World of Tanks || T55A – 9,000 Damage…

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Today Amerikansky going to show off the brand new T9 German medium tank the T55A – the 3rd reward tank!

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  1. Hey guys I hope you enjoy Amerikanski rocking his T55A – I can’t wait to
    pick this up – will be trying some more of the missions tonight!

    I’m LIVESTREAMING right now!

  2. Yeeeeeaaaa

  3. Sometimes people are just too good :/

  4. That awesome camo comes with the vehicle?

  5. wow he got it THAT fast well done 2 him:)

  6. what a tank 😀 im sad, i ll never get to this :”D

  7. Good Video !

  8. And the player is a romanian ! Good job!

  9. Only 720p??

  10. I dont wanna blame him but he was kinda stupid at the end 🙂 He should had
    flank the E75 after he fired, but hey , whatever …

  11. It was actually a 1vs7 Quicky 😉 Great game and such a heartbreak. Maybe he
    should have circled the E75 after the E75 bounced on him, cause the E75 has
    a long reload.

  12. The most damage I’ve gotten in my T62A was 8500+ DMG. (I know, different
    tank… Close enough.)

  13. QB to JG as baron to phly……

  14. aww I really want that tank 🙁 halfway ish through second campaign

  15. Amerykański, jprdl xD

  16. I’m waiting for the no skill, just luck, I could do that with my face

  17. Some people are there on their Object260 mission and here I am trying to
    get a round where I’m not top tier or where there is enough Tank Destroyers
    for me to finish just one of the mission for T28 HTC.

  18. He lost because the stats said that he only have 5% chance to survive. not

  19. Hi quickybaby 

  20. Already saw this replay. It’s really amazing! The T55A is such a beast, but
    the player also really used his strength well. It’s fun to watch every

  21. I don’t know if it’s just me, but there’s a little bit of lagging in the
    video. Is this caused by the replay?
    It looks like the replay speed got changed back-and-forth, and kind of an
    annoying thing.
    Apart from that, keep doing these awesome videos and reviews QuickyBaby.
    Thank you for the content ;)

  22. should’ve ran in after bouncing the e75, but well played, better then i
    could’ve done :D

  23. Why didnt he rush him after he shoot? 🙁 well enough time to make 1 more
    shot before e75

  24. I know mistakes happen, but it was 1v7 with an afk T28 Proto, so
    essentially 1v6, 3 being arty.

  25. GOP member on the T55A team, LoL :D

  26. Romania power

  27. His luck was bound to run out. The amount of shots he bounced from the rear
    when he was a one shot kill is astounding

  28. I have 2 say he got pretty lucky with his bounces u have 2 agree oh well gg

  29. I’m not a pro at WoT but maybe he should have shot HE?

  30. Granted his heart was probably racing there, but when the E75 missed his
    first shot he should have moved up, taking advantage of the longer reload,
    and shot him through the front of the turret. Ofc I know it’s easy sitting
    here saying that…

  31. When the e75 bounced he should’ve took his time to hit hi. In the lower

  32. The choke was real.

  33. Nice game from this lad. . We will keep supporting you. QB, I have learned
    much from you in the past. I am sure most people would agree with me.

  34. Romanian player strikes again…

  35. I have already seen this replay on monday#hipster XD

  36. he should have shoot the ears on the turret so bad play there

  37. GG E75

  38. The mistake he made was. As soon as the e75 fired he shoukd have gone in
    and spank him in the side

  39. im mad about quicky posting this game

  40. Heart break 

  41. yep, another romanian player!

