World of Tanks – T62a 3rd Mark Finish Session (EU)

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  1. OMG gold newb. Skill is entirely based on what ammo you shoot. I can’t believe e100s still shoot HEAT at my bat chat and not take the time to sit for 16~ seconds to switch to AP then shoot me. Kappa.

  2. well done mate

  3. wats the dmg mark for it? 4.5k?

  4. maybe the t26e5 at 6:40 didnt want to get clapped by skop g?

  5. Liked for Obi wan reference

  6. Marshall Allshouse

    This was awesome to watch compared to the other 62a mark session, as the commentary is very education for people that are still learning (me)

  7. Hi Anfield is there any chance you will do a 430 sessions? I know you don’t like that thing but it’s still differs from 140 and 62A quite a bit

  8. I 3 marked the t54 but can only manage to 2 mark tier 10s

  9. 25:32
    Literally sounds like you said pope instead of poke lol.

  10. Nice mark! Can you please 3 mark the 430 next? gg

  11. great work, really enjoy your commends which help me to improve and under the map.

  12. Have you considered releasing a replay pack alongside your videos?

  13. Anfield, do you have any tips for the Object 430? I am currently at the 430 II and my average damage is 2.200+…

  14. The_Wrath_of_Neeson

    @Anfield don’t give trigger warnings for the people who whine about gold rounds. Saying “look away, there’s gold spam” makes it seem as though you feel guilty about your gold use. Be a man and don’t give a fuck! Marks are important, you have to abuse all of your purple privilege!!!

  15. RNG or not I despise batchats for this retarded shit they can casually pull off.

  16. you make it look so easy mate

  17. good boi

  18. SuperEvilMonkee

    I made it into an Anfield video… thats me saying Hi at the beginning in my AX 🙂 Funny enough this was one of my 1 MOE runs for it…..

  19. Thank you for this leaning session! Ill try to copy some of it..

  20. SuperEvilMonkee

    Ahh thanks man for the shout out. Class act as always

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