World of Tanks – T57 ASMR

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Thought you guys might enjoy a farming game, put whatever music you like and enjoy o/


  1. Just a laid back vid today, put some tunes on and enjoy o/

    Unless you’re weeb, then screw your music ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  2. Who hates arty?

  3. Autoloaders are OP and is ruining the game, muhc worse then artelleri

  4. ASMR is the shit

  5. Lillywhispers

  6. Noma – Brain power was the wrong choice. Damn it!

  7. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    Anfy i felt like touching myself cuz of this Relaxing and chill ASMR you
    brought us 🙂 :3

  8. When are they gonna nerf the tank sounds? this is some sick asmr lol

  9. Today I saw someone say “Once you get deemed “too good” say with the T-50
    or the Churchill, they
    quickly nerf them since me being on a list, for whatever reason puts me
    on the losing team. After all, somebody in such tanks should NOT be able
    to turn the tide of events for the premium players” So I was wondering how
    much better you need to get Anfield before you make this list of ‘too good’

  10. Now that 50B has the gun depression and KranVahn has sturdy turret with gun
    depression, is it worth going for t57?

  11. Ciel Phantomhive AMSR

    great video. well done.

  12. That bingo armor tho

  13. that no arty life

  14. anunhappyswedishwannaberussiankid

    am I the only one that excpected some sort of compilation/montage of T57
    heavies unloading their clips? xd

  15. I have seen you bounce a lot of the shots. How do you feel about the T57H’s

  16. nice commentary Kappa

  17. I just got this tank yesterday. Such a beast

  18. what a quiet vid

  19. After battle report still wanted ?

  20. dude where is the asmr? you upload a regular wot replay with no commentary
    and u title it asmr?

  21. [-SBN-] OfficialTanker

    Ew that T57 Heavy has the ”cow” camouflage.

    Also, You are waaay too greedy putting out those full clips.

  22. Anfield for the next video please sensually whisper into my ears about your
    dpg ty

  23. led Zepplins “When the Levee breaks” Suits it perfectly

  24. @ Anfield
    can you make an ASMR cast of the 2005 Championsleague Final ?

  25. thought my speakers were broken for the first 30 sec…

  26. Fucking click bait, unsubbed.

  27. Tharaka Wijerathne

    Got HT15 missons done with this tank just simply damaging. maps like
    airfield is a heaven for this tank

  28. autoloading players are worse than arty.

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