  42. Btw the e75 was used the 105mm gun,not the 128mm :)

  43. “How do you know it’s for German?” Russians crews don’t get chocolate :D

  44. so the T55A is a T62A chassis with a T54 turret and gun
    the differences in Ground resistances are:
    55A / 62A / 54
    0.7 / 0.5 / 1.0
    0.8 / 0.6 / 1.1
    1.4 / 1.4 / 2.2

    It is to be mentioned though that the T54 has 4 more HP/T than the other
    two allowing it to be about equally nimble

  45. Pff. I had 1860 base xp in my stug and lost… noob t55a :P

  46. Hey QB, love your channel. Just thought I’d mention that the Pascucci medal
    is Italian, and as such the two Cs at the end are pronounced as “Ch”.

  47. I saw this replay before and i met him online so i gratulate him for that

  48. he should have go out on the E75 after he shot. cause E75 reload time is
    long. it will give him enough time to go forward and take E75 side and kill
    it. what a waste. he should be winning. what a heartbreaking

  49. where is claus?

  50. 14:38 when E 75 fired he needed to go behind him!Bad play a lil but still
    good result.

  51. yeah! “east Germany tank”…made in Czechoslovakia and Poland…:D

  52. Just lucker ..

  53. I just want them to remove the platooning for the personal missions. They
    wont I know that, but i want them too. Its painful trying to get a platoon
    where you need all of them to do well.

  54. it was a 1v7 not a 1v6 qb

  55. [spoiler alert]
    absolute heartbreaker thought he would really make it 🙁
    [/spoiler alert]

  56. where is CLAUS? afk?

  57. Was nice to see that donkey get rekt at the end for his poor play. He could
    have come up behind that E75, he could have waited until that E75 fired and
    moved in to take a nice clean side shot. But he went power donkey at the
    end and blew it, shows that even good players can go full retard at times.

  58. hey guys,i have a little question.Can please somebody tell me a name of
    that scope zoom mod? you can see it at 0:47 when he was zooming at the
    leopard,i dont know if it is any mod or just bug from the replay
    player,sorry for my english i am Czech,thanks for your answers 🙂 .

    ( the romanians are on the lead)

  60. Is it bad I was cheering for the E-75 from the get go?

  61. Can someone tell me how long will those special missions last?

  62. And at the moment when he made a mistake taking a shoot from Object I
    thought: it will be much harder for him to win it now. i didn’t know it
    will actually be a lose because of it…

  63. Mattwrigglesworth Worm

    there was all ready too many over powered Russian mediums in the game and
    now there is another one. yes i know its on the German tree but its still
    russian. centurion 7/1 was proven in combat to be a far better tank and in
    the game its not portrayed properly. The leopard 1 is a far better tank as
    well and is still in use up to this day. Russians making out they are the
    best like usual. 

  64. That replay was pretty epic. That ending though…

  65. I got the StuG IV but i haven’t driven it much so i am nto very good at it
    but i think it’s ok. You did better than me as i randomly got into a game
    with you on one of your Livestreams (i was the T-34-85 :D)

  66. E75 played like little retard

  67. If I was that E75 I would have let him kill me without making it obvious
    that I was letting him kill me. Then again, I’m probably too nice.

  68. Lol wargaming, only one year of t54 production used 120mm ufp, yet that’s
    what’s in game

  69. He should have shot turret front >_< wow thats hard

  70. 8% are around 150hp… 3 he at this angle wouldnt kill him i guess

  71. Like if u hate the E 75

  72. So, basically, the Soviets gave the Germans bad T-54s but the German crew
    who were driving the tanks buff the gun’s accuracy and RoF by a nice

  73. Wow!! I am still work on it. Try it get my T55A

  74. If I lost that game I would have put my fist threw the monitor.

  75. It was obviouse that he wasnt going to win when 1vs6 because there was no
    kolobanovs medal on the picture of vid

    Btw great game and well played

  76. I gotta admit, I was getting really exited for Amerikansky at the end too.
    I’ve never had a game this good, yet, but I know I would have been sweating
    bullets with only 10 sec on the clock to take out that enemy player. Who I
    also must admit was a good player too and he did a good job remaining calm
    at the end. Good video QB. Thanks.

