World of Tanks – T57 3rd Mark Game

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Source: Anfield



  1. This isn’t BDO.

  2. Opinions on the e5 nerf?

  3. Did the Hawks beat the England team in the Super Cup tho?

  4. Geometry Dash DarkZoneTV

    Congrats Anfield you old sag

  5. Not to be rude, but buying a 3rd mark with Premspam is no big feat in my
    eyes. Especialy with heat

  6. Anyone knows what’s the name of that stat session tracker is?

  7. t57 is such a shit tonk. amx 50b is miles better.atleast for me. congrats
    on 3rd mark

  8. T57 gun mark was so much cancer for me, the hardest one so far for me, I
    was on 94,5% and got a good map and mm to get the 3rd mark and then
    suddenly m40 tier8 arta oneshots me full hp first minute going full speed
    frontaly…. took me 2 days more to get it….

  9. What is the programm what logs your sessions?

  10. finaly

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