World of Tanks || T57 Heavy – PAIN TRAIN

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. Today I’m playing in the brutal T57 showing the enemy team what 1600 damage in 6 seconds feels like – rolling out!

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World of Tanks a online game which available as a free download. It one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. while the t57 was entirely theoretical, they wanted to mount a 153mm or
    even a 203mm, that would be a fun heavy XD

  2. Валерий Муравицкий

    t57 top sexy

  3. Guig Mohamed Lemin

    Do is4 review pls

  4. t57 heavy is such an annoying tank

  5. but i feel the fv215b is one of the best heavys and its my favorite.

  6. Dang it quickybaby, don’t get the T-57 nerfed before I can get my hands on

  7. if only there is a way to play replays from previous versions…

  8. You know, while watching this video I did some math and realized I have
    played wot for more than 3500 hours, that’s 145+ days of in game time….

  9. Gian Franco Pangan

    qb, please check out blitz if u he time. you should try the helsing and
    dracula premium tanks that they just added. the helsing is the most stupid
    op tank ever with dual guns firing like a shotgun

  10. That WT auf pz IV coming in with that clutch kill

  11. it looked like you could have killed the Type 61 by shooting under the
    dead T28 on himmelsdorf, 2nd game

  12. Angelo Soares Giroto

    I think it’s not overpowered, It has positive and negatives things, like
    the AMX 50b and other tanks. You just need to know how to play it. Great
    video, and I absolutely loved that derp action! =D

  13. I’m on the tier 9, but the the gun is soo bad!

  14. QB video. Like first, then watch

  15. This was my first tier X I love getting a flank unseen and hit them like an
    avalanche, truly one of the best tanks if you can out think mediums for

  16. The clip reload on this tank is way to fast, in a 1 v1 u have no chance esp
    if u are in a lumbering germany heavy

  17. Dat laugh tho like at 6:00

  18. Who do I have to sacrifice to Satan to bounce a 1.5 cm German gun shell?

  19. Dammit quicky stop making me regret my choices in tech trees

  20. Hey QB I have a few questions 1. Do you think SPG’s need to be removed and
    2. Do you think WoT is kinda of going downhill right now?

  21. Lol try that thing on the US server everything kills you. I cant tell you
    how many times a T57 comes around a corner with a boner for some damage and
    bounces 4 off of me while im in my T110E5.

  22. I need help: I tried to download World of Tanks on my mac multiple times
    and I made sure it was from the North American site and I made sure I was
    downloading it in english, but when it finishes it is in some language I
    don’t know and when I want to change languages it doesn’t show english as
    an option. Anyone else have this problem I tried asking Wargaming and they
    couldn’t help much

  23. please take the win ratio out of xvm. To many people give up before the
    game starts because of it.

  24. Autoloading Cancer.

  25. Wait a moment amx 50 b, bat chat, fosh 155, the auto loading artyAre all
    the French tier 10s auto loaders?

  26. QB you are the best :o

  27. Jarood the fabulous

    It has an autoloader and the best DPM of any heavy tank of course its over

  28. Quicky you should get a bunch of togs in a training room and go down that
    hill on himsdorf where you shot at then in the second game you’ve done it
    before but the new physics weren’t in play

  29. it is over powred

  30. I play my T57 Heavy in a platoon with an E100 and a Foch. 155.

  31. I think 3 drums or cartridges of HEAT ammo is too much. This tank runs out
    of standard AP quick.

  32. last time he said that obj 430 has highest dpm and now again

  33. 2.59 well in addition to T57 Heavy AMX 50 B, BC 25t, T54E1, BC 25t AP, AMX
    50 120 etc…. does that as well:D Well maybe not as quickly as the T57
    Heavy but anyway……

  34. You must be fucked up or possessed to have 40k games..x average 7 minutes
    per match its total 194 days in front of pc

  35. who is get WoT blitz ad too before this video start? :D

  36. i’m always watching all of your video, more power to you sir, :)

  37. You forgot to mention the vulnerable ammo rack this tank has.

  38. T57 Heavy……still not as OP as WT auf E100, soooo, no, it’s not OP.

  39. QB you came up with a really cool name for this video in the end ;-)

  40. hello baby
    whichi is better, AMX50B orT57 Heavy :)

  41. QB you should make a top ten on your favourite tanks in the game (tier X)

  42. FV215B has better dpm when its has the rammer on

  43. magickalwizard2001

    Put up 8000 damage in this thing, still no Ace Tanker….

  44. FUCKING autoloder. Report unfair play ingame !

  45. its not 25 sec its 22.93

  46. “I believe it predates WT Auf E100”, really QB?

  47. had 8k in It in paris map

  48. what does he mean by ‘top of the tree’ on EU server?

  49. LOL the laugh in 5:40 sounds crazy!

  50. it’s definitely not overpowered. every game I play the t57 seems to be one
    of the first to die.

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