  77. E-75s Ftw

  78. Quickybaby why do you always say “This tank has 100mm gun” instead of “A
    100mm gun”? Your English is kinda fucked.. And why do you say all the medal
    names wrong? I know you’re not stupid but jesus..

  79. 4 shots blocked while he was driving backwards (including an obj 704) with
    a total of 1000dmg…
    Pure skill

  80. Wait, this tank is german? Or is it just his game?

  81. A little bit of luck but also well played 

  82. 1700HP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. This tank seems OP a bit. Good aim time, good on the move, amazing turret
    armour, loads of hp….?
    What’s the downside?

  84. He is slightly retarded, very retarded in fact.
    Yea he did well but that E-75 at the end…..I’m pretty sure most people
    know the E-75 has a much longer reload than just about every medium in the
    game, let alone a rapid firing gun like the one on the T-55A, so the panic
    shots were completely unnecessary and why didn’t he just go around behind
    the E-75 to begin with…why drive in front of him and create a stalemate
    by hiding behind that building. 

  85. His first mistake was trying to move up on that Obj 704. Stupid move. He
    should have known the 704 would have been almost reloaded.

  86. he is using the “cheap pack for skill” 100 %

  87. He is Romanian player 🙂 Gj my brother… ;)

  88. he shoulded shoot at the fro of the turret on e75, but ok it is still
    fantastic game, and i cant wait to get this tank

  89. HazardousGamingSquad

    If I was the one driving the t55a then I would have been 1 shot by the arty
    in the first 2 mins of the game.

  90. Bine baa smecheri astia din TARE

  91. The heartbreak is stronk in this one, damn…poor Amerikansky! Well played

  92. what is the repair cost of the T55A? how does it compare to that of other
    tier 9 mediums, and can it break even on credits in an average match?

  93. Is nobody gonna talk about how the e75 tried to hide and draw the game out?
    That was pretty scummy. 

  94. He clearly doesnt know where to pen the E75. he wouldnt have been able to
    pen that turret cheek most of the time. with such a low hp on the E75 he
    should have shot him with HE ammo. he would have killed him in 3 shots 9
    times out of 10. ive reliably dealt 175+ hp dmg with 1 shot from 120mm guns
    on the side of a E75. he could have easily dealt 100+ hp with 3 shots on
    100mm gun

  95. Quickybaby, I have been playing my M48 Patton non-stop recently, and in the
    past week, my W/R in the M48 has decreased by 3%. I’ve been trying to play
    more aggressively, so do you think that might have something to do with the
    win rate decrease?

  96. I know some people cannot help themselves from trolling Amerikanski’s play
    at the end of the game, but seriously folks.

    1) He HAS a 56% win rate, so he clearly doesn’t suck.
    2) He HAS unlocked the T55A, while QB and Circon do not, so he clearly
    doesn’t suck.
    3) His replay WAS epic enough to warrant posting on QB’s channel and
    impressed a Super Unicum like QB, so he clearly doesn’t suck.
    4) If you’re a hater and are disrespecting this replay, then perhaps we
    should watch YOUR replay where you did it better… Wait, you don’t have
    one? Clearly, Amerikanski doesn’t suck then.

  97. I’ll probably never get to that tank so it’s nice to watch it do work still
    on the bloody stud 4 

  98. The ending … The ending, he just threw the game away there… Damn.

  99. Quickybaby could you unban me please ? i’ve been banned for several months
    ? :/ 

  100. he should have fired HE in the end

  101. Honestly, he really donked out with the E 75, the E 75 has *such* a long
    reload as soon as it fired you should of rushed his ass.

