didn’t already
    know) and within multi-player games there are going to be good players (or
    as I like to call them “The 1%”) and.. other players (I could say more
    about these “other players”, but you get what I mean). And from all of
    that, there is this thing called “winning” and a lot of people want to win,
    ESPECIALLY the good players. And they will do what it takes to attempt to
    win a game/match, even if it means that they have to play dirty to get the
    job done. And hell, I’m part of this “1%” and its easy [for me, that is] to
    understand that sort-of reaction from the guy. And for the TVP driver, I am
    most certainly sure that it was just an accident that him/herself did not
    know, and I fully understand that.
    All I have to say is this: If you’re getting judgmental about what someone
    did in a multi-player focus game, then it’s not recommended that you
    continue to play multi-player online related games such as this one.
    Just putting that out there.

  112. The borsig lost the game alone.

  113. i wish wot made it easier to play high tier and not lose money all the time
    🙁 ….(p2hf bastards)

  114. glad to help out team mates as the driver of the cent. 71 u need to play
    along side teammates in a way that is supporting to each other this game
    was a good game for both of us btw Idk why my user is diffrent in your
    video but it’s ok


  116. silly QB T54E1 can’t load HE rounds xD

  117. What Premium tank? Is it Motherland?

  118. I’m working on the T71 on PC slow going, but I have the T54E1 on console it
    brings the pain for sure :D

  119. MAKE A TIGER 1 REVIEW!!!!!

  120. B.S Productions

    I don’t know about others but I don’t get annoyed with people in World of
    tanks – Except when they block my line of fire. And honestly, What he did
    had no effect. It may have thrown the game sure, But come on guys we play
    100s of games every week, It doesn’t matter if someone gets a bit annoyed
    and throws one.

  121. You should consider changing your intro.. Maybe put some cinematics and
    sick background music or whatever lol..

  122. What a bastard!!! He pushed away a teamm8!!! Such a crime…

  123. Joseph17884 Lopez

    love your vids keep going.plz do the m103 because i have one and I’m really
    good using it lot of skills on it

  124. You should do a replay on the AMX 50 120 to compare and contrast these two

  125. can you make a New Video about the t54 pls ?

  126. Brandin Ricardo

    They are platooning so it’s not a unexpected friend

  127. Megint magyar :3

  128. > Has to face 2 tanks with no armour (Rhm. WT and the St. Emil)
    > Loads APCR
    Also, can’t believe how judgemental QuickyBaby is. It’s like there is no
    sympathy. That guy blocked his shot with his canon, a thing I really loathe
    myself. He had no reason to aim there in the first place and drive forward,
    while xdeterminens was unloading. Completely the fault of the TVP.

    What xdeterminens did was not even remotely bad. All he did was push the
    TVP to show his anger. He did not go as far as push him infront of the
    enemies, which would be too much. Completely understandable reaction by
    xdeterminens; don’t block or come near an autoloader who is unloading.
    Doesn’t make xdeterminens less of a noob by loading gold shells when having
    to kill two tanks with virtually zero armour.

  129. Would love to see a Conq replay uploaded QB!

  130. Wow….look at the damage his team did. Him and the Centurion literally did
    like 95% of the damage.

  131. MyReligionIs2DoGood

    The TVPs name (Klarheit) is German for ‘clarity’.

  132. i was playing today and cromwell b carryed us in 1vs6, btw he got his
    thirth kolobanovs medal

  133. Another game where if the HE shooting shitter was shooting AP the entire
    time it would be a win.

  134. James Stephenson

    If the TVP was in sniper mode, there’s literally no way he could have known
    that he was blocking the E1’s shot.

  135. Maarten severijns

    I wonder when QuickyBaby uplouds he’s 300k Q&A video. we are already 5 a 6
    month further

  136. Bruno Kristiansen

    Hey QB. I am one of those “lovely people” Haha. I understand, and I didn’t
    expect you to accept.
    Great videos and live-streaming. Keep it up :)

  137. Him bumping the tvp did nothing, it did not hinder the tvp in any way,
    because he was just sitting there waiting for targets, and the tvp wasn’t
    damaged. All it looked like to me was a t54e1 who was warning his team mate
    that he was blocking him.

  138. Sawtoothchris24

    Just because its a good game, doesnt mean they arent an asshole.

  139. The new tank should be VK45.03. Just have a look at the world of tank
    website. Under overview of June.

  140. He was an ass at the beginning, still an ass at the end, just sent the
    platoon invite for the Crucial.

  141. Once an Ass always an Ass, just because he won the match doesn’t change
    anything about who he is.

  142. Karasnjikov strike

    nice shirt

  143. If I were him I would do the same thing. He did not push that TVP so far
    that he is exposed to enemy fire. He did that just to warn the TVP. He put
    the TVP into an uncomfortable situation but did not cost him and himself
    anything, in contrast with what the TVP did.

  144. im just on t69 and it is fantastic tank i have sent you one replay with
    almost 4k dmg

  145. ahhhhhh the latest VK… jolly good

  146. Filip the pegasus


  147. Do video on cruiser 2 it has derp gun

  148. Quickybay

  149. once again showcasing what can be done when there is no arty

    arty ruins the game

  150. Rush B Cyka !

  151. Hey dude, you do know your country is being invaded by muslim degenerates
    from north afriica and the middle east right?

