World of Tanks – T57 3rd Mark Finish Session

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Source: Anfield

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  1. Gold noob, achievement means nothing, if I spammed gold rounds I could do this easy.

  2. What is the program/website you are using to display your game statistics at 0:50?

  3. How do Anfield get that nice review of the games with stats ?

  4. take my 57 3 mark sesh 🙁 i cri am i gonna have to do the 90707 to get on utube 🙁

  5. i havent watched the video yet but you gave away the prise at the begining :/

  6. Anfield you must be cursed with the t57 because for me the gun handling is pretty good hitting almost every shell per game

  7. I’m looking for a new gaming chair. Is there a place to put a code in since you are sponsored by them to receive a 5-10% discount on the arozzi with your code?

  8. 5:58 I think you might have been a bit hungry, I dont see any fries in the replay

  9. Bada Bing Bada Boom

    Can I ask Leopard 1 third mark next? Just cause I know you hate that tank. 😀 T-62A, British FV Heavy, AMX 50 B are fun tanks to 3 mark, but what about the crap tanks?

  10. “And you end up sending shots fuck knows where.”

  11. 3 mark the t95!

  12. lol anfield doesnt care about wn8, and yet the wn8 tab is highlighted..

  13. was in a game with u yesterday u were in this tank on NA server on ruinberg and i must say ur the real deal

  14. How do you have your t110e5 down to 7.5 sec reload without food? I have BiA, rammer, vents (no food), and can only get it down to 8.3 seconds. Was this a display bug in your sand river video?

  15. Anfield it’s a pleasure to watch you’re game play. I’m currently quite a horrible player, but working hard to get better. Your video’s and how you break them down are far superior for learning how to play correctly than a lot of the other top tier players. Thanks and keep them coming.

  16. Only thing keeping me from selling this tank is this tank is boosting my WN8 big time. Gun and Armor is trolish and unreliable

  17. i use manual extinq. is this wg propaganda???

  18. Yeah Sand River assualt is terrible. New maps would be a much needed breath of fresh air, but premium powercreep is more important for some reason. *cough* profit *cough*

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