  102. This guy got so lucky in this game. So many bad plays (704) for example
    where he just gets lucky.

  103. The e75 was reloading attack him!!!

  104. MinemanMC - Road to 50 subs! PvP and GFX


  105. Not really a good demo of what the tank might be capable of. He may have
    done a lot of damage but most of it was against Tier VII’s, arty and an afk
    T28 Prot. When the chips were down against a Tier IX at the end he donked
    it. For a tank like that Tier VII is easy meat. To get a proper look at
    the tank we need to see it in a game against just Tier IX and X

  106. sloppy player t55a and kind of idiot e75 who should’ve capped …

  107. pussy arty

  108. wow great game, i feel like he might have forgot to shoot the “ear” on the

  109. “I can feel my raizing just by watching this” – QB 2015

  110. Still like my T-54 and E50 more ! Had just got the StuG IV
    I quit doing those missions cause they just make me play like a maniac 

  111. that was a horrible play by him as soon as the E75 shot shoulda pulled
    around and shot lower plate but blew the game… but he did very well :)

  112. whats the point if it doesn’t make bonus credits?

  113. He had reload advantage, should’ve flanked instead of sidescraping

  114. No more hearthbreak spoiler in the title? Finally dude! xD

  115. Fantastic game regardless of the outcome. Only mistake was rushing his
    second shot on the E75 and hitting the pillar. Had he aimed it better he
    could have just gone through the turret front of the E75.

  116. man i ust dont think there worth it at all there tanks that are soo
    similare to them already, dont get me wrong they are good tanks but i only
    do the missions for the rewards

  117. The T-55A looks way better than the T-54. This looks like somewhat modern.

  118. well….ima depressed now 🙁 i had a heart break in my M4A3E2 sherman jumbo
    i feel ur pain man………….

  119. It’s over nine-THOUS – oh, wait, no it isn’t. :'(

    This was a fantastic replay!

  120. IT’S OVER NI- oh nevermind

  121. I am wondering if HE ammo would have been better at the end against the

  122. Pascu-CHI… not Pascu-SEE

  123. Heck still haven’t finish the first reward tank Stug Manly because I don’t
    play all that much and the stupid Platoon Requirement, I really never like
    platooning iv always been a solo player in almost ever game I play online.

  124. Shut Down!!!!!

  125. wow, that’s allot of dmg 😀

  126. I did NOT see that ending coming. what a heart-breaker!! 🙁 

  127. Hey QuickyBabyTV plzzz make a tank review about the lorraine 40t!!!!! Like
    if you think this is a good idea

  128. This type/model of T55A is from czechoslovakia army, but WG is WG.. :/

  129. When the E 75 got unspotted he could have gone around and kill him in the
    side but anyway a great game!

  130. 330? that heat isnt op at all, no not at all

  131. New missions: I don’t do platoons. I just play solo. But for some reason,
    WG requires platoon play in order to advance those missions. :-/

  132. Damn, he had to shoot the turret front :(

  133. Don’t mean to sound like a ass but i love to see German tanks do well most
    of the time its Russian or some yank tank so I’m happy for both of the
    German tanks in this vid. 

  134. Holy crap, I suck at this game :(

  135. Why fluctuation of animation is so horrible ? I can barely watch it.
    Additionally tank is “jumping/blinking” like crazy.

  136. i think the e75 is pretty much a scumbag, i schould let him win

  137. Heartbreak my ass! Just because you play great and get 10 kills doesn’t
    mean he automatically deserves the kill on the E75! Poor decisions at the
    end. Played absolutely fantastic right up to the end, I’ll give you that.
    Good game.

  138. Invasion of Romania

  139. why do you guys say he’s romanian,anyways?

  140. How do you finish these missions so fast?

  141. aaaaa he had he projectiles and didnt fired with them

  142. he shouldnt of tried too sneak a shot by the house at the end, the e75 shot
    and he just sat there!! he had the opportunity to just roll up beside him
    and plant the last shot into his side or back while he was reloading, he
    totally had that, huge fuckup at the end

  143. He did so well, and got so lucky, and finally luck didn’t guide his path
    and his ‘true’ skilled showed.

  144. Someone might say, that in the end it was bad play and he could have easily
    killed the E75. I would like to see them try. I can say, that it is really
    hard to try to keep calm when you see that you’re alone, have done 9000
    damage, 10 kills and you are only one kill from a win. Your heart want’s to
    bounce out from your chest. That has happened to me a few times too. Very
    enjoyable game nonethless.