    The UK muslim population is 50%+ in the last 10 years, do any white people

  152. I fully understand the reaction of the T54E1 player against the TVP! There
    are players which always block you, they put their gun or even the whole
    tank in front of yours when you are about to shoot etc. People should learn
    they are not alone in this game, it is a multiplayer game and they should
    watch their space and how they affect others!

  153. That map is way too big you should down scale it a bit.

  154. Balc0ra's Gaming

    Never before seen premium tank? I’ll bet it’s the VK 45.03. Seeing as it
    was sold for 5 min by mistake on the SEA server today. As they said it was
    “too soon”. So it’s coming for sure.

  155. I GOT a video to, today! Same Map with my T57 and a Leopard 1.. Awesome
    round, im going to upload this right now!!! :))

  156. 2Earlyhere4me!

  157. i cant play wot. F##k you black screen

  158. But what about Warhammer? 🙁 great video tho

  159. “only 210” there are some tanks where you would lvoe to have 210mm of
    penetration >.> like the T54 and i still pen most shots from the D10T2

  160. Wargaming Super Noob

    about that autoloader. they need to nerf it because look at the wtf e100.
    this tank aint much different. it seems deadlier tha the wtf e100 ever was.

  161. Levente Göröcs

    Nice shirt QB :D

  162. Good video ? i agree t54e1 armor is troll……

  163. Golden Dragon X1 Gaming

    Its a fun tank but once you get the T57 heavy, you just wanna get rid of it
    asap! The pen it’s decent but no as great as the T57 with the 120mm! Plus
    the reloading time kinda sucks on the t54e1! Overall not a bad tank but not
    for everyone. Have fun grinding ???

  164. can he do a video on the type 4 heavy and the type 5 heavy

  165. The main thing with this tank (besides the crap speed) is that its bad
    accuracy/aim time means it can’t engage effectively at range. Couple that
    with its bad pen and you’d better hope heavily armored tanks focus your
    teammates while you try to hit weakspots or just flank, which is hard with
    the accuracy and speed.


    3K matches and a tier IX Centurion 7/1. Can you say re-roll?

  167. I vote for a new intro screen! Great content, but honestly, the intro is
    kinda lame :P

  168. I dont know why people complain about having bad penetration on medium
    tanks. You are not supposed to pen heavy tanks from the front anyways, you
    are in a medium and you should be flanking.

  169. QB, where can I buy our awesome shirt? 😮 (And will it improve my WN8 if I
    wear it?)

  170. Would rather have a bit of an arsey decent player than a ‘nice guy’ tomato
    on my team.

  171. Fucking autoloder – they fuck game , unbalanced unfair.

    Rerport UC in game.

  172. Next video T2 Light confirmed?

  173. Is over 7k games played with a 51% win rate good or just Okay?

  174. QB rocking the Galaxy Shirt once again xD

  175. QB is so judgemental

  176. jingles subscriber/salt mine slave

    yes I am a jingles sub

  177. jingles subscriber/salt mine slave

    is that call of duty mw3 music???

  178. Zaki Graphics - Free Intros!

    Notice me senpai quicky. What arty? Tier 10 french or tier 10 Soviet

  179. Centurion 7/1? Sexiest tank ever.

  180. Panzer_ Punisher

    Nice shirt there qb

  181. That gun is a painful grind, especially when you find out you need to
    unlock the tracks after you failed to mount the gun.

  182. I have no friends

  183. Nice T-shirt.

  184. bittemeinrammstein

    So much of these epic matches is 100% luck, and shit enemy players. xD

  185. I need mode

  186. so much Wot today. WOTNA with best replays and rng, jingles with good bad
    ungly and then this!!

  187. Fuck that guy. There’s a difference between accidentally blocking line of
    sight and deliberately pushing one of your highest tiers in front of enemy
    guns. Especially if the TVP retaliated, it was an action that could have
    thrown the entire game before it got started.

  188. What graphics settings do you use?

  189. I really don’t like playing this tank. It’s slow as shit, the accuracy
    stats are below average and you don’t even have enough pen to not care
    about the accuracy. It might be able to deal a lot of damage when the
    planets align, but it’s so clunky to play.

  190. Qb pls notis me senpai, #niceshirt btw

  191. 1471!!!

  192. 3 mins ago just finished with the video

  193. wow lol

  194. My favorite tank. I don’t have the T57 yet though.

  195. 18th!!!!!

  196. NICE video :)

  197. T1 Cunnigham Review next plez?

  198. T54E1 vs Lorraine 40 t? With the T54E1, you sacrifice speed, penetration
    and clip damage for armor and reload speed + gun handling

  199. someone damages you on your team… FREE ARMOUR!

  200. For some reason, twitch doesn’t work for me :(

  201. Unexpected upload

  202. Twitch op

  203. whatching the stream :)

  204. uploaded 49 seconds ago lol wat

  205. hi quickybaby im watching ur stream :))

  206. arthur probsting


  207. Francesco Gorgoglione

    hi twitch m8s

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