  145. “it’s over 9000!”
    (actually it’s exactly 9000, but it deserves the meme!)

  146. Super gut counting QB and damn, the luck was unreal!

  147. Was definitely a great match, but the loss to the E-75 was actually
    entirely this players fault. The E75 bounced the first shell, leaving him
    with ~12 secs of reload, long enough for the T-55 to get right in his face
    and aim at a weak point. Even after that, he had a golden opportunity to
    shoot the flat turret face of the E-75, and instead spazzed out and didn’t

    No denying it was an epic match, but the loss was entirely his fault.

  148. There’s mostly two kind of battles in WoT : 1 “The easy battle” 2 “The
    impossible to win battle”. Both unpalatable. I play only for the 1% of
    battles that are duly balanced :)

  149. A day at the WG office:
    -german tank creator: SerB, ze germanz need an OP tenk.
    -serB: well, give zem a rusian tenk!
    rusian tenk is stronk tenk. Give ze germanz a rusian design made of
    stalinium! And call zath beautiful wodka powered tenk a german!

  150. Dear quickybaby
    Love your uploads, always fun to watch; appreciate the commentary too…
    One tiny tiny tiny thing – Pascucci is pronounced pah-scoo-chee.
    Thanks! Keep up the awesome work 🙂 

  151. GJ E75.

  152. If you do the math, the 55a has a higher hp/t/t(errain) than the 54 on all

  153. Is this a German tank

  154. Actually flanking the E75 after reloading could’ve bitten him in the arse
    anyway. He had the L68 meaning his reload is very short. Well played
    though, and rounding off the numbers is nice 🙂 

  155. Another romanian player ! Gj mate :)

  156. How can he miss those shot at the end , and when he miss the shot after e75
    fire he could have rush him …

  157. Saw a T-55 once :)

  158. Hell yeah, I’ve just noticed the c&c generals icon on his desktop 😀 I love
    that game

  159. Can really see the difference between Aimed Shots and Pubbies trying to
    snapshot that makes the armour work.

  160. he got pools and topgun so his gonna get same XP as win so … stop
    comparing the E75 and T55A 

  161. T55a is the only one out of the 4 i really want to get,sadly still stuck on
    the platoon missions for the stug, even been playing a friends account to
    get them some high tier tanks and spg’s, feels like all i am doing is
    grinding for nothing

  162. Damn that plot twist tho!

  163. was anyone else only limited to watching this video on 360p?

  164. Claus where are you?

  165. wow no retarded comment from that deformed cunt claus? that asshole finally
    died of cancer :DDD wooohooo


  167. ouch >.< poor T-55A :(

  168. total luck. Obj bouncing his turret back, arty not penning from behind
    lol…… would have been so dead he was lucky tho…

  169. What a heartbreak, He probably didn’t know about that E75 reload time
    otherwise he could finish him off easily.

  170. good grief this just tank cannot miss, he started panacing at the end…

  171. QB doesn’t know how to count to 7 apparently. 

  172. That broke my heart… The day after valentines day..

  173. Still haven’t even got the StuG IV…

  174. Heart Break!

  175. this is for all who don’t know at 14:50 he could’ve shot the 2 view ports
    on the side of the e75’s turret because those are weak spots I found when I
    was face hugging one this is just for future reference, I understand you
    would be panicking going against a e75 with that little health but again
    this is just future reference for anyone who doesn’t know.

  176. Heart is broken more than the numerous T-150s and KV1/KV-1S’ under the TOG.

  177. would HE at the end have worked since the e75 was so low?

  178. Where the fuck is Claus?!?!?

  179. A nerfed T54 is still not balanced ^^ This game … oooh this game. But at
    least the replays are fun ^^ Oh darn I loved that ending :D

  180. I want the t55a

  181. I love my E75 though 

  182. it was in the “Nationale Volksarmee” so NVA wich directly translatet
    is National People’s Army.

  183. Seeing a waffel, an E75 and an AMX 50 100 doing NO dmg what so ever is just
    the perfect indication, how shit Amerikansky’s teammates were. I hate
    seeing shit like that. Great replay though!

  184. sidescrapes in a med against sidescraping E75 he deserved to die and
    killing those arty’s he was just kill hunting cause he thought he was gonna
    die sooner then he did

  185. every time i watch a video here i think about how fun this game looks to
    play…then i remember i still hate this game…i wish this game was as fun
    as it looked…then again the only videos that make it onto a youtube
    channel are the awesome games where the player owns so it will always look
    more entertaining here

  186. its NOT over 9000….

  187. really uncomfortable watching this one with the tank bouncing between 30
    and 60 kph. Like its lurching around with a fucked up transmission or

  188. Damn and im still trying to unlock the stug :/

  189. That game was intense. That guy’s luck had to run out sooner or later
    though. He had a ton of lucky bounces in that tank. Those shots into the
    rear bouncing, and the Object 704 bounce,,, so much luck. Also, he only
    missed 3 snap shots all game….

  190. Why would you even show such a replay. :___(

  191. Is there an end-date for theses campaigns?

  192. I don’t want to be “that guy”, but this fellow in t55a was very very very
    lucky with his bounces, and at the end he didn’t show muh knowledge about
    HEAT round mechanics as he was constantly shooting at thick sloped armor,
    which is the number one enemy of HEAT ammo.

    He had much greater chance of success had he attempted to flank the E75
    after he fired since the t55A can fire twice for each time the E75 fires.

  193. Danm i would be sweating, two good e75 drivers in a t9 match is almost good
    game 90% of the time if there is none on the enemy team.

  194. It might be ‘German’ in nomenclature but it’s still a commie tank so OFC
    it’s fucking broken.

  195. If that 704 hadn’t bounced off of his side it would have been GG right then
    and there.

  196. Seen a few of these around actually, first one I saw was a week or 2 ago
    driven by KingYoshiLuca.

  197. Breathtaking illustration of the stupidity of a vast number of players.

    Do you take +50% exp for a win by capping, or risk losing it chasing a
    highly mobile, armoured, superbly gunned medium on 250 health? Of course
    you do the latter.

    Funniest part is HE LOST.

    Really? Reload on an E-75 is miles long enough that as soon as it missed he
    could simply have driven up to it and shot it wherever he liked with those
    absurdly OP HEAT rounds.

    Demonstrates just about everything I dislike about the game these days
    compared with a few years ago.

    Now start abusing me like excellent little trolls, LOL.

    p.s. as usual we don’t get to see the 3rd page that would reveal the
    economics of the tank. A poor omission for a new tank, frankly. Plenty of
    time to cover it, the “it would make the video too long” excuse doesn’t cut

  198. Could someone explain to me how the T-54 weighs less than the T-55a with
    20mm less frontal armor and with a gun that weighs less than both of the
    T-54’s choicies?


  199. Quickybaby I love your channel and the videos but my only recommendation is
    to make more videos. What is your favorite tank? What is your favorite
    country of tank?

  200. where the fuck is claus

  201. Have not seen the t55A on the battle field.. This thing also on the SEA

  202. dat E-75 bot lmao

  203. Holy freaken wow.

  204. CaptainMCDerpington

    i dont know if it would work but couldn’t he fire a HE round at the E75?

  205. Hell, if I’m going for a top gun, my heart starts racing.

  206. should of used he

  207. “got by Highly skilled, or very active players”

    or Riggers. I doubt this guy rigged it, but there are a lot of mission
    riggers across all the servers.

  208. Not impressed because this is on 9.5 not 9.6.

    Jk! Amazing Replay! But I’m dreading 9.6….

  209. Quicky, do you often get hatemail from other players? I am 33 years old and
    it still keeps bothering me so i can imagine that for your younger people
    this might be even worse. Just wondering…

  210. Can anyone comment on how hard the third tier of missions are?

  211. 1 vs. 7 actually QB

  212. I want on your website it dose not that me donold it say safar can not
    dolond this fiele

  213. HIS DAMAGE WAS OVER 9000 xD

  214. What a heartbreaking game

  215. I play the E-75 as one of my main tanks, the 105mm he used reloads in about
    7-and-a-half seconds with a gun rammer, 8 without. I’m not sure if he dived
    in he would’ve actually made it. The E75’s height advantage plus the 20
    meters or so the good T55 would’ve had to traverse from a side-scrap
    position would’ve given the E75 time to back up and make sure he couldn’t
    have been flanked, plus a reload on his 225+ pen at close range. Honestly,
    I think side scraping might have been his best bet there – maybe a flank
    from the other side would’ve worked for him; but from experience as an E-75
    guy, when you’re going up against a decent driver like the one T-55 fought
    in the video and they’re in side scrape position, it’s a pretty tough fight
    – even when you’re a driver like Amerikansky.

  216. isent that USSR camo?

  217. T-55A is actucally a soviet tank, but with a german gun.

  218. its 1 vs 7 lol

  219. Depressing

  220. Cant beleive the accuracy on that gun, it is just impossible for this game
    lookslike a 0.5 sec aiming time and 0.1 dispertion at 100 m damn 

  221. And how the hell did he spot the e75 being behind buildings 

  222. Quickybaby, where can I send replays? I have two I want to send you.

  223. quickybaby, u said a few times t62 A instead of t55A :)

  224. Hey QB, very nice replay. One remark though – the DDR was never inside the
    Soviet Union ;)

  225. Fantastic game! :O

  226. Stanisław Szczypuła

    Bravo for Amerikansky. And WG manage to name tank variant wrongly again –
    east germany model was T-55AM2PB. A in T-55A stands for Atom – tank gets
    extra radiation protection.

  227. 最後外した時に「あぁ!」ってでかい声出してしまった

  228. 99% of luck and RNjesus power 

  229. QB I’m stuck on the missions. I’ve never had a platoon game and have been a
    solitary player so far due to unpredictable playing times. Any ideas on how
    I might progress? Thanks. 

  230. Aww, I didn’t see that heartbreak coming, damn you QB..! 😉 

  231. East Germany was never in the Soviet Union. It was in the sphere of
    influence but not in the Union.

  232. I guess he should’ve shot the ears on the side of the E75’s turret,
    especially with his premium shells those would’ve been 100% penetrations I
    think.. but you could tell that he got even more nervous after missing his
    first shot, so I guess it was really hard to stay rational and thinking. I
    threw games myself that I carried, because I just couldnt handle the
    pressure really and so I made mistakes and died.

  233. E75 what a jag I would’ve let him kill me not matter the stats

  234. he is a good player but non or less he is a pure lucker that he bounced 2
    times with his ass or it would have ended there

  235. When sidescraping with the e75,you should have wen to his sides when he

  236. Holy… that was depressing.

  237. Daim good replay amazing


  238. if he loaded HE at the end of the battle he’s win but nice replay

  239. he can get close to e75 side while e75 reloading, im right? 

  240. Fucking noob play at the end.

  241. such a lucky match, skilled but still lucky

  242. ive seen a lot of t55a….all of them got raped

  243. Why only 45fps?

  244. Romanian player. 😀 Nice.

  245. T-55A was ussr tank you idiots

  246. Great game, but that final moment when he bounced off the E75 makes me
    think Amerikansky is a fucking idiot.

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